part 3

After several uninterrupted minutes of kisses, that had Buffy climbing his body to wrap her legs around him while Spike braced against the sarcophagus, they were both too distracted by what they were doing to notice anything happening outside. Not until they heard the outer door screech as it was pulled open, did they stop their dry-humping to stare at it in shock.

Buffy recovered first, dropping to the ground and looking around for a weapon. She had to settle for a stone flower container, which she grabbed, ready to throw or hit someone with it, depending….

Swearing loudly, Spike stepped up beside her, shoving his erection down against his thigh.

"I don't give a bloody fuck who it is tryin' to come here, they're as good as dead."

"B…Buffy?" Willow's voice was tentative, but very recognizable.

"Willow?" Buffy ran to the door and pulled the inner one open to find not just Willow, but Giles as well, both staring at her in relief.

"Buffy! You're alive! And here. In a crypt. With Spike."

"How did you find us? And come in. Spike can't go outside now."

Giles followed Willow into the crypt, nodding tersely at Spike, who growled.

"Let me guess. Locator spell?"

"Yes, isn't that great? Giles let me do most of it myself, and we were able to find you right away."

"Yeah. It's a bloody marvel," Spike said, making no attempt to sound sincere. "Good on you."

"We needed to know Buffy was safe. Her mother is worried," Giles said stiffly. His glare at Spike made it obvious how happy he was to have interrupted whatever they'd been doing.

"We were gonna try to call one of you… or maybe Mom."

"From here?" Willow stared around the big stone room.

"Groundskeeper should remember me from a couple of years ago. Was gonna send Buffy to see if she could use his phone. Eventually," Spike added under his breath.

"So what's the what, Giles?" Buffy asked, poking Spike to make him stop growling. "Am I a wanted criminal?"

"Not by the local authorities," he said. "However, we don't yet know where you stand with the US Army. They have arrived in Sunnydale, and as far as we know, they've taken over control of the Initiative and its labs. But I've heard nothing from them or the Council as to how you should proceed. I believe we should err on the side of caution for the time being."

He stared around the crypt. "I suppose, since you're here and we know where to find you, it may be the safest spot."

"Uh, Giles? Maybe you didn't notice, but it's a crypt. No food, no water, stone furniture that probably contains a former resident, and I had to pee outside in the bushes!"

"Not to mention, you left the bloody door open so anyone can notice it!" Spike stomped to the entrance and closed the inner door with a slam, blocking the sunlight that had been streaming in.

"Who's going to notice?" Giles snapped right back at him.

"You think that bitch and her minions don't have enough sense to keep tabs on you or Red, here?

Willow gasped and stared around as if expecting Riley to pop up from somewhere.

"A fair point," Giles admitted reluctantly. "My apologies. We should probably leave immediately. We can investigate a few other large buildings on the way out, just in case they are watching us. However," he added, "I do believe them to be quite busy right now explaining themselves to the newly-arrived authorities."

"How will we know when it's safe to come out?" Buffy tried to keep the whine from her voice, but didn't succeed.

"As soon as we're sure that Agent Finn and his companions are no longer searching for you,

one of us will return with the happy news."å

"If you come back, bring food!"

"And beer," Spike added.

"Perhaps we can arrange for someone less likely to be on their radar to bring you some supplies," Giles mused. "Perhaps… Oz?" He raised an eyebrow at Willow.

"Sure, he'll do it."

"It's settled, then. You'll remain here until we know it's safe for you to go home or back to your dorm, and we'll send Oz back with some food and drink to tide you over." He glanced at Spike, asking, obviously reluctantly, "Will you require blood?"

Spike looked surprised, but smiled and nodded. "I could use some nourishment. Slayer wouldn't let me snack on anyone on our way out."

Giles frowned. "Were you planning to do so if she hadn't been watching?"

Spike and Buffy exchanged a long look before he turned back to Giles and shook his head.

"We're discussin' what I can and can't do when I'm around her." He shrugged. "It's a bit of a work in progress."

"Well, it won't be a problem when you're no longer around her, will it? In the meantime, I'll pick up something from the butcher."

Spike and Giles exchanged a long stare while Buffy looked back and forth between them, a worried frown creasing her brow. Spike pulled out his wallet and took out two twenty dollar bills. He held them out to Giles, saying, "Set up a tab for me, will you, Watcher? If you don't mind, that is." He held Giles' gaze as he waited for him to take the money.

