Guo Wenwen often has a dream

This dream has a continuous ice sheet, winding shoals cut open thousands of miles of ice, the lighthouse at the end of the isolated headland, there is a sea of microwaves, where the scenery, surrounded by dreams, across a layer of fog, fuzzy, not true.

Because she has been in Beijing for many years.

Guo Wenwen's hometown in Changzhi, China, is afraid of kicking the city, is Changzhi's largest city, his father used to tell her, afraid of kicking has a "party" of the beautiful meaning.

When young thought that the outside world is wonderful, when after Fudan students, only to understand that the hometown, is not far away.

Recently, the class came a male classmate named Zhang Xuanwei, he is not good at speaking, study is not bad, but no one likes to play with him. Guo Wenwen doesn't know why his classmates don't like to play with him, but he plays with him in particular.

Her original life trajectory is three lines of general monotony, gym, school, community, she is just a social phobia of social animals, a like sand sculpture emoji bags and cherry pills schoolgirls, just want to pay attention to handsome men every day have the general male secular desire of girls, a lonely patient just.

Loneliness panics, loneliness is full.

She enjoys being alone.

Reality has disturbed, life has too many need to peel off the mask, as well as indulge in the sound of the dog horse's network world, you and I no longer know each other, do not have to look at the color.

How long have they not opened the social platform, how long have not given the list of 11 handsome guys like, how long has not opened the net to suppress the cloud, how long has not been full score, how long has not gone to the gym and barber shop, how long has not been happy.

Life is hopeless, how long can it be to end this life, she has been so obvious dissatisfaction, in class he changed positions in the corner to sleep, the exam did not show a desire to rush out of school, performance around the password when deliberately paste and mistranslated, pretend that they are not good at English, "ABC" sings like a Buddhist chant, some people are still happy to say the words of support.

That's right, this man is Zhang Xuanwei.

Zhang Xuanwei, Zhang Xuanwei, is Zhang Xuanwei again!

Think of this, so turn to look at the serious study of the man, he seems to be muttering what, Guo Wenwen side ear carefully listening, actually is singing the theme song lyrics, she remembers Zhang Xuanwei has been forty-eight hours without rest, in order to a stage, can desperately to such a point.

Speechless, she has been fighting for six years still get nothing, or so persistent, really can be for the nihilistic ideal of a fool.

Guo Wenwen knows that he is a salty fish, has no dream, and does not desire to glow fever.