"The light has dimmed on Hyrule," a large, jolly, yellow-robed man said, gazing at the starry sky. With him was another person, dressed for the forest and much smaller than him, whose usual shine had been replaced with a solemn look as she stared off into the distance.

"Yes," the green-clad girl replied, slowly rising from her seat among the ruins and dusting sand off her clothes, "but we still have a job to do as sages: The execution approaches."

The man nodded and they turned to a large, stone ring of columns in the desert sands that was surrounded by an arena, the last remaining pieces of the original Arbiter's Grounds which housed the death row prisoners and a gigantic black slab, draped in ethereal chains. The pair donned bright robes with their sage marks and shining masks that hid their faces, then joined four others who were dressed similarly in front of the slab. Chained to the dark slate was a man with dark green skin, a gem embedded in his forehead like a crown, and he glared at the sages with a pair of menacing, red eyes. One of the six, the sage of water, stepped forward and began to speak, their voice like a calm wave.

"Lord of thieves, king of the Gerudo, Ganondorf," they said in a low, somber tone which carried across the grounds, "you have committed a grave sin, by entering the sacred realm and enslaving this land. For this crime, you are hereby sentenced to death."

They stretched forth their hand and a shimmering blade appeared within it, which they raised to the heavens, crying, "Thy will be done." In one motion, they struck the blow through his chest and Ganondorf slumped forward. However, before they could retrieve the sword, the back of his hand began to glow with a three-triangle brand, and he rasped, "Curse you, Seven Sages!"

The sages gasped and one cried, "How can he be a chosen one?"

To quell the shock, the leading sage called, "Come quickly. We must seal him in the Netherworld."

They chanted and the process was complete. But, as he was dragged away into the darkness, he grabbed the two sages closest to him and all three vanished like a shroud of mist. The others began to mourn and, finally, called upon their beloved princess, chosen for her wisdom. She heard what the sages told, and stated, "If that is indeed the case, then we must follow him and stop him once and for all.

"But first, we need to find the hero."