Rory opened her eyes and smiled. She just had the most amazing dream ever. She thought about yesterday at the diner after she broke up with Dean. Jess had been so sweet and something had defenitely changed between them. Like an obstacle had been removed. She thought he had actually been flirting with her. Not too obvious of course, since she had just broke up with Dean, but it really was flirting. She got out of bed. Then she noticed the letter on her desk. She stared at it for a moment. She walked towards her desk. She closed the window she had opened before had gone to bed the night before. She looked at the name on the envelope. Rory Gilmore. Well, that was her. She didn't recognize the handwriting, which made her a bit nervous. Her hands were trembling as she picked the letter up from her desk. She turned it around to see if there was another name on it. There wasn't. She sat down on her bed. Still holding the letter, not sure if she should open it. Eventually her curiosity won it over her fear. She carefully opened the envelope and took the letter out. She looked at it for a while, but she didn't read it. She took a deep breath, then she read it.

Dear Rory, I know probably shouldn't be doing this, but there's something I have to let you know. I want you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you. I realized that I went too far and I don't blame you for hating me. When you read this, I'll be already gone. I left town and I'll never come back, so you'll never see me again. That's what you wanted, right? Anyway, I hope you understand that I did all of it out of love. I don't care if you believe it or not, but I do love you and I probably always will. I know I'll never see you again and it breaks my heart, but I know I'm doing the right thing by leaving. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me one day.

Love, Dan

Rory put the letter down. This was really the last thing she expected. She knew Dan meant it. She also realized he had been standing by her window last night. Maybe he had watched her when he left the letter on her desk. It didn't freak her out like she thought it would. She couldn't believe she actually felt sorry for him. He hoped she could forgive him, but she would never see him again to tell him that she had. He really scared the hell out of her and she wouldn't like it to run into him in a dark alley late at night, but she didn't hate him. She couldn't possibly. She knew that he wasn't dangerous. Not really. He was just some lunatic.......He couldn't help it. She put the letter back on her desk. She quickly got dressed and left her bedroom. She saw the note on the refrigerator. She read it. It was from her mom. She had already left to the Inn. Rory smiled, she didn't realize it was already this late. She made herself some breakfast and sat down at the kitchen table. She thought about how lucky she was. Everything had turned out just fine with Dan, she knew she and Dean would eventually work things out and maybe become friends and most of all.....she was in love. It was an amazing feeling. She couldn't explain it. For a few minutes she sat at the kitchen table eating her breakfast with a huge smile on her face, thinking about Jess, when the bell rang. She felt a bit nervous when she got up and walked to the door. She knew it couldn't be Dan, but still. She opened the door.

J: "Hey"

R: "Hey. What are you doing here?"

Jess shrugged and nodded at the box in his hands.

J: "I found myself walking through the streets with coffee and donuts and somehow you're the first person that came to mind who I thought would fit in this scenario"

R: "Hmmmm, I wonder why that is"

J: "So, can I come in?"

R: "Is the box that heavy?" she teased.

J: "No, I would just like to come in."

She stepped aside and he came in. He walked into the the kitchen and placed the box on the kitchen table. Rory walked after him, not sure what to think.

J: "You want coffee and donuts?"

R: "I never say no to coffee.....but I just had breakfast, so....."

J: "Last time I checked donuts didn't necessarily have to be breakfast"

R: "Okay, fine. I'll take a donut. Just one"

Jess opened the box. He took out coffee and two donuts and handed it to her.

R: "I said one donut"

J: "Math has never been my best subject, so don't blame me"

She smiled. Jess took another two donuts out of the box. Rory sat down and Jess sat down across from her. She took a little sip from her coffee and a bite from her donut.

J: "And?"

R: "Good. Really good"

J: "So, who's your favorite person in the world from now on?"

R: "Don't make me say it"

J: "Then at least say the two magic words"

R: "Thank you?"

J: "Yep, that's what I was looking for"

R: "Happy now?"

J: "Why wouldn't I be?"

She shrugged.

R: "Because I didn't make you make my favorite person in the world"

J: "Well, I'll get over that eventually and who knows, maybe you'll change your mind one day"

R: "Yeah, maybe"

J: "You don't think I have to work?"

R: "No......I think you took the day off"

J: "Better even, Luke gave me the day off"

R: "So, what's next? First donuts and coffee....."

J: "I could think of a few things"

Rory looked at him with a surprised look on her face. Did that just really come out of his mouth? Jess just looked at her.

R: "Really? And what's that?"

Jess shrugged, but a smile appeared on his face.

J: "It's still early. I'll get back to you on that"

