"I'm LA~TE!" Lan cried as he grabbed his P.E.T. and rushed out the door.

"This is now the 5th time this WEEK that you've overslept," a voice chirped from the P.E.T.

"Aw, quit it, Megaman," Lan moaned, blading down the road as fast as he could, "We've done so much in the past two years that I'm exhausted." Megaman had to agree on that, after all, they had saved the world so many times, each from a different villain. Because Megaman was an Ultimate Navi, the little blue NetNavi and his NetOP, Lan Hikari, had been in constant battles. However, Lan was started in junior high and still liked to sleep in.

Sighing, Megaman turned to the homework Lan had rushed to complete. After glancing it over, he was slightly impressed with how much was right, despite the rush. Lan was taking various shortcuts he had found his first day when Megaman looked back. The two arrived at the school gates right as the final bell rang.

"Well, we're in trouble. Again," Lan said as they snuck into their class.

"Lan Hikari!" the teacher cried, barely containing her annoyance, "How long will it be before you actually arrive on time?"

"I'm sorry, Ms. Vega," Lan quietly replied, sliding into his seat. However, just as the lessons began, a buzz resonated throughout the room, and Navis were all panicked.

Lan glanced down at his partner, and asked, "Megaman, what's wrong?"

Megaman pulled up a news clip and responded, "Take a look at this." The screen darkens as a shadowy figure fills the view, three crimson lights shining from the darkness.

"Humans," a raspy voice echoed eerily through the air, "I am Ganon, and this world will be mine!"

The clip cut off and Chaud Black sent a message saying, "Come to the Net Headquarters, stat. And don't be late."

"On it, over and out," Lan said, already out the window, "Megaman, head on ahead and get our mission."

Megaman rolled his eyes and sighed, " So impatient. Well, see you there."

Lan stopped at the gate and said, pointing the P.E.T. at the access port, " Jack in. Megaman, power up." Megaman pixelated away and raced off through the net, while Lan skated in real-time.

Megaman reached Den City's Net Headquarters, only to find the cyber area in flames. The various Net police NetNavis were strewn everywhere, and viruses destroyed many parts to the system. Megaman began to blast the attackers, and soon heard a loud voice bellow, "You fools! Can't you do anything on your own?"

Megaman turned around and saw a horrifying sight. He saw a Navi covered from head to toe in blood red, scale armor, with a helmet in the shape of a dragon. The Navi was carrying a golden spear about twice Megaman's size in one hand and held Protoman in the other.

"Protoman!" Megaman cried when he saw his friend's limp form. The strange Navi looked at Megaman and Megaman saw the Navi mark; a black dragon on a crimson background.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in," the Navi said, dropping Protoman to the ground, "another pest. One that I actually need to take care of."

Shaking, Megaman cried as he brandished his buster, "Who are you, and why have you done this?"

The Navi in question chuckled then vanished, leaving Megaman spinning around in search of the foe. Suddenly, hands came from behind him and lay poised on either side of his head.

"So, little hero, you want to know who I am," the Navi whispered with a hiss, "I guess I can tell you. I am Volvagia, the Hyruliod of the black flame." Megaman spun around and was faced with the Navi, who finished, "As to why I did this, I am just following Lord Ganon's orders." In a fierce strike, he drove Megaman right through with the spear, leaving pixels in its wake.

"Oh, no," Lan cried, having reached the HQ, "Megaman!"

The next day, Lan hurried over to SciLab. "Hey, Dad," he called, rushing into the room, "How's Megaman?"

"He's alright physical, but he isn't responding at all," Dr. Hikari replied worriedly, "We can only hope." Lan glances through the nearby glass screen at his friend, suspended in a holographic cylinder, motionless and quiet. Worried, Lan left the lab slowly. As he walked down the road, a voice called out to him, saying, "I heard about your friend, Lan." Spinning around, Lan turned to see a cloaked figure standing behind him.

"What do you want?" Lan asked defensively, his hands over his Rollerblades. The figure chuckled and raised its hands.

"Calm down, little tiger," the person said, still giggling, "I just want to give you something."

Curious, Lan lowered his guard a bit, not taking his eyes off the stranger. He looked over the person and realized that it was a girl slightly older than him, clad in deep forest green. The girl reached into her pocket, pulling out a PET and took out a data chip. "You can use this chip to heal Megaman," she said, holding out the little chip, "That is if you trust me."

Lan took the chip and looked it over. It was a chip like nothing he'd ever seen, with 7 circles surrounding a triangle split into 3 smaller triangles, with the center missing. "Will it help him?" Lan asks, looking up, "Can you-" He was stopped by the disappearance of the strange girl. Hopeful, he ran back towards the SciLab, just missing the girl's voice say, "He has the chip now, we will continue observation."

Lan burst through the lab doors and came face to face with his startled dad. "Lan! What is going on?" He asked as Lan turned to face the monitor showing Megaman. Lan whispered, "Hang tight, Mega. Help is on the way," and he slotted the chip into his PET. Megaman began to vibrate and soon, opened his eyes. Blinking, he returned to Lan's PET and smiled.

"Hey, Lan," he said, stretching, "All good here. So, what'd I miss?"

"Not a lot, Mega," Lan replied, wiping away tears threatening to fall, "Just a day." Then he caught the chip as it flew out the PET and pocketed it before Megaman could ask anything. They rushed out the door as Dad sighed with relief.

