Hi everyone. Welcome to Chapter 1 of The Lie. This is a sequel to Soulless Monster's so if you haven't read that one I highly recommend it as some parts do reference that story. I'll admit I started a rather long time ago, got stuck on it frequently, but I'm delighted to say it's now finished and 21 chapters long. You should get a chapter a week as long as nothing unexpected comes up.

Summary: AU Twilight. Bella was the first human Carlisle changed into a vampire in 1736, due to how she 'died' as a human she sees being a vampire as the best thing that happened to her. Alice is human and Edward has fallen in love with her. Carlisle uses spanking as discipline for his five vampire children. Alice is staying with the Cullen's for a month. What will Carlisle do when his still human daughter lies to him and exactly how much trouble can one lie cause?

Warning: This story contains the spanking of teenaged vampires. Do not read if this offends.

A huge, massive thank you to the amazing Jules Ann for all her efforts in helping me to write and finish this one. I was stuck for the absolute longest time with this story and without her unwavering support and encouragement I truly don't think I could have finished it. She has done far more than just beta read it for me from start to finish she's helped me choose the direction, guided where it was going, and cheered me on at each completed chapter! I cannot thank her enough!


Bella giggled as she jumped down from the tree and landed on her mate's back, she covered his eyes smiling happily.

Jasper chuckled, "are you ready to go home Kitten?" he asked dryly.

Bella laughed and removed her hands from her mate's eyes and nodded. "Yes, I'm going to miss Char, but I want to go home," she replied softly.

Jasper smiled and raised an eyebrow when Bella made no move to get off his back. "Don't feel like walking today Darlin?" he asked.

Bella shook her head, "why walk when you are perfectly able to carry me yourself?"

Jasper pretended to huff but took off for their home. They'd been gone since Wednesday, visiting Peter and Char while it was sunny, and weren't due back until the early hours of Wednesday. Yesterday they decided to take a long route home and to spend the few remaining sunny days with their family. Jasper grinned as he approached the river that separated the house from the woods and, instead of jumping over it like most of them normally did, he decided to charge through it, soaking himself and Bella as he did.

Bella squealed and threw her physical shield up around herself, using it to push away from Jasper and jump to the opposite bank, laughing as he landed face first into the river.

Jasper rose, dripping wet, and growled playfully at his Mate. "I'll get you for that my little Mate," he declared.

Bella continued laughing. "I'll hold you to that later Major," she purred. With a come and get me motion she turned and sprinted into the house but froze when she got inside.

Jasper followed Bella inside the house and froze as well.

"Ow! Ow! Dad! I'm sorry!" Edward cried.

The sound of marble hard hand meeting bare marble hard flesh was ringing through the house.

Jasper was the first to thaw and he quickly wrapped an arm around Bella and backed them both out of the house. They took off for the forest again. Once they were out of hearing range, even Edward's mental hearing range – Jasper wasn't sure whether or not Bella had her mental shield covering the both of them – they stopped. Jasper looked down at Bella. "That was…" he started.

"Unexpected," Bella finished.

Jasper nodded, "what do you suppose?"

Bella shook her head, "I don't know. I imagine Emmett will tell us if we ask," she supplied.

Jasper nodded in agreement, Emmett would be eager to share the details of what landed Edward in trouble, if he knew them of course. "Make sure Pa is not in range before you ask," he warned.

Bella rolled her eyes, "I know Jasper. I wonder…" she started. She was interrupted by Jasper's phone going off, a text.

Jasper pulled his phone out; surprised it had survived getting wet in the river. "It's Peter," he told her. "He says it'll be safe to return in half an hour, he also says if we go east we'll find Emmett and Rose," he explained.

Bella beamed happily, "well let's go."

They joined hands and ran towards the east; they found Rose and Emmett, sat up in a tree, just enjoying the view.

Emmett grinned seeing his much loved little sister and jumped down to the forest floor. "Bells! Jazzman! You're back early… wait, shit, you didn't go back to the house did you?" He asked.

