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The trip back to Hogwarts was exceedingly crowded, and Remus wanted to jump out of the carriage and find an empty one. Besides the Marauders, the three girls had gotten in as well. Sirius and Cassie were seeing each other again, and she practically sat in his lap. Lily said that she and David had decided that they shouldn't see each other, and she had shoved herself between Remus and Peter. Alice didn't want to be left out so she was where James usually sat. James was on the floor cracking jokes about looking up the girls' skirts, even though the only one in a skirt was Cassie and her legs were clamped tight together as they curled around Sirius's legs.

Remus kept his nose in a book to avoid listening to Sirius and Cassie coo at one another, except at one point when he had to break up a fight between James and Lily when James, bored of trying to wind Lily up with the skirt thing, kept making mean comments about her feet smelling until she stomped on his chest. James pushed himself as far from Lily as he could get but in the cramped carriage there wasn't much room.

By the time they got back to the school, Remus was sweaty, sick, and his skin felt itchy and tight. He gladly burst out of the carriage, taking in deep gulps of air, the chilliness feeling good against him.

"What happened with David?" Remus asked after the others barreled past him, Lily staying behind.

She linked arms with him and he did his best to ignore the screaming agony of the feeling. "He asked me to be his girlfriend."


"I…" She bit her lip. "I like him well enough but when he asked me I realized I didn't like him, not enough for that."

"Is it… the other person you like?" he asked.

She blushed a little. "I don't know. Maybe. I don't know," she said again. "Perhaps I should have said yes. I mean, he's nice. He's very nice. And cute."

"If you don't like him enough, I think you did the right thing," he suggested, trying to be helpful.

"Yes, I think you're right about that. I just feel bad. Are you all right?"

He glanced over at her. "Hmm? About what?" Had she guessed how awful he felt with their arms touching?

"Sirius and Cassie getting back together."

He tried not to wince at those words. "I don't care. If Sirius is happy that's all that matters. I—I don't… it's not like that. I swear it. I won't lie, he does… look nice…" He said that in the whisperingest of whispers he could manage with her still being able to hear. "That doesn't mean anything though. You've admitted the same. But you don't fancy him."

Lily let out a long sigh. "All right, I'll stop bothering you about it."

Am I jealous? he thought to himself as they went into the Great Hall for supper. Sirius and Cassie were seated next to each other already, heads bent in close as they talked. A little, he admitted to himself. Does it matter? No.

"How did you enjoy your first time ever in Hogsmeade?" James asked Remus loudly as he and Lily took seats.

Remus glared at him. "It was fine, except one of my friends would not be quiet enough to let me enjoy it."

"Sirius, you should have been quiet and let poor Remus enjoy Hogsmeade," James said and Sirius threw a napkin at him. "You enjoyed the butterbeer, right?"

Remus clenched his teeth. "Do you want me to murder you in your sleep?"

"For what, asking if you enjoyed the butterbeer?" Cassie asked, confused. That sent James, Sirius, and Peter all into loud laughter while the girls frowned.

"I've had butterbeer before, from bottles," Remus said as lightly as he could. "They're just being facetious and stupid."

After they all ate, Lily suggested they do something together again like more truth or dare. Sirius, Peter, Alice, and Cassie all agreed quickly while James and Remus remained silent.

"You can start, I have something I need to do first," James said. "I have to… get something."

Remus remembered the bag of pranks at the end of the secret passage and he perked up. "I'll help you," he said quickly. Maybe on the way back he could pretend to trip and hurt himself and have to go to the hospital wing to get out of playing.

The groups split up, James and Remus going along back routes so the girls wouldn't be able to tell where they were headed. James told him that he didn't need to help and Remus reminded him that there were loads of bags. Then he asked how they were going to get them into the dorm without anyone seeing them. James groaned and admitted he hadn't thought of that. All the bags had ZONKO'S printed on them so the Prefects would definitely notice.

"We could put them in a secret passage closer to the dorms, and get them at night," James finally said.

It took a very long time to get through the tunnel to the other side and Remus hoped by the time they got back the game would be over.

The bags were still there and it did take both of them to carry the lot. Remus carried most of them since he was stronger, following along behind James as they trooped back to the school.

It was quite late after stashing the bags somewhere and getting to the dorms. Almost right on curfew. But Remus's hopes were dashed when they went into the tower and found that the others hadn't started playing yet, they were waiting for James and Remus.

