I'm a monster.

When I was six years old, I didn't die, but my family died.

I love my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, all my family.

They were killed by me after giving me my birthday.

Originally I fell in love with people will suddenly become ill to kill them, until I wake up, only to find that the family scattered in a pool of blood, five dirty six are hollowed out by me.

I became a monster without any consciousness, only knowing that being swallowed up by darkness, the spine of my body creeped an unconscious force that ripped me apart, and the tentacles of the wet vine launched a fierce attack that would smash all the outside objects.

I was afraid to pick up the knife to want to cut off my hands, but found that the delay can not do to hurt themselves, tears hit all my hesitation and regret, but a coward, I left my family to escape.

The whole city in the want to catch monsters, run away from me everywhere, the body is full of scars, hiding in the grass, all day with the bastards for a living, mouth sometimes stuck the corpse of the insects, when one day I live in the hole under the overpass, will become a monster when catching some fish to eat.

Forget which day, this man stood opposite me, reached out to me, behind him is the ruins of smoke, is gray and decay.

In the period when I disappeared, the people of the city were almost killed by all kinds of different monsters, the original world is not only I am a monster.

I'm Miss Liu's son. You're safe here. Don't worry.

Fortunately, this pathologically thin man saved me, why describe him like this, look tall and thin, with a pair of old black-framed eyes, always polite, silent, pale lips such as drinking full snowflakes, very cold, is the coolness of the cloudy day.

It's over, it seems to be in love with him.

Anyone who is nicer to me will fall in love easily. Blind and persistent, especially he smiled softly at me, protected me very well, and met all my requirements.

It was clear to me that one day he would be killed. So I decided to leave him one day, even if killed by heavy gunfire outside, do not want to hurt the person I love.

But not until that day, on the morning he went to buy breakfast back, I became ill, eyes black, desperate closed eyes, rushed to the door———

He easily blocked my attack, consciousness just then slowly recovered, I saw his clean face, plain calm, no fluctuations in the line of sight looking at me.

"I know you're a monster, but I'm not kind."

He pinched my tentacles, but I could feel the tingling of the burning, as if I smelled the scorched squid, and the tentacles immediately waved to break free.