She smiled back at him. For a moment they looked at each other, smiling, both thinking about only one thing, but both not knowing the other was thinking the same thing. Rory looked in his eyes. She had always thought of them as mysterious, but somehow they weren't that mysterious anymore. Maybe because she started to know him. She knew what he was like. Things were different now. Not like they were in the beginning when she still had to figure out what kind of guy he was. He wasn't that mysterious anymore. Not to her at least. She liked that. Suddenly she really felt the urge to kiss him. She really wanted to feel his lips on hers. Again. But this time she wanted it to be so much different than the kiss on the wedding. She knew that Jess would kiss her back if she kissed him, but something made her not kiss him. She didn't know why. Maybe because she was just scared, or maybe she was afraid to ruin the friendship between them. Or maybe it was a little bit of both. She didn't know for sure. All she knew was that things already had changed between them. Ever since she found out she had feelings for him things became different. In a good way. They gave each other secret looks and hoped the other didn't see it and in a way they were kind of flirting with each other, even though they both didn't realize it. They sat like this for few minutes, staring in each others eyes, enjoying the others presence. They didn't speak, they just sat in silence, staring into each others eyes. Rory could sit like this for days, she realized how strong her feelings were. She wasn't sure she had ever felt anything like this before. This was real. Not like that what she had with Dean hadn't been real, but this was different. She saw it in his eyes. The way he looked at her. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Then she saw Jess moving closer. She hesitated for a moment, then she did the same thing. Their lips gently touched, then they kissed. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the moment. She didn't think about anything, she didn't think she was able to think. She forgot everything around her. There was only her and Jess. After a little while they stopped kissing, not because they wanted to, but they stopped. Rory opened her eyes. They sat in silence again for a few seconds, then Rory got up.

R: "Okay, what was that?"

J: "I think people usually call it a kiss"

R: "We just kissed" she said out loud. Like she couldn't believe it.

J: "Yep"

R: "Ah. Okay"

Rory walked into the livingroom. Jess waited for a second, then he got up and followed her. Rory sat down on the couch. Jess felt a bit uncomfortable. This was nothing like her and certainly not the reaction he had hoped for. It almost looked like she never wanted to kiss him.

R: "So......what do we do now?"

J: "I don't know. I don't think there are rules for that, so..."

R: "Do you realize this is the second time we kissed?"

J: "Oh yeah"

R: "But it's different this time, because I'm not together with Dean anymore"

J: "I guess...."

Suddenly Rory looked up at Jess.

R: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm doing kinda......"

J: "Weird?"

R: "Yeah. It's just....."

J: "I know"

R: "You do?"

J: "Yeah"

He didn't really know, but he knew Rory wanted to hear that he did.

R: "It's really not you. Don't think that it is you...cos that kiss was....."

J: "I know"

R: "Good"

J: "Are you sure you're okay?"

She nodded.

R: "I realize some things now and I have to admit that kinda scares me"

J: "What kind of things?"

He sat down next to her on the couch.

R: "About how I feel.......How I feel about you"

J: "And they're scaring you? That can't be a good thing"

Rory wasn't able to tell Jess why she was acting that strange. It was just that her feelings for him were kinda scaring her. They were so strong. Stronger than she could ever imagine. That had surprised her, and after that kiss........Plus, when she broke up with Dean she had said that she wasn't immediately gonna run to Jess and now....

R: "That's not it"

Jess didn't react. He wasn't sure what to say. He just waited until she would say something.

R: "Jess?"

J: "Yeah?"

R: "Yesterday in the diner with Dan, he told you how ironic it was that you both wanted me, right? That you both loved me. And that I didn't want you. Is it true? That you love me, I mean"

Jess looked at her. How could she ask him this? What was he supposed to say? Of course he loved her, but he couldn't tell her that, could he?

J: "What do you expect me to say to this?"

R: "I don't know....I guess I'm kinda expecting the truth..."

J: "Are you sure you can handle that?"

R: "Why are you avoiding the question?"

J: "Cos I'm not sure how to say this"

R: "Say what?"

Jess thought for a minute. Was he really gonna tell her this? Was he really gonna tell her that he loved her?

J: "Yes"

R: "What yes?"

J: "Yes, it's true. I have feelings for you"

R: "Really?"

Rory looked away and stared at her feet. She was kinda surprised by this straight forward answer to this straight forward question. So, now what? What was she supposed to say now? Why did these things have to be so complicated?

J: "And now you never wanna see me again"

She looked up.

R: "What? No, of course not. I still wanna see you"

J: "Are you gonna give me the whole it's-not-you-it's-me speech?"

R: "No.........but there is something else"

J: "And what's that?"

She hesitated for a moment. She wasn't sure this was the best thing to do.

R: "Close your eyes...."

J: "What?"

R: "Just do it"

J: "Okay"

Jess slowly closed his eyes. Rory noticed she was trembling, this time not because she was scared or nervous, but because she knew this was gonna be incredible. Something she was never gonna forget. Different from that kiss in the kitchen only minutes ago. She carefully bent forward. She closed her eyes and kissed him. Gently. To feel his lips on hers, made her tremble even more. When Jess realized what she was doing, he started to kiss her back. He brought his hand to her cheek, just like Dan had done a few days ago. But this felt so right. Like this was meant to be. They kept kissing for a few minutes, then Rory stopped. Her face still close to his, her eyes still closed. She wanted to enjoy this moment. Even now she wasn't kissing him anymore, she still wanted to remember how it was. Then she opened her eyes, staring into his dark eyes. He smiled at her. She smiled back.

R: "I know this is gonna sound so stupid, but I think it really is true..........I love you"

Jess looked at Rory for a moment.

R: "I've never felt anything like this before........and I didn't think I could ever feel this way about somebody.....but....."

Jess didn't answer. He just kissed her again. And that was enough. That might have been the exact answer she was looking for. She couldn't describe how she felt right now. Simply because she had never felt like this before. All she knew was that she and Jess were finally together and she wasn't planning on letting him go any time soon. She was truly happy. After all the bad things that happened lately with Dan and all, she was glad she found a way to be happy again. And she knew this thing between her and Jess was serious. And it didn't scare her anymore, cos she knew this was right.......

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