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"What are you guys doing?" Andrew asked as Willow and Tara were cooking up a potion.

"A special potion. It should look into one's soul, seeing their deepest desires and make them truth." Willow said.

"Oh, I want to try it!" Andrew said, immediately grabbing a vial of the potion and drinking it with one gulp as Willow and Tara smirked.

Suddenly, Andrew made some noise that was close to 'EEEEEEEK!' as he shook around and then let out incoherent noises as his eyes turned blank, as if he was in some kind of a trance.

Dawn snapped her fingers in front of Andrew's eyes as he stared, wheezing and looking more and more mortified until his eyes rolled back into his head as he fell to the floor.

"Is he dead? Tell me the creep's dead." Kennedy asked as Faith came to measure Andrew's pulse.

"Nah, he just fainted." Faith said.

"Kennedy, do you want to try it?" Willow asked as Kennedy widened her eyes as her voice started to shake.

"You know what? I just remembered I have to… do a mission report later…" Kennedy said nervously.

"Come on, just one sip." Tara insisted.

"Well, I—" Kennedy looked to the clock. "Wow, it's so late? Giles isn't gonna be happy I'm late, maybe later, gotta go!" She said quickly as she ran towards the door and ran before they heard her scream as everyone burst out laughing.

"Chicken." Xander shook his head as everyone snickered.

"What did you cook up anyway?" Buffy asked. "I knew it wasn't whatever you said it was."

"Something we wanted to test on them. Angel and Lorne once told us about some guy claiming himself to be the Devil, who owns a nightclub and can see what are people's desires and we thought we would try to make a potion that will turn someone's desire into their worst nightmare." Willow said as they turned to unconscious Andrew on the floor, who let out mortified incoherent noises.

"Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga…" Andrew wheezed, with his eyes rolled back into his skull.

"I wonder what is his nightmare…" Anya said.

"I wonder more what would Kennedy's nightmare be." Willow giggled as Andrew suddenly let out a high-pitched scream that it cracked the glass as everyone else covered their ears. It must have been one hell of a nightmare, if Andrew was expressing that much fear.

Andrew's wrists and ankles was bound at the corners to the posts of the bed, with him only in his teddy bear underpants as Skinless Warren crawled towards Andrew.

"We will have so much fun, my dear Andrew…" Warren said, pulling out a chainsaw and reaching with it towards Andrew's private area as Andrew was wetting himself. "Naughty, naughty, we can't have that, can we?"

"Noooooooo!" Andrew screamed in horror.

"Why are you screaming? We haven't started playing yet…" Amy said, turning into a rat and clawing all over Andrew's bare chest, making scratches as Andrew continued screaming in pain.

Seeing Andrew suffer never gets old, *laughs evilly*

As much as I dislike Kennedy, I softened around her in comic books, and she's all bark and no bite, so just scaring her off is enough, Andrew deserves the worst kind of punishment there is.

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