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June 2, 1948

Wednesday Afternoon

"Was that really necessary, Elaine?"

Harry and his wife, Elaine Potter, had just returned from another… political visit, the events of it having turned pear-shaped when she'd taken offence to one woman staring at him. While he knew the woman he'd married was extremely jealous and often very easy to agitate, he'd not expected that the slightest of looks would set her off; in the past, it'd taken a lot more than that!

That information and the wilder than usual state of her magic assured him something was off with her, and thus, he questioned her use of a rather petty, bullying spell.

"She was staring at you."

He waited for more to follow that up, but nothing came — looking over to see her expression, Harry saw a sneer mixed with an emotion he'd very rarely seen; insecurity.

His wife, Elaine Potter, the most powerful witch alive and potentially the most powerful magical alive, was feeling insecure about something.


Elaine cocked her head at him, raising one finely-kept eyebrow, "And what? Do you not recall what I'd done to others who dared to flirt with you while I was around?"

"She wasn't flirting," Harry said exasperatedly and while shaking his head, "Regardless, I thought we agreed that in return for me assisting you, the violence would be toned down during you- our, escapades."

"Was one soul snuffed out? Were any limbs separated from their owners? Enough of your constant worrying, Harry; your having come with me spared them all, despite that being the opposite of what I should've done," Elaine finished her condescending words with a pat on the top of his head — her being taller than him had Harry used to the action — and following that, she flopped down on the couch across from their floo.

"Nobody was killed or maimed, sure," Harry chose the chair beside her instead of occupying the same overly large couch she'd sat in, "Next time we go on a raid, I'm leading it — don't try and say you'll not let me either, we both know that you'll give me what I want if I truly care for it."

Elaine narrowed her eyes and leaned forward in her seat, her threatening gaze doing nothing considering he'd seen it hundreds of times by now.

"Perhaps I've been too caring or light-handed with you, no other follower would dare talk back to me in this manner."

"Light-handed? Caring?" Harry chuckled and shook his head, "If you didn't want me talking back to you, then you'd not have chased after me for years. Don't you remember, Wife? It was you, not me, that made this relationship form after two years of targeting me back in Hogwarts."

Elaine stood up from her seat abruptly, her wand in her hand faster than he'd seen in a long time; he tried getting his out in response, but she'd already summoned his wand from its place up his sleeve.

"Oh no!" She gasped exaggeratedly, one hand mockingly covering her mouth while the other held both of their wands, "I've got you alone and without protection… you're completely at my mercy," Elaine paused and licked her lips, her eyes darting down to a lower portion of his body before returning to his gaze, "Brings back memories, doesn't it? You were maddeningly cautious around me when we first met, then you'd gone bullheaded and overly confident — didn't take too long for you to be mine though did it? I still remember how I pulled you into that broom cupboard, oh the look on your face whe-"

"That's enough of that," Harry hastily put an end to her speaking, getting up from his seat to match her standing position, "Why don't we tuck in for the night? I'm sure there's a lot more we could be doing than reminiscing of our Hogwarts days."

"There is," Elaine agreed, nodding and tossing his wand back to him, "One specific topic comes to mind, though I'm sure you're still very adamantly against it… unless?"

"No, no I'm still against having kids. Our conflict may be more political at this point in time, but if we continue these raids that you're having us or the others do, there's no telling how the average witch or wizard will respond," Harry sighed and rubbed at his temples, "Dumbledore acting against us with that Order of his isn't very helpful either — we should've never started this political violence, you know."

Elaine rolled her eyes and stepped right up to Harry, their chests touching as the taller woman looked down into his eyes, "I'll kill the old man should he cause our ambitions to slow in their realisation; with you by my side in any conflict with him, there'll be nothing he could do."

"I ca-"

"You've been trained by the greatest wielder of magic in all recorded history, Harry, don't underestimate yourself in battle."

Elaine certainly thought highly of herself, and begrudgingly enough, Harry couldn't fault her for it.

Dumbledore may have once been the greatest living Wizard, one could even make the argument he'd be towards the top of the list in all of history, but Harry had witnessed first-hand what Elaine was capable of.

He'd seen her defeat a dragon kept by Goblins, he'd seen her defeat dozens of magicals without having a single scratch, he'd seen her create spells in weeks — something he'd been told previously took months if not years to do with minimal risk.

"That's all well and good, but why don't we go back to why we'd returned home?"

Elaine's gaze changed to something he was far more familiar with in private settings, and thankfully so.


Harry rolled his eyes and pushed past the taller woman, "I'm going for a shower, then some food, and finally, sleep. You're welcome to join me for all but the first."

