Yes, I'm rebooting the series but the MHA characters will be reacting to the MCU movies instead of random stuff.

This fanfics story is inspired by: Yarheeguy, Infamoustrixter, and Katana of the Blade. Please make sure to check their original works before mine if you haven't already.


A teenage-looking boy wearing a black shirt and red jacket with red streak on his hair was floating on space, trying to figure the appearance of his theatre. Earlier, he temporarily runs a theater from the other universe which was fun until he had to relinquish the job and gave it to his partner since the one-eyed dorrito hasn't returned from his mission.

While floating in space, he was observing other theaters from different universes with different hosts such Trixter, Katana, FWM, and many more. He has a slight experience on running the theater so he figures that he would make one.

"All right, let's do this," Kiddo said as his body started glowing. "And God said, let there be light."

A sudden burst of explosion created a massive theater. The theater had an evil-ish vibes since the boy favors something villainous even though he isn't a villain. He went inside the theater and decorated everything after a snap of his fingers.

He then constructed the Theater Room, Bathrooms, Break Rooms, Game Rooms, Danger Room, Cafeteria, a Bar, Laboratories, Workshops, Hall of Fame, and many more areas for the guests to enjoy though some remained inaccessible until the guests has watched something marvelous.

After that, he sighs from exhaustion, "Why do I even feel tired? I'm a Higher Being," he then stretches his body to relieve himself. "Now, for the guests."

A holographic screen showed different universes appeared in front of him. He scrolls down to find some good guests. It will take a while for him since there are infinite worlds and it's difficult to choose.

11 Minutes Later

He was having difficult to choose on which universes he'll choose his guests. He was about to give up and let the theater idea go until he accidentally scrolled to the 2,016th world of the Jump Universe. It was a world that quite fascinated him, a world where superheroes existed.

"I suppose I'll go with MHA like the hosts before me," Kiddo said as his body glowed blue. "Here I come, My Hero Academia!"

U.A. High

The students of UA High were training at Gym Gamma until they reached their limits. They took a 20 minute break to recover their energy and Quirks before the training continues. Izuku Midoriya, the current holder of One For All and All Might's successor, was trying to find a solution on how to improvise his Shoot Style.

"Are you thinking of something, Midoriya?" A blue haired boy asked.

"I'm trying to find something that can make my Shoot Style more effective in combat," Midoriya answered. "My strength wasn't strong enough when I punched Stain or Muscular, and since I can't strengthen my arms, I have to strengthen my legs instead."

The blue haired boy, Tenya Iida, was flooded with horrible memories when he tried to kill Stain, a very unheroic moment for him but he shrugs the horrible event off since he swore to himself that he would make it right, "What about you run constantly, Midoriya?"

Izuku raises his eyebrow in confusion, "What do you mean, Iida?"

"When I developed my Quirk, my brother told me to run everyday to improve my speed," Iida explained. "By running everyday, my legs became stronger and faster."

"I always run everyday at early in the morning though." Midoriya said.

"Then... keep running until... it gets stronger? I have no answer, Midoriya, it's your Quirk so you must know what to do with it." Iida stated.

Midoriya smiles and nods, "You're right, I have to figure it out myself. Thank you, Iida."

Iida returns the smile, "You're welcome, Midoriya. Anything for a friend."

The students of Class 1-A were chatting on how to improvise their Quirk and they share ideas for an Ultimate Move. Aizawa was taking a nap in the corner of the gym in his yellow sleeping bag while Midnight was sitting on a chair, stretching her body from exhaustion. Suddenly, a flash of blue light appeared as Aizawa went out of the bag immediately and was in his fighting stance, along with Midnight. The students stood up in their fighting stance as well. Bakugo was excited if it's a villain since he has been itching for a real fight.

"W-Why are villains invading the school?!" The grape boy, Mineta, shouted in fear.

"Relax, Mineta!" Sero said.

As the light died down, a boy emerged from it. He looked around to see that he was in MHA World.

"It looks like I'm in this... quirky world," A voice of a boy said as the students and teachers raises their eyebrow from the joke. "No pun intended."

Eraserhead activates his Quirk and quickly grabs the boy tightly with his scarf, "Who are you?"

The students were shocked that their teacher immediately grabbed the boy immediately before interrogating him.

"My, my. You shouldn't grab someone immediately without giving them a chance to speak, Aizawa," The boy said as he touches the scar and disintegrates it, shocking the students and Aizawa who removes his scarf to prevent himself from being disintegrated.

"You! You have the same Quirk as that villain!" Midoriya stated.

"Ah yes. Tomura Shigaraki. His Quirk, Decay, allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with all five fingers. It will take effect whether the target is organic or not. He is the leader of the infamous League of Villains," The boy explained which surprised everyone. "I know him but his Quirk is pathetic," The boy then turns to Midoriya. "And you must be Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. The only child of Hisashi and Inko Midoriya. Your Quirk, One F-I mean Super Power, allows you to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, allowing you to significantly enhance all of your physical abilities to a superhuman level. This results in unbelievable levels of strength, speed, agility, and durability. What a power, I'm impress by your power." Midoriya blushed from the compliment. "Also, 'Super Power'? That name doesn't fool me, kid."

Midoriya widens his eyes, 'Does he know about One For All? He also knows my name and my parents.'

Bakugo screams in annoyance as loud explosions occurred from his palms, "The hell you care about this nerd?!"

"I also know you Katsuki Bakugo," The boy said as Bakugo twitches his eyebrows. "also known as Dy-no spoilers. The only child of Masaru and Mitsuki Bakugo. Your Quirk, Explosion, allows you to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of your hands and ignite it on command, allowing you to create strong explosions. The more you sweat, the stronger your explosions become. I know who you are and your powers, including all of you and everyone in this world."

