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Lorelai and Rory entered the diner. Luke was standing behind the counter. They sat down at the counter. Rory couldn't help but looking around the diner for Jess. He wasn't there.

L: "Luke, my man. Why isn't my coffee ready, yet?"

Luke: "I have coffee ready"

L: "Then why isn't there a mug with coffee standing in front of me?"

Luke: "Because you just got in and you haven't ordered yet"

L: "Why do I have to order?"

Luke: "Because this is a diner and that's what you do in a diner when you want something, you order"

L: "Okay. I give up. What I was really trying to say was that we come here every morning and that it would be a nice surprise to come in and see two mugs of coffee waiting for us on the counter"

Luke: "Do I really have to take this serious?"

L: "Like a heart attack, so I would say that's pretty serious"

Luke turned around and filled two mugs with coffee. He handed them to Lorelai en Rory.

L: "Thanks, Lukey"

R: "Yeah, thanks Luke"

Rory took a sip from her coffee. She kept staring at the stairs expecting Jess to come down any second. Luke noticed it.

Luke: "He's not here"

R: "Who?"

Luke: "Jess"

R: "Then where is he?"

Luke: "Out"

Lorelai: "I think Rory would appreciate it if you would be a little bit more specific"

Luke: "That's what he said when he left. He went 'out'."

R: "Oh well, it wasn't that important"

She finished her cup of coffee and listened to her mom and Luke. They were arguing, like always.

R: "I have to go"

Luke and Lorelai stopped their argument.

L: "Now? After just one cup of coffee? I predict you'll collapse before you've reached the door"

R: "Excuse me for not being worried about that"

L: "Where are you going anyway?"

R: "To the bookstore."

L: "Where else? Ask Rory where she's going to and there are 4 possible answers. Or the library, or school, or to get coffee, or to the bookstore."

R: "Yeah, I'm very predictable"

She got up from the stool and gave her mom a kiss.

R: "I'll see you at home"

L: "Home? You still know what that word means?"

R: "Thanks for the coffee, Luke"

Luke: You're welcome"

Rory walked to the door and went outside. The weather was nice. She enjoyed the sun on her face. She walked in the direction of the bookstore. It was quiet on the street which was extraordinary for Stars Hollow, but she liked it. She had reached the bookstore and went in. She immediately walked to the back where she could find her favourite books. Every now and then some new ones were added and she went to check them out like once a month. She was surprised to see someone standing in front of her favourite bookshelf. She wasn't so surprised anymore when she saw who it was. Jess. She walked towards him and stood still behind him.

R: "I'm not used of you being so quiet"

J: "I'm only following the rules for a change"

He didn't turn around, but his head turned in the direction of the wall on the left. There was a sign that said to be quiet, like it was some sort of library here.

R: "Well, you still don't have any manners. Don't you know it's polite to face somebody when you talk?"

J: "I didn't think you would mind and just because I follow a rule for a change doesn't make me polite"

R: "So, you're not planning on turning around any time soon?"

J: "Not quiet"

R: "Then could you please step aside so I can take a look at the books?"

He didn't answer her, but just stepped aside. She noticed he was reading a book. She couldn't read the title.

R: "Thank you"

She took a step forward and looked at the books on the shelf. No new ones. It didn't really matter.

J: "Dissapointed?"

R: "Why would I be dissapointed?"

J: "Cos there are no new books"

R: "Well, I think I'll get over it. Maybe not right away, but if I give it a few days...."

J: "So you're going home now?"

R: "Haven't thought about that yet, but I think so"

J: "You already had coffee?"

R: "Yep. One cup"

J: "And that's enough?"

R: "For the next hour or so, yeah"

J: "Doesn't it bother you?"

R: "Maybe, but you have to tell me what it is you mean before I can give an answer"

J: "Doesn't it bother you that you're so addicted to coffee?"

R: "Doesn't it bother you that you're you?"

J: "What kind of question is that?"

R: "A useless one. Just like what you asked me"

J: "Okay, message received"

R: "So can I go now or are there any other useless questions coming up?"