"What took so long?" Lily asked.

"I think you'll find that that isn't any of your business," James replied haughtily as he sat down. "Are we playing, then?"

Everyone except Remus said yes as he perched precariously on the edge of the couch next to Lily, feeling sick and shaky. His skin still itched and his head throbbed a little. This was going to be a nightmare.

At least he wasn't chosen for a while, and the first thing wasn't too bad. Sirius asked him and he chose truth and was asked who the prettiest girl in the school was.

Remus raised his eyebrows. "Lily," he said without any hesitation. "Although perhaps I am a little biased since she is such a good friend."

Peter got him next time and since it was Peter he went with dare, and the disgusting boy dared him to lick his own armpit. That wasn't as disgusting as some of the other dares (like James daring Lily to kiss one of the couch cushions, where who knew how many students had sat) but it was still awful. He also didn't want to show anyone his armpit. He unbuttoned his shirt a couple of buttons and tugged the collar aside—to the right, to avoid his scarred arm. He bent in and licked his armpit, making a face because he hadn't put any deodorizing spells on and he had been sweating a lot.

"I think I'm going to be sick," he moaned as he rebuttoned his top. "You're absolutely vile, Peter."

Peter stood up and took a bow at that, causing another wave of giggles from the group. Remus fetched one of the tooth-flossing stringmints that Sirius had brought down 'just in case'. It was mostly for any dares involving a nasty tasting every flavor bean, but Remus popped a few of the thin strands in his mouth anyway.

Alice's truth had him admitting (with a red face) that he had snuck into Hogsmeade before, and Lily shrieked that she knew it. Cassie's dare had him sitting on a cushion and trying to levitate it, which he did manage to do, about two or three off the floor until it flopped back down. It went on like that, none of them doing much to harass Remus to his appreciation. The worst, really, was when Alice was dared to sit in his lap for a full round. Her curly hair kept brushing against his face. She smelled like vanilla cake and coconut.

"Give him a kiss," James joked when it was time for Alice to get off his lap.

She slid off him, brushing her skirt off. "No, I won't accept any dares that involve kissing."

"It isn't a dare," James said. "It's a request."

"No," she said again before turning towards Remus. "No offense. I didn't mean it like that. If I had to kiss any boy here it would be you—"

"OOOOOOH!" chorused everyone else, and Remus began going red.

Alice did too. "Not like that!" she gasped out. "I meant if someone put a wand to my head and used, I don't know, the Imperius curse and made me kiss someone it would be him because he's the nicest. Not because—and I don't mean I wouldn't because—I'm not saying he's not awful to—oh, rats!" She buried her face in her hands.

"I know what-what—what you mean," Remus promised, wanting to push himself into the couch until he slid between the cushions and disappeared. "Um, and I d-don't take offense."

The next time James had his turn he turned to Alice and asked truth or dare. She chose truth, probably assuming he was going to try a kissing dare. Instead James grinned and said, "Which one of us do you want to kiss the least?"

Alice stared straight at him and said, "You."

They stayed up rather late and at midnight the girls went to bed while the boys played cards until the common room emptied out. Then James fetched his invisibility cloak so he and Sirius could get the bags of pranks. They then started a game of Monopoly, but the rules were kind've confusing so they gave up, deciding to try again later. Besides, it seemed like it was going to be a long game and they were all getting tired.

At three Remus climbed into his bed, eyes drooping, body exhausted; he had gotten very little sleep the night before and hoped he'd be able to sleep in a little the next day.


Since Remus had gotten almost nothing done on Saturday, he spent all of Sunday doing homework as well as fulfilling the losing bets he had gambled to Sirius and Peter. In the afternoon, James and Sirius disappeared for a while and only Sirius returned just before supper, informing them that James was in the hospital wing to regrow fingers.

"We decided to try to duel," Sirius explained as they headed to the Great Hall. "It didn't go well."

More likely James had Sirius do it on purpose, to get out of detention tonight, Remus thought but kept that to himself. He ate his supper fast in order to swing by the hospital wing to check on James. His hands were bandaged up and he smelled like Skele-Gro. Despite this, he was very cheerful and told Remus to 'please' apologize to whoever was in charge of detention that night.

