"Luffy." The young man stopped tapping the massive fish tank built into the walls of this slightly darkened pink accented lobby. Turning his head to Robin paying the man who was wearing a plastered smile over his face, despite Nami still trying to haggle him to a lower price. "Let's go."

At her words, he followed the pair of his crew up a few stories to a red door that Robin unlocked. The key in her hand having a big red heart with the room number etched into it. The room was underlit and smelled like cheap perfume and incense.

With a wave, Robin's hands sprouted over the room, opening blinds and windows to properly light it all, while Nami used her Clima-Tact to quickly air out the room, making it far more presentable than it had been when they entered.

"So why'd you wanna go and buy out a room?" Luffy asked as he sat himself down on the bed. "We've got plenty on the Sunny."

"We wanted to have some place where we wouldn't be interrupted." Robin started as she and Nami stood in front of him; A calm and collected smile over her face while Nami was blushing and couldn't properly look him in the eye. "Luffy… You understand that we care about you, correct?"

"I mean, yeah, you guys and everyone on the crew are my family, we all love each other, even if we show it in different ways." He thought of how Sanji and Zoro would bicker over every little thing, yet would fight to the death to save the other.

"On that note: 'showing love in different ways', we think that we should be honest with ourselves and to you. And to do that, we believed that having a private area like this would do best." Robin seemed to focus on her words before she spoke. "You saved us when we were at our lowest points, when there was no reason to do so. No money or power you seeked to gain through it. All you wanted to do was to save us from the trappings we had fallen into, and for that we have, and always will be, grateful to you."

"But it goes beyond just that." Nami moved back and forth on the balls of her feet as she was nervous and scared of what was to come. "The way the two of us feel goes further than that, and we wanted to show you just how we really feel. And that we..." Her face was burning red as she couldn't look Luffy in the eye, but as Robin placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile, her breath calmed down. "It's that we- The two of us feel- Oh screw it, we want you to fuck us!" Biting the bullet and being as blunt as a hammer.

"Fuck?" Luffy tilted his head. "What's that mean?"

While Nami felt her brow twitching as she kept herself from strangling him, Robin interjected. "It means that we want to have sex with you."

"Oh that's what that is?" Luffy started. "But why do you wanna do that? Makino told me that that made babies and you need protection. Do you two want babies?"

Nami's rage was floored at countless embarrassing thoughts running through her head. "A baby with Luffy." Her face was steaming.

"Fufufu, It's not about that." Robin chuckled. "Beyond reproduction, sex shows how close you can be to someone, as well, it feels incredible. Why don't we show you just how good it can be?"

Without letting him respond, Robin unzipped her top to let her massive twins drop. Showing off her now pale breasts that raised and fell with her breath. "Navigator~?" Robin hummed.

Following suit, a blushing Nami reached behind to undo the thin strap that kept her own large boobs held back, the fabric falling to a heap on the floor.

Getting on their knees before Luffy, he was confused, but kept his hands on the bed and out of the way for them to do what they wanted. His hands only clenched when they unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear. "What're you guys doing?"

"Don't worry, it's something that's going to feel very good." The Archeologist gave him a smile as she grabbed his dick and started to stroke it. Her soft and gentle hands making a pleasure slowly grow from his privates.

Feeling his prick getting harder as the dark haired woman worked her magic, Luffy felt all that tension and hesitancy leave him. His voice was moaning out in the hotel room as his head fell back and he drifted along these awesome new feelings.

Not leaving Robin to do all the work, now that it had grown big enough, Nami leaned in close and started to kiss and lick at the upper half, coating it in a layer of spit that dripped down to Robin's handjob.

Luffy seemed to enjoy it as his voice grew louder, and he pumped his hips to try and feel even better. Only to groan in dismay when the two of them pulled back. Leaving his member soaked and at attention.

"I think he's been lubed up well enough. What about you, Nami?" Robin pushed her breasts up with one arm while licking her lips, her hungry gaze staring at the huge cock before her.

"We could try a bit more." The tangerine enthusiast teased. "But I think he's earned it now."

His head was too clouded with lust to even think about asking what they meant, but he started to moan again as the two magnificent women in his lap pressed their breasts together and started to pump them up and down his shaft. Not only did it feel different and good, but Luffy got a front row seat to some of the best sets of breasts in all four blues.

While Robin's breasts were larger and softer than Nami's, the Navigator's pair were firmer and perkier. Even their nipples were different as Nami's were poking out and pressing against Robin's breasts and his shaft, while Robin's were inverted and had trouble trying to pop forwards.

The two women moved in opposing directions, their skin clapping together in a wonderful sound that helped drive Luffy crazy. Not helped when Nami leaned in and wrapped her lips around his mushroom tip, gently sucking on it and letting her tongue roll across his slit and glands, but just as quickly as she came, she pulled back and let Robin have a turn. The duo's "attack" was as effective as it was mind-numbing, these new and incredible feelings were surging so powerfully through the rubber man that he felt the tension finally snap as he let out a long groan.

