The Legend of Korra

Avatar Korra Gets Bugged

Original Author: OnionDome

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First publication date: January 10, 2021

Edition: Rankakiu

Disclaimer: Legend of Korra is owned by its authors Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, as well as Nickelodeon.

Editor's note: Hello, people of Fanfiction! It is a pleasure to greet you again with another edited story, this time, from the Legend of Korra universe. This story is a little OS, which some might consider weird, and it will most likely remind everyone of a very particular scene (The Interrogation one) from The Matrix movie. Yes, I'm a weird guy, I know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this reading, just as I enjoyed editing it. Greetings!

Notes: This story contains abdomen fetish (alvinolagnia) and navel fetish (alvinophilia).

Avatar Korra Gets Bugged

Korra the Avatar slowly woke up in what appeared to be some kind of cell in a dungeon, only it was slightly bigger, more like a cell for interrogation. She also found that she was sitting in some kind of chair with a table in front of her, and she was wearing her tight sky-blue shirt as well as a pair of dark blue skin-tight pants. She could not remember how she got to this torch-lit cell. She also noticed that there was another chair sitting across the table from her, but it was empty. Another thing she noticed was that there was a strange force in the room, that was keeping her from using her Bending powers.

Just before Korra could try to get up from her chair the door to the cell suddenly opened. In walked two Equalist Guard Women wearing form fitting, feminine versions of the standard Equalist uniforms, along with their masks. Korra also noticed that they did not seem to be wearing any gloves which seemed rather odd. They walked into the cell and stood about five feet behind Korra on her left and her right.

Then before Korra could say anything in walked a high ranking Equalist Lady. She wore a much more ornate Equalist uniform and mask than the ones that the Guard Women were wearing. She also wore no gloves, same as the Guard Women. The door then closed behind her, and she slowly and purposefully made her way to the empty chair that sat across from Korra and sat down upon it. Korra then noticed that the Lady had some kind of small notebook in her hand. She then looked at Korra and spoke.

"As you can see, we have had our eyes on you for some time now, Korra," the Lady said as she opened the notebook and flipped through several more pages. "It seems that you have been living quite the life during your time as Avatar. You have had some impressive adventures and made quite a few friends."

Korra was beginning to not like where this meeting was headed. The Lady continued to turn the pages.

"Also, it seems that you have been getting yourself into quite a bit of trouble," she said, "such as disrupting our plans, stealing our property, and consorting with all types of troublemakers."

At this Korra could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. But then the Lady closed the notebook and set it aside on the table. She then looked Korra directly in the eye.

"Now, I'm going to be as forthcoming as I can be with you, Korra," she said. "You are here because we need your help."

The Lady then leaned closer to Korra, looking more directly into her eyes.

"We need you to cooperate with us and help us end the chaos brought on by Element Bending," the Lady said. "Whatever you think you know about this volatile power is irrelevant to the fact that it is too dangerous to be allowed to exist in our present Age."

The Lady then leaned even closer to Korra and kept speaking.

"My fellow Equalists believe that I am wasting my time with you, Korra," the Lady continued, "but I believe that you want to do the right thing. It is obvious to me that you are an intelligent young woman, and that you are interested in the future. That is why I believe you are ready to put your past mistakes behind you and get on with your life."

Korra did her best to match the Lady's stare.

"My fellow Equalists and I are willing to forgive all transgressions, and to give you a fresh start," she said as she slowly sat back upright, "and all we are asking in return is your cooperation in saving this World from the powers of Bending."

Korra nodded to herself, seeming to think about accepting the Lady's offer.

"Yes, that sounds like a very tempting offer," Korra said, "but I can think of

have a better one. How about I tell you 'no,' and you let me out of here."

The Lady made a disappointed sigh behind her mask and then said, "How disappointing, young lady."

"Gee, I'm sorry to have disappoint you," Korra replied sarcastically.

"However you fail to realize something," said the Lady slyly. "You fail to realize that you have no choice."

"You don't scare me!" Korra snapped angrily, "I refuse to help you!"

"Tell me, little one, how can you refuse us if you are unable to speak?" the Lady said in a rather sly yet seductive manner. The question made Korra feel unnerved, though she did not know why. But shortly after the curious question was asked Korra began to feel a strange sensation in the lower half of her face. It felt as though the muscles in her jaw were tightening. The standing Guard Women snickered to each other as they watched Korra's confusion slowly grow into panic as her lips began to grow soft and sticky. Korra tried to open her mouth, but her lips had begun to meld into each other. She looked in sheer terror at the Lady, and could tell that the Lady was smirking wickedly behind her mask. At last Korra's lips finished sealing shut, causing all trace of her mouth to disappear from her face.