It was Professor Flitwick, and Remus nervously approached him to inform him as to why there'd be one less student that evening. Flitwick sighed, shaking his head, saying it didn't surprise him. Remus took a seat and began writing lines.

I will respect my teachers. I will respect my teachers. I will respect my teachers. Over and over, filling several pages until he fulfilled what Flitwick had told him. He handed them over, glad when Flitwick nodded since the first time he ever had to write lines it had gone… very poorly. Of course, Flitwick was a million times nicer than Dedenne.

When he got back to the tower he was confused to see a lot of students in a big circle around a radio. Had something happened? He glanced around until he saw Alice who was sitting in a chair, legs curled up under her, knitting carefully. He approached her and asked, and she glanced up in surprise.

"It's almost eight," she said.

"Erm." Did that mean something besides curfew for second and third years?

She lowered her knitting needles and Remus felt a slight pang of jealousy seeing the pattern she was creating. "You don't know? A new radio program is happening called Ghoulish Gossip. It's promised to give all sorts of gossip about some of the pureblood families. Everyone's anticipating it."

"A gossip program?" he asked, turning to look at the radio.

"Mmhmm, apparently so. I mean, not a real program, it's something putting themselves on the radio illegally. I think it's awful. It's mean! It's…"

"Ghoulish?" he asked with a smile.

Alice giggled. "Indeed. I didn't think of that. Ooh, I think it's starting."

There was a hiss, a crackle, and then some peppy music before an obviously disguised voice rolled out of the radio. They introduced themselves as the Gossip Ghoul before launching right into some gossip. Remus stood by Alice's chair, feeling strange as the Gossip Ghoul began talking about how a married pureblood witch was having an affair with a Muggleborn. While they weren't named, some of their clandestine meetings were described along with hints that the Ghoul could easily give out their identities.

"This is awful," he agreed, shifting from foot to foot. "How is this on any station?"

"It's not, it's been forced in by someone," Alice explained, returning to the knitting. "There was a letter in the Daily Prophet the other day about it. Whoever it is promised to use spells to broadcast their own program. I'm sure the Ministry is on it."

Speaking of which, Remus thought as the Ghoul went on to talk about the Minister herself, saying that they knew she had been having potions sent to her home discreetly, potions for nerves and anxiety.

"Something is going on that they're not sharing with us!" the Ghoul exclaimed rather gleefully. "Or else perhaps there's a bit of trouble with Mr. Jenkins?"

"I'm going upstairs, this is stupid," Remus said and went to the dorm, expecting Sirius and Peter to be there. Neither of them were so he dropped down on his bed and stretched out, enjoying the utter silence for a bit although he did at one point hear a loud gasp from downstairs. He flicked his wand, shutting the door, putting him in even more silence.

He lay there, arms and legs stretched out, feeling himself pushing down into the soft mattress. It felt good. His limbs were heavy… his body was heavy… his eyelids were heavy…

Then they snapped open then the door burst open, and he almost fell off his bed. "Sorry!" Peter said as he and Sirius tumbled in.

"We were visiting James," Sirius explained, bouncing over to Remus's bed and plopping down like it was his. "Then the halls were almost completely empty so we wandered around until someone caught us."

"There's some sort of gossip program on the radio," Remus explained, pulling his legs a little farther from Sirius's body, wondering why they were intentionally caught instead of simply returning to the dorms.

"Ohhh right, yeah." Sirius nodded. "I heard that something like that was going to happen. We should listen to it!" Before Remus could stop him he launched himself at James's radio and turned it on, wheeling the knob until the Ghoul's voice came on. Now the Ghoul was talking about a possible scandal involving a 'well loved' shopkeeper altering his finance books.

"How does he know what's going on?" Peter asked, sitting on his own bed and staring at the radio.

"He's probably making it up," Sirius said, stretching back out on Remus's bed. "Or shooting a spell in the dark. One's got to land, right?"

Just as the Ghoul mentioned that there was 'something amiss' in the Longbottom family, there was a sizzling sound and then another voice apologized for the interloper, explaining that they got rid of the spells and the evening will carry on as normal. Even with the door shut, Remus could hear a faint, collective groan from the common room.

"I wonder what's going on with the Longbottoms?" Peter asked.

