Chapter 2

Thanks so much for the support of the first chapter! Hope you enjoy this one! This story will have POVs from both Marinette and Adrien, so you'll be able to see both sides.

Adrien watched the clock tick by as he sat through Advanced Calculus, he was a Physics major, and the math he had to sit through was tough, but he was actually glad his father's strict homeschool system had given him such an advantage for once. But he was currently waiting for his class to end so he could get to Marinette's classroom in time. Her marketing class ended 20 minutes after his class, and he wanted to walk her back to her dorm building.

The professor concluded the lesson and the students rushed to pack their things and leave. Adrien hurried out of the room, quick, long strides helping him along. He was quite a bit taller than he was in high school, towering over Marinette and Alya, even being a couple inches taller than Nino. He'd even taken to working out, especially to keep up with his fencing scholarship and his crime fighting life of Chat Noir. It turned out having the power of destruction meant he was especially strong.

Adrien made his way down 2 flights of stairs, even skipping steps to hurry to Marinette's class. He approached the room, but waited outside, looking around. He saw a small armchair down the hall and took a seat, pulling out a book and opening it.

About 20 minutes later the door opened and students poured out. Adrien stood quickly, looking for Marinette in the crowd. He quickly spotted her and walked over.

"Hey Marinette!"

Marinette turned, and spotted him, smiling sweetly. "Adrien, what're you doing here?"

"I figured I'd walk you back to your dorm? Well, your dorm building, that is." Adrien offered, placing his book back in his backpack.

"Were you waiting for me?" Marinette asked, glancing at the armchair.

"Well, I just remembered that you said your class got out around now, and since my class ended a few minutes before yours I figured we could walk together."

"Aww you remembered I had marketing now?" Marinette asked, laughing. She started walking so Adrien followed her.

"Of course, plus, this is the only marketing class on Thursdays." Adrien replied, smirking.

Marinette laughed again, "I guess that's true."

They reached the main door and opened it only to find it was pouring rain outside. Marinette sighed, "How do we always get stuck in the rain together?"

Adrien shrugged, reaching into his bag, "Not to worry, I'll always be here with an umbrella when you need it." He unfolded the umbrella outside of the door, stepping outside and offering a hand to Marinette.

Marinette seemed to hesitate, and Adrien began to get nervous, but she eventually took his hand and he smiled down at her reassuringly. He held the umbrella over them as they walked to her dorm building.

The puddles splashed beneath their feet, soaking their shoes as thunder rumbled overhead. Marinette held her keycard up to the dorm door and stepped inside, turning back to Adrien.

They stood silently for a moment.



They both laughed as they spoke, "You go first." Adrien said, keenly aware when Marinette flicked her ponytail back over her shoulder.

"Um, I was just going to ask if you wanted to come in?" Marinette asked, nodding down the hall.

"Oh, yeah, sure, thanks." He stepped inside the building, closing the umbrella behind him. The door slammed shut, causing both of them to jump.

"Well, my dorm is on the third floor, so just follow me." Marinette stated, heading up the stairs down the hall.

Adrien looked around the building at the decorations on dorm doors and hallways. Some were rather creative and funny, while others were more traditional. Marinette eventually stopped at a room, pulled out her key and stuck her head in.

"Okay, Alya's not here, so we're good. Come on in." She walked in, leaving the door open behind her.

Adrien stepped inside, and grinned as he took in the room. The girls had decorated in a pink, red, and orange aesthetic. It flowed really well.

"It looks like a sunset." Adrien commented, smiling softly at the pillows, blankets, and rug that tied the room together.

Marinette looked around the room then smiled, "I suppose it does." Marinette pulled up a chair, offering it to Adrien.

"Oh, thanks!" He sat as Marinette grabbed her own chair. Marinette looked out the window at the rain which hadn't let up yet.

In the glow of the room with the dark grey outside Marinette was draped in red shadows, contrasting her dark hair. Adrien smiled as he watched her, she finally turned back to him.

"So what do you want to do? We could study, or me and Alya have some video games or board games, or we could just talk?" Marinette suggested, taking her hair down and grabbing a nearby brush to untangle her hair.

"Video games and chatting sounds great," Adrien replied. Marinette smiled and nodded, standing to adjust the tv and the turn on the gaming system. She handed Adrien a remote as the theme song for the videogame began.

Marinette started the game and they chose their fighters. After a few rounds of intense gaming, groaning at losses and cheering at victories, Adrien decided to start a conversation.

"So, how are you liking university? Making new friends?"

Marinette chuckled, shrugging, "It's okay, better than high school, but still confusing and annoying. But I have made a few friends in my costume design class. But I still enjoy having you and Alya here, it's nice knowing people already."

Adrien felt a soft smile form on his lips, and he nodded in agreement, "I enjoy it too. I really like hanging out with you, talking after classes."

Marinette seemed to freeze a moment, but went back to moving the controller with ease. "I do miss seeing my parents though."

Adrien grimaced, he didn't miss his father too much, he finally had the freedom he'd always longed for and it was amazing. No bodyguard always driving him around, no Nathalie giving him a schedule to live by, and no Gabriel telling him he can't leave the house. "I think it's amazing you have such a good relationship with your parents."

"Oh, I didn't mean-"

"No, really, I mean it. I'm happy for you. I hope to have a happy family one day." Adrien replied, throwing a quick smile at Marinette before turning his attention back to the video game.

Well, half his attention. He was still acutely aware of Marinette, her slight movements, her laughs and sighs. He didn't remember the exact moment he'd fallen for her, he thought he'd always loved her, but he remembered when he realized he loved her.

One week before graduation, Marinette was trying on her gown for Alya, and mid-twirl she made eye contact with Adrien. Something about her bright smile, and the memories they'd made during high school made Adrien realize that this girl was not just a friend. She had looked gorgeous, but more than that she looked happy and confident.

Adrien had remembered being very confused about his feelings, especially when they came to Ladybug. But he didn't even know Ladybug's real name. Marinette he knew. Marinette he trusted and appreciated. She was one of his closest friends, and she knew almost everything in the almost 4 years they'd known each other.

Marinette whooped as her character stood victorious on the television screen. Adrien had lost focus, but only smiled as the girl celebrated before him.

"Great job, Marinette, you haven't lost your gaming skill."

"Oh, never, I practice whenever I have free time, so thanks." Marinette replied, laughing lightly.

A key was heard in the lock of the door and Alya opened the door, stopping in her tracks as she stared at Adrien and Marinette with controllers in hand.

"Oh, hi Alya, me and Marinette were just hanging out?" Adrien spoke, breaking the silence.

"Hanging out?" Alya echoed, shooting Marinette a questioning look.

Marinette shrugged, face turning pink. Adrien found it adorable when she blushed. It was endearing.

Adrien looked out the window, and noticed the rain had stopped. "Oh, but I should go, I wouldn't want to keep your studies waiting, and I have fencing practice soon. Thanks, Marinette, this was fun! We should do it again some time."

Marinette smiled and nodded, "Yah- Yes. Yeah, sure."

Adrien smiled as he ducked around Alya, waving goodbye to the girls as he walked back downstairs and out of the building. He took a deep breath, looking back up at the window of Marinette's room where two hyper girls were conversing.

Adrien chuckled and headed over to the fencing practice room.