Oops., what did I tell Charlie?

Charlie heard the stories about how people acted after getting their wisdom teeth taken out. Some videos he saw gave him a good laugh. So when Bella was told she had to get her wisdom teeth out he insisted on being the one to bring her. He was hoping for some good stories to tell his friends. What he did get however would change everything.

Coming out of the dentist's office Bella had walked straight into the door frame. "Sorry, I didn't see you there." She slurred as she patted the wall comfortingly.

Ohh this is going to be good, Charlie thought. He smiled wide as he put his arm around his daughter to guide her to the car.

On the way home, Bella spotted a woman walking a rusty-colored dog and she began to cry.

Crap, Charlie was hoping for a funny reaction. His little girl crying was never funny.

"What's wrong kiddo?"

"I miss Jake." She whimpered.

With a little bit of relief that it was nothing serious, he tried to placate her. "You can visit Jacob tomorrow when you're less loopy."

"No, I can't. Edward will just stop me again."

"What?" Charlie blurted in surprise.

"You know. Like he did the last time I tried to go visit Jake. Edward broke my car."

"The last time?" Charlie asked, he thought she was referencing the other day when he convinced her to go see Jake. "You mean when your car wouldn't start?"

"Yes, Edward broke it so I couldn't go."

"How did Edward know you were going to see Jake?" As far as he could remember Bella did not inform her boyfriend of her sudden plans.

"Alice told him."

"And how did Alice know?"

"She can see the future," Bella said in a tone that indicated he should already know this. "But the wolves. She can't see the wolves."

He glanced over at his daughter. She had her forehead against the window. She was tracing little swirls in the condensation her hot breath left. "The wolves?" he asked.

"Yeah, She can't see Jake or the rest of the pack."

"What does Jake have to do with wolves?" he asked in confusion.

"Everything, since he is one." Charly could practically hear her eyes rolling.

He wasn't sure what Bella was talking about. She seemed to think he should. Like all the dribble she was spouting should be obvious. He assumed Jake's school mascot was a wolf. That was the only thing that made sense. All this nonsense with Edward breaking her truck and Alice seeing the future had him all messed up.

Charlie decided to try to sort all this out. "So, you want to go see Jake, but Edward won't let you?"

"That's what I said." She sounded frustrated.

Charlie decided to take a new approach. "Bella, how do you feel about Jake?"

"He's my own personal sun, he's so warm and bright. He makes me smile, I feel so comfortable around him, like I could just be me. And he's Beautiful."

"It sounds like you really care about Jake."

"I do, I love him so much. But he's mad at me."

"Because of Edward."

Bella nodded.

"How do you feel about Edward?"

"Edward is like a Greek god, he's perfect in every way."

She definitely had rose-colored glasses on, when it came to that boy. "But, he won't let you see your friend."

Bella nodded again. "But he's just trying to protect me."

"From Jake?"

"I know, right!" she exclaimed. "I tried to tell him Jake would never hurt me, but he doesn't believe me."

"So, you feel safe around Jake. How do you feel around Edward?"

"Inada-inadquate-in." Bella huffed out an annoyed sigh. "Not good enough. I will never be good enough for him."

"If you feel that way, why aren't you dating Jake instead of Edward?"

"Because if I chose Jake, I would grow old." The fear of aging showed in her voice.

"And dating Edward will stop you from growing old?" he was trying to point out how silly her logic was.

"Mhm, I will be young and beautiful forever, just like them," she said dreamily.

"How old is Edward?" The kid didn't look that young.

"Seventeen." She answered robotically.

"When's his birthday?"

"June 20,"

Charlie thought he was seventeen last year. "He was born in 1989?"

"No, he was born in 1901."

Charlie slammed on the brakes. Loud car horns beeped behind them. Charlie pulled over and turned off the car so he could look at his daughter as they talked.

"Bella, if Edward was born in 1901 he would be a hundred and five years old."

"No," she pouted. "he gets to be seventeen forever."

Charlie swallowed thickly. "Bella when you said Jake is a wolf. What did you mean?"

"That he is a wolf." This time he could see her roll her eyes. "You should see him. He's amazing and huge. I think he's bigger than a horse."

Charlie cleared his throat. "Let me get this straight. Jake becomes a wolf. Like he actually morphs into an animal."

"Yes, dad. He's a werewolf." Bella blinked at him like she couldn't understand why he didn't just get it.

"So then, that would make Edward a what? A zombie?" He guessed. Still not sure how seriously to take his daughter.

"No Dad," She said with great exasperation. "He's a Vampire."

Wondering how this fantasy world worked he asked. "Is Billy a werewolf?"

"No, it skipped his generation."

She was speaking so seriously, Charlie decided to see how his friend would react when he told him all this. He expected to be laughed at for being so gullible. At least then I could stop having crazy thoughts. He told himself. Charlie started the car back up and headed straight for Billy's house. As they pulled up Jacob was on the way out the door.

"Where are you headed, Jake?" Charlie asked him

"Just going out with some friends," Jake said as he passed them.

"Oh yeah, you going for a run with the other werewolves?" Charlie snarked at his back.

Jake froze. He turned wide eyes on Charlie. Just the reaction Charlie didn't want.

Resigned Charlie gave in to his paranoia. "I think it's time your father and I had a little chat. Don't you?"

Jake couldn't do anything but nod his head.