The students and teachers were shock and wary of the boy. Bakugo twitches from the vast information from the boy. He gritted his teeth and saw the boy as the villain that needed to be taken down immediately. In his mind, the boy is a spy working for the League.

"How do you know so much about us?" Aizawa asked. "Are you a villain or a stalker?"

The boy chuckled, "Isn't a stalker consider a villain in this world? Also, I'm neither a villain nor a hero. I'm just a 11,000 year old deity who wants to have some entertainment."

"11,000?!" Midoriya was shocked to hear his age, he wasn't sure whether the boy was serious or joking. 'He also said 'deity'.'

"Anyway, everything will be explained once I collect everything."

Midnight scoffs, "You are not getting away, especially since you know so much about us."

The young deity smiled, "You don't have much of a choice, Nemuri Kayama, also known as Midnight," Midnight was shock to hear her real name. "Your Quirk, Somnambulist, allows you to put nearby people to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing aroma from your body. Your Quirk works better on males than females. It's quite useful, but inferior mine."

Midnight widens her eyes from the information, 'He does know everything. And what does he mean inferior?'

"Well, see ya soon." The boy snaps his fingers.

"YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY YOU SON OF A-!!!" Bakugo disappeared in a flash of light without finishing his sentence.

The students and teachers were shock that Bakugo disappeared. They thought he died.

"Kacchan!" Midoriya yelled.

"Bakugo!" Kirishima and Kaminari yelled.

"You murderer!" Aizawa said.

"Pheesh. I didn't kill him, I sent him somewhere... entertaining," The boy said. "And you're going there as well."

'My Quirk isn't working on him!' Aizawa thought as students disappeared in a flash of light one at a time until all 20 students of Class 1-A disappeared. "Stop it!"

The boy sighs in frustration, "Like I said, I didn't kill them! I sent them somewhere which will I explain after I gather the others! For the love of God, just cooperate. They won't be killed!"

The two teachers were in doubt, but they have no choice but to trust his word. If only Tsukauchi was there to tell if he was telling the truth.

"Fine. As long as the students won't get hurt." Aizawa said with Midnight nodding.

"I literally just said I won't hurt them... twice! See ya later!" The boy snaps his fingers as the two teachers vanished front of him. "Man, is this how Bill felt when he recruited those RWBY characters? I'll never know." He vanished after a snap of his fingers.

He then introduced himself to the principal and other students and teachers. Vlad and Present Mic attacked him, but their Quirks were nullified and they thought that it was the same Quirk as Eraserhead's Erasure Quirk. The boy them knocked them out with Midnight's Somnambulist Quirk. Nezu was still behind his desk, trying to figure out the boy's motives.

The boy then told everything to Nezu because the principal is smart enough because of his High Spec Quirk to know that the young deity was telling the truth. After he told the principal of the plan, Nezu was shocked and reluctantly agreed to it since he has no choice but it could provide an opportunity for the students. The boy nods from the answer before he snaps his fingers as Vlad King, Present Mic, Ectoplasm, Power Loader, Recovery Girl, All Might, Nezu, the students of Class 1-B, Hitoshi Shinso from General Studies of Class 1-C, Mei Hatsume from Support of Class 1-H, The Big Three (Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki), and Eri disappeared in a flash of light.

"Into the next one." The boy said before he vanished.

Todoroki Household

Fuyumi and Natsu were about to leave their house to visit their mother in the mental hospital. The young deity then appeared in front of them.

"Who are you?" Natsuo asked.

"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am... Batman," The young deity said in a deep tone causing the Todoroki siblings to be in dumbfounded state. "I'm joking. I'm the boy who will give a thrill of you lives."

"Are you gonna kill or something us?! Then please spare my brother!" Fuyumi said desperately.

"What?! No, spare my sister. Take me instead!" Natsu said.

The boy sighs, "For the frack's sake! Why do people always think I'm gonna kill them or something?! I meant I'm gonna show both of you of something fun and entertainment, not something horrific and cruel!"

The Todoroki siblings looked at each other in embarrassment and bowed their head in apologies for being idiotic. The young deity admired their bravery to protect one another. He likes heroes that are selfless and protects others.

"Where are we going?" Natsu asked curiously.

"Like I said, something fun," The young deity answered. "Your youngest brother is already there."

The two siblings were shock when they heard that.

"Shoto is already there?! Is he fine?!" Fuyumi said.

"He's fine," The young deity stated. "I should mention that I was going to invite your father as well, but I changed my mind."

"You were planning to invite father!?" Fuyumi asked.

"Yes, but I didn't," He answered. "Now, who's ready? With the snap of my fingers I'm going to take you all there."

The siblings looked at each other before nodding in response. The young deity snaps in fingers and the two of them vanished in the flash of light. He was then spotted by the Pro Hero, Kamui Woods, who mistaken it for a kidnapping. Kamui Woods extended his arms to capture the boy, but the boy already disappeared before the branches of wood could reach him.

"What the hell?" Kamui Woods was confused.


Melissa was working on a new support item with her father helping her. David is currently under house arrest after the crime he committed when he illegally created a device that increases a person's Quirk which inevitably turned Wolfram into a dangerous villain before All Might and Deku stopped it.

"I'm gonna prepare some food, Melissa." Dave said.

"Sure, dad." Melissa nods before her father walk towards the kitchen.

The boy then appeared with a Coca Cola soda in his hands. Melissa was shock and surprise that a boy appeared out of nowhere and became wary of him. Dave doesn't seem to notice despite the noise when he appeared.

