Ok guys

Don't kill me

I'm not continuing, schools getting hectic and I just have no motivation at all,

Thank you to everyone who liked my story and I hope you don't hate me forever

If one of you wants to continue the story for me that would be ok, but you probably won't want to.

If you're a little mad and do feel like continuing this story for some strange and crazy reason just write what u think the next chapter should be and I'll say ok or no depending on if I like it or not. If there is more that one person (there wont be) then the best one. I will then let you continue and have a link on my last chapter linking to you. Remember ppl this is very unlikely, but send any submissions to and put the subject as story or I wont read it.

So yer don't hurt me too much

Thanks for all the suport

Luv you all


Crazy phyco girl

Ps for all those who neva understood, I know I spelt phsyco, or should I say "psycho". That's how I wanted it spelt so yer, I'm strange