Giles sent a sharp look at Buffy, who gave him a weak smile and a nod. With a sigh, he took the money and joined Willow at the door. "We'll discuss this later," he said as he went out the door, pulling it closed behind him.

"Well, that went well," Buffy groaned.

"Could have been worse," Spike said, putting his arms around her in a loose embrace. "We could have been naked."

"I guess he could have tried to stake you." She snorted, ignoring the being naked part. "But he probably thinks I should be the one to do it." She leaned her head against his chest, enjoying the way his arms automatically tightened a little.

"Watched him go after Angelus with a torch and a stake," Spike said, a trace of admiration in his voice. "If he wants me gone, I expect he'd try it himself."

"This isn't going to be easy, is it?" she mumbled, her face still against his chest. She lifted her chin. "I think you need to start kissing me again."

She felt his chest move as he chuckled, but instead of kissing the lips she was making available, he kissed her on the nose and shook his head.

"I think I need to look around some more. Even if I don't stay, I'm gonna need a place to crash while I'm here. This could work out nicely. A few candles, some linens for the bed, a couple of chairs for guests…." Muttering to himself, he wandered around again, making note of how much room there was and how much light the windows allowed in. He paused in the middle of the room, frowning at the sarcophagus.

"What are you doing?" Buffy shrieked as he pushed on the lid.

"Checking on the previous owner," he responded, as the large stone lid crashed to the floor. He peered in, saying, "Hello! Look at this."

"I don't like looking at dead people," she complained, approaching anyway. She glanced into the open coffin to see that it was empty. Really empty, as one end of it appeared to be a big hole in the floor. "What the hell?"

Spike picked up a piece of stone from the broken top and dropped it down the hole. They both heard it strike the bottom quickly enough to indicate it wasn't far to the floor below.

"Seems like it has a basement. Hand me that candle, please?"

After lighting the candle and holding it as far down into the hole as he could, Spike turned his head, smiled at Buffy, then vaulted over the side of the sarcophagus and disappeared from sight. It was pitch dark for a second until he relit the candle. Then Buffy could see him walking around what seemed to be another large chamber carved into the ground under the crypt. She climbed over the side of the sarcophagus and sat on the edge of the hole.

"Can I come down?"

"Can if you want to, love. Not sure how long this candle's going to last, but there should be enough light from above to let us see our way out."

"'K, here I come." She pushed off and dropped gracefully to the floor below.

They'd barely begun to explore the lower level and the long tunnel leading away from it, before the candle began to flicker and Spike pointed up to the dim light above. "Time to get out, pet. I'll get some torches and lanterns once we're out of here so I can really explore. It's obvious somebody lived here at one time. Vamp or demon, I'd guess. And it was a long time ago. There's no scent left."

He put his hands on her hips and said, "On three. One, two, three!" Buffy pushed off and with Spike's assistance, sailed easily up to the edge of the opening, and rolled into the floor. Spike landed beside her before she could even sit up, and dropped to a sitting position, leaning against the inside of the sarcophagus. He extended his arm, as if sitting together in an empty stone coffin was something they did all the time.

Buffy stared at him, then shrugged and joined him in leaning against the interior wall, snuggling under his arm and yawning.

"You've been up all night, haven't you?" he said.

"So have you," she answered. "Or longer. When did you get here?"

"Close to yesterday mornin'. Caught some kip in my car until your mum noticed me and made me come in to nap in the basement. So, I'm probably in better shape than you are."

"We should probably try to get some sleep," Buffy said, hiding her blushing face in his neck. "I mean, like, really sleep, not… you know… together."

She felt his chest shake with silent laughter as he squeezed her tightly, then let go.

"Knew that's what you meant, love. Much as I'd like to continue what your watcher and the witch interrupted, I don't want our first time to happen on the floor of a dusty grave…. Not that I wouldn't, if you wanted to!" he hastened to add. "Would in a heartbeat. Did you want to—?"

Buffy giggled as she stood. "Part of me wants to, but the part of me that's been awake for twenty-four hours and spent half that time running, knows that sleep would be a better idea."

She climbed out of the sarcophagus and stood staring at it with her hands on her hips.

"I guess if we put the top back on, this would be better than the floor? Now that I know there aren't some dead guy's bones in it."

Spike stood up too and nudged the side he'd been leaning against.

"Can you stay wake long enough to help me shift this?"

He pushed against the heavy stone, managing to move it several inches. Buffy immediately realized what he was trying to do, and began her own pushing from the outside. Between the two of them, they had soon moved the sarcophagus far enough that the opening to the lower level was exposed. Spike located some old boards back in a corner, and he soon had them positioned across the hole so as to mark where it was.

