"Why did Ranma want us to meet here again?" Minako asked.

"He is going to be training us here," Makoto replied, shrugging her shoulders. "Not for you to be flirting with all the people here!"

"Well, that Tenchi boy was so cute!" Minako said, smiling a bit. The boy seemed to look like Ranma a bit, and had that cool pigtail on his head. "I want to see him again..."

"Oh, no you don't," Rei said, looking nervous all the sudden. "Do you remember when you tried to 'approach' him? Those girls he has as girlfriends got all nasty."

"I could have taken them," Minako complained.

"You got your ass kicked, so shut up," Ami said coldly. She never was so embarrassed in her life. The others felt the same way, recalling how ditzy Minako was acting with the Tenchi boy. She stripped to her underwear in front of the boy, and also in front of the horrified eyes of the two girls. Minako was about to take out her bra completely if it wasn't for Ryoko and Ayeka's combined effort to kick out of Tenchi's sight. The other Senshis, had to fight off the two other girls off in order to save Minako's life, but she still would not act behaved. Right now, she was flirting with Mamurou, who was first taken aback by her initial attitude. When Usagi said Minako changed, he didn't think she turned to a damn nympho. He didn't care though. He was loving all the attention he was getting, with Usagi trying to save Mamurou from Minako, and Minako trying to get Mamurou to bed. Mamurou, being a male, but having a fiance, just excused himself and went to the bathroom to... uh... well, even I don't know!

Makoto just sighed. "At least Minako is not flirting with Ryo-chan-sempai... Is he alright?" Makoto asked the young looking red head.

Washu smiled a bit. "He's recovering. By the time Ranma arrives, your Ryo-chan will be in perfect condition." And Washu winked, which suggested something, and Makoto blushed at that. Minako was still too busy flirting with Tux-boy to pay attention. If anyone was wondering what happened, all will be explained after the title.

Anyway, as I said...

[Crowd boos and throws cans of rootbeers]

Alright! Title is coming already!

-[ Omega X Present ]-

-[ Project III: Legend of the Wild Horse ]-

-[ Chapter 12: Training Day ]-

My notes about my dear Xander-turned-Ranma-sama: Ranma-sama is still playing so hard to get, flirting with that other girl like that Saturn fiend! She knows that his love to me is unquestionable, yet she still thinks Ranma-sama loves her! She didn't know that during Silver Millenium, he was screaming for my name in bed... Well, he was also thrashing his bondaged hands and was shouting rape, and escaped, but he still loves me! –Sailor Venus should really meet Tatewaki Kuno.

[ Flashback ]

It was already been an hour ever since the Senshis fight with the Ryounster. Makoto kept all quiet as she carried Ryouga dutifully, getting mad at Minako trying to help her. Ryouga was hers and hers alone. His punishment would come after he was fully recovered.

Right now, they were in Rei's temple, all quiet and all. For now, they felt totally lost. Ranma had to finish the human-turned-youma, and fought again against that Ursula chick. They never felt so... useless. They couldn't do anything, and although Uranus would not admit it, her respect to Ranma went up by a notch.

Ranma finally announced his arrival like Pluto. "HELLO!"


Ranma blinked at the different greetings, but just replied one of them. Going towards Hotaaru, he gave her a hug, and replied, "Hey, Hot-chan. Missed me?"

Hotaru just whapped him gently in the shoulders. "Don't call me that!" and she blushed.

"Why not? I'm just giving you all that attention you never got from me ever since I died," Ranma said with a shrug. Minako began to shake and pale, her face filled with fury and jealousy.

"Ranma-sempai," Makoto repeated, looking a bit seriously. "Have you decided where you'll train us?"

"Well, I can't really train you all. I need a few more helpers, so I decided that one of my first students shall teach some of you beginners," Ranma replied.

"A student of yours? You MEAN YOU TOLD YOUR STUDENT WHO WE ARE?" Haruka demanded.

"Well, she just know you people as the Sailor Senshi. I told her not to tell anyone else," Ranma said with a shrug.

"But she'll know!" Haruka replied indignantly.

"If the shit hits the fan, do you think your secret identities will be important?" Ranma demanded back. "I'm here to prepare you to what Ursula might throw at all of you, not here to play your silly games because you think that having secret identities give you a thrill that you are all powerful!"


"Let it go, Uranus," Setsuna's voice suddenly sounded behind them. All the Senshis looked behind them and saw Setsuna in her civilian form. "Ranma has a point."

