Getting back to the main chamber where Yoda was waiting was a lot faster as Sonic was able to run back with ease. Sonic skidded a little further along than normal, due to the slick ice, but he still managed to slow down enough to approach the ancient master at a more respectful pace.

"Your choice, I see you made," Yoda greeted, rising from his meditation pose. "Honored I am, by the sacrifice you have made."

"I don't think it's that much of a sacrifice," Sonic replied, tossing his crystal lightly in his hand. "I'm certain I'll still be able to get home when I want to."

"Accepted a burden that wasn't yours, you have by remaining here," Yoda countered seriously. "Many dangers, on this path you've chosen. But prepared and armed, you will be. Come, on our way, we must be."

Sonic followed Yoda back onto the ship and watched as the planet was left behind. Once they were safely in hyperspace, The two of them went back to the main area and Yoda brought out several boxes. When Sonic looked in them, he found several metal parts that he assumed could be used to construct lightsabers.

"The Force is needed, to construct a lightsaber," Yoda instructed as he laid out the large variety of parts and pieces. "While guidance given, can be, usually alone the user completes their blade."

"But I'm not exactly a usual case," Sonic replied, stating the obvious. "I can't really "connect" properly on my own and what I can do is a lot more limited or different than how you guys do things. So how are we going to work around that?"

"Aid you, I shall," Yoda concluded, resting into a meditative stance. "Help you, I can, where ability, you lack. But the Force's guidance, you must follow. You're blade, it will be. Connected to you, it must be."

Giving Yoda a determined nod, Sonic closed his eyes and slowly relaxed into a meditative state. Yoda once more helped Sonic connect with the force without overwhelming him, though they did not go as deep as other times. Letting the Force flow alongside his inner Chaos energy, Sonic thought back to his vision in the caves, specifically the moment he had his lightsaber in his hand. He focused on the way it felt in his hand, reaching out and focusing on the parts that felt right. Yoda would take a hold of the pieces Sonic would indicate with the force and bring them together and assemble them.

When the lightsaber was complete, Yoda pulled them from the force and Sonic could finally look at the hilt that was resting in his hand. It reminded Sonic a lot of Caliburn, with its thicker grip and golden embellishments, but rather than Calburn's face, there was a set of golden wings, stretching up around where the blade would appear. It looked vaguely familiar, but Sonic couldn't quite place it.

The most unusual thing about it was that the crystal could be easily seen from its place. It wasn't going to fall out or anything, but Sonic could tell he'd be able to pop it out with ease if need be. Activating the lightsaber, Sonic was greeted by a bright emerald blade that was probably taller than he was. He admired it for a few seconds before turning the blade off and letting the hilt rest in his hand again, surprised by how right it felt to be holding it.

"Mysterious, are the ways of the force," Yoda hummed as he looked over Sonic's lightsaber. "Interesting it is, that the symbol of the Jedi you now carry, in more than one way."

"That's what those wings are from," Sonic said, finally recognizing the design. "But I don't get it. Why would I be guided to have this design when I'm not a Jedi and probably never will be?"

"So confident you are, that a Jedi you are not," Yoda lectured with a chuckle. "Tell me young one, a Jedi, what makes?"

"Um… I know you have several codes and rules you follow," Sonic replied, wracking his memory for what he picked up during his time in the temple and classes. "And you only use the light side of the force."

"Yes, codes and rules we do have," Yoda agreed with a nod. "But the core of a Jedi it is not."

"Well, I'm sure the crazy powers have something to do with it," Sonic joked. "And while I have my speed, I'll never be able to move things with my mind like you guys do."

"Gifted with powerful abilities, we are," Yoda hummed in agreement. "Share this trait, you do. But what is done with this ability, more important it is. Protecting life and standing against the darkness, a Jedi's purpose this is. Can help is true, learning our codes and culture. But from within, the desire to protect and care for others must come. This quality, you have. Therefore a Jedi, in your heart you are. And always a Jedi you will be."

Sonic tapped his fingers on his lightsaber as he mulled Yoda's words over. While Sonic would never have the same abilities as the Jedi or fit in with their culture, he did hold the same values as them. He was gifted with abilities beyond the average sentient and he could have chosen to use those abilities for selfish gain. But he chose to use his gifts to fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. To defend and protect the world and those within it, without asking for anything in return. He cared and helped those around him in any way he could.

This is what made him a hero.

This is what made someone a Jedi.

"I'll accept your reasoning," Sonic replied, giving Yoda a small nod in acknowledgment. "Thank you for thinking so highly of me that I can have the honor of being considered a Jedi."

Sonic would never have claimed that title for himself, but he'd accept it if the Grand Master of the order itself felt he was worthy of it. He'd probably never call himself a Jedi, as that title carried a lot of expectations in this galaxy that he doubted he could accurately represent or live up to. But he'd carry their symbol on his blade with pride and make sure he'd use it to protect and defend as he always did.

