Pull on a smile for the masses

Pretend my heart doesn't ache

Trekking through days like molasses

Waiting for the beloved mandrake.

Her eyes are my toxic stars

An addict for her touch I am

When she falls I'm always there

No matter how much my skin chars.

Would like to be the lion 'stead of the lamb.

Won't be so long as I'm in her snare.

What am I to her?

The scratch to her itch

A sweet nothings whisperer

I'm tired of being her stitch

When the world causes pain.

To ugly to be flaunted

To hurt to stand up.

Loving her the chain

That leaves me truly haunted.

How much blood to fill the cup?

A smile she shows to people she loves.

How I wish I were one.

Merely the thing that dirties her gloves

'Til she tires of their sun.

Comes to me when feelings dull

Asking to be cherished and held.

Imagine she loves in return.

Liar. I know I'm the one she'd cull.

Acts like she was never where I dwelled.

They don't know. Protect her. I burn.

Such is life that I'll accept

Her happiness is worth it.

Why had my friend wept?

Is it not known what's writ?

She's the light of my world

I'm merely the shadow that crawls.

Treasure what time is given

From the angel whose wings unfurled.

Breathe in poison. A beast's head lolls.

Can I-hope to-someday be shriven?

Why do I feel this way?

What is the worth of her shine?

Didn't feel like I'd flay

Before I knew she was my shrine.

Now I end when she's not here

Also die when she's around.

Endless loop life became.

Who but a seer

Could've seen me drowned

When eyes set on that dame?

Laughter like bells

Lips sweet as plum

There's no parallels

Someone I can't stay away from.

Alas I'm too dark for her tongue

'Bout that I can't do a thing.

If only given the chance

She would see how I clung

To her heart so I could sing

Of this crepuscular romance.