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"Are you sure we want to go after the both of them?"

A big, hefty man with dark brown and goldish armor looked at his female partner, a shorter woman with blue and black clothing, fur cloak, and the same colored armor named Griselda as if she had grown a second head. Technically their leader, an overweight slightly mentally slower man named Ragnar had to okay his decisions due to being Drago's second command and inherently the warlord's leader, but their third in command and main planner Chaghatai Khan came up with most of their general attack decisions.

"We work our way up with their allies, take dragons from everyone we can until we have an army greater than Drago could've ever hoped to have. We'll avenge him, put Grimmel the Grisly" he said that name with much distaste "to shame, and take the Alpha dragon and his heirs from the Hidden World. The world, in of itself, will be ours. Do you want that Ms. Griselda?"

Chaghatai had a tone in his voice that made Griselda feel small and she tried to make up for her flinching reaction by glaring at her leader. She was technically above him when they were working for Drago Bludvist, but ultimately Chaghatai had gone from their simple planner to something of a scary leader. She would put him in his place if he did something too risky, but secretly she feared him.

They already had a bit of an army going. They'd enslaved dragons that had left The Hidden World to check on their old homes and planned to capture the Eruption from The Defenders Of The Wing island, ultimately destroying them. Soon they'd force all of these different old Allies of 'Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third' and his people to move to one spot and ultimately destroy every one of them, ruling over those who were left and hopefully enslaving the chief and his closest companions who had destroyed them around 10 years ago as well. Their plan was simple, revenge and power over the world. How would people in the other cultures who knew nothing of dragons to stop someone with a dragon army? People of the south, people on other continents, they couldn't travel like someone with dragons could, they couldn't fight people with that kind of weapon.

"Yes sir." Griselda pulled herself out of her thoughts. "I do. And I know this is the only way to get the power we grieve for. I just don't know if going after the Berserker Tribe-may I remind you who the Berserkers are Chaghatai-and the Defenders of The Wing-an island full of trained ninja and protected by a lava-eating dragon-is such a good idea. They are stronger than ever now that their queen and chief have been wed and the islands have been forever allied."

Chaghatai dismissed his partner and continued working on his plans, leaving her to eventually leave him to his business knowing the conversation was over.

It was a fairly peaceful day on Berk with little chores to do so far. Hiccup had finished up a few morning tasks he needed to do so now he wandered his village as he watched his people go through their daily lives.

Zephyr and Nuffink were playing with a little blonde headed girl about 7 years old (Nuffink was 6 and Zephyr was 8-pretty-close-to-9) they'd become best friends with recently named Pearl. Ruffnut was window shopping in the shops, Fishlegs was telling stories to a group of 4-5 year olds about dragons, Snotlout and Tuffnut were having drinks in the great hall, and Astrid was with his mother at home as she'd been feeling rather sick today, which was normal considering she was 2 months into pregnancy with their third child.

People of the village were doing a variety of things, from herding cattle, to shopping, to negotiating, and even a few of them having sparring matches with groups of people watching them. There were no fights, no negotiation problems needed to be solved by Hiccup himself, just peace.

Of course, this was a fairly normal morning or late evening, but right here in the afternoon? Surely someone should be fighting by now, or some other big catastrophic event.

As Hiccup was walking towards one of the shops to window shop, adjusting his cloak over his shoulder, Spitelout-Who had taken to watchtower duty now that his son was grown and there were no dragons to train or fight with-quickly came into his view.

"Chief, we need to talk."

"About?" Hiccup questioned, trying not to let Spitelout's worried voice make him assume the worst. Were they under attack? Had someone been injured while building or farming?

"It's the Berserkers. They're sailing in our direction. Maybe 5 ships in total with an abundance of people. There's also one boat with the insignia from the Defenders of The Wing on it."

Hiccup raised his eyebrows in surprise. They hadn't seen the Defenders of The Wing or Mala in over 12 years.

"Keep me updated. Let me know when to be ready at the docs." Could they possibly be angry with us for some reason?

No, no reason to think the worst, Hiccup.

Why are they both coming at the same time though? They aren't regular traders. Who told them where New Berk Was? Before we built on the island it wasn't even reachable without a dragon.

A few hours went by and in that time Hiccup had told Astrid and a few other men to meet him at the docs when the Berserkers and the small number of the Defenders of The Wing on their one boat got to New Berk.

"Hey! Dagur, what brings you here."

Hiccup greeted his old friend when he stepped off his ship. The man wasn't in tip top shape. There was a long gash with dried blood on it across the side of his neck and his armor had been torn diagonally along the center. The men on the boat that arrived first to the island had many bandages. Hiccup himself tried to keep a normal mood and not act like he could notice what all was wrong.

"Not good, old friend. We need to talk."

Hiccup agreed to speak with both Mala and Dagur once the Defenders of The Wing and their ship got to the docs. He had men in groups of 3 help the injured to the great hall where Gothi and her assistants could make sure the most injured didn't have any developing infections. Heather was among the severely injured, unconscious and banaged along her bare torso where blood was seeping through. She also had stitches along the left side of her neck.

Valka and Gobber followed Hiccup, Mala, and Dagur to the Haddock household.

"Come with me children." Valka said once they got to the house, taking Zephyr and Nuffink, who had followed their parents home, curious about the newcomers, to play upstairs. Nuffink raised his arms to be carried and Zephyr followed close behind her grandmother.

Once the room was cleared save for Hiccup, Dagur, Mala, and Astrid, Hiccup offered the queen and chief of their respective tribes a seat on the long chair in the kitchen before sitting in his own chair. Astrid began boiling water for tea in the center of the kitchen to hopefully sooth the obviously tense newcomers.

