The blond sat in the chair by the kitchen window, a glass of water in her hands. She had a bruise across her right cheek; the result of a horrible beating by her father. She hadn't meant to shatter all the windows in the school; it had just sort of happened.

She felt horrible for her cousin, who had this stuff happen to him all the time. This was the first time that crazy things had happened around her, and the blond child wasn't sure how she should take it.

The blond child had a name, of course. Her name was Kenna Dursley. Makenna, if you wanted to be formal about it, although she never did.

Unlike her parents and brother, Kenna wasn't mean to her cousin, Harry. In fact, she was the only one in the family who was nice to him.

The glass in her hands having been forgotten, Kenna stared blankly at the wall. She was thinking, puzzling it through. Why had it happened to her?

Unbidden, things began to come back to the girl. This was not the only strange thing that had happened to Kenna Dursley. And not the last either. For what Kenna didn't know was that she was a witch. A particularly strong witch, who was going to be going on the best adventure of her life before she knew it.