Elaine disregarded his words and followed after him anyhow, banishing her clothes once they'd gotten to the entrance of their bathroom.

"I thought I to-" Harry was cut off in his dressing down by Elaine raising one eyebrow and crossing her arms under her breasts.

"You're my husband, we've done a lot more than see one another naked," she stepped towards him until only a foot of distance remained, "If I want to have a few moments of intimacy in bathing with my husband, then I will; I know you were only denying it since you're too timid to ask for my presence here anyhow."

Harry shook his head and stepped past his wife in the direction of the shower; she didn't stop him, instead choosing to slap his rear as he paused and huffed when he didn't respond to it outwardly or inwardly. He'd grown very used to her constant touching as well as the fact that she could somehow read his surface thoughts even when not staring into his eyes or saying the incantation for the spell — while more than unnerving initially and still slightly uncomfortable, he didn't truly mind it all that much anymore.

Elaine said stopping her doing so took up a lot of time and energy, that being not justifiable when it was just them or small enough groups that she didn't care.

Turning on the shower and stepping into the small room-sized stall, Harry went about his actions without any pauses; even when Elaine stepped in and pressed herself directly against his back despite the abundance of room in the shower, he didn't pause his lathering of soap or shampoo.

He knew it must've annoyed the woman to some degree, but she didn't mind enough to do anything in response. Harry supposed she was choosing to enjoy the hot water, the physicality of their shower and the comfort from being home more than anything else.

Harry knew for sure that he did.

After another ten minutes of simply staying under the steady stream of hot water, the couple eventually made their exit. Elaine waved her hand as soon as they were out, banishing the remnants of the cooling water from their bodies as soon as their feet had stepped onto the self-warming bath mat at their feet. Another minute from that point and they were wrapped up in their bathrobes — those articles of clothing being as self-heating as the bath mat they'd priorly stood on — and making their way towards the kitchen, a great quantity of food waiting for their consumption.

Elaine often spoke poorly or disrespectfully to a majority of their servants and henchmen, but Harry knew one thing he didn't miss all that much was cooking… too many bad memories during time spent under muggles.

Harry blinked at the anger-filled tone in which he'd said that thinking inwardly; Elaine must really be influencing me as of late.

He knew that had to be the case considering there were more than a few good muggles, and those that weren't were definitely in the minority.

Looking at his wife and seeing her already seated at the couch in the parlour room across from their kitchen, Harry couldn't help but smirk at her lack of formalities when they were alone.

In most instances, she'd be the one to ensure the table was set perfectly, their clothing was without the slightest blemish as well as matching, that formalities in meeting and visiting were met — really wherever there was a proper way of doing things in accordance to 'the old ways', Elaine would ensure they were met.

That meant sitting at the dining room table during important meetings or the kitchen table during slightly less formal gatherings; certainly not sitting on a couch with her feet up on a coffee table and opening some wizarding book movie she'd had one of her followers make. Merlin, he still couldn't believe she was so against muggle television and other positive, useful items they'd created that she'd tasked dozens of followers with having movies made in way of countless wizarding photos.

Harry had to praise his wife for creativity, at the same time he had to consider that it was an immense waste of resources.

Maybe she was privy to information he wasn't, but surely time and effort to that level could be better spent in the Wizengamot as well as other Ministry business, they could even use those resources in Knockturn Alley, beefing up their already sizable force of followers.

Rousing himself from his idle thinking while watching the beautiful creature in front of him, Harry went to the nearby counter and made two plates of food, neither of them shared any contents in common. That wasn't because he and Elaine had vastly different tastes either, no, it was due to the fact they always ended up sharing whatever meal they were having just like they shared everything else.

From books, notes and foods at Hogwarts to property, vaults and still food outside of Hogwarts; there was nothing that they kept to themselves but information, that being because Elaine knew Harry's displeasure with some of the… grittier, aspects of politicking.

Merlin knows it'd caused more than a few arguments earlier on in their relationship.

"Hurry up, Harry, or else I'll come to join you in the kitchen," That didn't sound too bad, Elaine usually al- "The last thing we'll be doing is eating," ah, there it was. Harry knew his wife better than to think she'd not insinuate something.

He didn't verbally respond as he levitated the two plates out behind him, there being no need for him to do so as he knew Elaine would hear him the moment he'd begin walking towards her on account of the noisy floorboards — Lestrange or Yaxley would have to fix that for them when they moved into Potter Manor upon its finishing the renovations it was undergoing.

"Mmm, that wouldn't happen to be salmon, would it?" Elaine asked, her eyes darting to the plate with the aforementioned food on it.

Harry smiled and deposited his wife's favoured plate close to her on the coffee table, responding with "Smoked salmon, I took the liberty of putting a majority of what our elves prepared on your plate."

