All Time Squad is copyright to Dave Wasson and Cartoon Network Studios,
except for Audrey who is copyright to DanMat6288. She is used with permission. Greg and Max 1,000,000, and Sasha are copyright to me Dajavu. Please DanMat6288, don't think I stole your idea. I've actually had this in mind a long time, and I started writing it and saw you story, Audrey, and
just added her in, with your permission.
XJ5: Would you just get on with the story??
Dajavu: Ok ok, I'm going on it now.
Sasha: Good. Please everyone R/R
Dajavu: Thanks Sasha.
Sasha: No prob.
XJ5: Ahem.
Dajavu and Sasha: And without further interruptions, the story.

Live, Learn, and Love

(Scene opens on a satellite, but not the one we know. This one seems more high-tec. It is quiet and dimly lit, and no one is around until. *KERPOW* Sheila and another Time Squad officer appear at the teleporter. They are laughing and appear wet.)

Sheila: (In between laughs) Dinner was great. Thanks Greg.

Greg: And the movie was hilarious.

Sheila: And then getting caught in the rain.

(They laugh even harder, not noticing that some one is watching them from a dark doorway.)

Greg: Well, I better get Max and be on my way. It's already 1A.M.

Sheila: I wonder how he and XJ5 did with the girls. (starts to frown) If Audrey gets along with him, like she does with XJ5.. Well, you've seen it happen before.

Greg: Where do you think they are?

Sheila: Oh, probably in the study. That's where XJ5 hangs out a lot, in his spare time. (They look at each other for a minute) (now smiling) Come on, I'll show you there.

(She puts her arm through his and they go through a doorway, while the figure that we caught a glimpse of is still in the other doorway, still silent.)