Skuld looked at the file. Omega X was considered a HLB [High Level Being], a powerful being able to change time, circumstances, blend dimensions, cause wars, peace, and even rumored to let love bloom.

(Is that what he is doing to me?) Skuld asked herself. Of all she knew, he might be. She just met him twice. Once during the festival, and then during the wedding. She liked the gift he left for him. She liked making her own ice cream, and all those years of his disappearance, she found herself missing him.

She spent her last week crying. Kami-sama told her to kill him! KILL! Like how could she do that? Why didn't he just ask one of the Valkyries, or even Death? Why her? A Second Class Goddess of the Future had no experience in death, or even killing anyone. Especially 'him'...

"Skuld," Urd said nervously. "It's ready. The Ultimate Magic Circle. It'll get you to his plane. After that, it's all up to you..." Skuld nodded. She walked towards the center. "Skuld, if he is the HLB, be careful. He can kill you in a thought."

Skuld nodded again. Urd closed her eyes and concentrated. "HA, SHO, SHIN, KO, PA, KI, HO... Let Skuld go where she needs to go!"

Skuld closed her eyes as the white light washed over her. She was going to meet him...

-| Omega X Present |-

-| With the help of Kami-sama and another Omega X |-

-| Project II(Insertion): Legend of the Wild Horse |-

-| Chapter 1: The Beginning |-

Buds sighed as he let himself down on the tub of warm water. He was relaxing his worked tired muscles from practicing with a fighting style he is learning. The official Filipino Style of Martial Arts, 'Arnis'.

After a tiring class, he noticed that his teacher was correct. He had the skills, but now he needed to learn to make his body move in a relaxed manner. He tires so easily and endurance training today proved that he had a long way to go.

He sighed as the warm temperatures began to sooth his muscles. He let his head fall to one of the edges of the tub and closed his eyes.


Buds opened his eyes and groaned. He raised his hand and took his cell phone and opened the message he just received.

/ Going to visit frnds, comin back later for dinner. Lunch is in the frdge. Jst wrm them, mom. /

Buds sighed. "Lunch... great." And he slid back down the tub.

Blup, blup...

Buds opened his eyes and noticed that the water was bubbling on one spot only. He realized how the scene was so familiar. "Oh shit..." he said.

Skuld rose from the portal created in the water, and she looked much older than ever. The years spent made her more mature, and more beautiful actually. Her breasts were undoubtedly bigger and she seem taller. Buds gulped as he saw the way her cloak didn't do much in covering her long legs and her smooth skin. He should have made the water cold now.

"Hmmm... According to the scanners, he must be near here..." Skuld said, looking at her wrist.

"Hey..." Buds called, raising his arm a bit.

Skuld looked down at him with raised eyebrows. Déjà vu, and she got a very good look at him. She almost licked her chops as she looked lower and lower...

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" Skuld screamed, pretending to close her eyes. Buds made a funny face as he saw that she left a few holes in her hand and she was still looking at him. She continued to scream and jumped down, running towards the door. She rammed towards the door, hit her head, and fell, unconscious.

Buds raised his eyebrows. Skuld didn't move again. He sighed, standing up and taking a towel. "What to do with you?" Buds asked himself.


Skuld groaned as she rubbed her head. She slowly opened his eyes, and suddenly she remembered what she needed to do. She stood up and jumped of the bed where she found herself. She groaned as her head became painful again.

"Where... where is he?" Skuld asked herself. She found her answer when she heard the showers. She quickly exited the door and the first door on her left she heard the showers. The door was closed.

She went toward the door, and quietly tried to open it. It had a handle and she pulled it down. It went all the way down. She sighed. She pushed... Nothing. She pulled... nothing.

"Skuld, it's locked," was Buds voice on the other side. "I knew that you'd awaken, so I locked it up so you wouldn't peek."

The ending comment made Skuld mad. "I didn't want to peek! I'm no pervert!"

"Yeah, whatever," Buds replied. He continued scrubbing his head with his favorite Head and Shoulders when he heard a big BAM!

"No you didn't..." Buds said. He moved his shower curtain in one side and peeked. Skuld was there with a smirk and her hammer on the other hand. "Great... You did."

"Now, I shall finish this!" she said, and took out a Neo-Skuld bomb.

