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This is my first Eva fic … revised. I've had this on hold for so long because I wasn't completely satisfied with my writing, and I'm still not completely convinced this is the best draft, but it's better than the first, so I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, mild cursing, mild sexual situations.


Did Someone Say Angel?

Name: Shinji Ikari.

Physical Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, average height, slightly underweight, slight build.

Family Situation: Only child, two parents.

Hobbies/Likes: Cello, music, video games, writing, drawing, manga, anything artistic.

Dislikes: Playing sports of any kind, and anything relating to math.

Reason for doing this: Regular psychiatric check up for school.

Not to mention I'm bored.

"So Shinji, how are you today?"

"Fine." Man this guy's creepy. Shinji studied the assistant councilor indifferently. I wonder why dad hired him? Dr Akagi's fine isn't she? Why would she need an assistant?

The school councilor's office was just as he remembered it, unnaturally cheery and rather colourful. Ritsuko often said that it was because it was easier to calm distressed people down if they were in a comfortable environment. Shinji just thought she didn't have very good taste. The furniture was definitely the same: worn couch to one side and hard wooden chairs opposite the desk. It wasn't technically the "office", just the patient room. Ritsuko's office was in a door to the right, she wouldn't have enough space for all her notes and documents if she only had one office.

"That's good." Shinji had to repress another shudder as the assistant spoke. "As you know this is just a routine check that we're performing for all of the students in your class, so don't think that there's a problem, because as far as we know, there isn't."

Shinji smirked. "As far as you know."

The man shifted uncomfortably and Shinji knew exactly what he was thiking from the look on his face. Damn child's too much like his father. "Yes, well. How are you finding this year?"

"I wouldn't know, I haven't started yet."

"Well, do you have any expectations for this year perhaps? Something you'd like to achieve for this year?"

"I'd like to pass my classes, as most people would."


There was a bit of an awkward silence as both patient and councilor studied one another with the same obvious thought running through their minds: God, this guy's attitude is really starting to piss me off.

"Where's Dr Akagi?" Shinji finally asked bluntly, barely hiding his disdain for the man.

The councilor seemed to take it in his stride, not appearing ruffled by the disrespect. "Dr Akagi is currently with the new student in your class."

"We're getting a new student?" For the first time since entering the stuffy office, Shinji's attention was caught. "Who is he? Or is it a girl?'

"Your new classmate is male. You'll be introduced to him soon. Was there anything you wanted to ask me Shinji? Do you feel you will have any problems this year? You know that you can always come to me if you need to."

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be fine." Shinji got up. "I think I should get to class now. It was great meeting you and I hope you like it here." See father, I can be polite when I want to. Even to a creepy arrogant egotist like this guy.

The man also rose and held out his hand with a forced smile. "Thank you Shinji. I hope we can get along this year."Don't count on it you cocky self-assured little brat. You're as much of a prick as your father. Shinji was used to that look and barely managed to supress his glare.

"Sure." Shinji shook his hand instead and smiled brightly-falsely - and left the office, closing the door firmly behind him.

The three office workers, Maya, Aoba and Hyuga, glanced up as he reentered. Sitting behind the main desk and sorting through all the early-school paperwork, the three already looked ragged from the workload. Shinji shot them a disgusted look and rolled his eyes. Aoba and Hyuga laughed at him and Maya smiled indulgently. The three of them were fond of Shinji, they'd known him since before he even came to high school. It was one advantage of having your father as principal and your mother as general coordinator of such a prestigious school. The school staff were always a bit deferential towards him, though they learned quickly that, like his father, Shinji despised people who sucked up to him, no matter how he acted. He didn't like fakes.

Like that councilor appeared to be.

"Old friend from college?" He asked Aoba as he passed through the administration office.

"Worse," the long-haired man replied. "Favour to an old friend from high school."

"Ah." Shinji nodded his head in understanding.

"So, how do you think you'll handle this year?" Hyuga asked with a smirk, pushing his glasses up his nose habitually.

Shinji returned the smile. "I think it will probably go the same as other years did."

"Trying to piss your father off again?"

"How'd you guess?" The two men laughed again, while Maya shook her head disapprovingly. She could be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud sometimes. Shinji looked over at her. "So why does Dr Akagi need an assistant all of a sudden?"

"With you and your friends here? We'll need a whole psychiatric ward here soon." Hyuga and Aoba laughed at Maya's joke and Shinji grinned.

"Don't you know it. So who's his next victim?'