"So should I be concerned about my crystal being exposed like this?" Sonic asked, mostly joking with just a hint of curiosity.

"Strange it is, and unwise in most circumstances," Yoda nodded, looking at the design thoughtfully. "But guided by the Force, this design is. Its purpose in time will be revealed I am sure."

"I guess I'll just have to wait and see," Sonic shrugged, putting the lightsaber away to worry about later.

They made it back to Coruscant without any trouble and Sonic was glad to be out that small ship. Sonic smiled as he stepped into the temple hanger, eager for a chance to go for a run.

"Test your skill, I wish too," Yoda said before Sonic could run off. "Come. Spar, we will."

"If you think you can keep up with me," Sonic joked as he followed the old master. While it was obvious to anyone, that Yoda's age had affected him, Sonic knew better than to underestimate him. Those gifted by the world's energy were never to be taken lightly and Sonic was curious and a bit excited to see the master in action.

They entered a large empty room with metal covering almost every surface, though there were several windows for observers to safely observe those that were training. Word of the spar seemed to have spread because the observation areas were quickly filling up with curious Jedi. Sonic waved at them and flashed them a smile as he continued to observe the room. Experience helped Sonic pick out all the subtle seams that meant hidden panels and they were everywhere. A part of Sonic wondered if they'd be activated during the fight, but focused on the present as he prepared for the spar.

"Ready when you are," Sonic said as he swung his active lightsaber around to get used to the weight of it. "Get you're lightsaber out and let's get the party started!"

"Only when needed, does a master draw his blade," Yoda hummed mischievously. "Ready for you as is, I am."

"If you say so," Sonic replied, refusing to let Yoda's confidence shake his own. "Then let's go!"

Sonic speeds forward, swinging his blade in a wide arc. Yoda easily and gracefully dodged out of the way and flipped behind Sonic. Sonic stumbled slightly before readjusting and going again. It only took a second for Sonic to figure out what Yoda was doing. The old master was letting Sonic get used to fighting with a lightsaber before the spar truly begin. Sonic took the time given him and adapted quickly, his attacks becoming more sure and his swings more precise.

Sonic knew the training round was over when Yoda pulled out his own blade at last and blocked Sonic's latest strike. With a mutual nod, the fight picked up intensity. Yoda began a fast and agile barrage while Sonic had to pick up speed. It became glaringly obvious that while Sonic's previous experience with swords and the training he had gotten at the temple helped, he was far from being truly skilled with a blade. That was okay, Sonic was nothing if not adaptable and knew how to use his speed to outmaneuvered more skilled and powerful opponents.

Dodging under Yoda's latest swing, Sonic ran towards the nearest wall at top speed. He barely registered the surprised gasps of the observers as he ran up the wall and windows where they were watching. Once he was about halfway to the ceiling, Sonic launched himself off the wall towards Yoda. He curled up with his lightsaber out, becoming a deadly green and blue blur. Yoda dodged the attack and had to defend against the next several as Sonic used his momentum to launch several high-speed attacks.

"Adapt well, you do," Yoda remarked once there was a lull in the fight. "But a greater challenge, still need I believe."

With a wave of his hand, the room began to move. Panels and platforms began to extend from the wall and Sonic had to keep his balance as the area floor him began to rise. When everything stilled, the room and transformed into an obstacle course, full of platforms and places to jump from and too. Sonic couldn't help but grin as he readjusted his grip on his lightsaber.

This was going to be fun.

The spar picked up in intensity again as it became not only about saber work, but maneuverability as well. It wasn't clear who was chasing who as they bounced from platform to platform, flipping around each other as they attacked. The fight was surprisingly long and very impressive to watch, but like all things, it eventually came to an end. While Sonic was an experienced hero, his skill still paled in comparison to Yoda's nearly 900 years of training and experience, especially when it comes to a lightsaber duel. The spar ended with Sonic pinned to the ground and Yoda's blade at his throat.

"Looks like you win," Sonic smirked, breathing heavily. "Not bad for an old geezer."

"So disrespectfully, youth are," Yoda chuckled, deactivating his blade and summoning his cane to himself. "Much to learn, you still have, but undeniable, your skills and feats are. Spar again, when you've learned more, we will."

"I'll look forward to it," Sonic smiled, feeling the satisfying soreness that comes with fully testing one's skills. Sonic picked up his blade, feeling a lot more comfortable with the blade than he had been before the spar. He wasn't sure if he'd ever use it permanently, but for now, he was comfortable carrying it with him. Following Yoda out of the sparring room, Sonic felt ready for whatever came next.

AN: Sonic's lightsaber design can be found here.