Summary: Every Saturday my killer comes and kills me. I will greet him next Saturday. Every time until it ends.

Just like every previous time, Saturday ended the same way. I stayed late at school helping out with things.

The setting sun dyed the classroom a bright orange, and despite it being winter the air in the hallway felt suffocatingly hot. Hot enough that my lungs burned, and I felt like an arm might drop off.

That's when I ran into Shinji.

"Oh, Emiya." His tone was the same as always, and like always he asked about how I was helping Issei around. It was just small talk- a conversion we had done many times before, but somehow I felt lost following him.

All I could focus on was how under that harsh sunlight, I barely saw Shinji's face under the deep shadows his hair made. Maybe I was too tired because all I made out was deep purple and a moving mouth.

For a moment I almost thought it could have been another person, but that's impossible.. only Shinji had that unique seaweed hair.

Unconsciously I moved away from the windows, almost hiding behind a nearby door- anything to get me away from that harsh light.

That's when Shinji reached the climax of the scene. "Oh Emiya, do me a favor. The archery club is a mess, so help me with that."

This was something Shinji should be doing himself, but he was only there to ask me to do that so I had to accept. That was the role this Shirou Emiya was here to fulfill after all.

"Sure, I have some free time, and it's a good thing to do once in a while," I accepted the request with a smile, and Shinji just left laughing having completed his part.

But despite offering to do that favor, the moment he was no longer in my sight, I turned around and just left the school.

Dusk was almost ending, and the last rays of light were fading. So before the moon came up, I wanted to return home.

That's when I felt something pierce my chest, a familiar bloody red spear. Needless to say, Shirou Emiya died instantly- after all he was still someone who dies when he is killed.

"Sorry, kiddo. Wrong choice." My killer said in an almost apologetic tone. For a moment I almost believed it, too.

After all, this should be getting old to him as it was to me.

The next Saturday, I decided to skip school. Lying to Sakura felt bad, but at least she quickly accepted my lie about feeling sick. She seemed almost happy to see me avoid school that day.

A part of me wanted to tell her that I felt the same.

"Don't worry Sempai, I will tell Fujimura-sensei about it. Just rest and drink plenty of juice." With that, she quickly left for practice, and I just went to the shed. A mage was strongest in his workshop after all.

For a moment I considered trying to prepare a trap or practicing my magic before the day ended. But it's useless, after all, I knew how this would end.

Even so, I managed to stay hidden until the sun was almost hiding again, and that's when he appeared at the entrance of the shed. Same as last Saturday, the sunset was harsh again.

Under those sharp backlit shadows, all I saw were a bright blue bodysuit and a red spear.

When I saw him, I simply offered him some tea I had with me.

Hiding for a whole day had been draining, to the point my throat felt drier than a dessert. Inside the shed, the heat felt even worse than back at school, it felt I would die from the heat first.

"Thanks, but no thanks. We both know we don't have time to waste," the spearman dismissed me without hesitation. He took a single step and just like that, his red spear killed me without hesitation. "We both know hiding like this isn't like you, so do it right next time."

He was right, after all, Shirou Emiya won't survive by hiding, but even so, I wasn't happy to hear that.

After all, I just didn't want it to end.

But eventually even dying got old, no matter how well I hid or who I asked for help, the red spear still found me every Saturday. Just like he said, I had been wasting time.

The scorching heat didn't ease up on my body either.

So next time Shinji asked me to help at the archery club, I stayed. I had done this work many times by now so it was nothing new, but staying under the moonlight felt refreshing after all the previous scorching Saturdays.

That's why when I heard that clash and saw that inhuman fight, I calmly ran away. Despite everything, I hadn't felt so refreshed in a long while.

So when the red spear pierced my chest in that hallway, all I heard were words of gratitude. "Thanks, kid." It was simple but sincere, after all, under the soft moonlight of that night, the blue spearman's smile was genuine.

Unlike last time or maybe like the first time, after that death, I simply rose. This time on the same night, with a pendant in hand and a bloody shirt.

Needless to say, after that I simply went home- by now I knew what I needed to do.

What happened next didn't need a lot of elaboration. Just like last time, or maybe like the first time, the blue spearman came back and attacked me. This time he took his time, he allowed me to try to fight back. It was pointless, he was just too strong and with a few swings he sent me flying into my shed.

But unlike last time, blows were soft- almost kind; we both knew it was going to end soon.

Just as he was going to drive in his final blow, he smiled at me- thankful.

I smiled back.

That's when she came- like a light from the heavens clad in silver- a girl clad in a knightly form.

The moonlight bathes her in a soft pristine light, her short armored form stood like a stalwart and strong statue. She shined so brightly one could almost feel the life radiating from her. For a moment I think she was the most beautiful thing in this world, and she probably was.

After all, she was the reward for all this hard work- the great knight that would only appear to respond to Shirou Emiya's plight.

Standing proud, she looked down at me and asked that iconic line, "Are you my Mas- what!?" But she never finished, after all that's when she noticed my form. "What… what happened?"

I can't blame her, because just as the soft moonlight illuminates her perfectly, it also illuminated my shabby form.

Seeing her soft face twist in confusion just made me want to laugh. I wanted to explain it to her, but well this Shirou Emiya had no mouth to talk with anymore. The spearman behind her was too busy laughing to explain it either.

What better joke was there than two rotten corpses playing around until they called down a beautiful girl from the heavens?

"Are you a ghoul?" Was all she managed before my body -ancient bones and rotten flesh- broke down. My laughing head rolled down the shed until it landed at her steel boots, and my eyes met hers.

"Thank you." Somehow I managed to get that out despite not having a throat, and the spearman behind her did the same. Finally, this farce could end.

With that, the two props left the stage to the main actor that had finally arrived, content to finally be able to rest.

An: Something written under a bet, meant to be short and simple. If you want a reason for why this happened, consider this a ritual meant to summon the real thing using fakes.