"Probably nothing," Sirius said, rolling onto his side. He formed a curved shape around Remus without touching him, but it still felt odd and awkward. "I told you, he's just shooting spells blindly. Less than blindly, really, since Miss Fawley's probably got better aim than that."

Remus hopped up to turn the radio off and to move away from Sirius. "It's ridiculous," he said, turning around and folding his arms. "Whether they're telling the truth or not, it's… ghastly. Saying those things, spreading rumors or—or airing out someone's dirty laundry. It's vicious."

The door opened and in came Dave and Spinnet, both of them talking about everything they had heard on the radio, Spinnet trying to figure out the identities of those not mentioned by name as well as what might be happening to the Longbottoms. Then he said there was a Longbottom one room away, should they go check?

"Th-that's rather rude," Remus said, not liking to cut into someone else's conversation but not liking what Spinnet said.

Spinnet sneered at him. "Shut up, Loopy. Come on, Dave." He left the room again, dragging David with him. Peter opened the door and poked his head out, obviously curious. Remus could hear knocking and then a door opening. "Is Longbottom in? Oh, he's not? All right, thanks, sorry."

They returned, Spinnet looking visibly deflated. "Drat, not there. I can ask tomorrow."

"Spells in the daaark," Sirius sang out, rolling onto his back now.

"Why are you in Loopy's bed?" Spinnet asked.

"Why are you in Loopy's bed?" Sirius mimicked in a nasally voice. "Call him that again and I'll give the Ghoul something to gossip about you and your family. Dear Ghoul, I don't know if you know this but the Spinnets' got a dreadful secret!" Sirius sat up, grinning wickedly. "They're trying to pass an overgrown jarvey off as their son! All he does is spout shit like a jarvey so we've been able to tell, but—"

"Petrificus totalus!" Spinnet shot out at him.

Sirius flinched but all that happened was his muscles went rather stiff. "Good one there, jarvey-mouth."

"Can we please not throw spells around in the dorm?" Remus asked, shrinking back against James's desk.

"If he says one more word, I swear to Merlin I'll—"

"One more word," Sirius said sweetly, and Spinnet yelled, flinging spells wildly at him. None of them landed on him although Remus's bed curtains began growing patchy fur. David shouted at him to stop while Peter withdrew onto his bed, shaking a bit. Remus froze, not sure what to do. Sirius rolled off of Remus's bed and got his own wand out.

"St-stop!" Remus said, and both boys ignored him as spells kept flying. The pitcher of water jerked up and crashed to the floor, bouncing harmlessly due to the anti-breaking spell on it but spilling water everywhere. David's curtains ripped right down the middle. A pot of ink on Remus's desk was turned into a partial squid, inky tentacles smudging up all of Remus's work he had left out, ruining it.

"STOP!" he shrieked and they continued to ignore him. Spinnet's legs became wobbly and he had a hard time standing up. Sirius grew a line of zits down his face in a stripped pattern. The doors to the linen closet were flung open, almost breaking.


Thankfully, they were too focused on each other and didn't dodge. Two wands were thrown and Remus managed to catch one of them while the other bounced out of his hands in a poor attempt to catch it. Sirius and Spinnet stared at him.

"For MERLIN'S sake!" Remus picked up Sirius's wand and held both of theirs tightly in his left hand. "Both of you stop. Please. Do you want to get in trouble?"

"Only way McGonagall'll find out is if someone snitches," Spinnet said, mainly looking at Peter who gave him a rude gesture in response.

"Or a Prefect comes by, or someone else comes by and tells a Prefect," Remus pointed out.

Sirius held his hand out. "May I have my wand back?"

"No," Remus snapped, taking a step back. "Not until you promise not to start up again."

Sirius looked a little shocked that Remus didn't simply obey. "I—"

"Both of you promise."

"I promise," Spinnet said.

"Fine, I promise too. No more spells," Sirius said. "On my Marauder name."

Spinnet rolled his eyes at that but Remus gave them their wands back. As soon as Sirius's wand was in his pocket he whirled around and punched Spinnet right in the jaw. Spinnet went back, crying in pain. Peter actually cheered, clapping his hands and pumping a fist in the air.

"Sirius!" Remus snarled as David ran over to help Spinnet up.

"I didn't use a spell," Sirius muttered, shaking his hand out.

"You're a WANKER!" Spinnet howled out, clutching his jaw. "I hate you!" He slunk out of the room, muttering about the hospital wing.

