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'Maid needed to help in holiday house over summer, cleaning, ironing, etc, live in job, food supplied, very good pay call 9429 2765 or tap add with wand 3 times to make appointment with my secretary'

I looked at the add, this was just what I was looking for. I was going broke and all the top high position jobs where taken. I had got great grades at school but for some reason they didn't want me.

"Probably because they thought she couldn't handle it" I thought sourly but she needed money and this job sounded great. Good pay, Live in, and it was a holiday house so I might get a bit of a break. Yes this was definitely it. I looked around her cluttered apartment for my wand, as she couldn't afford the expenses of owning a phone. I was searching the pile of clothes on her floor (A.N hey, she's busy so she doesn't have time to clean but that doesn't mean she can't and wont be a good maid cos she will!!) The doorbell rang.

"Coming" I yelled looking up from my search. I ran to the door and opened it to find

"Colin" I almost screamed with excitement "I thought you where in Australia!" "Hi Gin, I was but the trip was cut short cos I missed everyone so much." He said giving me a bear hug

"That's great, Stef will be thrilled to see you. She's been pining the whole time." I said. I felt sorry for my friend Stef having to be without her boyfriend for 6 months. "Do you think she will still be upset when I ask her to marry me?" Colin asked slyly showing a lopsided grin

"Really?" I cried with delight at the thought of my best friend getting married. I had been friends with him since first year.

"That's wonderful, Can I be a bridesmaid pppllleeeaaassseee" I said jumping up and down "Of course you can but remember she hasn't said yes yet" he said wile placing a hand on my shoulder to stop me jumping "now stop jumping cos your making me tired" "Ok. Oh, I almost forgot, I need you to help me find my wand I have been looking everywhere!" I said suddenly remembering what I was doing before hand.

"Why didn't you just do a simple finding spell?" Colin said looking at me oddly "Because I'm looking for my WAND! And if you haven't noticed you need the wand to do a finding spell!" I said giving him the death glare and the 'you are so stupid' glare at the same time (A.N Which is quite hard to do)

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that" he said blushing "No correction you didn't think but now that you're here you can do the finding spell." I said brightly

"Ok, Imperitous!" he said flicking his wand casually Suddenly the wand burst from under my bed and hit him smack in the head. I put a hand over my mouth to stop from laughing.

"That's what you get from showing off" I managed to say before falling down laughing with Colin looking at me bitterly and rubbing his head

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