"But... but..."

"Ranma will be preparing what might be our last and hardest battle. This won't be power against power like our fights before," Setsuna said, sitting beside Ranma. "Our training with him and his student might be our last hope. I trust Ranma's judgement, and it would be nice to meet more people."

"Thanks, Setsuna," Ranma said, smiling. "You heard her. My plan will not change. I've had a friend prepare everything we need, so pack some loose clothes, some socks, and you pajamas."

"Our what?" Haruka said incredulously. "How long are we going to train?"

"That depends on my friend and Setsuna here," Ranma replied. Setsuna looked confused, and Ranma saw this. He motioned for Setsuna to come towards her. "We might need your powers," Ranma whispered to Setsuna. "I contacted Washu, and she agreed to help us again."

"You contacted Washu? She's here?" Setsuna asked.

"Yeah. She hasn't changed one bit," Ranma replied.

"She still a maniac?" Setsuna asked, her voice teasing.

"Yeah... well, not like our Venus..." and Setsuna laughed. Ranma put his attention to the others. "Alright, everyone, listen up. I'm going to give you the address where we will all meet tomorrow. Give some reasons to your parents, run away from home if you have too." Ranma turned to Makoto. "Is Ryouga awake?"

Makoto blushed a bit. "No... he, uh, hasn't woken up yet..."

Ranma looked alarmed, which surprised Makoto and the others. "Where is he?" Ranma asked.

Minako pointed a door behind them, and Ranma ran like a blur towards it, and opened. Ryouga was there, still unconscious, lying down. Ranma kneeled down at his side, and put his left palm in his forehead. He was burning hot.

"Damn it," Ranma cursed.

"What is it?" Makoto asked.

"He lost more fluids because of the 'Muyou Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken' attack I did..." Ranma said softly. "The Muyou Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken uses the moisture in the air to sharpen around the enemy, making the air seem to cut the enemy. The problem is, I knew the basic version was not enough to stop Ryounster, so I used a more advanced version, where it uses the moisture of the body itself, drying itself as it cuts with the wind. It seems I overdid it, and Ryouga can't seem to have enough fluids to sweat. He's having a high fever..."

"I'll heal him," Hotaru said.

"You can't heal him because he has no wounds. I'll bring him to my friend to get his individual cells hydrated," Ranma said, carrying Ryouga. "Remember, be there. Oh, and Minako," Ranma called.

"What is it dear?" Minako's cheery mode popped up.

"I have an offer you can't refuse," Ranma said with a smirk.

"What is it?" Minako asked excitedly. Ranma was so cute when he smirks like that!

"There will be a cute boy in the address I'm going to give you, and I want you to not flirt, or even try to do anything with the boy," Ranma said, smiling even more wildly as he saw Minako frown.

"What do I get?" Minako asked.

"Well, if you behaved, I'll personally train you without a T-Shirt on," Ranma said, smiling.

Minako gave a loud cheer. "DEAL!"

"Oh, did I mention, if you fail, I'll have someone else train you," Ranma said, smiling. "So, we have a deal, okay?" Minako nodded. Ranma turned to Hotaru, "Are you worried?"

"With Minako here?" Hotaru asked, giving out her own smirk. "No way in hell will she win the bet."

"That is WHAT YOU THINK! Ranma-sama will be mine!" Minako promised.

[ End of Flashback: Masaki Household ]

"Well, it seems Minako lost the bet after all," Hotaru said with a all knowing smirk towards Minako. Makoto giggled, and the others did the same. "That means you won't have my Ranma-chan topless training you, huh?"

"Oh, it doesn't mean I won't have opportunities!" Minako replied back, snidely. "I'm going to have Ranma-sama, one way or another!"

"Whatever..." Hotaru said, rolling her eyes. Then, a sound of a running car was approaching them. Hotaru smiled. "Ranma is here!"

[ Later ]

"Well, Akane, this are the Sailor Senshi," Ranma introduced. Ranma looked like he was all ready to train them. He had a thick duffel bag behind him, probably full of clothes or equipment to train the Senshis.

Akane seem to smile a bit, and the Senshis also noticed that her smile seem to be plastered. "H...Hi, n-nice meeting y-you..." Akane muttered.

Haruka just made a snorting noise from her nose. Hotaru looked at Akane with curiosity, and the others just looked a bit excited. It seems Ranma's student is a fan, considering how nervous Akane is [Hey, Senshis do like attention, you know].