His spunk shot out and painted both bountiful breasts surrounding it with a nice white drizzle, the girls quickly starting to lick it off of the other and moaning at the taste. Giving their captain a wondrous show as they kissed and sucked their way around those jawdroping twins to gulp down all the cum they could find.

But when they had finally cleaned each other off, they saw Luffy's intense stare and still raging cock. So Nami decided to give him a little gift. Grabbing Robin by the back of her head, she pulled her friend close and gave her a deep and powerful kiss. Their tongues exploring the other's mouth as their nipples were still pressing together.

Pulling back, they saw their captain biting his lips could feel his legs bouncing as he desperately wanted more, but he either didn't know what to do, or was letting them stay in control.

"Nami," The older woman looked at her friend. "Why don't you go first?"

"Really?" Nami's eyes went to the huge cock still sandwiched between their tits. Her mouth was watering at the thought of it spreading her open.

"Go on. Though you might want to hurry before your pants stain even more." Robin giggled as Nami got up and saw a massive wet spot in her jeans. The dark haired woman just pulling on her skirt's knot to let it all drop and reveal her lack of any underwear beneath it.

As the younger girl struggled to undo her belt and slide her skinny jeans off, the older one pulled Luffy deeper onto the bed and took off his cardigan. When Nami finally was naked and getting onto the bed, so was Luffy, now kneeling on the bed next to Robin.

The young pair were both blushing and all the bravado that was there just half a minute ago was now replaced by more nervousness. But the experienced woman among them knew how to move things back on track.

Pushing Nami onto her back and pulling Luffy forwards, the archeologist laid at the side, just watching for now as she let the two virgins have at it.

Feeling his dick pressing against her stomach, Nami marveled at how big and hot it was now that it was just inches away from her sex. And as she lined it up and Luffy pushed himself inside of her, both of them quickly grabbed the other and held them close as they experienced pleasure greater than ever before.

With her breasts quaking from their awkward thrusts and her breaths, Luffy leaned down and kissed up her chest to her neck, his arms moving down from her shoulders to her boobs and waist, before finally settling on her fat ass. Digging deep into her soft and smooth butt to thrust better inside of her.

At the same time, Nami had one hand on Luffy's head to pull him close, while her other followed his example. Trailing down his own back before landing on his muscular butt and grabbing at it to tell him that he was hers now, just like she was his..

All the while, Robin was lackadaisical fingering herself as she watched the two get lost in the pleasure of their first time.

It wasn't long before they found themselves almost at their peaks, their already sloppy thrusts turning more powerful and fast as they tried to climax. Luffy pushing himself deep inside of Nami as he shot his load in her, and Nami's core tightened fantastically around him.

While both of them started off panting, Luffy bounced back in less than half a minute while Nami was still trying to catch her breath. So Robin decided to step in.

Pulling Luffy off of Nami, the raven haired woman continued to push Nami up from the bed and onto his lap, all the while keeping the two of them locked at the hips.

While the orange haired woman moaned as the new position let Luffy reach different parts of her pussy, his hands now pumping Nami up and down his cock.

Finding himself being pulled back, Luffy's head was engulfed in Robin's voluptuous breasts as the world's best pillows were nearly smothering him. She whispered goads into his ear to drive him even more mad with lust. Promises of what she would do to him and what her and ideas of crazy positions and places he could fuck the two of them bow legged.

She could see Luffy growing closer and closer with her words putting tantalizing and new thoughts in his mind. While she did think the expression on his face was quite cute as he readied to blast a second load deep inside his Navigator, Robin decided to be a bit devilish.

Reaching between their sex dripping privates, the Devil Child wrapped her hands around the base of his dick and cut off his enjoyment right before he could climax.

With a groan in annoyance, Luffy bottomed out inside Nami to try and salvage his orgasm, but it was fruitless. Though it did leave the orange haired bombshell a drooling mess who was struggling to stay upright.

Moving herself away from Luffy, he fell onto his back. Going from two of the best tits in the world to a love hotel mattress.

The young man wondered why they had moved into this position, but found out as Robin sat her gorgeous ass on his face, her dripping snatch making his mouth water as he started to eat her out with his usual excited fervor. His hands moved from Nami's thighs to Robin's butt, trying to push her closer to him.

Grinding her crotch deeper against his face, Robin loved what she was feeling. Even if Luffy wasn't experienced or focused, she still enjoyed just how much he seemed to love her cunt.

As Nami was trying to steady herself, this time Robin pulled her in for a kiss as her other hand moved to her ass and rubbed it gently before giving it a nice and echoing slap. The surprise made Nami tense up, but all she could do was moan as she felt Luffy's iron hard shaft twitch inside her from the feeling, the rubber boy trying and failing to thrust his hip once again while both fantastic women were sitting on him.

On unsteady knees, Nami got back to thrusting alongside Luffy, but she wanted to get some revenge on Robin, so as they were locking lips, her hands slid across her smooth porcelain skin and worked to molest those bigger twins that drove her crazy.

