SAW Timeline:

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Jigsaw's Legacy I – Spiral

William was truly heartbroken. He really thought that detective Banks would be sympathetic to his cause, to the bigger picture, but as the screams of him disappeared, only the rowdy noise of the elevator was left, leaving Billy alone again.

Even as a Jigsaw's copycat, William was no fool, even as how things turned out, everything went inside the possibilities of his twisted expectations, every single detail, every single bruise in his face, every single dead. And his bold escape plan was no exception, something that shouldn't surprise since everything was part of a scheme coldly planned for so many years of justice (and revenge) hunger.

The elevator stopped; William's plan consisted of escaping through an exit to the sewers while everyone else was busy with the Banks family. With every route memorized in his mind, his victory was sealed with his descent into the sewers. His magnum opus was over but his new work was just getting started.

As soon as his feet touched the wet floor, a deep breath with no fear of the horrible smell, Billy took a few steps, then there was a short moment of struggle and what he thought was a pig mask, and then, just darkness.