"So, everything fine?" Ranma asked. "Nervous, anyone?"

"Nervous? Don't make us laugh, Mr. Martial Artist!" Haruka snorted. "This is some wussy training, and I personally think this is a waste of my time."

The bag seem to move a bit, but it might have been the imagination of the others. Ranma didn't seem to react to Haruka's words. Instead, he calmly replied, "Really? Wussy training? Well, I'll just have to prove you wrong, ne?" and he looked towards Hotaru. "Did Miss Venus behave?"

"No way," Hotaru said smoothly, not bothering to look at Venus. Minako just shrugged her shoulders.

"It was hard!" Minako whined. "The boy outside was too cute to keep my hands off!"

"I know," Ranma said with a sigh. "I was threatened by the two girls you angered... oh well, it seems I'm not going to train you."

"Huh?" Akane said, looking at Ranma confused. "What is this all about?"

"Oh, nothing much, Akane," Ranma replied, smiling. "I just said that if Sailor Venus if she could behave, I would train her," and he added in a whisper, "she is kinda like a female hentai, and it seems she is enamored by me."

"Ohhh..." Akane said. She looked at Venus, and asked to Ranma, "Is she... a lesbian?"

Ranma laughed softly. "Oh, no way..." and Akane seem to breath more easier. "But those two are," Ranma added, pointing at Uranus and Neptune.

Akane seem to look at them, scrutinizing them, and smiled nervously. "Am I going to train them?"

Ranma just smiled enigmatically, which scared Akane a bit. Taking just a glance to the others, Ranma looked at Washu. "Washu-chan," Ranma began.

Hotaru's foot suddenly lashed out and connected to the still open mouth of Ranma, and the Wild Horse fell down under the force of the kick. "Washu-CHAN?" Hotaru demanded. "When did you call Washu Washu-chan?"

Washu didn't lose beat, replying, "Oh, since he was so helpful in introducing his anatomy to me."

"YOU WHAT?!" three girls all said in sync. They faced Ranma's fallen form with demon heads. Ranma backed away from the three demon heads of Hotaru, Minako and Akane. "YOU PERVERT!" they all said.

"It's not like that!" Ranma replied in his defense, and glared at Minako. "Look whose talking!" Then, taking a look at Akane and Hotaru, Ranma calmly tried to explain. Pointing at Washu, he said, "That girl is a damn maniac, who gets off by making other people call her chan."

"Oh, maniac am I?" Washu demanded, crossing her arms in her chest. Ranma just glared at Washu, and she did the same thing. Laser beams came out o their eyes and began to crackle in mid-air. Setsuna came out of the broom closet, and saw the two figures glaring at each other. She sighed.

"Oh, enough you two. You guys act like this even from before!" Setsuna complained.

Washu and Ranma looked at the Senshis of Time, and back to themselves. Then, both began laughing. "Oh, you're right, Setsuna," Ranma replied.

"Yeah... Reminds me in that time you asked me how to take care of Ursula's advancements. Remember what I gave you?" Washu asked.

Ranma blushed a bit. "You gave me a damn banana split flavored condom..." and the other girls [except Hotaru, Setsuna and Minako. Minako actually looked excited] turned red. "Like that would have helped!" Then, taking a pause Ranma looked at Washu. "Is Ryouga still in your lab?"

"He's there," Washu replied. "He's recovering fine."

"Good," Ranma said with a smile. "Get the others to the pocket dimension, assuming it's ready." Facing the others, Ranma looked serious. "This will be a serious training, so I want you to know that once you are in, you have to give your best..." At that time, Mamurou finally appeared, spending some ample amount of time in the bathroom. "Oh what is THIS?" Ranma asked, not believing his eyes. Mamurou looked a bit innocent, looking at the others. Minako just gave him a sexy wink.

Usagi took Mamurou by the arms, and smiled. "Ranma, this is Mamurou, my boyfriend. He was the Prince of Earth from 'before'."

Ranma tried to hide his disgust to the older man, but just settled on giving up his hand to shake Mamurou's. Mamurou looked sheeply and replied, "Uh... I don't wanna shake hands."

Ranma just shrugged. "Well, Usagi, since you brought him, you explain what to do. I still have a friend to visit." And with that, he entered walked towards the broom closet.

Akane blinked at Ranma's action. "Uh, Ranma, that is a broom closet..."

Ranma raised his hand. "I'm not getting lost like that pig-boy, if that is what you are suggesting!"

