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The Anatomy of Brotherhood

Part Two

By Dawn Nyberg

** Five Months Later**

"Tyr!" Dylan shouted. "This isn't like you to lose your head."

"It has been five months and we have just found which Genite compound Harper is being held. And, now you're sitting here with him," Tyr glared at Bodie Akuma. "If it wasn't for him – my brother wouldn't be in the hands of Genites."

"Tyr," Dylan warned.

"No, Captain Hunt, he is correct. If I hadn't requested Harper's assistance he wouldn't have been here. But, in the same breath I'm fortunate he was otherwise the Sun-Tzu Pride would have suffered devastating losses in the sectors he locked down."

The situation calmed down enough for all of them to come to a plan for Harper's rescue and any other Nietzschean's that were still alive. Bodie Akuma had located Harper's whereabouts via a closed communication from one of his own men. He had explained to Captain Hunt and the others that he had placed a man of his own in with the Genites over a year ago. Rowan Cahir was his cousin and believed along with Bodie that the best way to destroy an enemy is to learn their weaknesses and to destroy them from the inside out – like a disease. They had laughed, after all, the Genites considered Nietzschean's a disease to be neutralized – it was poetic justice that a Nietzschean could live with them under their noses posing as a Human. Rowan had his DNA altered and his bone blades removed and had been able to infiltrate the Genites and obtain a placement at one of their facilities. And, now was the time for action. He had contacted Bodie once he knew the new arrivals were from Goku and had confirmed that a half-human, half- Nietzschean was among those captured from the planet. The Genites had been very interested in the half-human young Nietzschean male they had discovered after the genetic testing of the new arrivals.

The plan was only going to work if Tyr could do the mission without backup. If Andromeda were to enter the system that the compound was in they feared the Genites would neutralize any Nietzscheans that were still alive – including Harper. Bodie had arranged with Rowan that he would meet Tyr at the edge of the compound where he could arrange to have a small portion of the security grid turned off for a short while without drawing attention.

Bodie had also provided Tyr with a viral agent only known as JX-17 – it was lethal to Humans. He had it manufactured with Dylan's approval. It was a compound he had already had his scientist develop over a year ago, but had never manufactured it before and since joining the Commonwealth he had banned it and destroyed the one sample they had kept, but now one vial existed and Tyr planned to use it in the air system against the Genites. Dylan had been opposed to the idea, but after seeing proof of what the Genites are capable of from past raids he had given his Commonwealth approval. They had tested the viral agent against a sample of Harper's blood on file that they had and deemed him immune to the toxins.

** Later that Day **

Now, all that was left for Tyr was to get his brother back. Tyr walked toward the gardens to center himself and gain some focus. His attention was drawn toward a movement to his left. He looked over and saw Chévon watching him and smiling. She walked over to him and he watched her graceful movements. "I wondered where you were," she offered. "But, this is always where you come when your mind is troubled. Are you leaving soon?" She wrapped her arms around him and placed her head against his chest. He brought up his hands and caressed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her.

"Yes, I leave in the morning."

"Then we have tonight, my husband." She kissed him once again, "I will leave you to your thoughts." She smiled and walked away. Tyr glanced at the Double Helix on his arm, so much had changed for him in the five months since Harper was taken and he had come to Goku. He'd have a lot of explaining to do with his brother.

*** Flashback – Four Months Earlier ***

Tyr had come to Goku as soon as he had been alerted to Harper being taken. He had been on Goku over a month when he met Chévon Dupuis, the oldest sister of Sarria, Harper's woman. He thought it strange to see that an Alpha female had chosen Harper, but he was a good man. Chévon had introduced herself to him the night of his arrival and she had told him about Harper and Sarria, and that Sarria had offered him the Helix, but he had declined. She also mentioned the fight that had happened between Seamus and Sarria But, that in the end he still sacrificed himself to make sure she was safe, and Chévon told Tyr that Sarria still wanted Harper and blamed herself for him being taken.

Tyr had not expected to feel the strong link to Chévon that he did, and their relationship grew quickly even in the shadow of trying to find Harper. He had accepted the Helix from her within weeks of meeting her. She was his mate, and an Alpha female from a family of Alpha's. She would be the mother of his children, eventually, but right now, his brother was a priority, he had to get Harper back.

** Present Time **

Dylan walked Tyr to the slip fighter. "Bring him back, Tyr."

"I will." Tyr cast a glance toward Chévon and climbed into the fighter. Tyr had a full day of slips ahead of him in order to get to the Genite compound. The sooner he got there the sooner he could get Harper out of there. He never let himself entertain the thoughts that his younger brother may be dead – Harper was alive and he would continue to believe that until he was shown otherwise. Tyr exited the slipstream and was able to land on what was formally known as the Diadema Drift – now taken over by Genites and made into one of there holding and testing compounds. Tyr followed the coordinates provided to him by Bodie – he landed without detection and made his way to the pre-planned meeting rendezvous with Rowan Cahir, Bodie's inside man.

Tyr waited near an outside access door. Tyr stepped back into a recess in the wall waiting on his contact to arrive. Ten minutes later the door opened. He stayed hidden, "Anasazi?"

Tyr stepped out from the wall recess. "Yes."

"I'm Rowan Cahir," the man began.

"My brother does not have time for us to waste with introductions."

The man nodded. "Fine. Do you have the JX-17?"

"No, I forgot it on Goku," Tyr said sarcastically. "Of course, I have it."