They picked up the lid, which wasn't as damaged as originally thought, and laid it back on top of its home. After checking the corners for stability and brushing the stone dust off, Spike took off his leather coat and placed it in the center.

"Your bed awaits, milady," he said with a sweeping gesture.

Buffy smiled her gratitude, but as she climbed up and stretched out, she gave a nervous glance at the space beside her. "What about you?"

He grinned at her. "We need to sleep, love, and if I'm there beside you, there's at least one of us who won't be able to. I'll be fine, and if I get tired, there's always the floor. Wouldn't be the first time, an' probably not the last, that I've slept on hard, cold stone."

"Okay," she said through another yawn. "Wake me when Oz gets here." She rolled to her side, pulling his coat around her and was almost immediately asleep.

In spite of having had some sleep the day before, the advancing day soon had Spike yawning and finding a place where he had a wall at his back and could see the door. 'Need to make a bar for that door," he muttered to himself as he closed his eyes and allowed his instinct to rest in the daytime take over.


The screeching of the outer door woke both Buffy and Spike at the same time, and she hurried to open the wooden door for Oz.

He was just standing up from retrieving the box he'd had to put down to open the door. He followed a smiling Buffy inside, waiting while she closed the two doors behind him. She peered into the box and pulled out a bag from the Doublemeat Palace.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you," she said, tearing into the bag. The silence caught her attention and she looked up to find Spike and Oz staring at each other.

"Vampire," Oz said in his usual deadpan fashion.

"Wolf," Spike replied, letting his fangs just show.

"Spike, Oz. Oz, Spike," Buffy said firmly. "Behave. Both of you." She took a container of blood from the box and handed it to Spike. "Say thank you," she prodded.

"Ta, wolfboy."

"No problem, deadman."

Buffy looked back and forth between them. "Am I going to have to stand between you? 'Cause I've got to tell you, if I can't eat some of this food right now, I'm going to be really cranky."

"Duly noted, Slayer." Spike took his blood and walked over to perch on the sarcophagus. "Won't bite the hand that brought the food," he said to Oz.

"I know that," Oz said with a small smile.

"You do?" Spike looked offended. "You aren't afraid of me?"


"Why the hell not?"

"Because Buffy's here and she'd kick your ass."

Spike's growl turned into a laugh. "Can't argue with that."

That settled, Buffy mumbled through mouthfuls of sandwich, "So what is going on out there?"

In a quiet voice, Oz told her that it appeared that the Initiative was being shut down, but that Giles thought she should be prepared to deal with any released captives.

"He means the vamps and demons," she said.

"I guess."

"They'll probably have dusted all the vampires and killed all the demons," Spike said.

"Why do you think that?" Buffy didn't hide her shock.

"It's what I'd do. They aren't going to want to leave anything alive that might talk about what was going on in there." Spike tipped the container up to gulp down the last of the blood.

"Makes sense," Ox agreed, nodding at Spike.

"Should I be disturbed that you agree with Spike?" Buffy stared at Oz, who shrugged.

"It would be the smart thing to do."

"So, does Giles think I can go home? I really need to wash my hair."

"He said to wait until tonight, then you can probably go to your mom's. He said not to go to the dorm until he knows for sure that they've done whatever they need to do with Riley and all his buddies." Oz slid his gaze over to Spike. "Seems like some of them aren't too happy about what you and Spike did to get away."

"Hey! Left them all alive, didn't I? Ungrateful wankers!"

Oz shrugged. "Giles thinks you need to wait until they've all been rounded up and told to leave you alone." He pointed at Buffy. "You, anyway. Not sure about Spike."

"Well, if he's with me, they'll have to leave him alone too."

"Well, there you go." Oz gestured at the box on the floor. "There are a couple of flashlights in there, and some stakes. Giles thought you might want them, in case it's dark when you leave."

"Thanks, Oz. I—we really appreciate it."

"Yeah," Spike added. "We owe you one."

Oz just waved his hand in acknowledgement and pulled the door open. Buffy followed him out so she could close the outer door behind him.

She saw that Spike had finished the blood, watching him wipe his mouth quickly, as if hoping she wouldn't see his blood-stained lips. Pretending she hadn't noticed, Buffy went back to the box and looked through it. In addition to the bag from Doublemeat, there were several bottles of water, one of which she opened and began drinking as she pulled the flashlights out.