"Tell me, why have you come here, and who injured your people? I'd also like to know how you found our island." Hiccup began in a professional tone of voice, though his face was soft and caring.

Dagur looked to Mala who began talking first.

"A group of people who call themselves 'The Axis' attacked us. They're made up of enslaved dragons who did not leave years ago. Most of the dragons we knew had flown and never come back around 10 years ago, all but our Eruptidon."

Mala stopped speaking to give Dagur a chance to add input.

"It's true. All of the dragons have left to follow some unknown source. The Axis attacked Berserker Island shortly before they attacked the Defenders of The Wing. Unfortunately…" Dagur suddenly drew in a long breath, touching the wound on his neck. His face suddenly became sullen as his defences slowly started breaking.

"Unfortunately...the people you saw on our ships are the only ones left. The Axis is made up of dragons that somehow didn't leave, or were enslaved from wherever they went. We were mostly defenseless against our old friends and never saw it coming. For about 5 to 10 years now we've been in peace with most tribes. No dragons means no targets. These guys...they were brutal. They took our entire island out, burning down houses and killing without remorse...including our women and children."

Hiccup and Astrid both looked shocked at the news once Dagur finally finished describing what had happened to them.

"I see." Hiccup began once he'd collected himself. "I can explain the dragons leaving. You see, years ago Toothless and the others left for a place called 'The Hidden World', the place dragons originally resided in, because Toothless-being the Alpha of all dragons-knew the dragons were no longer safe among humans. The decision was made after a long battle with a man named Grimmle who nearly killed the both of us and nearly got away with enslaving all of our dragons."

"My best bet?" Hiccup continued, voice now more sure. "These guys, 'The Axis', have somehow found The Hidden World and are enslaving dragons that leave temporarily."

Mala and Dagur listened intently as Hiccup spoke, thanking Astrid when she offered them mugs of herbal tea.

"You're saying your Night Fury became the King of Dragons at some point?" Mala asked.

"We really haven't been filled in over the past 12 years." Dagur admitted after.

Hiccup sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, sorry about that. After I became chief and Astrid and I married, the dragon riders haven't really been able to go on any journeys outside of the Archipelago. The island was a big target once Toothless defeated Drago's Alpha and became the King, so we couldn't risk leaving."

Dagur and Mala nodded in understanding.

"I'm sorry you and the Night Fury had to be separated." Dagur decided to console the chief of Berk and his old friend.

"It was a big loss, but overall it was for the better." Hiccup responded, then turned to Astrid.

"He's right." She chimed in. "We haven't been a target of anyone ever since they left, being so secluded and hidden along with not having the Alpha around. It's hard, but it is what's best for our village." Astrid walked behind Hiccup so she could touch his shoulders soothingly and he looked up at her with a warm smile on his face, just as warm and loving as the day they were married.

"Another thing. You asked how we found you. We were flying as far away as we could to find an island to combine both of our tribes on when we encountered a trader. We asked where he was coming from and when he mentioned your name we said we were old allies. He refused to give the exact location, but did tell us what direction he was coming from. We traveled until we found a village in the clouds and guessed it had to be you, considering you built down from being so high up."

Hiccup and Astrid nodded their heads in understanding.

"Well…" Hiccup began after taking a few minutes to think while Mala and Dagur drank their tea. "We have free land on the island, well with how big it is and how much logging we've been doing over the years, and of course since we originally picked this place to house a bunch of dragons."

Hiccup looked at Astrid who nodded as she caught on to what he was saying.

"Give your people 2 moons in the great hall to be healed by our healers. Then we can figure out a place for you to stay. What is left of your people can be combined in huts on the northern uninhabited side of the island. I'll have to talk to the village to explain to those who don't know why we trust you as allies as we do, and I'll also have to talk about these 'Axis' people." He put a hand on his chin as he thought about their supposed new potential enemy.

"In the meantime, those who are not injured are free to camp where we plan to house you. How many survivors would you say there are?"

Mala and Dagur looked at each other for a long moment before looking back at Hiccup.

"About 27 of the Defenders of The Wing, 10 of which are children, 6 single mothers. Four unmarried young men, 4 women. They took a much bigger hit than the Berserkers on Berserker island. More people are likely to lose their lives to the injuries they received." Dagur tried to sound professional and not think about his severely injured little sister. "About 111 Berserkers, 77 of which are children, 10 single mothers and 15 unmarried young adults. Thirty Nine of those kids are orphans. We only have about 9 unmarried young men left. Most of the children are severely injured from being stuck in burning houses, some of them aren't going to make it."

Hiccup and Astrid both looked surprised and Astrid gasped with a hand over her mouth.

"Housing will be harder than we thought then. We'll have to find a way to take care of the orphans who can't live on their own."

Hiccup nodded his head and tried to sound reassuring.

"We have many young women and newlyweds on New Berk. I'm sure some of them could live on the Northern side of the island among the Defenders of The Wing's people and the Berserkers. Of course, we could also try taking in a few if it was necessary since we have my mother and Gobber to help. Gobber is also single and doesn't do as much work nowadays, I'm sure he'd be happy to help develop a system to house the young. We've designed machinery for dragons, we can surely figure out a humane system for orphans that can also keep them happy."

Dagur and Mala smiled gratefully at Hiccup's words. They looked at the Haddock couple with warmth in their eyes as they continued having small conversations about what had happened over the years.

Little did they know how much The Axis would affect their other allies in the future.