"You're father's not going to hear you so that we could have a private chat." The young deity drinks his soda before clenches the can and threw it at the trash bin across the living room with his eyes close. "Nailed it!"

"Wh-Who are you?" Melissa asked curiously while her body was shivering.

"Relax, I'm not a villain, then again, I'm not a hero as well," The young deity answered as Melissa slightly calms down. "You have questions? Shoot. I need some rest after constant teleporting to different locations."

"Uhm... who are you?" She asked again.

"I'm gonna tell you my name later. Any other questions?"

"Why are you here?" Melissa is still wary of the boy and slowly moved her hand towards the emergency button. "If you want me to build something, then please leave my dad alone."

The young deity sighs in annoyance, "I get that I'm kinda 'kidnapping' people, but I'm not here to build something for me. I'm here to invite you."

"Invite me for what?"

The young deity chuckles, "You'll see it for yourself," he snaps his fingers as Melissa disappears. "That take cares of it."

Wild, Wild Pussycats Base

The Pussycats were preparing for the next student training, this time from Shiketsu High. Pixie-Bob is training her Earthly beast creatures using her Earth Flow Quirk, Tiger is training with his Pliabody Quirk to bring hell to the students, Mandalay is taking care of Kota who was writing a new letter to Midoriya, and Ragdoll is just in her office watching some cat videos which she deemed funny. Ragdoll felt useless after her Quirk was stolen and wanted to be back in the field again, she shrugs the negative thought off as she has already accepted the new change.

"Ola, señorita. Wait, that's Spanish," The young deity suddenly appeared in front of Ragdoll which causes her to fall from her chair. "My apologies, mademoiselle. No, that's French. That's Aoyama's native language. I just can't seem to get the Japanese greeting right."

"W-Who are you?!" Ragdoll asked as her teammates rushed in and saw the boy.

"Who are you?!" Tiger demanded as Ragdoll and the boy turned to him. "Has that question been asked already?"

"Yep. Anyway, I'm not going to tell you my name yet because I need to invite the other guests," The young deity said. "And I can't accept 'no' as an answer."

Tiger who was in his fighting stance scoffs, "We would never surrender ourselves to a villain easily."

"Especially when one is threatening our teammate and friend!" Mandalay was in her fighting stance.

"You're going down, villain!" Pixie-Bob declared in her fighting stance.

The young deity face palms from the same treatment he received, "For the last time! I'm only here to invite you all to witness something fun, not terrorize or do something villainy to you all! Man, and I thought this world is amazing."

The Pussycats raises their eyebrows.

"What do you mean something... fun?" Mandalay curiously asked.

"You'll see it for yourself." The young deity said before he snaps his fingers causing the three members of the Pussycats to disappear.

"Y-You killed them!" Ragdoll's body was shivering after witnessing her friends vanished in front of her, she doesn't have her Search Quirk so she can't identify what's the boy's Quirk is.

"I didn't kill them," The young deity reassured the scared heroine. "I've sent them somewhere where they are going to have some fun. The reason I left you behind because I need an assistant."

Ragdoll raises her eyebrow, "An... assistant? For what?"

"I'll tell you after I invite the others," The young deity said as he creates a portal and lends his hand to the helpless Ragdoll. "Just trust me, it'll be the thrill of your life."

Ragdoll was hesitant on taking his hand, but his calm tone was something that she would trust. For now, she'll trust him since she doesn't have much of a choice anyway. Ragdoll holds the boy's hand and they walk towards the portal.

Police Station

Naomasa Tsukauchi, the detective of the Police Force, is currently having a conversation with his sister, Makoto, who recently returned from America for a vacation.

"How's America, lil' sis?" Naomasa said as he drinks his coffee. "You didn't cause any trouble did you?"

"Pheesh. You know I always cause trouble," Makoto cheekily answered as Naomasa rolled his eyes since he already expected that from his sister. "At least I'm not doing it illegally."

"Yeah, I'm still surprise that you haven't been caught."

Makoto let out a slight chuckle from her big brother. "How's Koichi?"

"He's perfectly fine after became Captain Celebrity's sidekick," Makoto smiled after she mentioned her crush. "He has came a long way huh."

Naomasa also let out a smile, "Yeah, from being a vigilante who was late on taking the UA exams because of saving Kazuho to being a sidekick of the Number One Hero in America. I'm proud of him."

"Aww, it's like watching a father being proud of his son," Naomasa blushes from his sister's tease.

"Anyway, I would like to ta-" Naomasa was interrupted when the boy and Ragdoll appeared after a flash of light.

Ragdoll looks around and recognizes the place, "Isn't this a Police Station? What are we doing here?"

"Why indeed? Well, both of the Tsukauchi siblings are invited of course," The young deity said before turning to the siblings who were bewildered at the sudden appearance. "Nice to meet you, Naomasa and Makoto Tsukauchi." he greets with a bow.

Naomasa turns to Ragdoll for answers, "Ragdoll, who is this boy?"

"I have no clue," The siblings were confused from Ragdoll's answer. "But so far, he's trustworthy."

"You lot!" The young deity was frustrated from being treated as a criminal. "Anyway, I'm here to invite you two to the entertainment."

"What entertainment?" Naomasa was suspicious of the boy while his sister was overwhelmed with excitement, ignoring that the boy could be a villain.

"You'll see it for yourself. Also, I'm not here to harm you two, otherwise, both of you have been dead... a long time ago."

Naomasa, Makoto, and Ragdoll were trembling from the serious tone.

"ou know I'm telling the truth True Man, thanks to your Lie Detection Quirk."