"Look. We can do some more exploring."

Spike took the flashlight from her hand and set it back in the box.

"We could. Or we could get some more kip…"

"Sleep? Is that what that means? Or is it some British word that means something else?"

He laughed and pulled her against his body. "It means sleep, love. Or rest. If I was suggesting something else, I'd ask if you wanted to shag, or do more snogging."

"Snogging? That sounds disgusting."

"Doesn't feel disgusting, does it?" he murmured against her mouth. "Feels bloody wonderful, if you ask me."

"Didn't ask you," she said, biting his lower lip and earning a groan from him.

"Playin' with fire there, Slayer. Putting your teeth on me isn't exactly going to send the blood rushing to my brain." He pulled her in more tightly so she couldn't miss his meaning.

"Hmmm. I wonder where it went instead?" She giggled and wriggled against him.

"That does it, you little minx," he growled, which somehow managed not to sound at all threatening. He picked her up, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist, and walked to the sarcophagus.

"Maybe we should block the door this time?" Buffy whispered into his neck, embarrassed that she was thinking that far ahead, when he'd only been talking about kissing. Her legs were still around his hips, having slid down a bit when he deposited her on the edge of what she was now thinking of as a very hard bed.

"If that means what I think it does, just hold that thought. I'll be right back."

In spite of his words, he began kissing her again, groaning when she pulled him in so tightly he couldn't have gotten away if he wanted to. Buffy ignored his attempts to speak, keeping him busy kissing her into a dazed state. She fell backwards onto the hard surface, yanking him with her in order to keep the pressure where she wanted it and tilting her hips up to rub against the hard bulge she could feel between her thighs.

"Bloody hell, Buffy," he was able to gasp. "You're going to kill me, love."

"No killing. Want you just like you are," she murmured back, but slackened her grip enough that he could get his feet back on the floor.

"I really will be right back, love. I promise. Gonna give you a good seeing to, like you deserve. But first I want to make sure your watcher or one of your Scooby friends can't interrupt us."

With a final brush of his lips on hers, he stood up and went to the door, dragging a large stone vase with him. He put it behind the door, then added what looked like a pedestal that might have held a bust at one time. A glance around the room didn't show anything else heavy enough to actually keep someone out, so he returned to Buffy.

"At least that should give us some warning," he said, his eyes widening when he could see that Buffy had moved from where she'd been draped sideways over the makeshift bed, and was now lying on his coat. At the expression on his face, she blushed and smiled at the same time.

"Benefits?" she whispered, biting her lip as if not sure what his answer would be.

Seemingly unable to respond verbally, he joined her, lowering his body until he was facing her. One hand caressed her cheek, stroking it as if she was something precious.

"I think the benefits are all mine, sweetheart, but I'll do my best to do right by you."

Part 4

In spite of the passionate make-out sessions they'd managed to indulge in, most of which seemed to end in dry humping that was interrupted before it could become anything more, they had kept all their clothes on so far. And, except for Spike's hands on her ass when trying to pull her closer, they hadn't even touched each other's bodies or bare skin.

"Gonna get us naked, first, yeah?" he said, sliding his hand under her shirt until his thumb was stroking the underside of her breast through the flimsy bra she was wearing. Buffy gasped at the touch of his hand on her skin, her interest in what they were about to do increasing in proportion to where his hand was going, and what it was doing.

When he'd stroked and played with her breasts enough that she was tugging on his tee shirt, in an effort to get it over his head, he gave a happy laugh and sat them both up. "Such an impatient thing, you are," he murmured, pulling off her shirt and bra, then fastening his mouth around one nipple.

Unable to respond except to give a mew of encouragement, Buffy had to settle for running her hands up under his shirt and over the smooth skin of his back and sides. When she became impatient to feel that skin next to hers, she took the collar of his tee shirt in one hand and ripped it down the middle.

As much as she hated to interrupt the wonderful sensations he was creating with his mouth and hands on her breasts, she couldn't resist the urge to push him down so she could run her own lips and tongue over his muscled chest and peaking nipples. His combined growls and gasps made her smile and she risked taking a small bite of the hard little mound of flesh in front of her.

Spike's shout of "Buffy!" was all she needed to know what was going to please him best, and she smiled at her new knowledge, even as he changed his position to unfasten her pants. He popped the button and unzipped them, but paused to stick his tongue in her belly button before trailing it down as far as he could with the pants still on. She lifted her hips, and he immediately began to push them down her legs, taking her underwear with them.

