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In one of the many guest rooms at Malfoy Manor the wizard known as Lord Voldemort stood staring at his reflection in the ornate mirror hanging on the wall. After so many years without a physical body, it felt strange to be back to normal. Or at least somewhat back to normal. The Dark Lord's appearance was very different than what he was used to, but he knew it was just a result of the dark magic he'd used to restore his body. In time his unnaturally white skin would return to a normal colour, his non-existent hair would grow back and his facial features would begin to resemble everyone else's. The only thing that wouldn't change were his red eyes, considering they'd been red long before he'd lost his powers all those years ago. The red eyes were a result of the dark magic Voldemort used, and in his opinion it was a small price to pay for such power.

After scrutinising his appearance for several minutes, Voldemort turned away from the mirror and took in the room he was currently in. He knew his stay with the Malfoys was temporary, but he was grateful for the kindness Lucius and Narcissa had shown him. Technically he knew they wouldn't have said anything if he'd demanded to stay with them, but the offer had come from Lucius without any prompting. Voldemort suspected it was because the other wizard was feeling guilty that he'd never tried to look for him over the last decade.

Initially, Voldemort had been rather mad than none of his most trusted supporters, like Lucius, had come looking for him, but as the dust was settling on his return he could understand why they didn't rock the boat. A great number of his followers were now locked up in Azkaban, and he suspected those that were free had fought hard to remain that way. No doubt looking for him would have jeopardised their freedom, and he didn't blame anyone for looking out for themselves, especially those with families to support.

Thoughts of families made Voldemort think of his own family. The family no-one knew about. Several years before his downfall, Voldemort had met a witch called Leah while travelling the world. Leah had been just as interested in the Dark Arts as he had, and the pair had spent some time together discussing their views on magic. Voldemort had been impressed to find a kindred spirit in Leah, and he'd been even more impressed when she didn't bend to his will as everyone else did. She was a strong, feisty young woman and Voldemort couldn't control her in any way. Instead he fell in love with her and the pair married in secret.

Voldemort had deliberately kept Leah a secret as he didn't want his arch enemy, Albus Dumbledore to know he had a weakness. Voldemort knew that Dumbledore thought he was incapable of love, and he was perfectly happy to keep the old man thinking that. If he'd known about Leah, Voldemort wouldn't have put it past the old fool to try and use her to gain the upper hand in the war they'd been waging. Instead Leah was a part of his life no-one knew about.

As such no-one knew anything of it when he and Leah had a daughter together. Leah had registered their daughter under her surname, and no-one had ever known The Dark Lord was a father. During Leah's pregnancy the pair had spoken about contingency plans in case things went wrong and Voldemort didn't defeat Dumbledore the way he'd expected to. Because of his Horcruxes, Voldemort had known he couldn't be killed, but he wasn't stupid enough to think nothing else could go wrong. As a result the pair had several backup plans in place just in case things went wrong, and Voldemort knew Leah would have activated one once he'd disappeared.

Thanks to Peter Pettigrew, the wizard who'd spent the last year helping him to gather the ingredients to perform the ritual that restored him to full strength, Voldemort knew exactly which plan Leah had activated. She'd taken their daughter into the muggle world, and raised her as a muggle, so when the time came for her to attend Hogwarts, she would attend as a muggleborn. The plan should have ensured that both Leah and their daughter had stayed off Dumbledore's radar, but all that was about to change. This time Voldemort wasn't planning on hiding the two witches he loved, they would both be by his side as he went about his plan to gain all the power he could.

Eager to check on his wife and daughter, Voldemort turned to the tray of potions he'd asked Lucius for. Carefully, Voldemort began to mix the potions in the small bowl Lucius had also provided. It took almost ten minutes of mixing potions, and casting spells, before Voldemort had a bowl full of translucent liquid with a rainbow shimmer. Taking the bowl over to the mirror he'd previously been looking in, Voldemort used magic to coat the mirror in the liquid. Once the mirror was fully coated, he stepped back and taking a deep breath, called out the name of his wife.

The liquid on the mirror shimmered for a few seconds, before it slowly began to reveal a scene that wasn't just a reflection of the guest room at the manor. Voldemort sucked in a breath as he got his first look at Leah in several years. She was sitting curled up on a black sofa, with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. His wife was still as beautiful as ever with her lush brunette curls, full lips and soulful brown eyes. The fact she was older hadn't diminished from her beauty, if anything she was even more stunning.

