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Chapter 1

"Our legends have told us the Alpha will imprint only when all danger is gone. He will remain steadfast and alone so he may lead without distraction. We always believed Jacob Black was destined to be Alpha due to his lineage, but today we discovered that to be untrue." Billy shared with the people gathered at the bonfire. Gasps were heard all around as a young woman walked with Jacob toward the group. All eyes turned to Bella, worried about how she would take losing someone else she was close to.

She smiled at them in the soft way she had. "I'm fine, guys. I was with him when he imprinted on her. Meet Angela, she's one of the only friends I have at school."

The pack breathed out in relief. Jared held onto Kim as Paul pulled Emily close.

"Does this mean Sam is the true Alpha?" Embry asked.

Old Quil nodded, "Yes. Samuel will be gifted his imprint when the danger has passed."

Sam sat up straight and looked around at his pack, his family. "We have the red head to deal with, we will get her. She's threatening one of our own, that is unacceptable to me."

All eyes fell on Bella again, as Angela reached out and grasped her hand. Bella squeezed her fingers in gratitude. She knew what she was about to suggest wouldn't go over well, but she had already discussed it with Jake, and Angela agreed with her.

"Um...I have an idea about how to draw her out."

Sam turned to look at her. "How?"

"She's after me, right?"

"No, Bella." Sam growled.

"I'm not saying use me, but use my scent. We pick a place that will work for you guys to set a trap using some of my clothes and maybe some of my blood to bring her where you want her."

"It's a good idea, Sam." Jacob backed her up.

"I would have thought you would be more against this than any of us, Jake."

"I was, but her idea has merit. Plus Ang agrees with her."

"Man, imprinting changed you." Embry laughed, before getting clocked in the back of his head by Leah. "Ow! Dammit, woman!"

"Watch what you say," she growled. She turned back to the elders with a grin on her face.

Sam shook his head and looked back at Bella. "Okay, suppose we try this. How would you not lead her right to where you are?"

Bella smiled, "If the leeches smell terrible to you, I'm betting you smell just as bad to them. One of you could mask my scent. I would leave my trail, but one of you could carry me away to a safe place."

Sam looked around at his pack brothers and then to the Elders. Billy, Harry and Old Quil nodded at him. "Okay, when would you do this?"

Bella looked down at her feet. "Angela and I graduate in two days. I say we do it this weekend. That way we can enjoy the summer before I leave."

"Leave!?" Kim jumped up.

Bella looked at her friend. "Yeah, I'm heading to school as soon as Sam says it's safe."

"But..." Kim started.

"I'll be back." Bella promised. "This is my home and you guys are my family."

Sam stared into the fire, thinking about Bella leaving. He would miss her. She had become an unexpected member of his little band of wolves and imprints. She wasn't an imprint, but that didn't mean she mattered any less.

He sighed and looked up at her. "Alright, we'll try this your way. Saturday morning one of us will pick you up and take you to a planned location and you can stink it up. Then we'll hide you somewhere safe."

Bella nodded and kept her eyes on his. "Thanks, Sam."


Bella walked across the stage and received her diploma, with shouts and cheers coming from the crowd. The whole pack had come out to see her and Angela graduate. She grinned and blushed as she took her seat.

She didn't think when the Cullens left she would get to this point. She'd missed so much school when she'd gone into her self isolation. With the help of Angela and the pack, she had caught up and was graduating with top marks. She would soon be headed to college in Seattle.

First, the vampire.

True to his word, Sam sent Jared to get her on Saturday morning. He made sure she packed a bag of stuff to do as well as whatever she was planning to spread around.

"Sam said we're gonna go to a clearing he found. Once we're there, do your thing so I can get you out of there, okay?"

"I will, Jared."

Jared walked with her to a certain point and then pointed her to where she needed to be. What she was unaware of was the pack all stationed nearby. Sam was worried something would go wrong. They all cared about Bella and wanted to make sure she was safe.

She walked into the open field and started putting her dirty clothes around, hiding them in bushes and up in the tree branches. She then pulled out her old pocket knife and made a shallow cut in her palm. She walked around touching leaves and tree trunks.

"Come on, Bella." Jared groaned, he felt she was going overboard.

Finally, she was satisfied and walked to where Jared could grab her and run her to safety. She held on as he took her to the safe house Sam had assigned Colin, Brady and Seth to guard.

"Get inside and don't come out until Sam, Paul or I come for you. Okay?"

"I won't. Please be careful, Jared. All of you."

She turned and went into the house and shut and locked the door. Jared looked at the three wolves before him. "You don't leave, no matter what."

He phased and took off, praying this worked.


Sam and the others were positioned all around the field when they caught the first scent. He growled for them to remain in position until they saw the red head.

Jesus, Sam. There are ten that I can see. -Jacob

Don't move until we see Red. -S

I see her! -Jared

Get ready. -S

The other vampires were fighting amongst themselves anywhere Bella's scent was strongest. Some were even ripping each other apart.

"Stop it, you fools!" Victoria hissed. "Find the human!"


The wolves came out of their hiding places and attacked. They kept their minds silent and ran purely on instinct. Before long it was only Victoria facing off against Jared and Paul. Sam was ripping her partner apart while she hissed.

"Where is she!? She will pay for what she's done to me!"

Jared lunged and she feinted to the left, but Paul was ready and had her arm in his mouth, ripping it off before she could escape.


Jared got a hold of her leg and was pulling as Sam jumped from behind, his jaws clasping around her head and pulling it free. When she dropped to the ground, he phased. Paul and Jared joined him to collect the still twitching parts.

"Light the fire." Sam ordered, while he looked at Embry and Jacob. "Run a perimeter check for any we missed. The rest of us will gather the parts."

For twenty minutes, the pack picked up all body parts and watched as the purple smoke billowed to the sky. Jacob and Embry came back and phased.

"We didn't find anything else." Embry reported.

"I guess this means Bells is safe and can leave." Jacob muttered.

"You heard what she said, Jake." Quil laid his hand on his shoulder. "She'll be back."

"I know. Ang and I are just gonna miss her."

"We'll all miss her, Jacob, she's family." Sam told him. "Let's go get her and tell her the good news."

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