They say his footsteps sounded like thunder and were said to crack the deck underneath him as he walked. His strength was rumored to be beyond compare, a simple punch enough to shatter even the strongest man.

He wielded a custom gun with enough power to blow a man's chest apart and sink ships with a single shot. His blade was sharp enough to slice a mountain in two and cleave a man's head from his shoulders.

His face covered by a simple cloth and bandana, his eyes burned with the fury of hell itself. He made his mission clear, destroying every navy ship in his path, each body a message to the royal family.

He wanted revenge, and he would get it no matter how many people needed to die for it to happen, he was their DOOM

And his rage was ETERNAL



Just a DOOM pirate au no one asked for, feel free to use it for anything just message me cause I wanna see :}