Buds looked amused. "That looks much more advance than before... You've been improving your stuff huh?"

"Right I did! And now, order of Kami-sama, Buds, also known as Omega X, I shall destroy you for changing circumstances, endangering a mortal under the protection of Kami-sama!" Skuld said. Buds backed away.

Nothing... Skuld couldn't push the button, and she couldn't even move. Sweat was produced from her forehead. It took a moment, then finally, her shoulders slumped. "I... can't." She bowed her head. She failed Kami-sama. And now Buds had a chance to finish her off.

Buds sighed and continued to scrub his head. "You almost made me piss myself," he said, sounding serious. Skuld glared at Buds, and he found himself being uncomfortable at her stare. "Uh, can we talk later? I'm in the shower, and I'm almost done. I bought some ice cream for you while you were unconscious... Damn waste of hot water too..." he whispered the last part. "It's in the freezer in the kitchen..."

Skuld seemed to vanish. Buds sighed. "I wonder how many doors she'll open before she'll find the kitchen." And he continued to scrub his head.

Skuld opened at least two doors before finding the kitchen. Not that the apartment was big. The bathroom and the rooms were on one corridor. Outside the corridor were the living room and another door leading to the kitchen.

She took the ice cream of the freezer, and found out in her delight that it was chocolate. She found a spoon and was about to dive when she stopped herself.

(Look at me...) she thought. (I'm on a mission, and I'm eating ice cream... It was nice of him though to buy me one...) and she plunged her spoon began eating.

Buds walked in the kitchen with his dark blue basketball shorts and white shirt. Skuld looked up when he entered. She watched him for any hostile actions, but all he did was get a cup ad a spoon. He approached the table opposite of Skuld and paused.

Both figures didn't move as they stared at each other, eye to eye. Buds finally broke the tension after two minutes. "Can I have some please?"

"Huh? Oh, sure..." and Skuld gave Buds the barrel of ice cream she took. He smiled his thanks and dug in, taking a large chunk of chocolate ice cream, compressing it in his cup to take in more. "Whoa," Skuld began after watching Buds take another chunk. "You like ice cream?"

Buds raised his eyebrows. "Who doesn't?"


"People invented ice cream for the diabetics," Buds shrugged. "Yet, some still do eat, like my grandpa. he is diabetic, yet he eats rich chocolate cake and ice cream on the side."

There was another pause as the two continued eating. Buds ate two more cups, and Skuld watched her supposed target not do anything. Finally, she had to ask. "Well?"

Buds looked surprised. "Well... what?"

"Are you going to kill me?" Skuld asked.

Buds raised his eyebrows. "Kill you? Good God, no, why should I?"

"I'm trying to kill you. Doesn't that bother you?" Skuld asked.

Buds shook his head. "Not really. You're a pretty girl. Being killed by you won't be too bad..." (I also knew you wouldn't... It would be too OOC) Buds thought cleverly.

Skuld blushed though. "Pretty? No one ever called me pretty," Skuld replied weakly. There was another pause. Buds didn't seem to answer her statement. He was so hard to read. But Skuld knew one thing. Something happened to him before to make him look so unreadable.

It was obvious. Look at Nabiki. She is one good example. Her mom died, and she learned to put a mask to cover her pain. Buds seem to do the same, putting a mask. While he did show feelings, his neutral face showed nothing that can tell what he is feeling inside.

"Why do you call me pretty?" Skuld asked nervously. "And why did you leave a gift for me during the wedding? Why are you even friendly to me?" Buds didn't reply. "I mean, you carried me to you're bed, bought me ice cream, and didn't even take advantage of me!" She quickly shut her mouth with two hands and her face began to glow red.

Buds seem to choke after the last comment, but he just wiped his mouth and smiled a bit. "Did you want me to take advantage of you?" he asked. Skuld grew even redder, and her eyes narrowed. Just when she was about to retort, Buds raised his hand and smiled weakly. "Sorry, I didn't mean that."

He scooped up the last remains of his ice cream before standing up and going to the sink. He put his cup on the sink and looked at Skuld. "I like you," he said, walking towards the chair again. He looked into her eyes. "I like you a lot."

If even possible, she blushed with renewed intensity. "No one told me that... I mean, no man or kami ever told me that... Except for uncle Thor... they think I'm a techno geek, a tomboy, the last person to get someone..."