Naomasa was shock that the boy knew of his Quirk since his Quirk is practically hidden from society to prevent the villains or criminals from attacking him. Makoto chuckles that some people knew about her big brother's Quirk because he always claimed that he was good at hiding it. Naomasa slightly growls in annoyance.

"So... this fun of yours. Is it dangerous?" Naomasa curiously asked.

"It's rather entertainment to be honest. I don't like any of those 'dangerous' stuff," Naomasa nods since he was telling the truth so he trusts him.

Makoto immediately grabs the boy's hands, "What kind of entertainment? I hope it's enjoyable since it's my vacation!"

"Yea-Yeah, i-it is... enjoyable." The young deity was stuttering since there's a girl holding his hands. Meanwhile, Naomasa didn't detect any lies from the boy so he's good so far unless he's good at lying.

Ragdoll let out a slight chuckle, "So, despite being all powerful, you are unable to hold a conversation with girls."

"Shut up, Tomoko."

Ragdoll covers her mouth to hide her chuckle which the boy notice with annoyance but ignores it.

"Anyway, since the two of you know that I'm telling the truth. Would you like to join the fun?"

"Of course!" Naomasa sighs from his sister's excitement.

"Sure. I need a break once in a while from the endless pile of cases." Naomasa sighs from exhaustion.

"Good. See ya later." The young deity snaps his fingers causing the two siblings to vanish. "Now, who am I missing? Say the names please, Ragdoll."

Ragdoll takes the paper, that the boy gave to her earlier, out from her pocket and reads all the remaining names, "Question, why are you including the villains? Especially... All... For... One..."

She was trembling from saying the name since this is the villain that took her precious Quirk away from her.

The young deity felt bad for the heroine but that won't let him stop with his plan, "Don't worry about the villains, they won't kill us since I'll be preventing that,"

Ragdoll looks at him with a question on how will he do tha

"As for All For One, you have to face your fear."

Ragdoll was trembling even more that she has to face her fear of the villain.

"Look, you're a Pro Hero so it should be no problem. There's a reason I didn't include the others that I planned on inviting like Endeavor, because he is not on good terms with the Todoroki Family. Overhaul, because an innocent girl will be flooding with nightmares again. Muscular, because a young boy hates him for murdering his family which you know who it is, and many more guests that aren't on the guest list anymore."

After hearing the explanation, Ragdoll would have to face it since she's a professional and has been doing it for years. She was shock that the boy would even invite a psychopath that killed Kota's parents, but she was thankful that he didn't which causes her to respect the boy further but still doubt him.

The boy creates a portal to another location, presumably the villains before turning his head to Ragdoll who nods before walking towards the portal.


The guards were cautiously observing All For One in case he'll activate his All For One Quirk. The guards were trembling everyday because of the intimidation that All For One emits even though he is in prison. Then suddenly, a flash of light came in causing the guards to be knocked out.

Ragdoll angrily looks at the boy for attacking the guards.

"In my defense, I have no idea they were in the same spot we were going to arrive in."

"Just... don't... do that again please." Ragdoll said and the young deity nods before she turns to the most powerful villain in the world, All For One.

"Mhm? You must be Ragdoll. You had an amazing Quirk, I'll make sure to let my successor use it effectively,"

Ragdoll was growling in anger at the sight of him but was hiding behind the boy because of the murderous aura emitting from the villain

All For One turns to the boy, "Who is this?"

The young deity clears his throat, "Greetings, All For One. For my name, I won't tell you yet but I'm here to, well, invite you to the entertainment."

All For One was impress that the boy wasn't afraid of him despite releasing an amount killing intent, "What entertainment?"

The young deity touches the straps that were holding All For One and all of it disintegrates, "Now, don't even think of using your Quirk. It won't work on me."

All For One was surprise that there is someone who has a similar Quirk to Shigaraki and he thought that the boy was bluffing so he activates his Quirk but nothing came out of it, "What... did you do to my Quirk?"

The young deity chuckles, "I nullified it of course. You think that Decay is the only ability I have? I have plenty of powers similar to yours, but mine is superior."

Ragdoll was impress that the boy had multiple Quirks and manages to erase All For One's Quirk.

"I didn't know there was someone who had a similar Quirk as mine," All For One was even more impressed that he wasn't the only man, aside from Izuku Midoriya and Nine, that has multiple Quirks. "What are you?"

"I don't really think mine is called a Quirk since it's basically godly,"

All For One and Ragdoll were confused on what he meant.

"And let's just say that I'm an 11,000 year old diety who became one of The High Beings across the Multiverse. Any questions before I tell you about the 'entertainment'?"

All For One was in disbelief that this boy was way older than him and he was a god, same with Ragdoll, but because of his calm tone that made him think that the boy was telling the truth.

"I don't have any more questions."

"Then let me give you a short answer of the entertainment, it will give an entertainment to both heroes and villains,"

All For One, again, was in disbelief but he can tell that he wasn't fooling around.

"I hope." The young deity continued.

"And why was I invited? In fact, why would you invite villains?" All For One was curious on why the boy invited the villain. "Aren't we danger to the society?"

The young deity chuckles, "Oh trust me, I have seen worst villains that is more than 'danger to the society', and some of them were successful enough to rule the world, until a hero comes in and stopped them of course. What a typical plot armor. So you and the League of Villains are insects to those worst villains."

All For One felt offended but if what the boy said was true then he and his league are truly insect compared to the ones that almost succeeded in taking over the world, he also realizes that the boy didn't just invite him and smiles widely, "You didn't just came here because I was invited. You need me for something."

"Bingo. Since I'll be inviting the League of Villains, I need you to put Tomura Shigaraki and the League on the leash, meaning you have to monitor them to not act stupidly." The young deity said with confidence.