"They ran the test's on your brother's blood?"

"Yes, he will be immune. Is he all right?"

"He's alive I know that much, but 'all right', I'm not sure. I don't have any details on him. But I know he has been kept in Sector HB and has spent some time in Lab 7." The man dropped his eyes from Tyr's when he spoke of the lab.

"What is it? What about this Lab 7?"

"I've just heard things that's all. All I know for certain is that it's a lab for hybrids only. Half-human and half-Nietzschean."

"Are there other ..." Tyr paused, "hybrids in this compound?

"Not now, only your brother."

"What happens in there?" Tyr's eyes blazed.

Rowan just shook his head. "Some things are better left unsaid."

Tyr understood what he meant. Torture. Experiments.

"There are 112 Genites in this compound. The viral agent must be released here," the man pointed to the ventilation system. "Look," he said glancing at the security system timer on the wall. "We've only got fifteen minutes before the system resets in this corridor and it'll be over for us both."

Tyr took out the XJ-17 – they had made it into an aerosol on Goku, so that it could be easily introduced into the air supply. "Just spray it, hurry!" Cahir's voice was urgent. "Look this place has a forced air supply, so it will spread quickly, but it will take ten minutes to circulate fully and if we run out of time on the security system it will detect a viral agent and lock the system down."

Tyr understood. He sprayed the contents into the shaft. He was about to be the reason 112 humans were going to die, but they were Genites and he couldn't muster one feeling of sympathy for any of them. "Is there an override to the vent system that will prevent other areas from closing themselves off that the agent hasn't reached yet?" Tyr asked.

"Yes," Rowan proceeded to flip down a switch. "This will override any attempt to close off the vents for another ten minutes. XJ-17 works fast and once it hits them – it's over. We can monitor the compound from this Vid screen."

**Twenty minutes later**

Rowan scanned the compound from the security room. "It's done the only life signs are those of the prisoners. Go, and I'll alert Bodie. He'll send rescue ships for the survivors to take them back to Goku." Tyr nodded and left to find his brother. He was given his last known location in the compound. He walked over dead Genites – some of their faces were contorted, frozen in looks of shock and sometimes pain, but Tyr didn't care, after all they were killers. As he passed units with Nietzscheans in them he unlocked their holding-cells and told them where to proceed.


Tyr turned toward the voice. "Do I know you?"

"Not formally. I work with your brother on Goku." "Have you seen him?"

"Not since we were separated out and put into different units. He's down there somewhere." The Nietzschean pointed. Tyr nodded and left.

Tyr had trouble accessing the door to the unit – finally out of frustration he punched the keypad and the door slid open as sparks crackled from the broken panel.

He rounded the corner toward more holding cells. He past another four dead Genites and came to another door. He pushed the access button and this time the door opened with a swish. The cells were closed off by some kind of plexi-glass and metal doors. All of the cells were dark except for one at the end. Tyr moved slowly toward the light he was half afraid of what he might find. He looked in and saw a young man sitting a steel platform off the ground and mounted to the wall – he assumed that must be his sleeping platform. His head was bend down into his hands and his knees were drawn up to his chest. He was dressed the same as the other captives – black pants and shirts with small orange numbers on the right short sleeve, only above Harper's numbers was the word: Hybrid.

"Harper?" Tyr's voice was soft and tentative. The head rose up and their eyes met. The face Tyr saw was that of his brother's. He had a bruise on his cheek and a cut across his bottom lip that looked a few days old and had begun to heal.

"Tyr?" The voice was unsure as he stood up looking up at his brother on the other side of the plexi-glass. "Is it really you?"

"Yes, I'm not your imagination." Seamus smiled at that, but Tyr noticed the smile didn't reach his eyes.

"You're late," was all Harper said as a reply. Tyr nodded. He appreciated Harper's attempt at levity.

"I'll work on my punctuality in the future," Tyr offered with a chuckle. "Now, let's get you out of here." Anasazi opened the door and as the seal broke with a whoosh – Harper stepped closer and stared at the threshold between freedom and captivity. "Something wrong?" Tyr asked with concern.

Seamus shook his head, "Nah, I'm good," he paused. "It's just been a while that's all." Tyr extended his hand to his brother.


Harper stared at Tyr's hand for a full second and then reached out and took it. Anasazi pulled him into freedom and into an unexpected bear hug. Harper stiffened slightly and a slight noise escaped his throat. Tyr let him go instantly. "Are you hurt?"

"Just some bruises. I'm fine."

Tyr reached for his shirt, "Let me ..." He was cut off as Harper stepped back from him pushing his hand off the hem of his shirt as he tried to lift it.

"I said, I was fine and leave it at that."

"Harper..." Tyr began.

"Save it, okay? So, I've been locked up for a while – it's not the end of the world. How are the others?" He said suddenly closing off the previous conversation.

"They are being freed and a transport is coming to evacuate them back to Goku."

"Good." Tyr stood there looking at Harper. "What are you waiting for?"

"Nothing," Tyr answered.

"Fine, then let's go." Harper stepped in front of Tyr and headed toward the exit. Anasazi watched his brother's retreating back. His brother was changed and he needed to know what had been done to him. Something told him Harper wasn't all right, but he'd have to deal with that later. There was much to tell his younger brother about, but even more for Harper to tell. He just wanted to get his brother out of here –the time for facing personal demons and fighting them was yet to come for Harper, and it would come, this Tyr was sure of, but when?

To be continued in the next installment – titled: "Tourniquet"