"Then I won't bother planning anything really terrible in revenge, seeing Asuka's enough." Shinji grinned at the three of them and walked out of the office doors. "I'll see you guys around."

"Later Shinji," Aoba saluted him.

"See ya!" Hyuga waved.

"Come visit us again sometime." Maya blew him a kiss.

Shinji whistled softly as he walked slowly through the wide halls back to class. What kind of crazy person hurried to class after all? A crazy person who just remembered they had Misato Katsuragi as their teacher. And who was Misato Katsuragi you ask? Only the hottest most desirable teacher at this hellhole. Many boys, not to mention even a few girls, woke up during the night only to realise they had been fantasising about how she looked wearing even less than she wore every day. Which in itself was pretty minimal. As Shinji dashed in to his class, he once again too notice of how absolutely gorgeous Misato looked in that clingy short brown dress that barely managed to cover her a—

"Ahem!" And now Shinji remembered the downside to having Misato as a teacher.

There was always a downside to everything. That was a lesson Shinji leaned at a very young age.

"Good morning Misato, you're looking very fine today." There were a few snickers from his friends as Shinji said this.

"Thank you for the compliment Shinji," Misato said with a dangerous tone in her voice. Uh-oh, I know that look in her eyes. Kaji must have pissed her off somehow. Great, I just had to start the year with Misato in one of her moods. "However Shinji, as your teacher, you will address me as Ms. Katsuragi."

"Yes Ms. Katsuragi. I apologise for being late, I was with the new councilor." Shinji bowed.

Misato nodded impatiently then crinkled her nose in disgust as she heard about the councilor. "Kiel? Ugh, I can't stand that man. He gives me the creeps."

"I know."

"Okay then, take your seat Shinji." Shinji nodded and slid into a seat in front of his two close friends Touji and Kensuke. The seats on either side of him were empty. One was not yet filled, and the other ...

"Man that guy is creepy!" The loud obnoxious voice echoed around the small classroom an instant after the door banged open. A glowering red-head made her way towards the seat to Shinji's right and sat down heavily. "Who does he think he is anyway? 'I hope we can be good friends, Asuka.' Puh-leeze, as if I hadn't heard that before. Jerk."

"Now that everyone's here," Misato sent a glare Asuka's way, which the girl ignored, "I hope we can start with our work."

"Oh, come on Miss, can't you give us just a little time to readjust to school?" Touji was still leaning back in his chair in his usual lazy fashion and trying to act cool. "I mean, we just got back from holidays, we still need time to get back into the swing of things."

Misato's eye was twitching in a very dangerous manner. Touji took the hint and quieted. "On second thought, why don't we just jump right in and hit those books."

"That's nice of you to say Touji, perhaps later I should ask you to take the class."

"No, I'm right, you go ahead." Touji took his feet off the desk and sat in his seat properly, looking like the model student he wasn't.

Kensuke, Shinji's other friend was trying hard not to laugh at Touji's antics, but was failing miserably.

"Kensuke? Do you have anything to add to this discussion?" At the sound of Misato's irate voice Kensuke immediately shut up and paled slightly.

"No ma'am."

"Good, now if no one else has anything to add can we get on with our lesson?" There were no arguments. "Very well then. I'd like to start with a brief talk on Women's Rights and the feminist movement in the mid-twentieth century."

Yep, she definitely had an argument with Kaji. And we're the ones who have to pay. Sure Misato was drop-dead gorgeous and the feature of many wet-dreams, but even that couldn't quite balance out the fear anyone had of causing her to lose her temper. Ryouji Kaji, the ninth grade teacher, was the only one who seemed not to fear it. But then it was rarely turned on him at first. Misato took outher initial anger about him on everyone else. This normally would have caused a bit of resentment towards him, but the lion's share of Misato's bad temper was usually taken out on him eventually. Misato's anger didn't fade with time, it simmered until just the right time.

Ready for yet another lecture on the evils of men and their oppression of females throughout history, Shinji tuned Misato's voice out and let his attention wander.

Man, it's such a nice day outside. Shinji stared out the window, then found a head blocking his view. Shinji blinked. It was Rei. The pale, quiet Rei Ayanami wastop of the class in practically everything. Since coming to their school at the beginning of last year, Rei didn't seem to fit in with everyone, which is why she hung out with Shinji and his friends. Not one of them were similar in any way, except possibly gender for some of them, and the reserved, expressionless girl fit right in.