All For One sighs, "Fine, but I can't promise you that I won't stop Shigaraki causing a mess."

"That's fine. He's a man-child so I don't really care. I only need you to contain him whenever the party starts, what's beyond that is his choice. Understand?"

All For One nods before creating a portal before the boy signals Ragdoll to walk towards the portal.

"Watch your step."

They arrived in another cell of a well known which was Kurogiri who is currently sleeping. All For One felt proud that Kurogiri did well on finding Gigantomachia before he was captured.

The boy knew of Kurogiri's origin and was disgust at the stealing Quirk villain, but he shrugs it off since he wants to get it done, "Would you like to wake him up, All For One? He is your servant."

"Sure," All For One walks toward the warp villain. "Kurogiri, wake up."

Kurogiri wakes up at the voice of his master, "Master? How are you here? Did you escape?"

"Not quite," All For One turns to the boy who signals to move faster. "I'll tell you on the way."

Ragdoll wasn't sure that releasing the villains would be a good idea, but she currently trusts the boy since he promises to protect her from any danger as long as she does her job as an assistant.

"Are you done getting him out?" The young deity created another portal to the next location. "Because we really need to move."

All For One signals that he had already done it and was waiting for Kurogiri to walk properly. He felt a dizziness in his mind but he eventually walk towards the portal alongside his master. The boy and Ragdoll follows them after.

League of Villains New Hideout

Tomura Shigaraki was planning for the next plan of action. Himiko Toga was just spinning around the hideout joyfully, Twice was talking to his other personalities, Spinner wants to head out to kill some false heroes in honor of Stain, Dabi was infuriated on the inside because his plan was ruined, and Mr. Compress was still mourning at the loss of his arm. Then, the light appeared causing to alert the League.

"Man, this place stinks," The young deity looks around while he covered his nose. "Don't you guys have some cleaning Quirks or something?"

The League was shock on who they saw. It was Shigaraki's master and caretaker, All For One and Kurogiri. They then saw Ragdoll who Spinner recognizes because she was on the target list during the Forest Training.

"Master...?" Shigaraki couldn't believe that his master was in front of him. "Is that you?"

"It is me, Shigaraki. I'm back." All For One answered.

The young deity raises his eyebrow at the villain.


"Did you really just made a Terminator reference?" The boy questioned.

All For One was surprise that the boy knew the movie since nobody really watches pre-Quirk movies anymore.

"Who are you and why did you bring a false hero?!" Spinner demanded while he was holding his new weapon.

"Master, who is this?" Shigaraki dislikes the boy already even though he freed his master. "Why is he here?"

"He came here to invite all of us in the... fun." The League were confused on what he meant. "He's basically saying that he wants to take us somewhere that will be enjoyable to both heroes and villains."

"The heroes are going to be there? Then I refused!" Twice doesn't like the idea of going near heroes.

"But he said it's entertaining. I want to see blood!" Toga was excited on this fun.

"I AGREE!!!" One of Twice's personality changes his mind.

'A deranged but cute psychopath and a man with personality disorder. Their lives shouldn't be like this. This is why I hate the law on this world.' The yound deity was infuriated of the law because some of this villains were labeled already as villains because of their Quirks.

"Why do heroes have to be involved...?" Shigaraki scratches his neck in annoyance. "They're the worst!"

'A total man-child. What have you done, All For One?' The boy pitied Shigaraki because of tragic past, he knows that All For One was the cause of his family but telling Shigaraki would be useless since he sees his master as his father. "Well, that's none of your business, Shigaraki. Can we move on please? Because I really want to get the party started already."

All For One nods, "Everyone, this boy here will not only bring entertainment to us but to help us as well,"

The young deity, Ragdoll, the League looks at him in confusion.

"While the heroes are rambling to their student about heroic actions, the ones who suffered will prove that the hero society is flawed and must be taken down."

The League stares at each other and began to show interest. The boy didn't expect for that reason but it does convince them to come along but Ragdoll was slightly angry because she doesn't see anything wrong with the hero society.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" The boy creates a portal which Toga and Twice awe at the sight of the beautiful yellow portal. "Alonsy!"

'That's a Doctor Who reference you made.' All For One said in thought.

The villains walk towards the portal while the yound deity, Ragdoll, and All For One followed them from behind.


In the theater called "The Doomsday Theater", a portal appeared on the large glass roof, it was green in color. Soon enough, Izuku Midoriya fell through from a red portal and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Izuku groaned as she slowly stood up and looked around. He thought he was in afterlife since he was in a bright place that was clean and very shiny, he looks at the different food items and an accessory shop. The floor was clean.

"Where am I? What is this place?" Izuku was walking around trying to investigate on this odd place. "Did that deity brought us here?"

A second later, there was a loud thud behind her. Midoriya was relief to see his friends, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki as he runs towards them.

"Kacchan, Todoroki! You're alright!" Midoriya called out.

Bakugo growls in annoyance, "OF COURSE I'M ALRIGHT! YOU THINK THAT I'LL BE KILLED FROM THAT BASTARD?! WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!!!" He begins to look around for the boy.

"Where are we?" Todoroki wonders where he was since the place he was in was... shiny.

"I'm not sure," Midoriya begins to write the details about the place in his notebook. "But one thing we do know is that we were brought here by that boy."

"Who was he anyway, and why did he kidnap us?" Todoroki curiously asked.

"He said he'll tell us his name later so that means he'll come here later," Midoriya continues to write the details. "And I think he said something about us being invited to his fun?"

"So, he kidnapped, or rather, invited us... to have some fun? Is that what he meant?" Todoroki was confused.

