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It was perfect this evening. He knew he had not been wrong to bring Lily to his cottage. He felt complete, for the first time in a long time. It was worthy of a painting, the house was located on a small mountain and few meters beyond , there was stretched a gentle plains worthy of the English lands in its splendor. He loved to feel in touch with nature and although old Snape had mistreated him during his childhood he could not feel bad about this small piece of land he had inherited, because it was simply beautiful. Although for a long time Tobias had promised him and his mother that they would come to live in the country, this was never realized since they had to stay at Spinners End end enduring his father's drunkenness and his constant beatings and threats.

" Sev is ... this is perfect" said Lily as they walked barefoot through the gentle hills , the sun was shining on their heads and the warmth was seeping through their robes .

"You don't deserve less Lil."

" You know I love you don't you?"

" I know you do , I know I love you and I know , I want us to be together ...until the end of our days "

Lily laughed softly as she laid her head on Severus' shoulder .

" Sev, how long is that?"

Lily knew that could be a short or long had recently forced Severus at the end of his final year to accept the Dark Mark and Lily wanted to just enjoy the here and now, death was nipping at their heels.

"I don't know Lily, how about...forever?"

" Forever...and always"

" Always , Lily" Severus said, as he lost himself in those beautiful green eyes that haunted him .

That afternoon they walked through the vast expanses of land, laughing without a care in the world . Now that they had finished their seventh year at Hogwarts , Lily had confessed to him certain things about the order of the Phoenix but not all for safety , in return Severus had told him about joining the death eaters and how he really didn't want to go through that .

"Sev run!" Llily was shouting at Severus as he tried to run towards the hut to get away from the rain that was falling with a fresh start .

" Wait for me ! , Lily , you run too fast !"

"Wow wow , hahahah the death eater wizard is not as fast as the wannabe auror ... wow Sev , now I know one of your weaknesses "

" Don't mock !"

And with that last sentence they fell unceremoniously inside the house which was at a pleasant temperature . After peeling off about 20 minutes with the nearest pillows , they conjured themselves , drying and warming spells . They wrapped themselves in comfortable blankets in front of the fire they had , while looking at a photo album of the recent wedding . Only Lily's friends had been there and he really ... he didn't really care, if she was happy, so was he. Besides, to be honest, who would he invite to such an event ... he was alone and now she was his world, she and those beautiful green eyes. They fell asleep with deep smiles on their faces as their bodies intertwined.

"AH FUCKING FUCK , FUCK " Severus shouted , as he jumped up from the couch , only for his legs not to support his weight and he ended up on the floor , in front of the fire.

" What is it! Sev what's wrong!"

Severus gripped his forearm tightly ,as he watched the newly made mark by Voldemort move .

"It calls to me, my lord...it calls to me" He said through tears .

"Severus Snape! Don't you dare call him my lord, he is NOT anything of you!"

" You know... what I mean"

"Come back safely , please"

Severus couldn't assure anything, he just nodded as he approached the flu net.

"Malfoy Manor"

Lily couldn't believe what had happened. It had actually happened many times and she still wasn't used to it. They had married Severus on the sly at the end of August just after the end of her last year at Hogwarts. Severus had told her that with all the atmosphere that was going on it was better for them to go to the countryside to be at less risk of people finding out about their relationship as husband and wife.

Lily hated Tobias very much, he had taken away SEVERUS' happiness, HE HAD TAKEN AWAY HIS CHANCE OF BEING FREE!