Coming to a decision, Issei clears his throat, causing both Murayama and Katase to look up at him, startled.

"Well. You asked me to come here again. I won, again. I'll be taking my payment for my time now."

They startle even worse at that, his words causing two jolts to run through both of their bodies. He's never been so brazen in front of the rest of their club before, of course, so it's no wonder that they both got atomic red as Issei tosses the bamboo sword away and then stands there, waiting patiently. Each stare at him, as if they expect him to take back the words he's already spoken, as if they can't believe he's doing this.

But once they realize it's too late, they capitulate. Slowly rising to their feet, the Captains of the Girl's Kendo Club turn to their club members.

"U-um, that will be all, for today. You can all go now, t-thank you. We'll meet again soon."

Here is where Issei steps in, his decision made clear.

"Or you can all stay and watch. I don't really care, one way or another."

The entire room goes silent and still at that. The air is electrified as both Katase and Murayama look at him with dawning understanding mixed with horror on their faces. But beneath that horror, there's just a hint of excitement, of arousal, of anticipation in each of their eyes. When they see no mercy in HIS gaze, they both bow their heads, hanging them really, in supplication and submission.

The rest of the room may not know exactly what's going on, but it's clear that most of the girls have some idea of what's going to happen. Issei watches as a few get up and leave, their faces bright red and their eyes downcast in embarrassment. No one looks angry, though he thinks he sees a few who are most definitely disappointed in their Captains. That disappointment might eventually become anger, but to be perfectly honest, Issei doesn't really care.

Heh, this move isn't exactly conducive to being lazy and flying under the radar, Issei.

Issei very nearly rolls his eyes as the metaphorical dragon on his shoulder speaks into his mind. True, if he goes through with this, if he goes through with playing with both Katase and Murayama in front of the rest of the Kendo Club, it'll be almost impossible to contain what happens here. Hell, he might even get punished for it, despite it all being consensual.

But Issei finds he doesn't really care about the consequences of that. Maybe… maybe he's outgrowing this place. Maybe he's ready to move beyond Kuoh Academy, and this is his first step in that direction.

Hm, well I wouldn't mind going and seeing more of the world, I suppose…

There was a lot to see, wasn't there? But for now, Issei had things in the here and now to take care of. Once it becomes clear that no one else is going to leave, and that the rest of the Kendo Club is intending to stay and watch, Issei clears his throat, and gestures for Murayama and Katase to get on with it. The two girls sink to their knees once more before him, their eyes downcast, neither able to look at any of their club members right now.

That's okay though, because their focus should be on him anyways. Of course, even as they both reach up and begin to pull at his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them and then pulling them down, they don't look at him. Issei rectifies this by reaching out and sliding his hands through pink and brown locks respectively. Gripping firmly but not painfully, Issei forces their heads to tilt back just a bit, so that they have to look up at him.

At the same time, his cock is finally removed from his boxers, and over a dozen girls gasp and blush and cover their mouths with their hands as they stare at it, as they watch Katase and Murayama lean in without any prompting and stick out their tongues to lap at it. Not a single one of them looks away though, Issei notes. As their Captains debase themselves right in front of their eyes, as the two girls use their tongues and mouths to bring him to full mast in front of the rest of the Girl's Kendo Club, absolutely no one averts their gaze.

They're transfixed. If he wanted to, he probably could have gotten away with fucking them all.

Still could.

Issei DOES roll his eyes at Ddraig now. After all, everyone's attention is on his cock, not his face. He wasn't going to turn this into a reverse gangbang of the Girl's Kendo Club, no matter how much the naughty little sluts wanted it to be. He had enough on his plate already. He didn't need over a dozen girls all vying for his attention. Especially when they weren't even that special.

Huh, special? Where had that come from? Issei furrows his brow a bit, even as he pulls Katase and Murayama away from his cock after a moment.

"Assume the position."

The two girls exchange glances, and Issei wonders if they'll renege on their deal with him, now that it's so high stakes. They've gone this far, but there is still a bit of a leap between sucking his cock in front of the rest of the club and getting fucked by it instead. They could very easily back out now, though he's not sure if they know that.

He wouldn't force them to do it. He isn't that kind of man. He's not a rapist, and if a girl doesn't want it, if he's given an unequivocal no, then Issei will walk away. This whole thing, this entire situation, it was one that Katase and Murayama had put themselves in. They'd been the ones who approached him and demanded that he help them give a demonstration in front of the rest of the club.

That first time, Issei had been sure they were just fucking with him. The deal they'd given him, the wager that they'd ended up making… it had seemed a little ridiculous. If he won against both of them, one after the other, then he would be allowed to do whatever he wanted to them. If they won, then he would have to clean up after the Kendo Club as well as do their dirty laundry for a week.

Obviously, he'd won. Obviously, he hadn't expected either of them to fulfill their end of the bargain that first time through. But when they had… Issei could admit that he'd enjoyed taking their virginities. Claiming Katase and Murayama for himself had felt… good.