J: The only thing to find that out is to stay around"

R: "Why are you still staring in the book? You can't read and talk at the same time, so why don't you put the book down and turn around so we can talk?"

Jess seemed to hesitate for a moment, then he slowly put the book down and turned around. Now Rory knew why he hadn't faced her.

Rory looked at his face. She was shocked. His whole face was bruised. He had a black eye and Rory knew this was serious. He looked awful.

R: "What happened?"

J: "I take it you're not gonna believe me if I say I fell out of bed?"

R: "I'm serious, Jess"

J: "Calm down. I'm fine. I got in a fight last night with some guy, nothing big....and I won"

R: "So you're saying there's actually someone out there who looks worse than you?"

J: "I think so, yeah"

R: "Who did you fight with?"

J: "I don't know his name"

R: "So you're saying you fought with a guy, but you don't even know his name?

J: "Well, I didn't exactly ask him in between the punches."

Rory looked at Jess. She knew he wasn't telling the truth.

R: "Oh God, please tell me it wasn't Dean"

J: "It wasn't Dean"

R: "I don't believe you"

J: "You shouldn't"

R: "Jess....."

J: "You asked me to tell you that it wasn't Dean, so I did........you didn't say it had to be the truth"

Rory looked around the bookstore and realized this wasn't the place to have this conversation. She grabbed Jess' hand and pulled him outside. In front of the bookstore she let go of him and stared at him.

J: "Oh oh, I know that look"

R: "I can't believe this! Look, I know you and Dean never will be friends, so I gave up that hope a long time ago. And I can accept it.......but can't you guys stay out of each others way then?! You don't have to like each other, I'm not asking you to be nice to him, I just want you to stay away from him to avoid situations like these."

J: "Okay"

R: "Okay?"

J: "Yeah"

R: "Is that all you have to say?"

J: "Pretty much"

R: "So, you're not gonna apologize?"

J: "To bagboy?"

R: "Dean"

J: "Yeah, whatever his name is.........I'm not planning to apologize, no"

R: "And why's that?"

J: "Cos he's the one who punched me first"

R: "And I should believe that why again?"

J: "You know I would never lie to you"

To hear this coming out of his mouth made her feel a little uncomfortable and she wasn't sure how to react. He noticed and she thought she saw an amusing look in his eyes.

R: "This isn't funny, you know"

J: "I know. Look, Dean came into the diner yesterday. He started yelling at me, and accusing me of all kind of stuff"

R: "So you hit him?"

J: "No, I told you he was the one who started. I asked him to leave the diner and you can ask Luke if you don't believe it, cos he was there. Dean left and when I went outside a few minutes later with a garbagebag he hit me and that's when I hit him back"

Rory looked at Jess. Something told her he was telling the truth now.

R: "You should let someone take a look at that"

She pointed at a wound next to his eye.

J: "Oh, that's nothing"

R: "Believe me when I say it's 'something'"

J: "Well, I'm sure it's nothing life threatning"

R: "Maybe not, but if you don't let a doctor take a look at it, it might leave a scar or something"

J: "And we don't want that to happen, do we? This pretty face is all I have"

R: "Yeah, I feel sorry for you"

J: "Thank you"

Rory wasn't sure whether she had to be mad at him or to smile. He did look horrible though and the idea that it was Dean who did this to him made her so angry, but then again Jess wasn't exactly Mr Perfect either so she was sure he must have done something to make Dean do something like this. So she was angry at him. She knew she had to be. Jess was a good friend and she knew he and Dean didn't get along, but this.....

R: "I see you later"

J: "Yeah"

She turned around and started to walk away.

J: "Are you gonna give Dean the same lecture?" Jess yelled after her.

R: "That's the plan!" she yelled back without turning around.

Jess smiled. God, he loved that girl. He figured that she was never gonna talk to him again after she would find out about the fight between him and Dean. She wasn't even mad. Maybe a little shocked, but not mad. That said something. But it would also mean that she wasnt gonna be mad at Dean either. Well, that wasn't the end of the world. He gently touched the bruise next to his eye and sighed. Rory was probably right, he should let someone take a look at it. When Rory dissapeared around the corner he turned around and walked in the direction of the diner.

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