Akane just giggled.

=Washu's Lab=

Ranma looked at the liquid that surrounded Ryouga in a tank being drained. The water was a mixture of small molecules of liquefied Hydrogen and Oxygen mix with a almost no salt so there would be no backward flow of water flow, and the small molecules easily seep through the body, enriching each cell with moisture fast and efficient.

Ryouga opened his eyes and saw Ranma staring at him. He moved a bit, but he felt so weak, he grunted.

"Don't move yet, man," Ranma said, pushing a few buttons in the machine. The tank opened slowly, and the bonds and mask on Ryouga suddenly disappeared. "You were quite a monster, lost boy."

Ryouga seem to be floating inside the empty tank. "I remember..."

"Good for you," Ranma said, and pushed more buttons. Ryouga suddenly felt normal, slowly, his limbs starting to respond. "You endangered a lot of people that day Ryouga."

"How long was I out?" Ryouga asked, his feet touching the ground. Clothes suddenly appeared and clothed his naked body. Ryouga looked a bit surprised.

"A day," Ranma replied, and looked at Ryouga. "It good you are awake. If you are up to it, we are going to start training some girls and make them formidable fighters."

"What girls? The one which I fought when I lost control?" Ryouga asked. Ranma looked at him.

"Yes," Ranma replied. "If we are going to fight, let's do that later. We have so much to do."

Ryouga nodded, and Ranma took his hand, and was dragged out of the lab.

=Pocket Dimension=

Akane and the other Senshis were all assembled in a very bright white room. The room seem to have no source of light, yet when they first entered, Akane and the others had to cover their eyes. Akane looked around, and saw just a big vast amount of whites.

"What kind of training place is this?" Haruka snorted.

Ranma and Ryouga suddenly appeared from view. Makoto seem to force something inside her, and the others didn't seem to notice. Haruka was a bit nervous around Ryouga. The guy was unstoppable, and tossed them like rag dolls. Ranma just smiled warmly at them, and took a glance at Haruka. "Well, this place will be your new home until we finish your training." And Ranma looked up, and began saying, "Washu-chan, start the program!"

=Washu's Lab=

Washu began laughing like a maniac as she typed the last parts of the coding in her Pocket Dimension. "Welcome..."

=Pocket Dimension=

"Welcome to the Matrix, everyone," Ranma said, smiling at everyone's reaction. The white surroundings transformed into what seemed like a large dojo, where weapons, and gis appeared. "This is where we will all train and sleep, and frankly do what we need to do to prepare ourselves. The time flow in here would be slow, at least giving us a day training seem like one year."

"One year and a half, actually, Ranma-kun," Setsuna replied. Ranma just nodded.

"Anyway, here is what we will do..."

*Added Material*

"Welcome to the Matrix everyone," Ranma began. "This will be your new home, where you will sleep, eat and train together..."

"Really?" Minako asked, excitedly.

"Well, we won't exactly sleep together..." Ranma replied with a small smile. Minako pouted. Looking back at the others, Ranma continued, "The Matrix is a program where everything is simulated like the outside world. Gravity, air resistance and others. What you must remember is that this factors can be adjusted to fully be able to intensify your training." Looking up, Ranma shouted, "Washu, increase gravitational force by 5%."

Akane, the Senshis and Mamurou suddenly began to squat down as they felt something heavy in their shoulders. Ranma and Ryouga didn't seem to be affected so much.

"What the..." Akane looked in shock. So did the others. It was taking their toll just to try to sit up, but Ranma and Ryouga looked like they were so far, still normal.

"Alright Washu, that's enough," Ranma called again. The extra gravity wore off, and suddenly, all the Senshis and Akane and Mamurou jumped three at least one story high due to the pent up elastic energy on their bent legs.

"What did you do for asshole?" Haruka demanded, walking towards Ranma. Ranma didn't seem to react as he just stared at the others. "Oh, don't you start ignoring me!"

Ranma shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, that was just a small increase. As we progress, I'll be telling Washu to increase the gravity by a percent every week. By the end, you will feel strong enough to jump from rooftops, which will be also another lesson."

"Jumping on rooftops?" Ami asked. "We can do that..."

"Without your Senshi powers?" Ranma asked. Ami shook her head. Ranma continued, "By the time everything is over, you will be able to do so. So, let us discuss the senseis." Ranma approached Akane, and smiled at everyone. "This is Akane. She will be teaching some of you newbies the basics and advance versions of Anything Goes, a martial arts style I usually use." And he went to Ryouga. "And pig boy here..."