Just as it felt good now, watching as they slowly turn away from him in unison, as they reach back and pull down their pants to expose their pert little behinds. They're not wearing panties, neither of them. A couple of little sluts… HIS little sluts. They press their faces into the mat, and they lift their hips up into the air, and the entire room holds its collective breath as Issei kneels behind them, his cock in his hand.

Of course, he doesn't fail to notice how Murayama and Katase are holding hands as they wait for him to pick one of them to fuck first. Not only are their fingers intertwined with one another between their bodies, they have their heads turned so that they can stare into each other's eyes the entire while. Issei almost wishes he had two cocks in that moment, so he could fuck them both at the same time.

Heh, if only I had a physical body, I could take one while you took the other…

But alas, it's just Issei and his single cock, metaphorical soul-dragon notwithstanding. Moving into position behind Katase, Issei takes hold of the pinkette's hips and thrusts into her. She cries out from the penetration, and that cry is followed up by a moan as he begins to fuck her with quick, powerful thrusts, right then and there.

The rest of the room is still quiet. None of the girls watching their Captain get defiled by what is probably the first cock they've ever seen are moving. Some might not even be breathing right now, though they're all certainly STARING. Issei basks in the attention. It surprises him, actually. He likes it. He likes being watched. He likes being the center of attention. Even if moments before he'd viewed them all as unimportant, his audience was playing their part now.

He didn't need to know their names or who they each were to have them watch and enjoy the sight of him fucking Katase from behind. After a few minutes of thrusting, Issei pulls out and switches over to Murayama without warning. The brunette whimpers, and then yelps when he reaches forward and takes her long ponytail in hand, using it to force her back to arch up.

Katase still holds her hand and watches her, but now Murayama is forced to face forward, forced to make eye contact with more than one of her fellow students as she's thoroughly plowed by Issei's cock. He keeps switching things up from there, never spending too long fucking either Katase or Murayama. They still cum, the both of them, and it's a shameful sight to see indeed, watching them orgasm around his length time and time again, their defeat ingrained into the eyes of every other member of the Kendo Club that's chosen to stay and watch.

However, when Issei finally cums, he doesn't do it inside. They haven't earned that. Instead, he grabs them both up by their hair and pulls them around to face him. Their cheeks smoosh together as Issei allows his ejaculate to splatter all over their features. He covers them in his seed, giving them both a proper facial, and then he drops them, letting them fall to the ground, panting and moaning for breath.

Rising to his feet, Issei lets his gaze sweep across the room as he tucks his cock back into his boxers and pulls up his pants. He watches them all, and each girl goes ramrod straight as he stares into her eyes. But… no. None of them are worth his time. They're all far too normal. Even Murayama and Katase… he's not sure that he'll come back here again. Maybe he will. Just for fun. But something tells him that this isn't enough. He's gotten a taste for this, a lust for sex… but it can only be satisfied by something or perhaps someone more.

Letting out a low breath, Issei steps over Katase and Murayama, and walks out of the Kendo Club's dojo, closing the door behind him as he goes. He knows he's leaving an incredibly awkward situation in the room behind him, but that's not Issei's problem. The dynamic of the Kendo Club may have been changed irrevocably, but that was Katase and Murayama's doing, not his. He was simply the implement that both of those perverts had used to fulfill their debauched desires.

Still… it had been fun. And now Issei found himself wanting more. Where he would get that, he didn't know quite yet. But he knew one thing… his lazy lifestyle was coming to an end.

Oh, don't tease me with things like that, Issei. You're going to get my hoped up.

Issei just chuckles under his breath as he begins making his way home.


"H-Hello there, Issei Hyoudou! I'm Yuuma Amano and I have the biggest crush on you! Would you please go out with me after school today?"

Issei just stares for a moment. If not for the fact that he could CLEARLY sense something more to this girl than her outward appearance would suggest, he might think this had to do with the Kendo Club. Otherwise, why would anyone be as forward as THAT? And yet, even if this was somehow tied to the events that had taken place yesterday, there was also something more going on. Because there was no denying the feeling of tainted divinity that the girl in front of him was giving off.

Good eye, Issei. She definitely smells of Fallen Angel… and not just like one's been rubbing off on her either.

THAT brings some lecherous and likely blasphemous images to Issei's mind. He doesn't bother dispelling them though, because really, he's not particularly religious given everything. Still, the 'girl' for lack of a better word is still staring at him expectantly, waiting for an answer. Is he going to say yes to her? Is he going to say no? Well, that's easy enough.

"Sure, I'll go on a date with you."

He isn't going to DENY her that. Even if it's a trap… Issei likes the idea of springing it. Better to remain seemingly oblivious, than perhaps tip her off to the fact that he knows more than he should. In response, this 'Yuuma Amano' lights up with excitement, looking to all the world like she's just been made the happiest schoolgirl ever.

"O-Oh thank you! Yay, I'm Issei's girlfriend now! I can't wait to see you later!"

And then she's gone, just like that. Issei stares after her, resisting the urge to scratch his head in confusion. Who… who did she think she was trying to fool, really? That was just… maybe if he was a complete idiot and obsessed with tits over everything else, her little act might have actually sucked him in.

Or if you didn't have the refined senses of a dragon, to be able to tell she was a Fallen Angel.