He paused to nip at her mound, but instead of following Buffy's less-than-subtle hints, he moved down to the end of the sarcophagus to unzip and remove her boots and socks before pulling her pants the rest of the way off.

He froze as he started back to her, staring with worshipping eyes, seemingly dumbstruck by the sight of her naked—and blushing—body.

"Spike!" Buffy had to shout to get his attention.

"Sorry, love, got distracted by the sight of so much beauty."

She could feel herself blushing again, when he still hadn't taken his eyes off her body.

"I'm naked and you aren't. What's wrong with this picture?"

"Nothing. It's a picture that belongs in a museum of beautiful things."

"Less ogling, more stripping," she said firmly, eyes rolling. "You can ogle later. Now it's my turn."

"Your wish is my command," he said with a grin, as he hopped off the sarcophagus and unzipped his jeans. He'd already kicked his boots off at some point, and it was a matter of seconds before he was equally naked, although obviously much less embarrassed about it. "See anything you like, love?" he said, his smirk fading to a hopeful smile as he ran a hand down his torso..

Buffy made a point of running her eyes from his bare toes to his neck. She paused at the sight of his very impressive cock, standing out from his body. "Whoa," she whispered, coloring again when she heard him chuckle. Tearing her gaze away, she admired his ripped body, pausing again when she got to his face.

Where she expected to see his usual cocky grin, she saw only a combination of powerful desire and another emotion she wasn't sure she was ready to acknowledge. His expression went back to one of lust and admiration as soon as her eyes met his, but she knew what she'd seen before he noticed she was watching.

Putting it out of her mind to deal with later, she extended her hand, repeating her earlier invitation. "Benefits?"

"Benefits it is, love," he said, rejoining her on the sarcophagus. "Wish we had a nice soft bed and satin sheets for this, but….." His voice trailed off as he began kissing his way across her shoulder, up one side of her neck, pausing to remind her of the kisses she was becoming addicted to, before sliding his lips down the other side of her neck, sucking briefly on the soft skin there, before continuing to kiss and nibble his way down her body.

By the time he reached her lower abdomen, and paused again to suckle on her femoral artery until he'd left a noticeable love bite there, Buffy was breathing in gasps of anticipation, and almost moaning at the delay. When he nosed his way into her soaked inner lips, her clit was already aching and pulsing with the blood that had rushed to that area. And when he finally ran his tongue over it, she gave a little shriek, not sure if it was from surprise or relief.

Spike spent the next good long while showing her exactly how many benefits there were to having a lover with over a hundred years of experience and no need to breathe. He brought her to the edge of orgasm several times, and then finally sucked her clit into his mouth and worried it until she clamped her thighs around his head and cried out.

Buffy collapsed bonelessly, sure she'd just had the most erotic experience of her short life. She was vaguely aware that Spike was smiling down at her debauched position, legs sprawled apart, arms out to her sides, private parts exposed to his eyes, but she couldn't bring herself to care.

He lay down beside her, resting on one elbow and stroking her face with his other hand.

"You still with me, sweetheart?" he asked, his voice combining self-satisfaction with just a trace of concern.

"I think you broke me," she finally said, turning her head to smile at him. She lifted one hand and reached for his still-erect cock. "Give slayer healing a few minutes to kick in, and I'll see what I can do about this."

She heard his breath catch in his throat when she touched him, and he unconsciously pushed into her hand. "No rush," he gasped out, his body's responses indicating how much of a lie that was. She stroked him slowly, gradually increasing the strength of her grip and the firmness of her strokes until he had to grab her hand and stop her.

"What's wrong?" she asked hesitantly. "Wasn't I doing it right?" His reactions had certainly seemed to indicate he was enjoying it.

"Nothing's wrong, sweetheart. You couldn't do that wrong it you tried, trust me. Your hand on me…." He shuddered. "Not wrong, love. Just a bit too close to right. Want to be in you the first time I come, and if you'd kept that up—" He took a deep breath. "I just need a minute."

"Oh." She moved even closer and pressed their bodies together. "Or, you could just put it where you want it…."

"Thought you were broken?" he said, smiling as she turned onto her back again, pulling on him until he followed her there, covering her body with his.

"Slayer healing. It's a thing. We have lots of stamina."

"That works out nicely then," he whispered, slipping his hips between her open thighs. "So do vampires."

