Hello everyone. I personally enjoyed this week's episode of "The Flash". However I feel that Iris, while I think she's still behaving herself for the most part, was in the wrong in that she allowed her friends Kamilla and Allegra to accompany her to a dangerous and potentially volatile situation when she went to confront the Speed Force. They could've gotten hurt even if it had been the Speed Force and they were all almost hurt when confronting the Sage Force/Psyche.

It's one thing for Iris to be reckless on her own but it's another matter to take her friends with her and potentially endanger them. And so I've decided to create a slight fix it in which Iris will also apologize to them both.

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Flash" or its characters.

Iris was currently seated inside of her office and waiting for her close friends and employees Kamilla and Allegra, the latter a Team Flash member and part time superhero in her own right, to arrive. Sometime earlier and following their confrontation with Psych during their attempt to locate and reason with the Speed Force, she'd asked for her friends to meet with her at their office which left them wondering as to why she'd wanted to see them at that moment.

The answer would become clear once they'd arrived and Iris stood up to greet them.

"Hey Iris what's up?" Allegra questioned curiously as she greeted her friend with a smile.

"Is everything alright?" Kamilla questioned next, always happy to see their friend and boss but just as puzzled as to why they were there.

Iris took a deep breath, collecting her thoughts, and then began.

"Listen guys. I really need to apologize to you both for dragging you with me when I went to try and find the Speed Force. I brought you into a dangerous situation without thought to any of our safety, yours especially, and you both could've been seriously hurt and I am so sorry for that," she explained to them emotionally and then sighed.

The other two women were very surprised by this, eyebrows raised, and not having expected that. Allegra then stepped forward.

"You don't have to apologize to either of us Iris. You did not drag us into anything and it's not like I haven't been in risky or dangerous situations before. We went with you because we support you and are gonna always have your back. And not to mention that I have powers and can take care of myself," she reassured the other woman.

"Allegra's right. You did not force or manipulate us into anything and we're both capable of making up our own minds. Plus we both knew the risks when we joined Team Citizen and also Team Flash. So please don't put all of this onto yourself," Kamilla added seriously.

Iris took a breath and nodded.

"Thanks guys, that means a lot and I'm glad neither of you think I forced you to do anything. And I'm sure neither of you are damsels in distress or that you can't take care of yourselves. But I still stand by my apology and especially since as your boss I have a responsibility to keep you both safe, which I failed to do in this case and you both could've gotten seriously hurt and even if it had been the Speed Force. And I should've strongly insisted that you both had stayed behind and I was wrong not to have done so. And so once again I'm truly sorry," she smiled gratefully and then insisted.

Allegra and Kamilla could see that Iris was clearly not going to let this go and they decided to acquiesce to her words. Kamilla then placed her hand onto Iris's shoulder.

"If it will make you feel better, then apology accepted. But please try not to take all of the blame since all of us share our blame as well. The truth is that we were all reckless and should've thought first before putting ourselves in a dangerous situation. We acted impulsively, got ourselves into a situation we shouldn't have placed ourselves in, and put all of ourselves in danger. And so if you wish to take the blame, let's all share it together alright?," she softly replied to her with a firm smile.

"What she said," Allegra added and also smiling and to which Iris nodded.

"Very well and if you insist. And I suppose we all share a bit of blame in this matter. But from now on I'm going to make certain that I never bring you into any more risky or dangerous situations. At least not without either Barry or any of our teammates present," she in turn acquiesced and then stated.

"Fair enough," Kamilla acknowledged while Allegra agreed, both women smiling. The three of them then exchanged a small group hug and then went their separate ways, the other two going off to have a late lunch together while Iris went over to apologize to Barry as well regarding their earlier disagreement about how to handle the Speed Force and the other forces.

The End

A/N I may like Iris and currently believe she's changed for the better in my opinion compared to past seasons but in this case she screwed up by taking her friends with her into a dangerous situation and one that could've even ended up worse for all of them. And it is canon that she apologized to Barry within the episode but I think she should've also apologized to both Allegra and Kamilla as well regarding the whole matter.

But I want to be fair and not place the entire blame onto her since her friends are grown women and can make up their own minds like they said here. And frankly all three of them acted without thinking properly and were a bit rash. Plus Iris didn't emotionally manipulate or hogtie them into accompanying her and I now think they all share blame. But she still had a duty as a friend and boss to keep them safe but failed to do so in this case and that's why I had her apologize.

And so let's just think of this as a deleted scene.

Have a blessed day.