Wild with fear, and unable to use her Bending, Korra jumped up from her chair, grabbing at the spot on her face that had once been her mouth. She tried to beg for help, but all that came out was "Mmmph!"

Then the Lady snapped her fingers at the Guard Women and pointed at Korra. Immediately the Guard Women rushed at Korra and seized ahold of her wrists. Korra tried to struggle against them, but they were surprisingly much stronger than she was. Korra made several muffled protests, but the Guard Women ignored her. It was then that the two Guard Women both grabbed ahold of Korra's shirt and forcibly ripped it open, revealing her blue and skimpy bra that contained her breasts, but also showed off much of her cleavage. Then they ripped her shirt open all the way, exposing her toned and muscular midriff.

Korra made another anguished muffled protest at her shirt being ripped open, but then the Guard Women used their free hands to do something she did not expect. They began to use their free hands to tickle her. Their nimble fingers skittered up and down and back and forth all over Korra's toned stomach, along with her ribs, and her sides. The tickling caught Korra completely off guard, turning her muffled protests into muffled giggles. Then one of the Guard Women used her index finger to poke, prod, and tickle at Korra's sensitive belly button, making her muffled giggles rise to full blown muffled laughter. All the while that Korra was being tickled, she did not notice that the Guard Women were actually herding her back to the table. Once they were close enough to the table, the Guard Women shoved Korra down onto the table, on her back. Before she could try to get back up the Guard Women forcibly took ahold of her arms and wrists, effectively holding them down. Just then a third Guard Woman entered the cell and grabbed ahold of Korra's thighs and held them down as well. Korra tried to struggle, bucking her hips, and arching her back, but she was perfectly pinned down on the table.

The Lady then stood over Korra and said to her, "I am sorry about the closed mouth, but you really had nothing to say."

Korra angrily tried to thrash around again, but still the Guard Women held her down. Then the Lady reached out and placed her hand on Korra's belly. Then she poked at Korra's belly button and swirled it around a bit, making Korra groan and squirm.

"Poor little child," the Lady said in a fawning way. "You are going to help us, whether you want to or not."

The Lady then gave Korra's belly a gentle rub and a little pat as if she were trying to say everything was going to be alright. The Lady then pulled what looked like some kind of small coin purse out of her pocket. She then opened it and took out some kind of strange little device. She then pressed a small button on the device. She then held it halfway between herself and Korra, and then something strange began to happen to it. The device began to grow and change into some kind of bizarre organic creature. At first it grew a slimy layer over itself, like a cocoon. Then it began to wriggle and writhe, trying to break free. Then as Korra watched it curiously, it finally broke free from its cocoon, and Korra could see that it looked like some kind of mix of an insect, a scorpion, and a worm with a ruby red eye, and lots of thin whisker like tendrils. It dangled from the Lady's hand for about a second, and then it turned its attention to Korra. It made a kind of hissing and squealing noise and made as if it was going to lunge at her. Korra's eyes widened in terror and he made another muffled protest, as the Lady reached towards her and dangled the creature over her exposed cleavage.

"Do not fight it, little one," the Lady said to Korra, "just relax and embrace it."

And with that the Lady dropped the creature right onto Korra's breast. It thrashed around a bit and then righted itself. It then slid itself off of Korra's breast and began to crawl down her body right towards her belly. Then its tendrils began to reach out and slither all over the skin of Korra's belly, causing tickling sensations which made her squirm and giggle.

"Do not mind the tickling, it will make it easier for you to submit," said the Lady.

It was then that two of the creature's tendrils grabbed ahold of the sides of Korra's belly button and pried them open, exposing her belly button's sensitive center. Then one wiggling tendril probed into her belly button, followed quickly by another and another, until at last all of the creature's tendrils were wiggling within her belly button. At first the wiggling tendrils tickled Korra, causing her to squirm and giggle more, but then it got really unpleasant for her when the creature suddenly started burrowing its head and then its whole body into her belly button, giving her a feeling that her body was being violated. Korra bucked wildly as the creature wormed its way deeper into her belly button, its tail thrashing around wildly, and tickling her belly one last time. Korra then let out a muffled moan and arched her back as the creature finished entering her belly button with a loud yet erotic slurping noise at it disappeared into her belly.

Korra suddenly woke up still remembering that a creature was forcibly worming its way into her stomach through her belly button. She immediately rose from the bed she found herself resting on and looked at her stomach but found that both her belly and belly button looked perfectly normal. She then reached up and felt that her mouth was also back to normal. She sighed and laid back, thinking that it was all a bad dream.

Or was it?


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