"Really?" Buds asked. He knew that anyway, but listening was his forte. When someone spills their heart out, it's time to listen to them.

"And you come in, talking about me being cute and pretty..." Skuld recalled what Buds said in the festival (1) and what he said about her right now. "Do you even really mean it?"

"Of course I mean it," Buds said. "Sure, you might be a techno geek like what Urd says, or even a tomboy like what Ranma says..." he stopped when Skuld was giving him a funny look, slamming her mallet softly on the table, but hard enough to make the table shake. "I mean, you are pretty and cute. And you even grew up to a very beautiful mature woman..."

Skuld had stars in her eyes, and Buds was unnerved. She looked at him like she was looking at an ice cream, and that is bad news...

"Really?" Skuld asked. She never looked so kawaii and serious in her entire life.

"Surely someone must have noticed you," Buds asked. "I mean, not all boys are blind, right?" Skuld's face answered for him. "I take that as a no..."

Skuld looked down, and Buds looked at her. He felt so sorry for her, and it must have been seen in his eyes because Skuld suddenly charged up to him and planted her lips on his.

Buds backed away after a few moments, and then started kissing her back. The two were on a lip lock for three minutes before braking up. She looked at him so hungrily that Buds almost freaked out.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Skuld asked.

"Nah, my family wont be coming until dinner, which is like four hours away," Buds replied nervously. Was she going to do what he thinks she is going to do?

"Good," Skuld said. She smiled at him, and dragged him towards his room.

Buds dug his heels. No way. No way in hell he would he do what he thinks Skuld would want to do. Kissing? He is fine with kissing. Sex... Wait a few more years before he does it again.

Skuld pulled his arm but Buds was much heavier than her. She frowned when Buds refused to be dragged. She gave Buds a nasty look and started to pull him. Buds pulled back. It became a tug-of-war as the two sides tried to overcome each other. Skuld sighed in resignation. She let go of Buds and collapsed in the floor.

"Why?" she asked, pained. "Is it because of me?"

Buds sighed dejectedly. He cautiously approached Skuld and bent down towards her. "What do you really want?"

Skuld looked up to him. "I want to feel loved by someone else. I have a sister, a Father, and an uncle who do love me, but other than that, I have no one else. Urd has Ranma, and look at them." She stood up slowly, looking like she's going to cry. "I thought of you every time ever since the wedding..."

She cried. She cried slowly and Buds found himself in a hug. It wasn't a hug Ukyou or Shampoo would usually do, but a gentle hug that Buds found himself a bit addicted to. Any man would find it addictive [Admit it! We big tough guys need some soft hugging once in a while!] actually.

"I think I love you..."

"How do you know what is love?" Buds asked. Skuld looked up. "I mean," Buds continued, "how could anyone possibly knew what love is?"

Skuld thought for a moment... "I think I know what love is or maybe a part of it..."she replied. "Love is something unexplainable... but you'll feel it when something happens to the person you love." Skuld remembers how Ranma lost it when Urd was thought to be dead.

"Maybe," Buds said. "So, how do you know that you love me? We only met twice..."

"Well, I'll need to make sure..." Skuld smiled a bit. "Make love to me."

Buds sighed. Here she goes again. "I can't..."

"Why?" Skuld demanded. "Is it..."

"NO!" Buds cut her off. "Don't ever think that you are not good enough or something! I would gladly make love to you..." Buds caught himself. (Shit! Me and my big mouth!)

Skuld was standing, glaring at him. Buds backed off until his back hit the wall, and Skuld seemed to look even more menacing. She pinned him in the wall. "Then make love to me!" she demanded, pouting.

There was a pause as Buds' brain tried to register what Skuld was asking. He was about to speak when Skuld unleashed his final attack. The Sad Puppy Dog Eyes Technique, and she said, "Please?!"

Buds sighed. "Fine," he said. Skuld smiled a bit and took his arm. They proceeded to the room.

Skuld paused a bit. She turned to Buds who seemed to think about what he was going to do. "Please be gentle..."

Buds smiled weakly. "I will..."

They made love for the first time, and in the end, Skuld screamed in pleasure...

"You did this before haven't you?" Skuld asked.

Buds nodded. "When I was 15..."