As he watched, Leah looked up from her book and said something to someone he couldn't see. Voldemort frowned slightly when a nondescript middle-aged man appeared in the scene and dropped a kiss on Leah's cheek, before settling down beside her. When the man turned his attention to something else, Voldemort spotted Leah subtly roll her eyes and edge away from him. Clearly he was just some muggle who was part of her pretence, he certainly wasn't someone to worry about.

Voldemort watched Leah for almost an hour, looking forward to reconnecting with her. He'd missed his wife, and he was looking forward to being reunited with her. He was also looking forward to being reunited with his daughter, and he wondered just what she knew about him. He was hoping that Leah had told her about him, after all they'd always planned for her to know exactly who her parents were. Hopefully she'd be aware she wasn't a muggleborn and it was all an act.

Not able to resist having a look at his daughter, Voldemort ended the spell connecting him to Leah and recast it using his daughter's name. When the picture in the mirror changed, it showed him a teenage girl with long, curly, brunette hair. The young girl looked remarkably like Leah, and Voldemort couldn't help but smile as she rolled her eyes at someone in the exact same way her mother had just done. The picture in the mirror didn't show Voldemort anyone else who was with his daughter, but it was clear she was talking to someone. Instead of worrying who she was talking to, Voldemort focused on his daughter. He couldn't wait to meet her and find out just what she was like.

As he watched his daughter, Voldemort began to take in her surroundings. She was obviously at Hogwarts, and he was curious as to what house she'd been sorted into. Obviously she couldn't be in Slytherin, but Voldemort intended to change all that. Next year she'd be attending Hogwarts as a Slytherin, but he wanted to know which house she'd spent her first four years in. With much scrutiny, Voldemort decided that it looked as though his daughter was in Gryffindor. The décor certainly looked to be red and gold, but as he'd never spent time in Gryffindor Tower, he couldn't be sure. He would just have to wait until he finally got to see his daughter.

Ending the spell on the mirror, Voldemort sat down to contemplate his family. He was looking forward to being reunited with them, and already his mind was buzzing with plans. Soon they'd all be together, and once that happened he could turn his attention to re-establishing his power in the wizarding world. Before his downfall, he'd been growing ever more powerful, but things had changed since then. A few of his supporters hadn't responded to his call, and likely a few wouldn't want to re-join him. He would probably need to spend a few years rebuilding his forces, but once he did he would be unstoppable. Nothing was going to stop him this time, he would make sure of it.


There was a sombre atmosphere in The Great Hall as the staff and students settled down for the end of term feast. The students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons had left a few days previously, leaving Hogwarts to come to terms with what had happened at the final task. The death of Cedric Diggory had shaken the school, and the place was divided over whether to believe Harry's claims Voldemort was back. It was a logical explanation for Cedric's death, but a lot of people didn't want to believe the dark wizard who'd terrorised the wizarding world was back.

"We've reached the end of another year," Dumbledore announced as he stood up. "Unfortunately, this year ends on a sad note following the death of Cedric Diggory. I'm sure over the coming months you'll hear a lot of things regarding Cedric's death, but I want you all to know the truth. Cedric Diggory was killed by Voldemort. The Dark Lord has returned."

Dumbledore paused to give the students time to digest what he was saying, just as the doors to The Great Hall flew open with severe force. Instantly everyone's attention switched to the back of the room, wanting to know who was disturbing the evening. Initially it looked as though no-one was there, but then a tall wizard dressed in flowing back robes strode into The Great Hall.

"It's him," Harry Potter gasped. "It's Voldemort."

Even though it had just been a fortnight since Harry had witnessed Voldemort's resurrection, The Dark Lord had changed considerably in that time. His skin wasn't quite as pale, his hair was starting to grow back and his facial features resembled a normal person. However there was no mistaking the aura of danger he exuded, plus he still had the same deadly red eyes.

"Yes, it's me," Voldemort announced with a smirk.

"What do you want, Tom?" Dumbledore asked as he got to his feet and pulled out his wand.

"There's no need for wands, old man," Voldemort chuckled, casually disarming Dumbledore and casting a spell over him that froze him, and all of the other staff sitting at the Professors table in place, although they could still talk and look around at what was happening. "I'm not here to fight."

"Then what are you here for?" Dumbledore asked, visibly frustrated by his inability to move.

