If there was one thing Neo had learned about Jaune in the time they had been dating, it was the man knew his way around a kitchen. Their second date, he had cooked her dinner, and looking back on it, she would not be remiss to say that was possibly the beginning of what made her genuinely fall in love with him. It wasn't anything special or expensive-pasta noodles in a meaty red sauce-yet she remembered finding herself absolutely devouring it as soon as that first forkful touched her tongue. She had it before, but never had it enraptured her taste buds like so. There was something about the way he had prepared it that set it apart from even the best gourmet cooking.

She remembered the look on his face as she had scarfed her plate down, that look of satisfaction and elation at her obvious approval of his culinary skills. It had been a good thing he had made such a large batch, the night ending after Neo's third full plate. She had never felt so full in her life, and she knew she wanted to feel that way again as she had fallen asleep against him on the couch afterwards.

So it had turned into a tradition of sorts any time either had stayed the night. Be it sausages with potatoes and asparagus, chili and rice, or mac and cheese with diced hotdogs, she always found herself feeling more full and satisfied than she had ever been, trying her hardest every time not to fall into a food coma as they watched Dustflix and enjoyed each other's company.

When she had finally been introduced to his family, she had learned he had been taught everything by his father. "All a man needs is confidence," she remembered him saying, "but sometimes, the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach." She remembered Jaune's mother playfully slapping her husband at that, and how true those words were. Watching the Arc men slave away, preparing a meal for the entire Arc family, Neo couldn't help but smile at how lucky she was to have met Jaune.

That didn't mean she made him cook all the time. She had tried herself on more than one occasion to prepare dinner for them, though her skills were more often than not found wanting, the smoke alarm sounding off as Jaune rushed to salvage what remained. He never got mad over it, always patient with her and helping her with the recipes when she needed assistance. More often than not, she'd end up helping him cook, the meals turning out mouth-wateringly delicious compared to hers.

It wasn't until a few years later that she finally realized what exactly made Jaune's meals taste superior to anything else, that one thing he did that no one else could: She could taste the love he poured into every meal for her, a love that had only grown as time had passed.

Turned out, the way to her heart had been through her stomach after all.

And so, another bite-sized chapter, brought over from Tumblr and polished a little at over 520 words or so. My current goal is to make each chapter at least 500 words, with the occasional 1K or higher if I can.

As with Golden Sunflowyrs, my general process is writing a small chapter based off a prompt or word. What I have so far are the following

Sickness, Happiness, Family, Memory, Meeting, and Lovesick. Some prompts might be used more than once, as continuations of older ones, but I'll try my best to expand and use new ones when possible.

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June 2nd, 2021