She started off soft and slow to feel around, but quickly started to get rougher and thumbing to try and get to her nipples. But with nothing to show for it, Nami pulled away from their kiss dove down to suck on those huge teats. Using the vacuum and her tongue to make her peaks pop and tease the dark haired woman's body, moving between which one she was sucking on while the other one was being tweaked and pinched. And from Robin's voice, it sounded like she was all for Nami's "revenge".

With the trio deeply indulging in the others bodies, it was only a matter of time before they came. While Robin wasn't going to climax from unfocused and unpracticed oral, she had the perfect seat to stare into Nami's brown eyes as she came once more, milking their captain for all he could give as his moans of pleasure echoed through his cunnulingus.

Giving her one last kiss, the younger woman fell to the side panting from exhaustion. While she could handle herself during a fight, Nami's endurance always seemed to be her weakest point. But that didn't mean Robin wouldn't take advantage of that.

Pushing Nami's legs off of Luffy's crotch, she was greeted to his sex lathered shaft still standing proudly. And now it was finally her turn to take it for a ride.

Removing his hands that were gripping her lower half, the scholar turned to face him as she impaled herself on this shaft. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt more fullness in her core than ever before. But she wanted something a little more intimate than cowgirl, so pulling Luffy up to a seated position, the genius locked her legs around his core and pulled his head back into her breasts as she twerked her ass on his member.

While her moaning voice freely bounced off the walls of the room, Luffy's own sounds were muffled as he drowned in her breasts; kissing, sucking, and licking them to his heart's content while trying his best to match her thrusts. All the while the older women petted his head in endorsement as he went.

Despite his lack of any real technique or experience, the young captain made up that deficit with sheer vitality and vigor. He was putting his all behind his actions, just like he always did. Beyond being one of the reasons both of these women cared for him, it was also the reason Robin felt her climax quicker than she expected. As her grip around his entire body was growing tighter and closer, she came with a long moan, the euphoric feeling only growing as she felt the hot white spunk shoot inside of her.

The two kept thrusting, albeit at a far slower pace, to keep up the pleasure of their orgasm and let it wash over them. But as Robin felt herself eventually fall back down, she could still feel Luffy as hard as he was before. It seems that teaming up with Nami was a great idea, as neither of them alone could likely deal with his ridiculous reserves of stamina.

Seeing a way to put that to good use, Robin pushed Luffy out of her bosom and crawled off his cock, moving onto the bed on all fours. Cum dripping out of her cunt and down her legs. "I think we'll both enjoy this position." She smiled at him as she looked over her shoulder, one hand keeping her up, while the other was spreading open her pussy.

Like an animal, Luffy pounced at her. Now that he wasn't being held close or sat beneath one of his new girlfriends, the rubber man could better fuck with all the power he had. His hips blurring as he fucked Robin stupid, her hands colapsing beneath her as she couldn't concentrate on keeping herself up. Now she was just molesting her own breasts and fingering her clit to make herself feel better, letting everything besides the pleasure fade away.

Remembering what Robin did to Nami when they were all together, Luffy pulled his hand back and slapped the dark haired woman's ass, leaving a bright red handprint behind, but what he cared about was that it made her core twitch and tighten around his dick whenever it happened. So now Luffy was swapping which cheek to swat as he spanked Robin's ass a burning red.

Both being so sensitive after so much continued stimulation, they came once more in a chorus of moans and meaty slaps. But before Luffy could blow his entire load in her once more, he fell back panting, finding himself more tired out than when he trained on Rusukaina, shooting his last ropes over Robin's ass and legs as his erection finally died down and he took a power nap. The entire room reeking of sex and sweat, while its ocupants were all covered in cum and trying to find their breaths.

It took a few minutes before Nami spoke up. "Robin… We need to ask Franky to soundproof our room."

"Ha… yeah..." The blue eyed woman had her voice muffled as her face was buried against the mattress while her ass was still up in the air. "Hey Nami?"


"Can you still make… ha… Cool Balls?" With her ass burning a bright red, the Archeologist wasn't sure she'd be able to sit for the next few days.

Xx Xx

Crawling on the floor out of a second floor door, hands reaching out for the railing to help pull them away, Luffy was panting like a dog, only his pants and straw hat on his body as he was attempting his escape for water and food. After only a week, the girls had both gotten into the groove of swapping out whenever they were getting tired and sharing their lovably stupid captain, but he could only go without rest for so long.

But before he could grasp them, two hands grabbed at each of his legs as he tried to strategically retreat, he was pulled back into the room. Landing on his back with a groan, his hat falling on his face, he could hear his fate being sealed as the door was closed and the lock latched.

As someone took his hat off, he saw the naked Nami and Robin standing over him, cum splattered over their breasts, alongside even more white goo trailing down their thighs. But his attention was focused on their eyes, staring at him with hunger and want.

Luffy finally understood what it was like to be meat. But as the thought of becoming a vegetarian came to his mind, the boy found himself being picked up and dragged back to the bed as his feet dragged across the floor.