"SHUT UP RANMA!" Ryouga shouted, and went to punch him. Ranma suddenly took out a thick piece of metal and used it to block Ryouga's fist from his face. "I won't have you insulting me!"

The fist impacted the metal shield with a big bang, and to the shock of the others, except Akane of course, the piece was cut cleanly through, and still went towards Ranma. It hit Ranma with a sickening crunch and Ranma flew away from Ryouga.

"Ranma!" Hotaru shouted, looking where Ranma flew. Ranma didn't seem to be hurt though, as he just made a back flip, landing neatly on the ground. Dusting off his shirt dramatically, Ranma continued his way towards Ryouga, who was now in a relaxed position.

"Ryouga is strong, very strong, as you all witnessed. If any of you need some strength training, he is the guy for the job," Ranma said with a smile.

"What about you Saotome?" Ryouga said with a snort. "I bet you'll just want to feel the other girls up like a pervert you are." Hotaru looked at Ryouga for a second, before giving a small glare at Ranma. Ranma swallowed a bit, and laughed.

"Hey, I'm not like that," Ranma said nervously. "It was just some situations and a couple of misunderstandings which made those happen."

"Really?" Ryouga sneered. "So being engaged with four different girls..." POW!

"Alright!" Ranma said nervously, smiling a bit as he relaxed his fist. Punching Ryouga might not be the best idea, but still, it would shut him up. "I will be training Arnis, so Jupiter, Pluto, you know how I train, so prepare yourselves."

"FOUR DIFFERENT GIRLS?!" Hotaru demanded. Ranma cringed, hoping Hotaru would not have heard that.

"Currently three, actually," Akane said calmly. "We already broke up our engagement."

"You two were engaged?" Hotaru asked. She then gave another glare to Ranma.

"Well, our fathers forced it," Ranma said, trying to explain it to calm Hotaru down. From anger to curiosity, Hotaru looked at Ranma with the question so obvious in her eyes. Ranma sighed. "My father engaged me to Akane before I was born, but then, he engaged me to more families, so one time I had about more than a dozen engagements. After a few tries to resolve the engagements, I was left with only four main engagements."

'Oh' was heard from the other Senshis. Setsuna was just silently laughing in the floor, which Ranma felt irritated by it.

"But isn't fixed marriages so passe?" Ami asked.

"Not to my old man." "Not to my father." Akane and Ranma looked at each other as they said almost the same thing in sync. They shrugged their shoulders

"Anyway, my life won't be a the topic now, okay?" Ranma asked. "We are here to train. So, here is the plan. There will be two groups; The 'Permanents' and the 'Switchers'. The Permanents will stay with only one Sensei, and the Switchers will switch Senseis. IT will all depend on the Senseis themselves to decide whether their student is a Permanent or a Switcher."

"You'll make me a permanent, right Ranma-sama?" Minako asked sweetly, embracing Ranma close to her chest. Ranma didn't react as he just smirked mysteriously.

"You lost the bet, remember, Minako?" Ranma said. Minako didn't care as she hugged him closer. "Minako, meet your Sensei," Ranma said, pointing at something. Minako frowned, and looked towards where Ranma was pointing. It was thin air.

"Huh?" Minako looked confused. "Is this a joke?"

"Look down," Ranma said. Minako did, and saw the bag that Ranma brought, on the floor. Minako let go of Ranma, and approached it. Bending down, she frowned.

"Ranma-sama, if this is a joke, I don't find it funny."

The bag suddenly moved. Minako shouted a bit as she fell on the floor when the bag jumped towards her. "PRETTY LADY!" it shouted.

"I know that voice..." Akane said seriously.

The bag ripped to shreds, and a midget came out of it, and latched itself to Minako. Minako moaned a bit as she felt a few touches in her breasts, but when she looked towards who was touching her, she screamed. It was an old man! She made another high pitched scream and clumsily tried to pry the DOM [dirty old man] away from her. The man gleefully jumped away and jumped towards Haruka and latched himself on her chest.


Guess who is training Minako now? Our very own Happosai!

To Be Continued...

NEXT: Ranma and the others begin training the Senshis, and what is this? The Succession Technique of Anything Goes?

Author's Notes: I know, the story flow seems to be a bit too fast, but there were too many ideas. I hope the next one won't seem to be rushed.