Or that, sure. But even if he was a normal human, Issei liked to think that he would have been able to sense the 'stranger danger' vibes coming off that girl from a mile away. He'd have to be a moron not to. Regardless, spending time thinking about 'what ifs' was pointless. Especially when he had the rest of the day to plan out exactly how this 'date' with this Fallen Angel was going to go…


"Issei Hyoudou?"

Issei blinks, stopping in the hall as a familiar face steps in front of him, barring his path. Wearing spectacles and a pristine copy of the girl's school uniform, with long, black hair, the girl in front of him is undeniably Tsubaki Shinra. It's kind of hard not to know who she is, of course. Not only is she the Vice President of the Student Council, thus making her one of the few people he sees on stage at pretty much every school assembly and event, she's also a devil, a member of one of the two peerages that reside within Kuoh Academy.

Issei cocks his head to the side, his hands nonchalantly in his pockets as he stares at her.

"Yes? That's me."

Tsubaki just nods, pushing her glasses up her nose. She has a bit of a reputation for being a serious sort of girl. There are rumors that she doesn't know how to smile, because it was deemed unnecessary in her scholastic advancement. Issei thought that was a little silly. Still, Tsubaki was currently doing her best to make it seem like those rumors were true. She was JUST shy of glaring at him.

"As I thought. My name is Tsubaki Shinra, Student Council Vice President. Please come with me, if you would. The Student Council President, Sona Sitri, needs to have a word with you."

Now this? This was almost DEFINITELY about the Kendo Club. Issei had been flying under the devils' radar for the entire time he'd been at Kuoh Academy so far. Neither peerage had so much as looked in his direction until now. It seemed he'd begun attracting attention, whether he liked it or not. And yet, staring at Tsubaki, his blood was singing for him to do something, for him to… take. So perhaps he did like it. Perhaps this was what Issei had wanted, unknowingly or otherwise.

Before he can say anything however, another voice rings out just inches behind him, and a moment later a pair of breasts is wrapped around his arm as he's suddenly hugged tightly.

"Issei, there you are! You're going to be late for your first meeting at the Occult Research Club! Don't worry though, Buchou sent me to come get you! Ah, this woman isn't bothering you, is she?"

Yep. He was definitely on their radar now. Because the girl who'd just inserted herself quite forcibly into the conversation was none other than Akeno Himejima. She wasn't part of the Student Council, but she was widely considered one of the most beautiful girls in school. Right alongside the head of the Occult Research Club that she'd mentioned, Rias Gremory.

It was amusing, that a bunch of devils had taken on the guise of the Occult Research Club in order to hide among humans. Almost as amusing as the fact that another peerage of more serious and rules-oriented devils had become the Student Council. Regardless, Tsubaki has gone stiff at Akeno's arrival.

"Himejima… what do you think you're doing?"

Akeno just smiles sweetly.

"Why, I'm making sure Issei gets where he belongs, of course! Don't you worry about a thing!"

"… The President needs to have a word with Mister Hyoudou before he goes anywhere, least of all with the likes of you."

"Well, Buchou gave me specific instructions to make sure Issei doesn't get lost along the way to his destiny, and I can't disappoint her, now can I?"

He supposed the conversation was probably meant to be going over his head. It wasn't though, not truly. Issei could read between the lines easily enough. He'd finally made himself noticeable, and after investigating, or perhaps not investigating, after all it'd only been a day, both peerages had decided to try and recruit him into their ranks. Though, it was possible that Sona Sitri did not want to do so and was merely planning on telling him off for engaging in sexual activities in front of a bunch of innocent girls.

Either way, Tsubaki and Akeno were now fighting over him, sniping at each other and glaring daggers with a surprising intensity as they verbally sparred back and forth. Meanwhile, Issei figured he had options, now. Really, it was a toughie. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but luckily, the two beautiful devils were giving him plenty of time to think it over.

For starters, there was 'Yuuma' to think of. While Issei wasn't overly invested in what was obviously a fake disguise designed to entrap him in some way, he WAS interested in the Fallen Angel behind it. If he went with either Tsubaki or Akeno, he was likely to piss said Fallen Angel off. What she would do next, he wasn't sure, but it was entirely possible that upon discovering his involvement with devils, she might cut her losses altogether and walk away.

Issei didn't want that. He wanted her. Wait… he wanted her? Huh, that was something he hadn't fully realized until now. Though, it led to another realization. He ALSO wanted Akeno and Tsubaki. Hell, if he met with either peerage, Issei was sure he would want all of them as well. There was this desire building up inside of him, a desire to take and conquer and hoard.

Ah, but where to begin? Should he blow both Tsubaki and Akeno off, and by proxy, their female Kings? He could go on the date with Yuuma and find out what her deal was. Or, he could choose one of them. But then, who to parlay with first? Should he pick the Student Council over the Occult Research Club and see what Sona had to say, or should he go along with Akeno's lie and find out what the Occult Research Club was REALLY about?

Yuuma, Tsubaki, or Akeno. One way or another, Issei was in it now. And truth be told, he was somewhat excited to see what came next.


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