"I'm not sure, I guess we'll have to wait for him to appear," Midoriya finishes writing all the details.

"WHAT THE-?!!!" Bakugo yelled as Izuku and Shoto rushes towards Katsuki's yell.

"What is it, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked.

"THAT!" Bakugo points his finger and the three of them saw something unexpected. They were in space.

"Are we in space?!" Midoriya grabs his notebook again and writes the detail. "How are we breathing?"

"This place must be giving us oxygen to breathe, and if we're in space that means we can't get out until that the boy arrives." Midoriya said.

"THEN WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!!!" Bakugo was growing impatient.

There were bunch of screams in the lobby causing the three young heroes to rush towards it. The rest of their classmates were on the floor and they groan from the pain they received from the thud.

"Where are we?" Uraraka curiously asked with a groan.

"This doesn't look like Gym Gamma anymore, ribbit." Asui said.

"That boy must have sent us here," Shoji stated as he observed the theater. "Though this place is rather beautiful yet creepy at the same time."

Yaoyorozu nodded, "I agree."

"Yaoyorozu, Uraraka, everyone...!" Midoriya called out as all of them turns their attention to him.

"Midoriya? Where are we?" Sero asked, happy to see Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

"We're not sure. We're just waiting for the one who brought us here to appear." Midoriya answered.

Mineta cries, "Yeah! I... wanna go home!"

"STOP BEING A CRYBABY!!!" Bakugo yelled at Mineta which made him peed himself.

"Bakubro! You're alive!" Kirishima was happy to see that Bakugo didn't die.

"OF COURSE I'M ALIVE!!! I DON'T DIE THAT EASILY, SPIKY HAIR!!!" Bakugo angrily stated but Kirishima ignores the insult since he was happy that his best friend is alive.

"Well, while we are waiting, we should explore the place!" Hagakure suggested.

"You want to... explore the place you never seen? What if there are traps?" Sato asked.

"Well... I..." Hagakure was cut off by Iida.

"As Class President, we should stick together and wait for the boy to appear!" Iida was doing a robotic karate chop. "No one roams around until further notice!"

The students of Class 1-A groans while Bakugo scoffs.

"As Vice President, I agree," Yaoyorozu agreed. "We'll stay in this lobby."

There were more groans from the students.

Suddenly, two individuals appeared out of nowhere from the light. The class were glad to see their Homeroom Teacher, Eraserhead, and Midnight.

"I didn't even put my make up on!" Midnight yelled while Aizawa ignored her.

"Where are we?" Aizawa questioned as he sees his students running towards him. "You guys are safe."

"So that boy also 'invited' you two as well?" Midoriya asked.

"I guess. He wasn't joking when he said that you didn't die," The class were shivering at the thought of them dying while Bakugo scoffs. "At least all of you are safe."

"Yeah, that boy seriously kidnapped us without a warning," Midnight stated.

"He did give a warning, just not directly," Aizawa said. "So we'll just wait for him to show up?"

"That's th-" Iida was cut off by Yaoyorozu.

"That's the plan, sensei." Yaoyorozu said while Iida's heart was hurt from the stolen comment. "Sorry, Iida."

A flash of light appeared as plenty of people fell down from the ceiling. They were shock to see more teachers from UA were also "invited" as well alongside students of Class 1-B, Hitoshi Shinso, Mei Hatsume, The Big Three, and Eri.

"What's going on?" Shinso asked while there is a toasted bread with butter on his hand.

Vlad King groans in pain, "That boy... he had Midnight's Quirk."

Midnight widens her eyes from the news, "Really?"

Present Mic groans in pain, "Yeah, he had your Quirk but it was violet instead of pink, and our Quirks weren't working at that time."

"Unbelievable. He must have multiple Quirks!" Ectoplasm stated.

"That's true," Aizawa said as the teachers and students stared at him. "He appeared out of nowhere so he likely used a teleportation Quirk, he also teleported us on this odd place, he had the same Quirk as Shigaraki, Nemuri, and mine."

"Like All For One." All Might was wondering if he gained his Quirk from him.

"Or Nine." Midoriya added as Bakugo growls in anger at that name.

"What are we going to do?" Kendo asked as the rest of the Class 1-B sits down on the floor to rest.

"We wait for him to appear and hopefully to get some answers." Aizawa said as everyone nods in agreement.

Eri was trembling in fear and taps Mirio's legs to get his attention, "Are we... in trouble?"

Mirio smiles and shakes his head, "No, I'm pretty sure this is all just a big misunderstanding."

"Y-Yeah, Eri. We're not in trouble!" Midoriya reassured.

"Please don't lie to the poor girl," Tamaki said . "We shou-." he was cut off by Nejire.

"Hi again, Eri!" Nejire said joyfully. "Nice to meet you again." Eri simply nods at the joyful girl.

"This is going to be a while huh," Awase stated. "Better to get some sleep until that boy appears again."

"I agree," Setsuna agreed. "I wonder what that boy wants."

"Who knows? Maybe we should ask the Class 1-A?" Awase suggested.

"You want to ask our competitors? No way!" Monoma said before he turns to Class 1-A. "CLASS 1-A MUST HAVE THE WORST LUCK SINCE YOU GUYS WERE KIDNAPPED FIRST. THAT PROVES THAT CLASS 1-B IS SU-!" He was knocked out with a karate chop in the neck by Kendo.

"Sorry about him." Kendo apologized with a bow.

"No worries, man." Kirishima said.

"He needs a therapist." Jiro stated.

"I agree, ribbit." Tsuyu agreed.

There was another flash of light. The two individuals that came from the light were Fuyumi and Natsu as they look around the beautiful lobby. All of them looked at the siblings and immediately knew they were Shoto's siblings.