Elaine pulled her feet from the table in favour of sitting up, she followed that movement up by leaning into Harry as soon as he'd seated himself beside her, their sides pressing flush against one another.

"You make such a wonderful husband, I knew running off all those trollops so you'd favour me would work out," Her tone wasn't playful as most would suspect, if anything, it conveyed the absolute truth of the words spoken.

Multiple occurrences throughout Harry's years at Hogwarts where Elaine ran off 'competition' had happened. From Walburga Black and the girl's attempt at a marriage contract hidden within a business deal to Daphne Oleander's very aggressive try at courting him; Elaine had stopped it all before he'd even gotten a snog in — being an adolescent male at the time, Harry absolutely despised her every more.

At least until she'd offered to take the place of the girls who'd tried winning him over, then that anger and annoyed disposition towards Elaine had changed to incredibly happy at the sound of her voice or glance of her person for reasons better left unsaid.

Shaking his head, Harry turned to the left and kissed Elaine's neck — she was taller than him, thus without raising his body off the couch it was the best he could do — in response to that, the woman sighed contentedly while chewing on a slice of smoked salmon she'd lazily floated to her mouth.

"You realise with every piece of affection you give to me, I'll only expect more going forward, right?" Elaine questioned him after daintily dabbing the leftmost corner of her mouth with a napkin, her voice sounding husky and deeper than it usually did.

"That's fine with me, I've got a lot to give," Harry didn't mind it, moreover, he hoped his excess love would soften his wife's heart so the country wouldn't come to civil war as it was likely headed to.

Elaine snickered and lowered her right hand to his left inner-thigh, stopping very close to a portion of Harry she'd gotten very familiar with since a specific time in Seventh Year.

"Yes, you do," she said breathily into his ear, bringing her right hand up from its position close to his crotch in favour of running it through his well-kept hair; the sensation causing tingles throughout Harry's body as his wife massaged his scalp, "Always so reactive to my touches," Elaine cooed when a particularly heavy tingle made him jolt against her.

Harry groaned in affirmation and used his left hand to hold his wife closer at the same time his right wandlessly floated over the wine glasses he'd left in the kitchen — it was her favourite, a type of Viognier; she'd told him it paired wonderfully with the Salmon she so often had to consume.

Noticing his motion and the labours of it a second after he'd made it, Elaine smiled against his cheek, pulling back to speak as well as to grab the glass he'd brought in for her.

"You're making me wonder if there's something you're hesitant to ask for with how affectionate and perfect you're being today, Harry," She glanced at him inquisitively before taking a long sip from her glass, "That isn't me saying you're not usually this wonderful either, but the question stands, what's the occasion?"

He could hear the slight edge to her tone and knew without a doubt why it was there — Elaine always hated forgetting something on the very rare instance of that happening. Worse yet, she hated not being in the know of something; surprises were towards the top of her ever-growing list of pet peeves.

That's why, during moments like these, Harry learned to appreciate the small biting of her lower lip and scrutinising look on her face… it was the most adorable mix of emotions she'd wear, even better than the rare pout joined wi- well, better to think of that later when there was time for more mature actions.

"I'm surprised it wasn't spoiled for you," Harry said casually, watching her expression get more annoyed than it was from the corner of his eyes.

"Speak plainly, husband or your duties will be all the more exhausting tonight," Elaine's threat wasn't all that horrible, the teasing lilt to it promised the potential of his night going that way regardless of his next words.

"Well… I suppose I could be the first to tell you about that… but should I really spoil the surprise for you, oh loving wife of mine?" Harry drew out his speaking, and as every word exited his mouth, Elaine's scowl grew until her wand was in her left hand — the one further away from him — making it very difficult to go for if he wanted to cease her hexing him.

"Speak," she barked out an order, her eyes flashing red as a result of some of the more obscure magic she'd intermingled herself with that made itself known when she felt particular emotions strongly.

Harry sighed and raised his hand, swiping to the right in the process to covertly bring out the cake he'd baked the night prior for her.

"You've finally won the backing of the few remaining holdout families in the middle," he said, hoping his wife could piece together the puzzle, and boy did she.

Elaine's face broke out into a wide, ear to ear smile at the same time she took in a deep, victorious breath while looking him dead in the eye.

"It's over," she stated.

Harry nodded a few times in response, "Yes, yes it is — you'll win the upcoming election with them joined to your cause."

"Winning the Wizengamot vote will ascertain our popular victory too; the sheep who follow their favourite politician will vote for whoever they do, and worst case, we can assist the election if need be should the majority of the power-players support us."