"Firstly, I just wanted to reassure people I was indeed back," Voldemort said. He was half tempted to just kill Dumbledore where he stood, but he knew it would only cause unnecessary problems for his daughter, so he controlled himself and carried on delivering the message he'd carefully prepared. "I wouldn't want anyone to deny my presence, not after I went to so much trouble to return. And secondly, I'm here to collect my daughter. I know I'm slightly early, but I just couldn't wait to see her. It's been so long."

Voldemort smirked as his revelation created instant chaos in The Great Hall. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on what was going on, and he noticed the majority of people scrutinising the Slytherin table. Even Dumbledore had his attention fixed on the Slytherins, clearly trying to work out who Voldemort was after.

"It is okay if I take my daughter one day early, isn't it headmaster?" Voldemort asked with a mocking smirk. Everyone knew it didn't matter what Dumbledore said, he was taking his daughter.

"I think that might be for the best," Dumbledore replied as the hall began to quieten again. "I'm not sure we want her sort here."

"I'd be careful what you say old man," Voldemort hissed. "I may be taking my daughter home slightly early, but she'll be back next year. And next year I expect her to be resorted into Slytherin, where she belongs."

At the latest revelations the noise levels in The Great Hall began to rise again. Amidst all the chaos one Gryffindor began to get to her feet. It all started with the two boys on either side of her noticing her getting up, but before long the entire room was captivated by the brunette witch rising to her feet.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Ron Weasley hissed.

"Sit down, you don't want to mess with him," Harry added, trying to tug his friend back down in her seat.

"Get your hands off me Potter," Hermione snapped, pulling out of Harry's grasp as she glared at the boy she'd spent the last four years alongside.

"Hermione?" Harry frowned up at his friend, still not wanting to believe what was happening.

"Don't be so dense, Potter," Voldemort called with a laugh. "It's really for the best if you let my daughter go."

"You bitch," Ron cried, jumping up and raising his hand as if he was going to hit Hermione.

"I wouldn't if I was you, Ronald," Hermione said, merely raising an eyebrow at the sight of his raised hand. "You hit me, and I'll hit you back ten times harder. Not to mention what my father will do to you."

"You really wouldn't want to find out," Voldemort agreed. "Any of you," he added, turning his attention to a stunned Dumbledore. "I'm giving you all a warning. Hermione is not to be touched. If anyone dares lay a finger on her, or try and curse her in any way, they'll regret it. If you think I'm bad now, just try and hurt my daughter, and you'll see just how evil I can truly be."

As Voldemort had been talking, Hermione had made her way to his side and by the time he was finished, she was standing next to him.

"Is your stuff all packed?" he asked. Leah had written to tell their daughter of his plan, but he knew her stuff was likely already packed as the Hogwarts Express was departing the following morning.

"Of course," Hermione replied.

Brandishing his wand, Voldemort summoned Hermione's belongings. Once they had everything, he turned back to Dumbledore and with a flick of his wrist, he released him and the other staff from the freezing spell and sent the headmaster his wand back.

"I hope we have an understanding," he said to the Headmaster. "Rest assured, if you don't do what I want regarding Hermione, it won't be pretty. I can bring this entire school crashing down around your ears if I so choose. So do the sensible thing, and let Hermione finish her education in peace."

"I will fight this, Tom," Dumbledore swore, glaring daggers at Voldemort and his daughter. With his wand back, his instinct was to fight back, but he couldn't do that safely with all the students in between himself and Voldemort.

"Fight all you want, it won't change anything," Voldemort replied with a shrug. "Now I really think we should be leaving. Hermione, do you have anything you want to say?"

"Yes," Hermione replied, turning back to Harry and Ron who were both sitting shooting her murderous looks. "I want to thank Harry and Ron for their years of friendship. I'm sure it's over now, but it was fun while it lasted."

"Speak for yourself," Harry spat. "I don't see any fun in realising we've been manipulated. Although you are right, our friendship is dead. Next time we see you, you'll be our enemy."

"I've always been your enemy," Hermione said with a light laugh. "You just didn't know it."

Turning back to her father, Hermione slipped her hand in his and together they turned and walked out of the Great Hall, Voldemort shutting the doors behind them. By the time the rest of the school had recovered from the shock and left the Great Hall, there was no sign of Voldemort and Hermione. They'd left the school premises, and behind them they'd left hundreds of confused and bemused people. Whoever would have thought that the innocent muggleborn Hermione Granger was really the daughter of The Dark Lord?