The battle against the Devontrania had been raging for some time, with humans and Valdasians united in their quest to drive this menace out of our lives. Henclu, Zorral and the other Air Valdasians had taken to the air in unison and the armour they wore made me think of a picture of a harpy I saw once. Among other things, they had attached barbs to the tips of their wings so they could serve as weapons. It made me understand why some of my fellow colonists were a little wary of these people.

Everyone else was in one of the several sky craft that Daumos and Monash had prepared. I was with Marle, DS and Max and all four of us were rather nervous at the thought of what we were doing.

"Are you within range of the Devontrania yet?" Ronan asked via the radio that had been rigged up on all the craft.

"Negative," I replied. "I can see it, but Jack's groups are in the line of fire." To be perfectly honest, I was briefly tempted to fire on Jack to teach him a lesson for all the trouble he had caused, but the fact that he was my friend stayed my hand as it hovered over the controls.

Just then, Faye came through on the radio, her voice tinged with panic. "Emily, that thing's turning on you!" she yelled. "Get out of the way!"

I tried to steer the craft clear of the Devontrania, but it moved a fraction of a second faster and, the next thing I knew, we were hurtling towards the ground. "Emily, what's wrong?!" DS demanded as I tried to pull out of the dive.

"The controls are jammed!" I shouted back. "We'll have to make a crash landing!"

This was it, I thought grimly. We were about to become history and there seemed to be nothing we could do to stop it. But I hadn't reckoned on the Air Valdasians, who, the moment they saw we were in trouble, conjured up the largest tornado any of us had ever seen and carried us safely to the ground. But, with the Devontrania on the loose, was being on the ground any safer than being in a craft that was about to crash?

Before I could consider my options, my Pendant began to glow more intensely than it had before and I suddenly felt a hot stream of flames shoot out of my body and soar skywards, directly towards the Devontrania. It bellowed in pain as the flames seared its body and, for the first time since all this began, I knew what my Pendant was. It was the one thing that could rid this planet of the menace that was the Devontrania.

Drawing on all my energy, I called on every bit of Fire power I had, ignoring Marle when she, terrified that the effort might kill me, yelled at me to stop. All that mattered now was making sure the Devontrania would never menace anyone else. Finally, after was felt like forever, it crashed to the ground, never to rise again. In the same instant, my Pendant stopped glowing.

That's the last thing I remember until I woke up to find everyone, including the Valdasians, gathered around me and Meowth and Eevee curled up on my chest. "What . . . happened?" I asked, wondering just how long I had been asleep.

"You gave us quite a scare," said Vicky as she sat down beside me. "Right after the Devontrania fell, you passed out and we thought you were going to . . ."

"Obviously I didn't," I said, realising what she meant. "How long has it been anyway?"

"Nearly three months," said Jane as she came into the room with a baby Vulpix in her arms. The egg Marle had given her must have hatched while I was unconscious and, like all Pokemon conceived on Terranova, this Vulpix was a Shiny, a beautiful golden colour. "We've been rebuilding after the damage the Devontrania caused and the Valdasians say we are free to visit them any time we want."

I sat up in bed and removed my Pendant from around my neck, holding it out to Henclu and Zorral. "It's a part of it, isn't it?" I said. "It's a part of the Doomsday." God knows how I worked that out, but it certainly seemed to fit in with everything that had happened.

Zorral nodded. "Right after the Doomsday was first built, some Fire Valdasians found they had just enough material left over to make that Pendant," she told me. "We knew it could be dangerous if it got out of control, but we hoped no-one would ever have to use its power."

"Then we must destroy it!" I told her. "Before I do any more damage!"

Zorral shook her head. "There's no need for that; the energy you unleashed burnt it out. It's now nothing more than an ordinary jewel."

I looked at everyone who was gathered around me, humans and Valdasians united in our moment of triumph. I wondered how long the alliance of our races would last, how long people like Jack, who had made his feelings clear on more than one occasion, would be able to stand sharing a planet with them. But I knew we had no choice; with the Ark goodness only knew how many light years away and without the means of building a replacement craft we were stuck on Terranova.

This was our home now and we had to make of it what we could. Those colonists who had stayed on Terranova had the task of making sure there was never anything but peace between humans and Valdasians. It wasn't going to be easy, but we had to try.

I took back my Pendant and fastened it around my neck again.