Crimson Pain

Author's Note: Yeah yeah, I shouldn't be starting another fic before I finish the others, but I have so many new ideas, that I just have to get them out. So, I'm not hanging up on any of the other fics (except the ones that are finished) so don't worry. ^_^

Full summary: Yugi feels alone, with his friends and Yami constantly giving him the cold shoulder. Finally, Yugi leaves for America, leaving only hurt memories and Yami behind. He meets a new friend and grows up, more powerful and better than ever. But when Yugi comes back, can he forgive and forget his harsh past and, more importantly, forgive his Yami?

Warning: This is a Y/YY fic, and it has YAOI!!!

Disclaimer: I own my only OC character, Kiari Shishori 'blah'=thoughts "blah"=speaking *blah*=italic words


Chapter one: I'm leaving you forever

Yugi was depressed. His friends constantly give him the cold shoulder ever since Yami got his own body. It's like Yugi's friends were now Yami's friends. Yami wasn't the same either. Yami never called him aibou anymore, or even hikari. He was just plain Yugi, and Yami always hissed his name as if it were a poisonous word. Yugi decided to give his friends one last shot. Yugi headed tot he table where Yami and his friends were dueling and talking.

"Hey guys!" he greeted in his usual cheery voice. Honda turned around and glared at him. "Shut up! Yami and Joey are dueling and it looks like Joey could win this one!" he hissed. Yugi looked a little hurt, but he was a little proud of Joey. He watched the duel, while everyone else ignored him. Yugi looked at Joey's hand. He had the Kunai with Chain, Sheild and Sword, Baby Dragon, Time Wizard, and Giltia the D. Knight.

Yugi knew what Joey was going to do next. He would put Baby Dragon in attack mode with Time Wizard face down. Yugi knew right away that that move would cost him the duel. "Joey! You can't put those two down!" he warned. Joey glared at him and ignored Yugi. Just as he predicted, Joey did his move.

"I put Baby Dragon in attack mode! I'll also play this card, face down." he announced. Yugi tapped on Joey's shoulder. Joey turned around to see who it was, and glared at him. "What do you want, Yugi?" he snapped. Yugi chose to ignore that. "Joey, you can't put those down, I can tell on Yami's face that he has something powerful up his sleeve!" he warned. Joey snorted. "You're talking crap, Yugi. Just shut up and watch me win this duel!" he answered. Now it was Yami's turn. Just as Yugi predicted, Yami did have something more powerful on his side. "I play Fissure, to destroy your Baby Dragon! Now, Dark Magician, attack Jey's life points directly!" he ordered in his usual confident voice.

The duel ended. Joey lost the duel after all. Honda glared at Yugi. "Now thanks to you, Joey just lost another duel!" he accused. Yugi looked at him in disbelief. Yamit hen glared at him. "I think it would be best if you left us alone, Yugi." he said. Yugi couldn't believe it. Even his Yami was telling him to go away. Yugi left, with tears streaming down his eyes.

Yugi walked around, just crying tears of pain and anger. Suddenly, he bumped into someone. "Sorry." he whispered. Yugi looked at who it was. It was Seto, walking with Serenity. "Yugi, are you all right?" he asked, gently. Serenity then looked at Yugi with pity. "You want to come hang out with us?" she offered. Yugi smiled a small smile, then nodded.

Seto, Serenity, and Yugi were sitting on a bench, talking about what just happened. "So, the mutt and his lackeys have been ignoring you, huh?" said Seto. Yugi had nothing against Joey's younger sister and Seto. They didn't cause him pain in any way after Battle City. "Yeah. Today will be my last day here." he announced. Seto and Serenity were shocked. "Why?" asked Serenity. Yugi looked at the couple with seriousness. "I'm going to America for a little while. 2 years, maybe even 3. But I will come back, keep in touch with you. Send Mokuba some stuff from America. So, thank you for all you've given me ever since my hell started." he announced. Seto smiled, a real smiled instead of a smirk.

"No problem Yugi. We won't tell Yami or your so called friends. We wish you luck." he said. Serenity hugged Yugi. "Come back soon, all right?" she whispered. Yugi smiled. "I will." he vowed. Seto and Serenity then watched Yugi leave for class.

