2:39am. That's what the red numbers that stared at Neo said when she opened her eyes. Far too early for any sane person to be awake.

Turns out one of the prices of parenthood was sanity.

"Mmmmm… I'll get her." She felt her husband get up from their bed, the pleasant warmth leaving her as he did. He would return eventually, as he always did, but she didn't like not feeling him or his warmth near her for any amount of time.

She heard him walking down the hall, the door opening as Jaune's voice came on the monitor softly as he began to try and sooth the cries. They eventually stopped, and Neo began to close her eyes once more.

Only, she didn't hear any footsteps or the return of warmth against her. Cracking her eyes open once more, she gazed at the clock. 2:44am. Jaune hadn't returned like he usually did, starving her of his presence. With a sigh, she pulled herself out of bed, grabbing her Scroll for the light, and walked to the next room to see what happened. Quietly pushing the door open, she peeked in.

There, sitting in the small rocking chair, was Jaune, having apparently dozed off once more. In his arms rested a tiny body clad in an adorable pink onesie, blonde hair peeking out. Neo couldn't help the smile that bloomed on her face as she leaned against the doorframe and watched. Her husband and their daughter, the two most precious things in the world to her. She raised her scroll, quickly snapping a picture and setting it as her wallpaper, before moving into the room, gently picking their daughter up out of Jaune's arms, careful not to wake her as she placed a small kiss on her forehead and moved her back into her crib.

"Huh, wha..." Jaune stirred, woken by the sudden lack of weight, glancing at his arms before noticing Neo. "Oh, I..." He paused, yawning. "I didn't think I'd… I'd doze off there. Sorry."

Neo merely smiled, kissing her husband and taking his hand as he stood up. The pair quietly closed the door behind them before returning to their bed, Neo sighing in content as Jaune wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close under the covers, kissing her neck before soon falling asleep.

She never would have imagined herself like she was now: a wife and a mother, but life had a strange way of surprising her. Sleep and sanity were the prices she had to pay, but they were worth it.

Welcome, wonderful reader, to the start of yet another anthology, born from ideas on Tumblr and Discord. The majority of these chapters will be short dribbles like so, roughly around 400-600 words or so, though I'll be trying to get a few to closer to 1k if I can. Updates will be whenever the mood strikes me, though I have a couple already written up and needing revising and tweaks.

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