Hololive Village. A peaceful place where humans, hybrids, mythological creatures and monsters all live in harmony. A place where even gods and goddesses reside to take shelter in this humble community for it has more than enough necessities for the inhabitants. Even natural resources and materials are abundant in this rural area. From food to armory, from trading centers to exhilarating inventions, this village has it all. Even the people themselves have built their own houses and had built contraptions, monuments and so much more in their free time.

As the morning light casted its rays on the humble village, one of the villagers there, Usada Pekora, is shown to be skipping gleefully alongside the village roads of Hololive Village. She is one of the fellow human hybrids who lives there. She is a demi human with blue and white braided ponytails with two carrot accessories on them, and white rabbit ears sprouting from her head. She is clad in a fluffy cotton scarf, a white customized dress with fluffy cotton on the end, stockings that went up her thighs and white shoes with fluffy cotton on her tendons.

Although, don't be deceived by her innocent and cute appearance. She is well known by the villagers because of her infamous mischief as she causes trouble and trolls whoever is around. No one is safe from her chaotic upbringing, not even herself. However, that doesn't mean she is in bad terms with them since after all, the others are quite chaotic themselves so shenanigans occur daily in the area.

As she hummed happily, she looked around the village to sightsee and admire the different structures they have made. Although, her train of thought drastically contradicts her actions for she is planning on pranking someone again.

"Fufufu... Who shall be my next victim peko?" she muttered evilly as she delicately chose her next target. "Should it be that shrine maiden again? Nah. She's too suspicious of me anyways peko. Should it be Coco? No... I doubt she's here since she's rarely here peko." who shall it be, she pondered.

"Aha! I should prank Subaru! I'll make a trap then try to lure her." that would be splendid! A rabbit, plotting on preying a duck. Quite ridiculous to imagine but... the results will be worth it. She can't wait to see her reaction!

"Fufufufufu... HAHAHAHA!" she let out a laugh as she looked forward to her inevitable triumph. Oh... the feeling of being successful on pranking her higher ups as she savored their cries... It surely brings a spark to her hea—

"Pekora, what are you doing?" a mature voice came out of nowhere, causing Pekora to tense up. She looked towards the direction of the voice, only to look eye to eye at one of the village's superiors.

"Don't tell me you're planning on something again..." there she was, the right hand of the village chief and the second in command when it comes to the so called 'rulers' here, A-chan.

She has chin length, dark blue hair with a blue ribbon tying the back of her head, glasses that made her look more collected and calm, a plain black shirt with the hololive logo imprinted on it and plain black pants to compliment the look. Overall, she looked like a plain nerdy girl but everyone respects her for she has done a lot for the village

Pekora blinked three times in rapid succession. Why is A-chan here? Where is she anyways!? As Pekora observed her surroundings, she realized where they were considering they're right next to a large tower — namely her handmade trap tower — that she didn't notice for some reason until now...




No wonder she got suspicious of her.

"D-Don't jump to conclusions peko. I'm just taking a walk and I don't always plan to prank somebody you know." she crossed her arms as she pouted at her though her act is not that convincing. Is she busted?

A-chan could only roll her eyes. "Sure you aren't... That laugh you just made isn't suspicious at all, right?"

Pekora clicked her tongue. She's in trouble, is she? "L-Look, seriously I'm just taking a walk peko. I'm not a scheming villain you know?" she said but her eyes refused to look at A-chan's. Yup, she's not fishy at all folks.

A-chan mentally smirked at her reaction. Time to tease her for a bit she thought. "Eh? I don't believe you. Maybe as soon as I turn around and let my guard down you'll probably put a note with mean words behind my shirt." she replied with mock disbelief

Pekora in response, gave her a deadpanned stare. "What am I peko? A middle schooler?"





... maybe she should've thought about that better.

"Ahem..." A-chan cleared her throat as she proceeded to get away from that awkward exchange. "Anyways, I've been looking for you." Pekora raised her brow at that but motioned for her to continue but on the inside, she's celebrating that she dodged a bullet. "There will be an important event at the town center. I've already notified some of the girls so I expect you to be there at 4:00 PM."

This irked Pekora's interest. "Why peko? What's happening there? Is it another one of those games or something peko?" her mind then drifted towards a memory where she and some others played tag but a more... deadly version of it. She shuddered from that memory.

A-chan shook her head. "Not this time. Apparently, Yagoo acquired 3 more people who would join us from now on..." Pekora's eyes sparkled at that. That's great news! More people (and possibly victims) to interact with!

"So the event later is about them coming here!?" Pekora exclaimed with glee as she jumped over and over in excitement

A-chan chuckled before closing her eyes and giving her a nod. "Yup. The event is basically that in a nutshell. You can also bring anything as long as it's—" when she opened her eyes, she was shocked that Pekora was nowhere in sight. "Pekora?"


A-chan then looked over to a distance as she saw Pekora running off full speed ahead.

A pregnant silence filled the area until she let off a low chuckle. "Guess someone's excited..."