"You are awful," David agreed, following his friend.

"What?" Sirius asked when Remus faced him again. "I swore no spells and I did not use a spell. Besides, he deserved it. He called you Loopy again. He attacked me for no reason. Plus he was trying to harass the—the—the Longbottom guy. He deserved it."

Remus went over to his desk to try to rescue it. He turned the partial squid back into the ink pot and stared at the black puddle all over the papers. "Irregardless… you shouldn't do that. Even if he is a twat, you shouldn't exacerbate the situation."

"I remember what that word means," Sirius said proudly.

Remus elected to ignore him, going to work sucking up as much ink as possible. It was definitely a lost cause and, with a frustrated grunt, he shoved all the papers in the rubbish bin. He didn't realize he was muttering to himself until Sirius tried apologizing for messing everything up.

"Spinnet shot the spell." He looked down at the ink all over his arms and sighed. "Could you please get the door?"

It took a while to clean up and get into clean pajamas and when he came back it took even longer to clean the ink off the desk. By the time he finished he was too weary to work on homework but he had lost so much…

He stared at the rubbish bin as the minutes ticked away and by the time Spinnet and David returned, Remus was at his desk rewriting his essay.


The gossip was on everyone's mind the next morning. Remus heard snatches on the way to breakfast, and it was most of the conversations surrounding him. Then at one point someone shouted 'enough' and there was a thudding sound. The Great Hall quieted, looking at the Gryffindor table where the Longbottom boy was standing up, face red, fists pressed against the table.

"THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN MY FAMILY!" he shouted at the Ravenclaw standing on the other side of the table. She quickly retreated, scurrying back to her own table. Longbottom breathed heavily for a few seconds before sinking back down, head in hands.

Nobody spoke for several seconds and then quietly the students began talking again. None of the Marauders said anything until Remus asked if Sirius knew when James would get out of the hospital, since he had forgotten to ask. Sirius shrugged saying he didn't know.

James did show up for Potions but his fingers were still bandaged. He handed a note to Slughorn before swanning over to the Marauders. "I can't hold anything today," he explained, holding up his hands. The bandaged fingers looked a little springy.

"Did you really lose all your fingers?" Peter asked.

"Uh-huh but it wasn't bloody or anything, they just disappeared. I wonder where they went. I hope they showed up in Snape's food or something. Or his bed." James giggled. "Imagine pulling his blanket back and there's my middle finger on his pillow!"

The Marauders covered their mouths as they tried not to laugh too hard, but Slughorn reprimanded them before launching into a speech about how everyone needed to leave anyone mentioned in the radio program the night before alone.

"What happened?" James whispered.

"Mr. Potter, please be quiet," Slughorn said.

James raised his hand. "I was in the hospital wing last night because Sirius ate my fingers. What did I miss?"

Slughorn sighed. "There was a rude gossip program on last night and some families were mentioned. If anyone from those families attends school, you are to leave them alone. Now—"

"Leave them alone in general or just what was said which I missed?" James asked, interrupting the teacher. "Can I still prank them or do I really have to leave-leave them alone?"

"Five points from Gryffindor, Mr. Potter. You know what I mean. Now, pair up and we'll begin a new potion."

Sirius and Peter both claimed each other immediately and then gave apologetic smiles to Remus which confused him until he realized he'd have to do all the work if he was paired with James.

"Hey, get back here," James snapped as Remus slowly began getting up to escape, hoping that moving slowly would somehow prevent James from noticing. "You're my partner."

He slid back into his seat, grumbling a little to himself. Soon he was chopping, grinding, measuring, and stirring as James directed him.

"You can do better than that," James said when Remus tried chopping some leeks up. "They need to be smaller than that, more even."

"They stink," he complained, making a face as he tried to cut them up smaller. They weren't very even. "Is this all right?"

"If it's the best you can do…" Remus dumped them in the cauldron and James groaned. "Remy, we were supposed to add it in a quarter of a cup at a time!"

"They all go in together, don't they?"

"Yes, but only a quarter a time!"

Remus apologized as he began stirring, not sure if he understood the point. It went in right after another so what did it matter if it was all at once? He did understand following the directions, but sometimes Potions seemed utterly strange.

James complained the entire time until Remus felt fed up, wishing James had stayed in the hospital wing. "I'm doing the best I can," he said a few minutes before class ended.

