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Chapter Two

Raven hair down to her chin, framing her perfect face. Bright brown eyes intensely focused on the task in front of her. She's wearing her usual Papa Skull t-shirt and cardigan, skirt over jeans. She looks over at me, and I catch a glimpse of her blue-streaked bang. I sigh as she looks back at her screen. Who cares how many times the Spartans fought with Archimedes, when you could watch the beautiful, smart, and spunky Claire Nunez?

"Close your mouth. You're drooling." Toby's voice rang through his daydream.

"No, I'm not." Jim replies. Quickly glancing at what his friend typing. "Hey! Look up 'talking amulet'."

"Already did. All I found was a plushie." Toby replies.

"Don't you agree, Jim?" A voice announces behind Jim.

"Sir?" Jim askes startled, turning to face his teacher.

"With Herodotus' opinion on his tactics of war, as I've described." Mr. Strickler clarifies.

"Wha- I mean, yes sir! Absolutely." Jim replies.

"Excellent. Which tactics do you think were the most successful if you would care to share your opinion?" Strickler adds.

"His winning tactics, of course." Jim retorts.

The class lightly chuckles at his comment. The school bell rings, startling Jim enough to knock his books off his desk. The rest of the class quickly proceeded into the hall, leaving Jim alone with Strickler. They both knelt next to each other to pick up Jim's books.

"Jim, you're distracted. You were nodding off during the invasion of Attica and the peace of Nicias, and your attention wandered for the rest of the lesson." Strickler states.

"Sorry, I've just been having a hard time getting to sleep lately." Jim explains.

"Jim, if this is about me moving in, I can talk it over with your mother about putting it on hold." Strickler offers.

"NO! No, it has nothing to do with that. It's just . . . hormones, you know." Jim asserts. Shoving his last book in his bag and running to the door.

"Oh Jim, one more thing!" Strickler calls out, stopping Jim from leaving. "Speaking from experience, you'd get more headway with Ms. Nunez if you spoke to her, rather than stare at her."

Jim quickly nods before jogging to the boy's locker room. Jim quickly changes and meets Toby by the rope climb. Jim takes the first climb to the top, then tries to help Toby as much as possible. After a few minutes, Jim hears the tell-tale sign of laughing girls. He looks over by the bleachers to see Claire sitting there with Darci and Shannon. Thinking about Strickler's advice, Jim takes a deep breath and walks over to her.

"Buenas noches." Jim greets.

"You speak Spanish?" Claire asks skeptically.

"Um. . . uh." Jim replies, realizing that speaking Spanish to a girl from a Latino family was maybe not his best move.

"Come on, Claire." Darci announces, standing up to lead the three of them away from Jim.

"Wah-uh." Jim stammers, unable to think of any coherent words to say.

"Do you like Shakespeare?" Claire asks, standing up.

"Shakes-spere?" Jim stutters.

"I only ask because, we're having trouble finding guys to audition." Claire explains, handing him a flyer.

"Oh, uh, sure, maybe, um, hasta huevo." Jim parts, turning away from Claire.

Well that was a total failure. Going back to his best friend, Jim sees Toby hanging upside down on the rope being scolded by Coach Laurance. Helping Toby off the rope, the bell rings again. The two of them head to the locker room, and Jim describes his embarrassing encounter with Claire.

"You should totally go for it." Toby advises.

"What? The play? I'm not an actor." Jim excuses.

"So? You're always talking about wanting more excitement in your life. I'll even bet that Tina will tell you the exact same thing." Toby retorts.

"I don't mean just exciting. I mean . . . more, you know. I need to know that there's more to life than high school, and I don't think Romeo and Juliet is the answer." Jim explains.

A sudden loud clatter of lockers forces Jim to jump. Looking down the rows, Jim can't find anybody. Suddenly, Jim can hear rushing water, and finds a large cloud of steam coming from the showers. Peering into the shower room, Jim still can't see anyone through the steam. Gradually a shape starts to form, but there's something wrong with it. The shape is too large and bulky to be another student. Are those . . . horns?

"Hurry up Jimbo! We're gonna be late for our next class." Toby shouts.

Jim rushes out of the lockers, after Toby. The rest of day passes by uneventfully. As he's about to leave, Jim stops in front of the theatre, debating whether to audition or not. After a minute, Jim shakes his head and goes to get his bike. As he and Toby wheel their bikes to the exit, Jim catches Steve Palchuk shove Eli Pepperjack into a locker. Jim winces at the action, mostly because Eli reminds him of Tina; short, smart, weird but well-meaning.

"Let it go man." Toby warns. "If Psycho Steve is picking on him, that means he's not picking on us."

"Sorry Tobes, but I can't. Not this time." Jim declares, walking towards Steve.

"Jim no! Come back!" Toby silently screams.

"Tell me again!" Steve demands Eli. "Tell me about the monsters you saw this morning. You know, the ones with the fangs and, what was it again?"

"Stone for skin, in the canal." Eli whimpers from inside the locker.

"'Stone for skin'. Wow Eli, you've got some imagination." Steve chuckles.

"Come on Steve, that's enough. Just let him out." Jim persuades.

"Why don't you mind your own business Lake!" Steve warns, grabbing Jim by his collar. "Unless you want me to give an even worse beating."