"Sis? Natsuo?" Shoto was shocked to see his siblings.

"Shoto? That boy really invited you as well," Fuyumi worriedly hugs her little brother. "At least your safe."

"You guys have been invited too huh." Shoto was smiling to see his family which fluttered the girls causing Mineta to envy the pretty boy.

"Nice to see you too, lil bro." Natsu happily hugs Shoto as well.

A flash of light appeared once again. Melissa opens her eyes and was in awe when she sees the golden lobby. She turns to the familiar face.

"Melissa?!" Midoriya was shocked that the daughter of David Shield was invited as well.

"You're invited as well huh." Yaoyorozu said.

"More pretty girls are co-!" Mineta was slapped by Tsuyu's tongue to shut him up.

"Izuku? Momo? Where am I?" Melissa asked curiously as she walks around the lobby.

"We have no clue, but I what I do know is that you are invited to that boy's 'fun' and that we are in outer space," Midoriya answered which shocks Melissa. "The outside is literally space. It seems that this place is giving as oxygen to breathe."

"Amazing! I never been to space in my whole life," Melissa geeked out when before walk towards the door and sees the stars and distant planets outside. "Space... is... so... cool."

"I've been to space once, hence where I got my hero name." Thirteen whispered to Present Mic.

"I thought it was because your Quirk is similar to the black hole?" Present Mic stated.

"And that too." Thirteen said.

The next flash appeared. The five individuals were Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Tiger, and Kota. They were bewildered that they were also invited, but Midoriya rushes toward Kota.

"Nice to meet you again, Kota." Midoriya lets out a smile.

Kota blushes and looks away in embarrassment, "Y-Yeah..."

"He wasn't lying huh." Tiger said looks around the golden lobby before he sits down in the floor.

"So that boy invited you guys as well," Aizawa said as the four of them nod while Midoriya introduces Kota to Eri. "Where's Ragdoll?"

"It looks like she is staying back." Mandalay frowns but wonders if the boy really left Ragdoll.

"Well, at least she'll be safe. I hope." Pixie-Bob said.

"I agree." Tiger said.

Class 1-A were happy to see the Pussycats again but were upset that Ragdoll wasn't invited while Class 1-B were staring at the Pussycats from the distance as the memories of their hell training were flooding in their mind, including Monoma.

"It looks like they are 'invited' as well." Kamakiri said with a shrug.

"Their training was hell, I'm still traumatized by the punch of that trans hero." Tsubaraba stated while his body was shivering from fear.

"STOP BEING A COWARD!!!" Monoma yelled which startled the students of Class 1-B. "WE HAVE TO SHOW THOSE CLASS A THAT WE ARE THE BE-!!!" He received another karate chop from Kendo.

"Will you shut up for once, Monoma!?" Kendo asked in frustration of the blonde boy's antics.

'That guy really needs a therapist.' Melissa and Shinso thought.

Makoto and Naomasa arrived in a flash of light though they were transported in the cafeteria instead of lobby. They walked outside and saw a lot of heroes talking to each other.

"We're not the only one 'invited' huh." Makoto was in awe after seeing the next generation of heroes before seeing someone recognizable. "Wait, i-i-is that All Might?!"

"I thought we will be the only ones. I guess a party isn't a party without guests." Naomasa said.

All Might walk towards them, "Is that Tsukauchi? I didn't think the detective of Police Force would be invited as well."

"Well, I agreed to it since I need some vacation."

All Might moves closer to Naomasa's ear and asks, "Does that boy have any malicious intent for bringing us here?"

Naomasa shakes his head, "I didn't detect any lies. He said he only brought us here to give us entertainment and enjoyment, unless he's either good at lying or my Quirk is ineffective on him."

"He has multiple Quirks and one of them is Erasure. He probably deactivated your Quirk." All Might stated.

"Not really. When Eraserhead deactivates my Quirk, I'm aware that my Quirk was nullified but I still had it when I asked the boy."

'So, he's probably telling the truth.' All Might noted.

"Same with me." Makoto intervened which startled All Might.

All Might stares at her, "Who are you, young lady?"

"Toshinori, meet my little sister, Makoto." Naomasa introduced his sister.

"I have heard about you from Tsu-I mean Naomasa. You're quite a troublemaker he said." All Might said with a slight chuckle.

Makoto elbowed her brother, "Why did you make me a bad impression to All Might?"

Naomasa chuckles, "Just making fun of you." Makoto growls at her brother.

Nezu then appeared in a flash of light while he was fixing his tie. The teachers and students were surprised to see the principal as well.

"Nezu?" Aizawa said.

"That's right. It's me, Nezu, the one who could be a dog or a mouse or a bear, but more importantly," Nezu introduced as everyone groans from the repeated introduction. "I'm the principal!"

"You're invited as well huh." Recovery Girl said.

"Not just invited, he told me everything about why we are here." Nezu said causing everyone to widen their eyes. "I assure you that he is not dangerous."

"What does he want with us, Nez?" Aizawa asked.

"It's better you ask him that yourselves. He's going to arrive after he invited everyone,"

Aizawa had a frustrated look on his face while everyone was wondering who will the boy invite next.

"I'm just gonna say that do not attack the guests that the boy will invite."

All Might raises his eyebrow, "Why?"

Suddenly, the lobby was filled with murderous aura. The teachers were in their fighting stance to defend their students. All Might and the Bakugo Rescue Squad recognizes the feeling of the aura.

"It... couldn't... be." All Might muttered, realizing the next guest. "Why...?"

In a flash of light, the masked figure appeared alongside with the League of Villains on his back. The heroes and the Tsukauchi siblings widened their eyes.