Which wasn't to say that there weren't a few hitches within the small group of misfits. Sometimes Shinji got a bit irritated with the way his father was always saying, "Why can't you sometimes be a bit more like your friend Rei?" Usually that was met with a smart-ass reply about his father paying for the sex-change operation, but it got to him sometimes.

Asuka Langly Sohryu was the one with the real problem with Rei. She had some strange idea that Rei was in love with Shinji and, as his oldest friend and the girl who fell in love with him first, she resented the attention Shinji paid to her at times. Not to mention Rei sometimes beat Asuka at sport. Being beaten at anything, especially physical activity of any kind, really bugged Asuka. Her favourite name for Rei was 'Wondergirl'.

Which left the other three of his friends still to be mentioned.

Shinji looked around at the three in the row behind him. Touji Suzahara was a clown, lazy, blunt, tactless, stubbourn and according to many, rather attractive in a jockish, Neanderthal-like way. He'd heard a few girls sigh about his "soulful brown eyes" and "rippling lean form". Of course, none of that mattered much to Shinji, despite how people like Touji were people that Shinji usually despised. But Touji was different than his stereotype portrayed him. He was actually rather sensitive and very loyal.

Kensuke Aida was the brainy one - as most people would have guessed from the stereotypical glasses and slightly geekish tussled hair and clothes. He was always at the top of the class with Rei, the two of them the main contenders at the top position. Which, strangely enough, didn't cause any competitive resentment. See, Kensuke didn't really care about the marks, he was just intelligent. No, what Kensuke cared about was anything that was out of the ordinary. In holding a conversation with him, you would be more likely get onto the topic of aliens or government conspiracies or possibly even talk about the many ways you could plan a military operation against an enemy than talk about schoolwork. Things were never normal or dull around Kensuke.

There was now only one person missing which would complete the unusual group of people Shinji called his friends.

Hikari Horaki, the class representative. Straight A student, honour role every year, goody-two-shoes, straight-laced and oftentimes a bit of a bore to be around. She was Asuka's best friend, but Shinji still considered her a friend of his also. Hikari was always looking out for them, was always there for a shoulder to cry on (not that Shinji would ever do that), always reliable and the one person you wanted around when you were feeling down. Hikari had an amazing talent of being able to cheer anyone up. It was rumoured that she even managed to make Rei smile once. Shinji didn't doubt it, Hikari just had a mothering quality to her.

Shinji smiled as Hikari glared at him as she caught him staring and gestured frantically to the front of the room where Misato was still ranting about the injustices against the female gender in the past. Shinji sighed and decided that perhaps it would be best to turn around and listen. He didn't want Misato's wrath to fall on him.

After not even a minute Shinji realised he would eventually go insane if he had to listen to one more word of Misato's speech. Which is probably why someone took that instant to knock on their classroom door. Lucky for him.

Misato stormed over and wrenched the door almost off its hinges as she tore it open. "What?"

"My, aren't we in a mood today?" Dr Ritsuko Akagi walked calmly into the room. "What's the matter, did Kaji do something wrong again?"

"Why don't you go ask that arrogant prick himself if something's wrong, I refuse to see him at all today." Misato huffed and folded her arms loftily.

"I see, well in that case you won't mind me going over there perhaps and making out with him on the table in front of his class, seeing as you're estranged in your relationship."

"Ritsuko!" Misato glared at her. "We're just in the middle of something right now. I'll talk to him when I'm damn well ready."

"Sure you will," Ritsuko rolled her eyes then muttered, barely loud enough for everyone in the class to hear, "Since when do you even take a break from screwing to talk with Kaji?"

"Ritsuko!" Misato flushed crimson. "Did you have a real reason for coming here or did you just want to humiliate me in front of my class?"

"The latter is more fun, but I did have a reason for coming here."

"And that is ...?"

"Kaworu, you can come in now." Ritsuko turned to the door and called this out to someone standing outside.

Kaworu ... I know that name. Shinji turned expectantly to the door like all the others and waited for the newcomer to show himself. He must be that student that's joining our class. Poor guy, hope they warned him what he was getting into.

A tall, lanky boy entered the room, sweeping his crimson gaze over everyone inside. His moonlight silver hair shone in the sunlight pouring through the large windows on the side of the room, highlighting his pale attractive features.

Shinji's breath caught in his throat. God, is that ... it is! He's so ... wow!

"Class 2-A, may I introduce your new class member, Kaworu Nagisa."