Smiling at her usages of 'we' and 'us' considering how self-serving Elaine had initially been, Harry couldn't help but smile back at his overjoyed wife.

"So long as everything continues without problems from where we currently are, there's nothing Dumbledore and his coalition could do; this means no more raids after the one tonight, for us and the followers both. We can't risk losing the support we have or Dumbledore finally getting proactive in his actions rather than the reactionary he's been thus far," Harry was more than happy with that too, considering that his wife having the support she wanted could mean an end to the violence that'd been around for the last two years.

Merlin, it'd been truly horrible in some cases, but he knew as well as she did, that a better tomorrow required sacrifices today — she'd convinced him of that after enough time passed with them being together.

Who knew, maybe once she was elected and spent a couple of years of time in office, they could finally have a kid or two… he knew she wanted them just as much as he did, even if she didn't convey that overly often. Thinking about that, Harry wasn't sure what the restrictions for a female Minister were anyhow, especially regarding pregnancy and familial matters. Soon enough, any laws or lack thereof would have to be ratified on account of Elaine getting put into power.

"No more raiding or violence, yes, I suppose that's true going forward," Elaine sounded slightly put out while saying that, "There won't be any need for bloodletting once I'm elected either," she scrunched up her face and glanced at Harry, "Maybe one last r-"

"Elaine," Harry narrowed his eyes at his wife, using the rare stopping-power she'd granted him and him alone during the course of their relationship; nobody else could ever turn her down.

"Certain followers are only too agreeable so long as fresh blo-"

"Elaine," He warned again, cutting his wife off from her attempt at justifying more murders or otherwise heinous crimes now that she'd all but won.

"Interrupting me isn't very polite, Harry," His wife didn't look all too pleased, her eyes narrowing similarly to his at the same time she began tapping the fingers of her right hand against the soft arm of the couch.

Harry glanced at the ring she wore on the aforementioned hand, then back to the identical one he was wearing on his; he shook his head during his doing so and looked back towards her until their eyes were focused on one another.

"You've won, no more violence or anything else too morally reprehensible, it's no longer needed," He'd put his foot down here and stop her from doing anything else that wasn't needed.

"Fine," She huffed, leaning forward in her seat and downing the remainder of the wine in her glass, her eyes staying locked with his throughout her doing so, "Why don't we celebrate tonight? Now that you've said yourself there's no need for violence or otherwise, I can't think of a better way to show our victory than with the conception of a child," Her face twisted weirdly upon saying that but he didn't read into it overly much considering the lack of pause she gave him, "I know you were thinking about that too, your mind painted a beautiful picture of our potentially very large family; concerns about the Ministry be damned."

Harry tilted his head down at her.

Of course, she'd been reading his mind, probably with more focus than usual once the subject matter made itself known considering she was the one pressing for kids and he was the one that wanted to wait for Britain to be stable before they started trying.

"You can't say 'Ministry be damned' when you're not yet in office," Harry spoke loudly next, not wanting to risk her interrupting him before he made his point, "We don't know if Dumbledore's aware of some ancient bylaw against pregnant witches, you know as well as I that he'd be the one to know anything obscure enough to stop us while we already had one foot in the door."

Elaine scoffed and leaned further forward, letting the top half of her robe fall from her shoulders, much to Harry's chagrin considering the distraction her two… features provided.

"Regardless of what you try to say to dissuade us from doing this, nothing but your own unwillingness on account of yourself instead of others will be sufficient enough to cease my attempts this evening, husband." Elaine finished huskily, saying his name in the tone that she knew affected him.


"No, there's nothing else to be said," Elaine waved off his concerns and stood up fully from her seat, the remainder of the bathrobe falling off, "Are you unwilling for reasons that reside solely in you?"

Harry wanted to say yes, but he knew his wife would recognise the lie the moment he'd said it.

He shook his head, showing he wasn't the unwilling party, and as he did so, he stood up to stand flush against her.

Elaine smiled and made a motion with her hand, his bathrobe being banished alongside hers.

"Very good answer, husband," she purred, trailing a hand down his chest and using her free hand to wave something towards their currently closed Floo.

"What di-"

Elaine cut him off again, "Our Floo's going to be off for three days on account of us having prior business to see to… I hope you've preserved your strength today, you'll most certainly be needing it," She paused and playful brought a finger up to her lips, "I forgot to mention earlier too considering how much you were speaking about conception, but," She leaned forward to whisper directly into his ear, "I'm pregnant,"

Harry swallowed air at the same time his eyes bugged out; his body being whisked away when Elaine gripped his hand and apparated them directly to a room they'd spent plenty of time in already; only this time, his wife was more frantic and passionate than ever before on her wanting to celebrate something very special to them both.