Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, High Counselor, and High General of the Grand Army of the Republic, was tired. The War was approaching its second year and there was still no end in sight. It weighed on Obi-wan's soul along with the weight of the destruction of every battle and the loss of every soul, be they clone, civilian, or soldier. The fear, death, and despair made the Force just a little darker each day, making it harder for Obi-wan to draw the same comfort from it that he once found so easily. And all he could do was trudge on as days and battles blurred together.

Obi-wan couldn't even remember the name of the planet they were currently fighting on. It had just been some random out of the way planet that one of their scouting ships just happened to find a droid factory on, leading them to come here to take it out. The landscape was relatively flat, though fairly rocky. A few trees and other plants managed to grow, but not enough to really draw much note. The landscape made it harder for their larger craft and weapons to navigate, forcing the bulk of their forces to stick to smaller vehicles or on foot.

The enemy droids had currently retreating to regroup and sure up their forces and Obi-wan was leading his men in cautious pursuit. While the temptation was there to just rush after the droids to cut them down before they could increase their numbers, there were just too many hiding places to risk it. Already they've managed to ward off two ambush attempts and there was bound to be more the closer they got.

Obi-wan was about to lead his men around the next bend when there was a sudden ripple in the Force. He paused, causing all his men to go on high alert, only to stagger as the Force was ripped asunder. Something had torn its way here and distantly Obi-wan could hear the loud impact of that something crashing with the ground not far for him and his men, but he barely registered it as he had to struggle not to be blown away by the shockwave that swept through the force.

Curiously, despite the rather violent way the Force had been disturbed, the energy didn't feel dark. If anything It seemed a lot brighter than most of the Force had been in a while. Even as Force around them settled and healed over the hole that had been ripped through it, Obi-wan could still sense a brightness coming from the place of impact.

Before Obi-wan could ponder this for long, his comm chimed causing him to answer it saying, "Kenobi here."

"Master, did you feel that?" Anakin's voice came through the comm.

"I certainly did," Obi-wan replied, already signaling to his men to stay close and follow him. "And the source of it seems to have landed just a few clicks from here. I'm going to check it out."

"Do you need me to come as backup?" Anakin asked.

"No," Obi-wan said, stroking his beard in thought. "You're still needed with your men and we still have the battle to win. Press on, but stay on alert. I'll let you know if anything changes."

"Fine," Anakin replied with only a slight grumble. "Just don't get killed because you got curious."

"I'm sure I'll be able to handle myself," Obi-wan replied with a smirk before ending the call. Obi-wan carefully made his way around the rocks, his men right behind him and on high alert. Cody of course was right behind Obi-wan, prepared to either cover the Jedi or pull him out of the way if need be.

They came to a large crater, the dust still settling around it, and Obi-wan had to fight the urge to instinctively shield his eyes from the bright being in the center. Though physically the creature wasn't luminous, it radiated light in the force. It wasn't the most powerful force being Obi-wan has met, Anakin holding that position by a long shot, but it was powerful. In Obi-wan's opinion, the creature had a bit more power than most Knights and even a few Masters, but it shined brighter than most Jedi, especially as the war wore on them.

Part of the reason for the creature's brightness from what Obi-wan could sense was because it wasn't shielding. If anything, it seemed to be actively projecting its light, infusing the air around it with comfort, confidence, and reassurance. Obi-wan could feel its light washing over him like a warm breeze and he could feel himself relaxing slightly in response. Even his men, who wouldn't be able to feel the light as he would, were losing tension in their muscles even as they stayed alert and circled the edge of the crater. Obi-wan had never really experienced anything like it, especially once he realized the creature was unconscious still.

"What is that thing?" Waxer asked quietly, getting as close to the edge of the crater as he could.

Obi-wan, having to tighten his shields so could more focus on the creature with his own eyes rather than the Force, looked at the bright blue being resting in the center of the crater saying, "I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem to be a threat. I'm going to get a closer look."

Obi-wan jumped down, sliding along the wall of the crater with Cody following along right after. Once at the bottom of the crater, Obi-wan could get a lot better look at the creature. It was a bipedal alien, though not a species Obi-wan was familiar with. It had bright blue fur covering most of its body, with peach-colored fur covering, its arms, stomach, and muzzle. It was a little bigger than Yoda, and the fact it was wearing gloves and shoes was a sign that its species was not only intelligent but had at least some form of civilization.

"I've never seen anything like it before," Cody commented. "Have you sir?"

"I have no idea what it is or where it came from," Obi-wan replied. "But we shouldn't leave it here."

"Is it safe to move it?" Cody asked. "It did impact the ground hard enough to make this crater after all, so it probably has injuries."

"Good point Commander," Obi-wan agreed, looking closer at the creature. "I'll check to see if we need to get Helix here or not."