"That's good," he murmured, turning to the screens around the room, "Let's hope it lasts."

The two were able to get out of the lab before Protoman, fully repaired, showed up with a message. "The Navi that attacked the HQ, along with several others, has been spotted in a warehouse on the pier," Chaud's voice said in his usual unamused tone, "Get over there, stat." Megaman and Lan nodded and were off in a flash.

They reached the pier and found the warehouse shrouded in the Dimensional Area field. "Well, they aren't taking any chances, are they," Lan said as he skated to the nearby ramp the Net Police had set up to propel him in. Reaching the peak, Lan pulled out his PET and asked, "Ready, Mega?"

"Ready," Megaman replied, nodding to Lan.

The pair began their descent, blades whirring down the track. At the point of impact, the two cried, "Cross Fusion!" and Lan slotted the Synchro Chip. They passed the field, now fused into one being. In the warehouse was a long table, with a throne at the end farthest away and was filled to the brim with Navis, large and small, all in a huge, whispered debate. The little blue Navi and his Netop took a step closer, in an attempt to catch the wisp of conversation, accidentally kicking a can that had been laying on the ground. The room silenced and the occupants turned simultaneously to the pair.

The shadowy figure in the throne seemed to turn to a familiar Navi a few seats down the table. In a deep, billowing voice, the figure shouted, "So, Volvagia, you failed me once again!"

"Sire," Volvagia cried, " It must be the Sages' intervention."

The other Navis were staring back and forth between the arguing duo and the blue intruder. Then the figure in the throne called, " Leave now, and let's watch Volvagia redeem himself."

The Navis all left, except Volvagia, who was gazing at the little blue hero with absolute fury. "So you managed to evade your death," he said, venom dripping from his voice.

Lan shrugged, trying to hide the fear he felt. This was the Navi that almost deleted Megaman. "Yeah, but this is where I take you down," he replied, slotting a cannon chip and aiming. "We'll see who is getting their carcass dragged back as a prize," the Navi called as he charged Lan. The pair grappled for a long while, neither giving an inch until Lan glanced at his chip count. Uh oh, I'm out of chips. He glanced back at Volvagia and was pushed to the ground.

"A warrior never takes their eyes off their opponent," the crimson Navi cried, spear raised, "Now you die, Hero!"

At that moment, the spear shattered and Volvaga went flying off. In his place, a masked Navi stood, with a crying eye for his Navi mark. "Here," the Navi said, holding out his hand, "use my power, Link."

What? Why'd he call me Link? Lan thought as he took the offered hand. Then a golden light enveloped the two, and out of the light Lan came, cloaked in black with a white mask, a tuft of silver hair, and a huge katana strapped to his back. Is this a double soul, but it doesn't feel the same.

"Lan!" Megaman called, "we got to take care of this guy, and fast."

I'll worry about it later. "On it, Mega," Lan replied, "Let's do this."

He drew the katana swiftly and braced for the next attack. He found Volvagia rising from his sprawled position several feet away, cursing some "sages" and "Zelda".

"So, the sage of shadow decided to show up," the serpent hissed, "all the more reason to crush you!"

He charged towards Lan ferociously, which Lan quickly dodges and strikes the back of the dragon, leaving a large gash in his back. Before the Hyruloid took another step, he turned to Lan and rasped, "I will find you and end you."

He then fled before the shocked Lan could react. The dimensional field was lowered and Lan and Megaman separated, and Lan dropped to the ground, exhausted.

"Lan, are you okay?" Megaman asked, looking out the screen with concern.

"What - just - happened?" Lan asks between staggered breaths as he stood up, "It wasn't a double soul…"

"Because it was a soul fusion, Link," a mysterious voice answered from behind Lan.

Lan whirled around in alarm and found a tan woman dressed in a dark purple top and black jeans.

"Who are you," he asked defensively, then realized, "Wait, was that your NetNavi?"

She chuckled then replied, "Yes, that was Impa, my partner." She showed her dark purple P.E.T and Impa did a small bow. "My name is Shade, and I hope to get your help."

"Okay, I'm confused," Lan replied, with Megaman nodding by his shoulder, "What is soul fusion?"

"Soul fusion is where two beings become one in body and spirit. It is similar to a double soul, but your physical appearance and abilities don't change alone, your strength is also increased tremendously."

"Okay," Lan said, still puzzled, "now, why do you keep calling me 'Link'?"

She smiled, then said, "Because that is what one who is our chosen hero is called."

Lan took a step back in shock, then asked, "Why and how would that be me?"

"Check the chip Saria and her partner gave you earlier," she replied, "then you'll have your answer."

Puzzled, Lan took out the chip he had gotten from the girl and slotted it into the P.E.T. It was ejected soon after and Lan found Impa's Navi Mark in one of the circles. As Lan looked at the transformed chip, a light grew around his left hand, blinding him for a moment. When he could see again, he gazed in awe as the same triangles on the chip now were imprinted on the back of my hand.

"There is your answer," Impa said reverently, "those who are chosen will bear the mark of the Triforce."

"May the gods be with you, young hero."

As Lan stared at again, he gazed in surprise as three triangles formed a larger one on his hand.

"Welcome aboard, Link," Shade said, tossing Lan a badge with the same triangles on it, as well as a pair of wings, all in gold. He starred in utter disbelief as he thought, What have I gotten myself into?