Bella grinned and bounced over to her most playful brother, hugging him tightly. "Yeah, we did," she admitted, "what did Edward do?"

Rose jumped down from the tree, rolling her eyes at her mate and sister. The two of them were thicker than thieves, so she knew there was no sense in telling Emmett not to tell Bella what Edward had done.

Emmett hugged Bella tightly, swinging her around, "oh, you're going to love this. I don't know what rattled his chain, probably that he hasn't had his fill of Alice, what with the sun keeping us home, but we were playing Black Ops and I killed him. He lost his temper and crushed the controller and then threw a chunk of it at the TV, breaking it. Mom started lecturing him about controlling his temper and he gave her attitude, she ordered him to stand in the corner, but he refused! Mom was pissed so she spun him round and gave him a swat; Eddie lost his shit completely, growled and snapped his teeth at Mom. Pops came down from his study and ordered us to leave the house and said that he'd text us when we could return. Last I saw, Eddie was being dragged up to Pops' study by a seriously angry Pops… he used his 'you better not push me' voice and everything," he retold animatedly.

Bella's eyes were wide with surprise. "Wow, I didn't know Edward had it in him… he really defied Mom, growled and snapped at her?" She asked.

Emmett nodded grinning. "Yep, I thought Pops was gunna kill him there and then, he looked so pissed."

Jasper wrapped his arm around his little mate. "I am not surprised, Pa doesn't take well to anyone showing Ma any disrespect, snapping at her like that wasn't ever going to go down well," he reminded his siblings.

"You couldn't really expect Dad to respond any other way. Dad never accepts direct defiance and then Edward made it worse by acting aggressively towards Mom of all people. It would have been one thing if Edward was like that with Dad, but Mom… well safe to say it wasn't going to win him any prizes with Dad," Rose agreed.

Emmett chuckled and shook his head. "Yeah but Rosie you just don't get it," he complained.

Bella nodded in agreement. "Emmett's right Jasper. We know Dad won't accept any aggressiveness, especially towards Mom, but it's big when stuff like this happens. Besides it's Edward, he's such a Mama's boy, that he gave Mom attitude at all is not like him… something's going on," she declared decisively.

Emmett nodded in agreement with his little sister. "What brings you back early anyway? Wait Pete isn't currently dismembered with Blondielocks trying to piece him back together is he?" He asked suddenly worried.

Bella laughed and shook her head. "No Peter survived this trip with only one punch in the face… or was it two? Nope one and a smack across the back of the head from my Major," she confirmed. "Peter is still in one piece. We just wanted to come home and spend the rest of the sunny days with you guys."

Jasper growled a little at the reminder of his brother's inability to keep his mouth shut and avoid sticking his foot in it.

Rose smirked, "translation, Peter couldn't keep his fool mouth and dirty comments to himself and it was decided, in order to stop him becoming a multi-million piece puzzle, you'd come home?" She quipped amused.

Bella glanced up at her mate behind her and then nodded. "Pretty much, anyway they are coming to visit us next, and Edward and Alice will likely be the focus of his jokes… you know he can't resist winding Edward up."

Emmett grinned and brought the tips of his fingers together. "Excellent," he muttered.

"Monty Burns!" Bella shouted.

Rose and Jasper groaned and shared a familiar long-suffering look with each other. Bella and Emmett were undeniably close, which meant Rose and Jasper were close as well, helped by the fact they did play twins a lot when they went to school. They held to the belief that their mates' combined mental age did not reach double figures.

Rose tried to think of something to distract her mate and sister before they got too involved in their never ending game of guess the character. "Hey Jasper, you think you can show us more about tracking? You said there were some neat tricks you could teach us."

Jasper nodded and spun Bella round, "ready to play fox and the hound Kitten?" He cupped her cheek tenderly, for all their playful complaining he loved Bella exactly how she was, her carefree happy attitude to life made his worth living. He was often in awe of his mate; her strength and outlook on life, even after nearly two hundred and eighty years as a sixteen-year-old vampire, never ceased to amaze him.