Yugi ignored his friends and Yami. 'I can't relive the hell I survived before I met Joey and solved the Millenium puzzle. I must leave here' he thought. Yugi looked over at Yami and his friends. They were talking happily, unaware of Yugi's pain. Yugi glared at them, then turned away to hide his tears.

School ended, and Yugi was ready to leave Japan. "Yugi wait!" called a voice. Yugi turned around. It was Seto and Serenity, running over to Yugi. "Yes?" he asked. Seto handed him an envelope. "In here is the money to cover your plane ride and ticket. I hope you find happiness in America." he said. Yugi took the envelope and smiled. "Thank you. I don't know how to ever repay you." he said. Seto shook his head. "It's no problem Yugi. Just promise me you will come back." he answered. Yugi stuck out a pinkie. "Pinkie swear." he said. Seto and Serenity poth tied their pinkies around Yugi's. Then Yugi left, waving goodbye to the couple.

~~Yugi's P.O.V~~
I feel really bad for leaving Serenity and Seto behind, but I really need to get away from here. I reached home and found Grandpa's note saying that he was on a dig in Egypt again with Professer Hawkins. Oh right, I forgot about Grandpa. He'll miss me, but Yami will fill in my role. It's a new thing. Everyone worship Yami and cast me out. So, take only essential stuff. I took out a sport duffel bag. Let's see. Clothes, check. Some food, check. Money to last me a year, check. Dueling deck, check. Goodbye letter, written and left. Money Seto gave me, check. I'm ready to go. I left my goodbye letter on the door, hoping Yami would spot it. This is what it said:
*Yami, Congratulations, you took my place. Enjoy your new company, cause I left.
Don't bother trying to find me. Sayonara, Yugi.* Okay, so it was more of a note than a letter. Who cares? Cause I don't. I left the game shop, never looking back to sse it before I left for America. I waited for a cab, and I got one. "Where to?" asked the man. I answered coldy, "The nearest Domino airport." Soon, I was gone.

I got to the airport, paying the man with the respective price. I got to the line and got an airplane ticket. It said Gate 31. Great, where is Gate 31? I looked around and around, but no luck. "Are you lost?" asked a feminine voice. I turn around to see who it is. It was a girl who is really beautiful. She was about 5'6. She had long black hair, but with streaks of red and gold. Her skin was a light tan. Her eyes were peridot green. She was wearing a silver miniskirt and a white tank top with "Kiss me, and you die!" on it. I look at her coldly. "Why?" I asked. The girl looked surprised.

"Don't get hostile, I just want to help you find what you're looking for." she answered. I softened my gaze, and smiled at her. "I'm looking for Gate 31." I told her. "Really? That's my flight too!" she said. She then gently took my hand and led to Gate 31.

It turned out we had a seat next to each other. She had the window seat and I got the aisle. I like the aisle seat. There's nothing to look out at the window. She turned to me, smiling. "So, what's you name?" she asked. I turned to her and stuck out my hand. "Yugi Motou. What's yours?" She smiled. "Kiari Shishori." she answered, shaking my hand. I smiled. I finally made new friend.

"Yugi, I just have to ask, why are you leaving Japan?" Kiari asked. I looked away from her. "My friends, they ignored me, gave me the cold shoulder everyday, and they drove me away." I confessed. Kiari touched my hand. I looked at her peridot eyes.

"Yugi, the people who ignored you, they are losers. I cannot see why they would treat you like this!" she said. I smiled at her. She smiled back. "Oh! I want to give you something." Kiari dug into her pocket and pulled out a tiny silver cross with amethyst gems decorating it. The cross was attached to a black chocker string with two silver beads on the sides of the cross. I loved the look it gave off.

"What is it?" I asked. She smiled. "It's a friendship cross. When someone gives another person a friendship cross, their friendship will never end." she explained, then handed it to me. I put it on. It looked really cool. "Thanks Kiari." She nodded, then revealed her own friendship cross. It looked exactly like mine, only her gems were peridot.

Kiari then stuck out her slender hand. "Friends forever?" I took her hand. "Friends forever." We both clutched the other's hand, vowing never to break the friendship.


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