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Summary: Basically it's just fluff. *C/G*



He stood on the edge of the cliff. The wind whipping at his face, as he stared at the lapping waves, remembering.

Remembering the day he met her. She had looked so natural as she danced, her body gracefully moving with the music. Her deep blue eyes glowing as they met his.

Remembering the following meetings where they would talk for hours in some small café about the weather, the news or his work while he watched her, taking in the way her golden locks bounced when she laughed. The way his world began to fall apart when she started talking about some guy she had met.

Remembering the jealousy he felt sitting in the pew, watching her marry that guy. The look of happiness he had seen in her eyes, as she had turned to him as they left the church. The feeling of regret at himself at the fact that he had lost his chance.

Remembering the day he had caught her 'husband' with someone else, how he hadn't told her for fear that she wouldn't believe him and he would lose her trust and friendship, that was all he had to hold onto and he didn't want to lose it because of her cheating husband.

Remembering when he had opened his townhouse door to find her there in tears hurt both physically and mentally. The way her eyes seemed empty, no longer deep and sparkling.

Remembering the nights that followed, where she would show up in a worse state each time, bruised and beaten. How her stubbornness had stopped her from listening to him and leaving her husband.

Remembering how she had seemed so happy when she told him about the baby, how her eyes had deceived her, showing how scared and worried she was about bringing a child into a life of abuse and beatings.

Remembering how betrayed she had looked when she found out about his knowledge of the 'other' women, how the tears flowed from her eyes no matter how hard she tried to prevent them. The time it had taken to regain her trust and rebuild their broken friendship.

Remembering the years that followed, where he would watch her at every crime scene collecting incriminating evidence, just as good at it as she was happy to be doing it. The way her eyes had once again glowed with every conviction. How content she had looked when she was with him.

Remembering how he had tried to be there for her when she had needed him. How she would tell all her concerns to him and he would reassure her and promise to always be there for her, how he had meant it, but had secretly wanted to take her in his arms and care for her the way her husband had been unable to.

Remembering, always remembering.

He still stood there, in the dark of the night sky. He felt a hand slide into his, he knew who it belonged to, and the feeling still sent tingles through him even after all the years. He turned his head and met her eyes; glittering in the moonlight. He gave her hand a slight squeeze before leading her back towards the Tohao. A smile crept across his face; he no longer had to remember her in his past, not now that she was his future.