Bella smiled at Jasper and leaned into his palm. "Catch me if you can Solider," she gave by way of answer.

"Yes Ma'am," Jasper returned. He let his southern drawl become thick and heavy, smiling at the slight darkening in his mates eyes. "Later Kitten," he whispered in her ear.

Bella leaned up on tiptoe. "Always with the later Major… you gotta find me first though," she breathed in his ear. Then, before he could react, she set her first and second layers at maximum strength and raced off.

Jasper stared at the spot where Bella had disappeared from and willed himself to calm down. He noticed both Rose's and Emmett's eyes were slightly hooded with their own lust that he could feel pouring off them and sent them both the feelings of a full bladder… a very strange sensation for a vampire to feel. "You wanted to know a few tricks?" He asked innocently.

Rose had the decency to look a little abashed.

Emmett, as usual, was unflappable. "Sure, we can do that, or you can hunt down Tinks and we can stay close enough to be in range and we can work together to increase the local wildlife population?" He offered wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Rose rolled her eyes and smacked the back of Emmett's head. "We want to know the tricks. You and Bella can get your freak on later."

Jasper chuckled at his sister. "Why thank you Rose, I wasn't aware we needed your permission to, as you say, get our freak on," he teased.

Rose glared at her brother. "Shut up and start instructing, or Bella will be the one having to track you down… pieces of you," she threatened.

Jasper ignored his sister's threat and started reviewing what he'd already taught them, before he started going into some of the more interesting tricks for tracking.

When Rose finally got the call that it was safe to return, Jasper told his brother and sister to go on ahead of them and that they'd catch them up. Bella had been sending him bursts of lust for a while and it was time to show his little mate that revenge was indeed oh so very sweet.

Emmett realised what was about to happen and made Rose stop still inside Jasper's range.

They returned to the house together well after dark and were surprised to see Alice there with Edward.

"Bella, Jasper, welcome home. I was going to ask what kept you two Emmett, but Princess you missed a couple twigs," Carlisle teased.

Alice blushed a bright red as she realised that it hadn't been hunting on the amorous couple's mind.

Rose calmly sat down, "Bella, could you get those twigs for me?" She asked nonchalantly.

Bella giggled and flitted over to her sister. "Sorry Rose, Emmett asked me not to say anything," she explained apologetically.

Rose shrugged, "no harm done. No one is embarrassed by the physical expression of love right?" She directed her rhetorical question at her younger brother, raising an eyebrow challengingly.

Bella plucked the remaining twigs from her sister's hair and danced over to Alice, sitting down next to her and hugging her. "It's good to see you again Alice. I hope school won't be too boring without us until Wednesday. This has to be the longest run of sunny weather Forks has ever had. Almost a full week!"

Alice grinned, "actually, Charlie's gone on a month long Police Training thing. He wasn't sure about leaving me home alone for the full month, so Esme phoned up and told him I was welcome to stay as long as I need to," she explained.

"You'll still be going to school Alice," Carlisle corrected his human daughter's assumption.

Alice blinked confused and looked at Edward. "But Edward said…" she started.

"No Alice, this is your senior year. Remember we'll be going somewhere reasonably remote, but you still need to get an acceptance into a college or two," Carlisle stated firmly.

Edward looked about ready to argue but a stern look from his Dad stopped him. His bottom was still sore from earlier and he wasn't ready to test his Dad again just yet. "Sorry love, it's only two days though and then Bella and I will be there with you on Wednesday," he soothed.

Bella laughed trying to cheer Alice up, "really Alice, I thought you'd be excited. Two whole days at school without Mr How-Dare-You-Look-At-My-Woman here," she reminded.

Alice managed a small smile at that, but it was clear her heart wasn't really in it.

"Cheer up Alice, it is only two days, and you'll be coming back here every day," Bella coaxed. She wrapped her arm around her human sister, "we're going to have so much fun!"


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