As Pekora ran back to her house with a goal within her mind, she quickly barged into her penguin shaped/themed home as she slammed the door in a rush. She then ran towards her chests as she kneeled down while she slovenly searched around it, making a mess of her things. Yes, her house does not have a second floor.

"Yosh... I need to give them a present to give off a good first impression peko... What would be a good present peko...?" as she threw her things here and there without a care, she then brainstormed about possible gift ideas for the newcomers.

"Would giving them wood work peko?" she then stopped digging around her equipment as she put a finger on her chin. "No, why would I even do that!?" what is she a logsman!?

"Would giving them diamond tools work?" nah. Too expensive and she'd have to go look for some. By the time she got back, the event is definitely finished.

"Would cake work? Nothing beats sweet treats peko..." but it is a clichéd and common gift amongst them and she wanted to give them something special.

"Hmm... think, think, think, Pekora. What would be the best gift to give peko..." she does not what to disappoint the new guests. A good first impression is a must when meeting someone new and she will deliver a good impression! But what is she supposed to give that will surely satisfy them?




She's got nothing.

She clutched her head in frustration. "ARGGGHHH! WHY IS THIS SO HARD PEKO!" she sighed in defeat as she slumped her head. Then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed her carrot accessories hanging off her braided hair. The gears of her brain started turning as a light bulb lit up in her mind.

"Aha! Now I know what to give peko!" she then stood up as she took a garden hoe in a nearby chest and rushed back to the door, not bothering to tidy up her own mess.

"Time to give the best present ever peko!"


Finally, the event is near. As Pekora panted heavily from the running and the labor she had done the past couple hours, she finally got to the center in time with a small pouch in her hands. As she looked around, she saw many familiar faces surrounding her. If this were to happen in the past, she'll surely feel intimidated by the sheer amount of people near her but after a long period of time, she got used to their presence.

The center is filled with... nothing. Just a plain road that connects to the village's main entrance. So much for the hype.

As she looked left and right, she could see all of the generation zero members up until the fifth generation. She's in the third generation since their group came a few months later after the village was found. In other words, generation refers to whose group came first in the village and she along with four others came fourth hence why they're called third generation and no, not fourth since we're counting from zero idiot.

She then grasped the hard worked presents she had made as she looked around to see if the other third generation members also came and it looks like they did. As she looked towards the crowd, she saw the other four together doing their usual antics. Marine being very... inappropriate, Noel being an airhead, Flare keeping Noel in check and Rushia being a cutt— Ahem, cutie.

"Glad to see you guys make it peko!" Pekora said while waving as she approached the group of girls.

"Ah! Pekora! Glad to see you make it as well!" Noel replied while waving back at her.

Shirogane Noel is a clumsy but mostly wholesome knight. She has white, shoulder length hair and wears a knight attire like ones from a fantasy world. However, hers is less armored compared to a normal one.

"We were worried that you won't make it here. Almost everyone's been here for the past hour." Flare added as the others nodded.

Shiranui Flare is a half elf with blonde hair and dark skin. She wears a kimono as her clothing and is the big sister of the third generation and sometimes, even the whole village.

"What took you so long anyways? Maybe you did something before coming here~ My, my, maybe you must have snatched yourself a boyfriend and you did something before coming here~ Fufufu..." Marine teased as she did some ridiculous kissing expressions, making the group uncomfortable.

Houshou Marine is a pirate leader. She has red hair and her pirate attire is also red to compliment her whole appearance. Out of all the Hololive members, she's the most bold and obscene one, always mocking and teasing her higher ups, kohais and fellow members.

Rushia then slapped Marine's shoulder. "Stop that Marine. She probably did some errands. Don't go around making indecent jokes especially when we're in public." she scolded while she crossed her arms. The pirate could only chuckle at that but decided to stop for now.

Uruha Rushia is a human necromancer. She has green hair with two buns on the side and has a necromancer themed outfit. She is very kind but naive from time to time.

Pekora then sheepishly scratched the back of her head. "Sorry about that peko. Did some last minute errands before coming here."

"No worries. It's fine." Flare reassured her however, an item in Pekora's hand catched her attention. "Say, what are you holding?" she asked out of curiosity as she put a finger on her chin.

Oh... Maybe they're gonna compare my gift with theirs, Pekora thought. "This is the reason why I'm late peko." she said as she proudly presented the small pouch she was holding. "Kukuku... This is the best gift peko!"

The others observed the pouch, seemingly uninterested and not even bothering asking what's its contents are.

"Looks pretty lame to me..." Marine uttered out as Pekora stood, frozen in shock.

"Yeah... Why do you even plan on giving a pouch in the first place?" Noel questioned as the others stared blankly at her.

"There's obviously something inside, idiot." Flare resisted the urge to face palm at that, especially since Noel had a look of realization

"That aside, don't go shouting your gift is the best right away. You haven't even seen mine yet." Rushia declared as she used her powers to take out... a skeleton. "Ta-da! See? Quite the gift right?"




"Hey, say something."



"Are you guys dumbstruck by my intelligence?"