"I know," James said as Remus took the cauldron off the fire carefully. "You did all right."

He was being nice since their potion was a different shade than everyone else's, and felt way too thin. Remus carried it into the other room so it could simmer until Wednesday. After returning to the main room Slughorn gave them all some homework before sending them on their way.

"What happened to your fingers?"

They all turned to see Giselle Rosier standing there with a frown on her face. Remus thought it was weird she had asked, since Rosier hadn't really talked much to any Gryffindor before, unless she was hoping to hear some grisly details.

"Got into a mock duel, and a spell went wrong," James explained.

Rosier glanced him up and down. "Glad it wasn't anything too bad." With that she brushed past them, head held high as she clacked away.

"What in Merlin's name was that about?" Sirius asked after she turned a corner.

"Maybe she likes you," suggested Peter.

James made a retching sound. "Merlin, could you imagine? As if I would ever even consider a Slytherin!" He made another retching sound, and then one worse.

"You seem to be overdoing it with the fake sick," Sirius teased.

"No, I caught sight of Red." James jerked his thumb… or rather the springy bandaged appendage that would finish becoming his thumb later to indicate Lily walking past them. She turned at that and gave him a rude gesture before spinning back around without losing a step.

"We better get to History," Remus said, motioning that they should start walking. As they did, he noticed Sirius was rubbing his forehead. "Headache?" he asked, making sure his voice was dripping with sweetness.

Sirius glared at him between his fingers. "I'm. Fine."

"Do you have them with you?"

"You're going to wake up tomorrow to find your desk on top of you."

He hitched his satchel up higher and shrugged. "I could quite easily get that off of me, you know." He glanced sideways, enjoying Sirius's scowl. "I won't bother you about them. Much. But you—"

"Yes, yes, I know, I should wear them." Sirius poked Remus in the shoulder. "But I won't."


Despite the teachers requesting students not to bother anyone who belonged to any family that was mentioned on the gossip program, many continued harassing some of them. The Marauders happened to be near the entrance hall, returning from Care Of Magical Creatures, when a fight broke out. Longbottom hexed someone until they began puffing out like a pufferfish, a little similar to the spell James had used ages ago to make someone's head swell up. The boy became quite rotund and fell over, bouncing down the stairs until he rolled to a stop by a statue. His friends all ran to him while Longbottom and his two friends stormed off in the other direction though not before Weasley shouted 'next time that'll be your cock, you bloody wanker' before he disappeared through a doorway.

By suppertime Gryffindor had lost fifty more points and was now in last place which made everyone angry due to the fact Ravenclaw had lost so many points not long ago.

"Maybe if you weren't so sensitive," a sixth year told Longbottom as she passed him.

"MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T A FUCKING ROTTING FISH CUNT!" Weasley shrieked, climbing out of his seat as he went for his wand. The fair-haired boy next to him grabbed his arm, yanking him back down, while McGonagall hurried down the aisle to disperse the fight. She took fifteen points off the girl for bothering Longbottom, and gave Weasley two nights of detention for his foul mouth as well as pulled him out of the Great Hall, presumably for a lecture.

"I do wonder what the Ghoul was going to say about the Longbottoms," James murmured. Normally he had Quidditch practice at this hour but it was switched with the Slytherins.

"Not you too!" snapped Remus. "Leave it alone. It's as Sirius said."

"What did Sirius say?"

Remus forgot for a second that James had spent his night in the hospital wing. "Shooting spells in the dark," Peter replied before he could. "You know, makin' stuff up to—"

"I know what it means," James said a little crossly which made Peter look hurt. "Sorry. Didn't mean to grouch. It's just… I wonder who it was. They were only targeting Pureblood families, weren't they? I wonder if it's…" He trailed off, not finishing his sentence.

"A Muggleborn?" Sirius suggested.

"I mean, a Pureblood wouldn't do something like that, would they?" Pete asked.

Remus looked down at his food, cutting his roasted chicken into tiny pieces. "Unless it's a Purist trying to put blame on a Muggleborn."

"Or it's just someone who likes to gossip," added Sirius. "Plenty of people like that no matter what their lineage."

James and Peter agreed while Remus chewed his food, wondering if and when the Ghoul was going to hex their way back onto the radio… and what they had to say if they did.