Obi-wan crouched down and stretched out his hand over the creature. While healing had never been Obi-wan's strong suit, he could at least get a basic assessment. Sending a pulse of the Force through the creature below him, Obi-wan was surprised to find that the creature only had some scrapes and bruises.

"We don't need Helix's help at the moment," Obi-wan informed Cody. "In fact…"

Sending another though more direct pulse through the Force, the creature began to stir. It groaned and opened its eyes. Obi-wan only saw a brief flash of green before the creature was squeezing its eyes shut and using a hand to run its forehead.

"Anyone get the number of that truck that ran me over…" The creature muttered, obviously suffering from a headache of some sort.

"More like you ran into the ground," Obi-wan replied, pleasantly surprised to find that the creature spoke basic. "Would you be so kind as to tell us your name and how you came to be here?"

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog," the creature, Sonic, introduced with a smirk and fully opening his eyes. He looked between Obi-wan and the various clone troops watching and patrolling and he frowned in confusion. "What's…"

"CLANKERS INCOMING!" Boil shouted in warning, bring up his blaster and firing. All the other clones joined him a split second later.

"Stay here!" Obi-wan commanded Sonic, tightening his grip on his lightsaber. Without waiting for a response, Obi-wan easily leaped out of the crater, igniting his blazing blue blade. He immediately went to the front of the assault, deflecting blaster bolts and running forward to cut down the droids.

Cody cursed a little under his breath and hurrying up the side of the crater to join his general. It was only due to his intensive training that he didn't jump with Sonic seemed to just materialize at his side.

"This looks familiar," Sonic commented, quickly taking in the sight of the battle. "Quick question, do those bots have cute little animals trapped inside them?"

"W-what?" Cody, who defiantly didn't stutter, said in surprise at the random question. "No, why would-"

"Great!" Sonic replied, crouching down in a runner's stance. "That means I don't have to hold back!"

"Wait! Hold on-" Cody started to protest only to stare in shock as the little blue creature dashed forward at incredible speed and cut through three droids before he could blink.

Cody had seen Jedi do a lot of crazy things and even move faster than humanly possible, but even they didn't move at the speeds Sonic was going at. All Cody and the other troopers see was a streak of blue cutting through the droid ranks and leaving nothing but sparking parts behind. All of the troops couldn't help but stumble a bit in chock before brushing it off and rejoining the fight.

Even Obi-wan had to pause when he took in the sight. His Force enhanced senses allowed him to better keep track of the speeding hedgehog and it was an incredible sight to behold. What was truly fascinating was that while Sonic was subconsciously drawing on the force to change directions in mid-air and to lock onto opponents when he couldn't see them with his own eyes, that didn't seem to be how he was moving so fast. If Obi-wan had to guess what little he could observe, he'd say it seemed like Sonic was somehow producing the Force entry need to pull off such speeds.

It was a truly interesting observation and Obi-wan would love to study and better understand Sonic's abilities, but alas, there was a battle to win. Focusing back on the here and now, Obi-wan threw himself back into battle and soon the last few droids were cut down.

"I can't believe you weren't going to invite me to this party," Sonic joked, kicking away a droid head, not looking winded in the slightest. "I assume there's still more where these guys came from?"

"Definitely, in fact, we're headed to one of their factories," Obi-wan replied, nodding in the direction they had been heading before being sidetracked by Sonic. "If you're interested, we would appreciate your assistance, but this isn't your fight."

"Please, fighting bots is kind of my whole thing," Sonic replied with a dismissive wave. "There's no way I'm sitting this one out and letting you guys have all the fun. Let's get going! We wouldn't want to keep our hosts waiting after all."

"Indeed," Obi-wan nodded, feeling a smirk of his own appear on his face. "Very well, if you'll follow us I'm sure will get to have all the action you crave."

Now one could correctly say that Sonic single-handedly tipped the tide of this battle, but that wouldn't be the whole picture. True, Sonic's ability to destroy dozens of droids in a matter of minutes was extremely helpful, the real game-changer was the fact that he was completely unknown. The clones, while surprised by their sudden ally, were just able to shrug off his strange appearance and abilities as Force craziness and adjust their fighting to include him. Droids on the other hand, no matter how extensive and adaptive their programming, just cannot adjust to the unknown as well if at all.

So when this unknown creature just shows up out of nowhere, destroying droids easily with abilities and skills they had never encountered before, it left them scrabbling trying to figure out how to deal with it. The only solution they could come up with was just to send more and more of their numbers at Sonic in an attempt to overwhelm him. It was ineffective, especially with Obi-wan and his troopers providing back up and it left other parts of the factory vulnerable. Anakin and his troops were able to take advantage of that and cut their way to the center of the factory and blow it sky-high.

As the clones from both legions celebrated their victory and tried to learn about their blue ally, Obi-wan couldn't help but smile at the sight and feel far more hopeful than he had in months. He had a feeling, either from his own instincts or possibly the Force itself, that things were about to be a bit more chaotic.