"Are you planning on scaring them or are you planning on giving them Halloween decorations?" Flare deadpanned. It's official, Rushia's gift ideas is definitely one of the worst ideas in history.

"Anyways..." Pekora started to change the subject, ignoring Rushia's whining. "What did you guys bring peko? Surely you guys must have brought something as well."

"Well..." Marine chuckled nervously. "I don't really have one to be honest. Hehehe..."

"Same... I haven't really thought about it." Flare confessed as she avoided eye contact.

"Do we have to bring some though?" Noel wondered. "It really isn't that important. Plus, they're going to be staying here so there's no need to..."

She has a point but the audacity of them to ever spout those hurtful statements towards her hardwork! Blasphemy! They will pa—

"And also, didn't you have communication anxiety?" Marine added as all the raging emotions within her were quickly dissipated as an awkward silence drawled on them.



She forgot she's an introvert when it comes to this!

Curse the gods... How can she forget!? She should've planned it more better! If things go haywire, it would be a repeat of what happened with her and her higher ups! It would be like when she first met Matsuri and Haato!

Pekora trembled in place as nervousness took over herself. What's she gonna do!? What is she going to do!? Dang it Marine, why did you have to remind me of that, she thought. As a wave of anxiety filled her head, heavy breathes were released from her mouth.

Before she can hyperventilate even further, she felt something touch her shoulder. "Hey, it's okay. You got this. Just take deep breathes then act calm. You can do this." Flare softly grazed her hands on the shorter girl's hair as she gave her a warm smile, telling her that everything would be alright.

"Flare..." Pekora then gave a nod as a fire filled her spirit. She won't disappoint!

As Flare sighed in relief, she then felt something nudge her kimono. As she turned her head, her eyes caught Noel giving her an expecting look. "What is it?"

"I want head pats too..." Noel pouted. "It's not fair that you only gave Pekora a head pat."

Flare grumbled. "I'll give you one later when we get back" before Noel can complain, Flare raised a finger at her. "No buts and no complaints."

"Fine..." Noel reluctantly complied. So much for that.

As moments passed by little by little, a horn echoed throughout the area, gathering their attention. As every individual looked over to the front, they could see A-chan along with three new faces.

"Everyone, it's time to meet the new members. Please with all due respect, act nice to them and do not do anything inappropriate. Understand?" with a round of nods, A-chan then gestured the three new faces to walk in front.

First was a girl with light pink hair and is wearing a white shirt with a paint palette design and a jumpsuit and green shoes. What's peculiar with her appearance is that there is an abundant amount of paint stains all over her clothing and there is even some on her face.

"Hello everyone! I am Iofifteen. An aspiring artist that will make various masterpieces! Nice to meet you!" the girl spoke in fluent Japanese, relieving the other members.

The next girl to come in front is a squirrel demi human with brown pony tailed hair. She is clad in a white blouse with a bow in the middle, a pink over jacket, a pink beret, stockings that went up her thighs, and brown shoes.

"Hi everyone! You can call me Ayunda Risu! I am part squirrel and that makes me nuts! Haha, get it?"



"Ahem..." she awkwardly coughed before continuing. "So if you have some, feel free to share..." her Japanese is quite good as well, something the other members were glad about.

And last but not least, a girl with purple hair with white dots that is very similar to the night sky. Her choice of clothing were a black skin tight sleeveless shirt that didn't cover up her belly region, black skin tight shorts, a coat that reaches to her thighs with a belt holding it in place, a black choker on her neck, and boots that went up her thighs.

"Good afternoon everyone! I am a Moon Goddess and my name is Hoshinova Moona. Please take care of me!" her calm voice soothed the hearts of the members. Plus her Japanese is fine as well.

After all of their greetings, all the members approached them one by one starting from generation zero up to the fifth generation to greet them as well.

The greetings first started with Tokino Sora, the very first member of the village then it soon went to the other members. And finally, it was her turn.

Nervous was an understatement when it comes to Pekora's feeling at the moment. She felt herself hyperventilating again but Flare's encouragement helped her get over that. Time to go in.

With each step she took, with each breathe she made, she gathered enough courage to approach them and give them the fruits of her labor. As soon as she was close enough, she stood silent for at least a couple seconds before Moona noticed her

"Yes? Can I help you?" she asked out of a bit of concern seeing she's just standing there.



...time for the attack!

"H-Hey Moona! For you peko!" Pekora then offered the pouch with a bow. "Y-You can share peko!"

Moona was caught off guard from that but still accepted the gift. As she opened it, she realized that the pouch was full of... carrots. Glazed carrots. It's not much but the thought still counts. At least they have snacks for the meantime

Oh yeah, she forgot to show her gratitude. "Thank you for these. I appreciate it." she then gave her a small smile as Pekora responded with a nervous one.

"Y-Your welcome..."




"Please excuse me" with that, Pekora immediately marched away without a care in the world

"What a peculiar girl." Moona muttered as she eyed the marching girl. Unbeknownst to her, this is the dawn of a new alliance between the Moon Goddess and the Demi-Rabbit. They just need a little push but that story will be told in another time.

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