Chapter 7: Not So Pleasant Memories

The next day Sam's dad came with the Tok'ra device and they explained everything, they just had to wait for the girl to wake up and ask her if it was ok to use the device with holographic projection cause since she blacked out last time and she probably won't be able to tell what's going since it's going to be set on the highest level ,because she buried her memories, and it would be like if she were really there.

There was one problem though, there could surface come personal memories of Charlie, really private once so she can refuse to go trough with it. When she woke up, Jack was there and he explained everything, she agreed to do it, because she wanted to know what happened to her family and friends. " You know that there can surface private memories then can be embarrassing or just to private or memories you want to keep for yourself but that is not always the case, your sure that you want to go through with it?" asked Jacob

" I'm sure" said Charlie sitting strait.

" This is going to hurt" said Jacob while pushing the memory device in her the side of her head in her sleep.

" I know, I know, I used this before, . . . ouch!!" yelled Charlie.

" So were going to see her memories projected holographicly?" asked Daniel

" Yes " said Jacob while using a device to amplify the strength of the memory device "now, concentrate" he said to Charlie

"Oh, did you fall of you bike? You want mommy to kiss it better?" Sam

" Catch the ball Charlie, catch it, wahoo touchdown!!!" Jack

" What are doing uncle Teal'c?" Charlie " I'm trying to reach Kel' no' reem" Teal'c

"Your mind doesn't control you, you control your mind!!" Thor

" Omadasala said that my destiny lay here, I believe you are my destiny" John

" Charlie can you help me translating this text?" Daniel " Sure, space monkey" John "Hey!" Daniel

" I love you, marry me?" John " Of course I will, yes!!" Charlie

" Mommy, I'm getting married, John asked me to marry him" Charlie" " Oh, baby, that's so great, Jack get in here out little girl is getting married" Sam " Oh, Charlie that's so great congratulations" Jack

" Oh, right, I have something new, something borrowed and something blue, now I need something old" Charlie " Here, use this, it was my mother's" Sam " Oh mom, I can't take that, it's yours" Charlie " yes, you can you grandmother would have been proud that you wore it, besides it brings good luck and a happy marriage, look at me and your dad" Sam " Yeah, look at me and your mom, . . . wow Charlie you look absolutely beautiful, I almost don't want to let you go, . . . I'm so proud of you"

" I pronounce you husband and wife . . . you make kiss the bride" Priest long kiss

" Oh, my god, it's blue, the line is blue I'm pregnant" Charlie

"John, I have to tell you something" Charlie " What is it, is bad?" John " No, it's wonderful" Charlie " Will, I like it?" John " I hope so, I really do!!" Charlie Her hands guiding his down her body and stopping at her abdomen, realisation downing on his face " You're . . . pregnant?" John " yes . . . are you mad? Charlie " Mad, but of course not darling you made me the happiest man alive" John Lots of kissing.

" Surprise, baby shower!!!" " Mom, dad, . . . I'm sorry it's the hormones. "

" The goa'uld are coming" a soldier

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" John "Yes, it's the best for our baby, it's much safer this way" Charlie

" There entering the base, sir!" a soldier " Eliminating us at our own front door, . . ." General O'Neill

"Uncle Teal'c get down" a staff shot just over his head because he ducked just in time . . . Mom, dad watch out behind you but Jack was faster then the Jaffa and killed him just in time . . . Nooooooo, uncle Danny, Uncle Danny, are you alright?"

"Yeah, Charlie, I'm fine it's just a flesh wound, but I think I'm going to need Janet anyway" Daniel

"Right Ok, I'll go get Janet, . . ." Charlie

" NO, you are not going, you'll get killed, what about the baby" John

"No, John you stay here with uncle Danny, I'm going to get Janet . . ." Charlie

" But but . ..please Charlie" John

"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD . . .stop worrying I will be fine "

" How can I not worry . . . I love you" John

". . . I know I love you too" Charlie

Meanwhile Charlie was looking in the infirmary for Janet, "Jaaaaannnneeettt, Jaaaaannnneeettt, where the hell are you, this is no time for hide and seek, . . . Ah there you are , you have to come uncle Danny is hurt and he" Janet lay motionless on the flour behind her desk " . . . Janet? What's wrong?" but she never got an answer and when she shacked Janet and turned her around "Aaaaaah" a cry of surprise and shock "Oh no, no, no, no, Janet who the hell did this to you? " it seemed that Janet was killed by a staff shot in the chest. " We made sure that your doctor was dead so that all your wounded would die a slow and painful death" an evil chuckle followed immediately after that statement

". . . YOU!!! " Charlie

" Yes, it is us, happy to see us you little child of O'Neill" the Goa'uld stated.