"Go ahead!" Jim spits out.

"What?" Steve asks confused.

"I said 'go ahead'. Because in twenty years, you'll be fat, bald, and working in a muffler shop, while Eli will be a billionaire in software design." Jim agitates.

Suddenly all the students around them began to chant for Eli to be let out. Jim could see Steve's face change from confusion, to fear, to rage, over and over again. Steve wanted to beat him up, Jim could clearly see that, but Jim was also certain that Steve was worried about taken down by everyone else. The decision was taken from him when Coach Laurance burst into the courtyard. Steve let go of Jim and opens Eli locker, giving Coach an excuse. Steve waits for Coach to go back into the school before shutting the locker on Eli again. Steve threatens Jim one last time, then leaves with his cronies. Jim opens the locker and helps Eli out.

"Thanks Jim." Eli responds.

"No problem. By the way, what was that whole thing with Steve about?" Jim asks.

"Oh, I saw these two giant stone monsters with swords fighting in the canal this morning." Eli replies.

"And you say they had stone for skin?" Jim inquires.

"Yeah! I mean, it was a little hard to se through the mist, but I could them more clearly as we got off the bridge." Eli explains.

Jim only vaguely pays attention to Toby pulling him away. All he can think about is that large pile of rock from this morning. As crazy as Eli's story was, maybe it wasn't entirely wrong. It's as good as any other reason for how a large pile of rocks can suddenly appear. Jim thoughts are cut short when he sees his mother pull up in front of them.

"Hi boys!" She calls out.

"Hey Mom." Jim replies, as Toby tries to stop beside him.

Hey Dr. Lake, your looking sharp." Toby comments with a gasp.

"Thank you, Toby. So do you." Dr, Lake returns.

"You're heading out early. Is someone sick?" Jim asks.

"Actually, Tina's school called, they want to talk about advancing her grade. I don't know how long this is going to take, so can you make sure the hallway is clear for tomorrow?" She requests.

"Sure thing. I'll see you later." Jim replies.

"Love you!" Dr. Lake calls out as she slowly drives away from the pair.

"Didn't the school do the exact same thing last year?" Toby asks.

"Yeah well, it's not their fault she learns faster than they can teach." Jim excuses.

"Before you know, she'll be learning high school curriculum alongside us." Toby suggests.

"I think you just described my worst nightmare. It's already embarrassing enough that she helps me with my homework. I'm her older brother, shouldn't be the other way around?" Jim confesses.

The two of them part ways with a chuckle. They wave to each other one last time before entering their respective houses. Jim closes the door behind, then drops his bag next to it. He cleans the hallway and staircase, making sure to remove all tripping hazards and anything that can fall over. Out of the corner of his eye, Jim sees something glowing in his backpack. Stopping what he's doing, he rushes over and pulls out the amulet. In his hand, the glow begins to pulsate.

"Hello? Any more spooky voices to creep me out?" Jim question hangs in the air.

There's a clatter from the basement. Thinking it's racoons again, Jim puts the amulet in his back pocket and grabs the broom. Opening the door, Jim turns on the light. The light flickers a bit before fizzling out. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, Jim cautiously descends the stairs. He sees and hears nothing. His foot hits the cement floor, and Jim squints to see around him. He can just see, thanks to the glow of the furnace. Jim finds the dead light behind, but strangely, also sees shadows underneath it. The light suddenly turns on, strong and steady, and Jim sees a horrifying monster beneath it. It was blue, with four arms, long ears, horns, six eyes, and suspenders.

"Master Jim!" The Monster greets excitedly with open arms.

Jim screams and tries to run away, only to trip on his feet. Jim tries to crawl away instead, backing up into a pipe. Jim sees the monster coming towards him, and he tries to away to the left. Something hard blocks Jim's path, and he looks up to finds that it's a small hairy mountain with a face.

"Hi." The mountain greets, picking Jim in one hand.

Jim watches helplessly as the blue comes closer. Jim's legs kicking into the empty air.

"I am so glad we found you Master Jim. I am known as Blinky." The Blue one introduces itself. It's partner points Jim towards itself.

"Aaarrrgghh. Three r's." The mountain tells Jim.

Jim continues to scream at either monster. Holy crap, Eli was right! There are monsters with stone skin, and fangs! They're gonna eat me!

"Master Jim please, now is not the time to be hysterical. You have been chosen to ascend to the most sacred of offices." The Blue one continues.

"W-w-w-wha. W-w-what are y-you talking-g about?" Jim stammers.

"Unbeknownst to your kind, there is a vast civilization of trolls lurking beneath your feet. Hidden from view, they desire only to live in peace without fear of persecution." The Blue one explains.

"Wait what? Trolls? Like, live under a bridge, trolls?" Jim explicates.

"Not quite, but for the sake of this setting, close enough." The Blue one acquiesces. "Master Jim, you have been chosen by the Amulet of Daylight, to become the Trollhunter and to protect Trollmarket from those who would seek to destroy our peaceful society."

Jim started to giggle. He didn't why, or maybe it was because he didn't understand that he was laughing. None of it made any sense. Trolls existed, and he was chosen by a magical amulet to protect. The world started to fade out for Jim, and the last thing he remembered was hitting the cement floor.