"All For One." All Might said silently.

All For One stretches his fingers before turning to the heroes, "Hi, heroes. We were also invited by the boy."

"Is that boy crazy?!" Aizawa yelled.

"He didn't tell me this." Naomasa mumbled while Makoto was taking pictures of the group villain pose.

Shigaraki scratches his neck repeatedly, "Heroes... I hate heroes...!"

"So many false heroes in one place, I wish I could take them on!" Spinner said angrily. "Stain would be proud of me."

Toga stares at Midoriya, "Hello, Izuku! Did you miss me."

Midoriya was shivering from seeing the psychopathic girl, "H-Hi, Himiko... Toga."

"You remember my name. I'm... in love...!" Toga said which causes Midoriya to slightly blush.

"This is the boy you like? I hate him! I LIKE HIM!" Twice said.

Aizawa turns to Nezu angrily, "Did he mentioned about them being here?"

Nezu nods, "I hesitated at first but after telling me that everyone has to enjoy once in a while, we deserved a break."

"Out of all the villains in the world, he has to be in it." All Might clenches his fist upon seeing the sight of All For One.

"Don't even try, All Might. The embers in your body has fade away, you can't do anything to me." All For One stated.

All Might hate to agree his enemies but he's right, he can't fight anymore.

"Plus, the boy won't let us use our Quirks here anyway. Have you notice that?"

After hearing that, everyone activates their Quirks but nothing came out. Bakugo was desperately trying to activate his Quirk before slamming his fists into a wall angrily.

'Amazing, that boy was able to deactivate Quirks like Aizawa-sensei's except it's stronger.' Midoriya noted on his notebook. 'He could even erased All For One's Quirk.'

"I'm... Quirkless." Bakugo mumbled.

"Kacchan..." Midoriya said.

"Leave me alone, Deku." Midoriya leaves the shocked Bakugo.

"We can't use our Quirks. That means that he doesn't want us to fight." Midnight stated.

Nezu nods, "Indeed. I've been tasked to keep you heroes in line."

"And I've been tasked to keep the villains in line. The boy is smart enough to temporarily end a conflict." All For One said.

All Might gritted his teeth on All For One, "It's... a truce then."

"A truce indeed." All For One said with a chuckle.

The young deity suddenly appeared in the middle of the lobby which startled both sides. The young deity was happy that both sides are in temporary truce so that they could enjoy the party.

"It looks like it's been settled." The young deity said.

Mandalay raises her hand, "Excuse me but is Ragdoll back in our base?"

"Yeah, we want to know what happened to her." Pixie-Bob said and Tiger nods.

"She's not at the base, she's right..." The young deity snaps his fingers and Ragdoll appears on her hero costume. "here."

"Ragdoll!" The Pussycats and Ragdoll runs toward each other and formed a group hug.

"I thought you were back at the base." Mandalay said.

"Well... no... I sorta became his assistant." Ragdoll pointed it out to the boy.

"You made Ragdoll your assistant?" Tiger asked.

"Of course, I need some an assistant to help me with this party."

"The only thing sweeter than union is reunion," Shiozaki quoted.

"Is that from The Bible?" Tokage asked.

Shiozaki shakes her head, "No, it's a quote from Kathleen McGowan."

"What a nice and heartwarming quote." Hagakure said.

"Right?" Ashido agreed.

"Alright, since everything is settled I'm going to introduce myself," The boy's eyes were glowing white and his tone changes. "My name is Melaris Dragonborn. I'm one of the Multiverse Deities called 'The Higher Beings'. I go by the codename 'Kiddo', because my once a mortal family gave me that nickname."

All of them were shaken by the monstrous voice he possessed. The League of Villains were even intimidated by the sight, including Shigaraki and All For One while Midoriya was writing Melaris' name and bio on his notebook.

"He's a deity who was once a human. Amazing." Midoriya stated.

"Why would a 'god' kidnap us just for some party?" Aizawa raises his eyebrow.

"Let's just say that being an immortal being is really boring. I created so many worlds that I lose interested on humanity."

Everyone was shock that he could build worlds while Bakugo and Aizawa scoffs.

Midoriya raises his hand, "You said that you brought us here to have some fun. What kind of fun is it?"

"Well, like watching movies, songs, blah blah from another universe." Kiddo answered.

"Another universe? What a load of bullsh*t!" Bakugo who was still angry that he lost his Quirk stated.

Kiddo raises his eyebrow, "So you believe the part where I created worlds yet you didn't believe on the Multiverse? I thought you were smart."

"I don't believe the crap you said actually. There all bulls-!" Bakugo was cut off when Kiddo appeared in front of him in a second.

"Believe it or not. I don't want you to foulmouth me or my fellow deities by calling us fakes," Bakugo was intimated by Kiddo's presence which he never felt before. "You got guts, kid. You are able to insult a god, not even All For One could able to do that. If I wanted, I would have erased you from existence and make everyone forget about you as if you never existed in the first place. You better watch your tongue, boy."

The thought of being erased and being forgotten slightly scared Bakugo. All For One was impressed that the kid was able to insult the god but it'll lead to his demise someday.

"Anyhow, who's ready for some fun?" Kiddo asked.

"Me! Me!" Eri said.

"Yeah... me too." Kota said.

"I guess," Aizawa said in a tired tone. "I don't really care."

Kiddo nods, "Ragdoll, would you mind show the guests the way in to the theater room?"

"Yes, sir." Ragdoll said in a serious tone with a salute which shocks and surprises everyone.

Ragdoll leads the way while the rest are following.

"Enjoy the show," Kiddo turns to the readers. "And stay tune for the next chapter."

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