"She must have been special," Skuld said jealously.

"Nope..." Buds replied, shocking her. "I thought she was. After we did the deed, she went to the courts, sued me for rape. I won my case, but many people still believed her, and my classmates turned on me. I transferred to another school to go on."

Skuld frowned. That girl must have been nasty. She rolled onto him, and smiled at him. "You made me scream..." she said.

Buds snorted softly. "I'm good at things like that."

"I think I'll make you scream this time..." Skuld said, smiling naughtily. To her surprise and delight, she did.


Skuld looked at Buds' lying figure. The bomb was in her hand and looked dejectedly at Buds. He just showed her what love could bring, if she really was in love. She felt like she was flying in his arms, and then, with one final swoop, reality crashed in.

Father ordered her to destroy him, and now that she recovered from her ecstatic stupor, could she really do it? Of course she could, but did she want to do it?

Skuld sighed. She didn't want to. She knew she liked him, and he showed her how good love was. She had to ask herself. What was love?

Skuld squeezed her other and without the bomb hard. She couldn't do it, but she couldn't return without doing it. She stood up. If she won't kill him, her Father might send someone else. She took her mallet out and held in the head. The end of the handle became a torch as intense blue fire came out of it.

She began to draw rune signs in the floor, surrounding Buds' bed. When she finished, the symbols glowed white and Skuld sighed.

"I'm sorry Buds," she said, and began chanting. "Time that flows, I call upon thee to answer me. Transport him to where he is not found except by me, and where he is needed..."

Buds vanished in the column of light. Skuld sighed, and smiled a bit. The rune symbols were still glowing, and Skuld entered the rune circle. She chanted again. "My mission is done, bring me back to where I belong..."

Another light flashed and Skuld vanished.


Kami-sama was in his office. He knew what happened, but he didn't know where Skuld brought him to. He wanted to ask her, but he dropped it. No need to raise suspicions. He took the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" Hild answered after three rings.

"It seems Skuld disobeyed me..." Kami-sama said.

"You won the bet?" Hild asked.

"Well, she got... how did you say it? Got her cherry popped?"

Hild paused, and then laughed. "You're joking right?"

Kami-sama frowned. "No."

"So, I won half of the bet, you won half of the bet, and in short, no one won the bet," Hild said. She sighed. "Do you know where she sent Omega X?"

"No, and I wont ask her," Kami-sama said. He paused. "I trust her judgment. Skuld undoubtedly transported him somewhere that Omega X is needed..."

=Another Dimension, Another Plane, Another Time=

Buds opened his eyes. He felt new, he felt warm, and he felt out of place.

"Xander, come on," said a voice in front of him. Buds looked at the figure for a while, but didn't react. The woman in front of him just sighed and took his arms. She dragged him towards a room.

"My Queen, please excuse our delay," the woman beside him bowed. "I introduce my son, Xander Ryu."

Buds looked at the 'Queen'... She looked familiar... No way... no way... "NO FUCKING WAY!"


"Xander! Watch you're mouth!" the woman beside him said.

=Skuld's position=

Skuld watched the life of Xander Ryu play out in her computer everyday. She saw the way he changed himself from being a supposed academic brother of the Senshi of Mercury to a physical one.

Xander trained himself with the Arnis fighting style, got the attention of almost everyone in the Solar System. During his life, he made new friends, new rivals, new loved ones. Skuld cringed a bit when she saw 'them' together but she didn't complain. She was now more outgoing, and she got a few boys now tailing her. She could laugh about it.

Xander entered the academy when he was 14 and with only two years, he became a general. When he was 17, Unit First Strike attacked the Moon, and Buds used all his knowledge to defend the kingdom. It costed his life, as he crash landed on earth, fought his last enemy and drowned.

Skuld sighed as she turned of the computer. At least Buds died as a hero, and would be automatically awarded a place in heaven, or even Valhalla. What she failed to realize is that Xander, or Buds, drowned in China.

A few thousand years, a girl drowns in the same pool, and after 1,500 years, Ranma takes a dunk at the pool...

To Be Continued...

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NEXT: Ranma has a normal day, except that he has a few flashbacks. Xander finally emerges from Ranma's subconscious and gives him a choice.

Author's Note:

If you guys don't like it that much, don't worry. It'll improve in time.

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