By Helliesimp

A sweenett fanfiction

Fluff and OOC

It was late at night Sweeney and Nellie were sitting at the settee, she reading whilst he polishes his razors, that was until he suddenly got an idea to cure this boredom of his. He turned to look at Nellie, he stood and snatched the book out of her grasp to earn her attention.

"Give me back my book!" She scream slightly as she stood and tried reaching the book but he raised it up so she can't reach it.

"No" He answered in a serious tone making her agitated even more.

"What do you mean no?" She asked in disbelief only making him smirk.

"I'll give it back if... you beat me at a drinking competition" He said in a monotone voice making her gawk at him in disbelief and shock.

"No! i will not!" She said glaring at him.

"You don't want to or you can't?" He asked with a slight smirk.

"Of course i can! i just don't want to!" She said whilst crossing her arms and pouting like a child.

He always liked her like this, pouting and acting like a child, she's so adorable yet she can kick your arse if you even look at her the wrong way

"Chicken" He said teasingly making her eyes widen.

"I. Am. Not. A. Chicken." She said whilst stomping her feet, acting like a child making Sweeney chuckle.

"Then beat me" He said as he took 2 bottles of gin and 2 glasses.

"Your on" She said whilst glaring as she took a glass and filled his and her's glass making him chuckle out of amusement.

It has been more than 2 hours since their competition meaning both of them drunk

Sweeney was drunk but enough to walk straight but slightly stumbling while Nellie is a whole new different level, she can't walk straight, she keeps slurring, she doesn't even remember anything.

"I win" Sweeney said as he looked at a drunk Nellie and said something inaudible instead making him chuckle

"C'mon les get ya to bed" he slurred slightly making Nellie stand up and lean her weight over him, they made their way to the bedroom whilst stumbling, nearly falling.

"Looks like i win" He said as he chuckled slightly joining her to bed also.

It was morning Sweeney was waking up Nellie only to receive a smack with a pillow.

"Leave me alone, im dying" She mumbled into the pillow making him chuckle at how she was overreacting.

He made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast, halfway through the cooking he heard small footsteps coming towards him, he smiled slightly.

"Daddy, were is mummy?" A voice asked, he turned around to look at their child, a 5 year old boy and girl - twins - , named Rosier and Raynold Todd.

"Your mummy's in the bedroom dying" He said making the kids eyes widen at the thought of their mummy dying and nearly crying, he saw tears in their eyes and quickly explained

"Well not actually dying, your mummy is sick" He said watching the relief look at their face but immediately went back to both worry and excitement

"Is mummy having another baby?" Raynold asked making Sweeney chuckle

"Unfortunately no, your mummy thought she could beat Daddy at a competition but turns out no, so mummy is at bed with a headache, angry because she lost and because she's tired too" He explained

"Will mummy be alright?" Rosier asked making Sweeney nod

After this occasion, when Nellie is sick their kids would always ask "Is mummy pregnant or is she drunk again?" everytime.

This is my first story so im sorry if this story is short or bad or if there's some incorrect grammar and misspelled words.

I found this idea in Tumblr (i forgot from whom).

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