As she had so many times when they were dressed, Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist and sighed as he nudged his way in. To her surprise, in spite of what had seemed to her like an exceptionally large cock, Spike had no trouble easing his way into her, and when he was fully seated, they gave matching sighs of satisfaction.

"Feel like heaven, you do," he whispered in her ear. "I could dust happy now."

"No dusting." She could feel herself blushing again, as seemed to happen every time he complimented her. "Just be happy."

He began to move his hips, slowly at first, then increasing his speed when she moved with him as she soon wanted to do. As wonderful as what Spike had done with his mouth had felt, it wasn't long before Buffy was meeting every thrust with her own clenching muscles and fierce grip on his body, and realizing an entirely new kind of sensation. Something she'd never felt with either of the two human men she'd had sex with, and that she was pretty sure she would have remembered if the brief deflowering Angel had given her would have provided.

"Oh my god!" she gasped, wondering if it was possible for two people with super powers to break stone. Their actions had long since become so violent and powerful that it would have been hard for an onlooker to judge if they were making love or trying to kill each other. Growls, grunts of effort, small screams, and the occasional vocal outburst of "Spike!" or "Buffy!" wouldn't have helped anyone to be sure what they were seeing.

When Buffy sank her teeth into Spike's shoulder as she arched into him, shuddering with sensation, she felt his mouth on her throat, but was long past caring what he was doing there. She was vaguely aware that he'd found his own release at the same time she did, but other than feeling him collapse on top of her, she paid no attention to him, more interested in wondering if it was always going to be like this with Spike, and quite sure it meant no other man would ever be able to measure up.

Eventually, she realized he was still licking her throat, and had been for some time.

"Did you give me another hickey?" she asked. "A what-did-you-call-it love bite?"

"Um… in a manner of speaking," he replied tentatively. "I… I think I bit you."

Buffy frowned. "You probably shouldn't do that," she said with a shrug. "Giles would go nuts."

Spike slid off and sat up. "Giles would go nuts? You don't care?"

Buffy shrugged again. "Were you trying to kill me?"

"Don't be daft! No!"

"Did you drink a lot of my blood? Am I going to have to recover from it?"

He shook his head slowly, his puzzled, but hopeful expression reminding her of what she hadn't wanted to think about before.

"Did you do it because you… love me?" She didn't meet his eyes as she showed that she knew more about vampires and sex than she had let on.

"I did. And I do. Think I have for longer than I care to admit." He tipped her face back toward his own, forcing her to meet his eyes. "You need to know that, Buffy. When you're deciding what you want me to do. I love you. And I'll continue to love you whether I'm here with you, or somewhere far away."

"I thought we decided you were going to stay here and try to make this work?"

"We did. And I will, if that's what you want. This is entirely up to you, Slayer." The verbal reminder of what she was had clearly been intentional. "Nothing I want more than to be with you forever, or for as long as we can make it work. But you don't love me… nor should you. I'm a monster and you're everything that's goodness and light. Someday that's going to matter to you."

Buffy made a face. "Given my life expectancy, I doubt that's something we need to worry about," she said. When he tried to object, she shook her head. "I'm not stupid, Spike. I know I'm past my normal slayer expiration date—and I probably would have reached it already if it wasn't for you stepping in last year."

"Buffy… I…."

She cupped his cheek with her hand. "I'm just being realistic," she said. "I'm sure I'll live longer than most slayers that don't have old vampires watching their backs, but chances are pretty slim that I'll live long enough to not want you here anymore. And I just refuse to worry about it right now."

She made a face. "I'll have enough to worry about if anybody sees that bite on my neck," she grumbled, touching the already-closed holes.

"I'm sorry?"

Buffy laughed. "Liar! You are not sorry." She stopped laughing. "But don't make a habit of it, okay?"

"Okay." He ran a hand lightly down her side. "What if I do it where nobody can see it?" He lightly stroked the hickey where her leg and hip came together. "Or what if it's just a little nip, where there's no vein or artery to worry about?" He just brushed her still-sensitive clit with his finger, then lowered his head to lick it.

Buffy squeaked and slammed her legs together. "We can talk about that… later."

"Alright, love. Later it is."

He settled back down on the hard bed and smiled when she rested her head on his chest and threw one leg over his. He pulled one side of his coat up to cover her as much as it could, and whispered, "Get some more sleep, Slayer. We've got lots of brassed off people to face tonight."

"And you've got some bragging about vampire stamina to live up to…." she said, her voice trailing off as her eyes closed.

"Ready anytime you are, my love," he said as he put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

The end?