". . . You miserable glowing eyed freak, I'll kill you . . . " she didn't get far because 2 Jaffa grabbed her and pulled her the Goa'uld "No, no, let me go, NO!!" the Goa'uld was preparing to use his hand device on her to gain information. " You shall tell me the coordinates for the asguard home world"

" I won't tell you squat you low life . . . AAAAAhhhh"

" Tell me how you build the device you use to go to other realities or I will use this again"

" You may torture me all you want , I won't talk, . . . AAAAAhhhh" suddenly she stopped yelling simply because Teal'c, Daniel, John, Jack and Sam burst into the room trying to save Charlie, Teal'c and Daniel were immediately killed by staff weapons, but Jack, Sam and John killed the rest but the Goa'uld fled before they could get to him, he yelled at every Jaffa to try to capture Charlie dead or alive. They were succeeding to allude the Jaffa, as long as their weren't to much Jaffa in the Gateroom, that their shouldn't be problem getting Charlie and John to another Goa'uld free reality, but they never noticed the Jaffa around the corner and when he was about to kill Charlie, John jumped in front of her and took the blast in his chest.

" NOOOOOOOOOOO!! John, god no, why did you that for?" Charlie

" Because I love you and I don't want you and the baby to die" John

" But, I can't live without you . . ." cried Charlie

" I want you to life for the baby, promise me, you'll raise our baby?" John

"I promise . . . . no no no John wake up"

" Charlie we HAVE to GO, NOW!!!" yelled Jack

"NO, I don't want to go, I want to stay here with John" Charlie cried

" Oh, for crying out loud, he wanted you to live right?" asked Jack

" Yeah . . ." sniffed Charlie

" Well, that isn't going to happen if we don't leave now!!!" said Jack

" But . . . I . . ." sniffed Charlie but suddenly stopped cause she thought she heard a voice, John's voice but that was impossible because he just died,

" John? . . . Is that you?" asked Charlie sounding crazy even to herself. " Yeah, it's me, you have to go, my love, they are coming and they are going to kill you and when they do our baby will die, so please go . . ." said John

" But I can't live without you, I, I, I can't to this without you please let me come with you . . ." cried Charlie to no one.

" You can and you will . . . you will die and old old lady safe in your bed . . .not here and not now . . .you will live a beautiful life and we will have a beautiful baby who looks just like you, but not off this will happen is you don't leave now, please for me?" asked John

" Ok, for you and our baby, let's go" yelled Charlie at her parents.

Now it was a matter of life and death to get Charlie save to the Stargate but it wasn't going to be easy because there were only three of them and about a hundredth Jaffa in the SGC and the broken leg off Charlie doesn't help at all, but they made it more or less safe to the Stargate, Jack got hit in the shoulder and Sam in her leg, they thought they were safe to go to the Stargate but when they walked up the ramp about ten Jaffa and out lovely Goa'uld stormed into the gate-room, but Jack was faster and pulled out a granite and pulled out the pin and yelled,

" Pull back your Jaffa or I drop the granite and the Stargate will explode and then no one is happy, accept me maybe knowing you're dead"

" You don't frighten us O'Neill, we will captured you all even before you drop that explosive device" yelled the Goa'uld and then gave a sign to his first prime who shot into action but Sam had seen it all and turned to Charlie.

" Charlie, you have to go to, NOW!!!"

" Ok, you'll come too, right?" but the looks on the faces of her mom and dad said other wise " you're not coming are you?" yelled Charlie

" No, honey, we sorry but we have to stay and prevent them off coming through the Stargate . . . always remember we will always love you" said Sam while she was trying to push Charlie through Stargate, but she put up more resistance then they thought.

"Hey, you can't leave me like this, NO, you can't leave me, nooooooo" but it was too late she fell over a piece of debris and fell into the event horizon to the other side but when once there she didn't saw the Stargate anywhere and yelled and yelled to everyone she knew to come and get her, it sounded stupid to herself cause everyone she knew was dead, everyone but her parents that is but she quickly changed her mind about that when an explosion from the other side knocked her into a pile of stones, knocked her head against one of the stones and rendered her unconscious and on top of that the stones all came down on top of her and there she stayed until Jack found her and they took her to the SGC.