Chapter 1: Call to Adventure

The crunch of trekking on a dirt path, the sun peeking over the horizon and the soft aroma of the countryside filled the morning air, all put together to be the perfect setting for the beginning of a new tale of adventure, mused by the white haired youth.

In the middle of the dirt path a young man no older than 14, his appearance can be compared to that of a rabbit due to his snow white hair and red eyes. The youth continued his slow pace until he saw his destination, a large yet humble wooden home, the house of the town elder.

Seeing the home the youth increased the speed of his trek, as he neared the door of the home it opened as a man left and closed the door behind him, as he turned the youth saw the appearance of the man, with whitening hair and a kind expression dressed in a white button-up shirt with a brown vest over and with matching pants and shoes.

"Elder!" the man perked up and turned to who called for him.

"Ah! Bell-kun what can I do for…" the man trailed off as he took in the appearance of the one who called for him. "Ah, I see, so you're finally leaving."

"Don't say it like that elder, it sounds like you're happy of me leaving." Both men shared a chuckle at the youth's retort, "But, yes, I'm finally sure of this path."

"I see… truth be told I had my doubts, but looking at you now I think it has cleared those thoughts." Indeed, the first time the child proposed his path to the elder it worried the man to no end, but looking at the young man now has appeased his mind.

The young man wore a long-sleeved black shirt with black pants, over his shirt is a light yet durable metal breastplate along with metal pauldrons and metal protectors for his arms and knees, along his waist were multiple pouches for storage and quick access. To finish off his attire he wore a black hooded cloak over all of his clothes, a black backpack and a sword is secured on his back.

The young man chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Looking back now… I can see where you were coming from. But now, I think I'm prepared or at the very least have chance to walk my path."

"I see…" the elder muttered as a small yet solemn smile flash through his face before perking back up. "Well then… what are you still doing here? Get out here and go start your adventure or whatever you reckless fools want to call it." The man said as he pushed the young man to continue along the path.

The youth chuckled as he too started to walk along the path, turning back he shouted. "I'll be going now elder!" As he quickly walked and waved along the path.

"Yeah, get out here you reckless fool!" Even with his words he waved with a smile on his face. "Hah… they grow so fast." He muttered as he stared at the back of the youth as he continued on his way.

"Wait a minute… did Bell get a carriage?" the elder suddenly thought, shrugging after a while. "Probably not… damn reckless fool." It will be later confirmed by the elder that the young man didn't get a carriage to Orario.

The young man continued his trek, faster and faster until he burst into a full on sprint. This is it… the youth ran as the wind caressed his face and the sun fully rose over the horizon, a new day, a new beginning, a new adventure.

The youth passed the outskirt of the town as he sprinted with a grin on his face. With the sun at his back he set off to his destination, to the city of adventurers Orario.

This is it…! My new beginning… My Adventure starts now!


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