"Who cares about the stupid reports?"

Her mentor's eyes narrowed and Tonks instantly sensed that had been the wrong thing to say.

"I'll hand it in by tomorrow, promise."


"Think about it, it's just meaningless paperwork," she tried hopefully.

"All right, that's it." Mad-Eye's hand jerked and for a moment, she thought he was going to pull his wand out and hex her. As roguish and eccentric and Moody could sometimes be, he was too courteous to hex a non-criminal, especially not his co-workers. But perhaps...perhaps she'd really pushed him too far this time.

Moody's hand, however, did not reach for his wand. Instead, he grabbed her arm and a second later, Tonks found herself over the strong man's lap. How had he managed that? Tonks had been trained in close combat, she was meant to respond to situations like this, but Moody's decade-long experience had molded his moves into perfect, unblockable gusts of wind.

Hang on. Why was she even contemplating battle moves? Alastor Moody had just pulled her over his lap, like a child in need of discipline.

Tonks gathered herself.

"Ha, nice try," she told her mentor. "If you're trying to shock me into handing my report in, there's no need, I already said i'd have it in by tomorrow-"


"I believe I threatened you with a spanking the last time you were late with a report," Moody interjected, getting right down to business.

"Yeah, but you'd never actually do it."

"Give me your wand," he ordered and she handed it over, unconcerned.

"You're bluffing."

Moody ignored her and pulled her cloak up, revealing thin, black leggings. Practical for long travels and fighting, and even more useful for spanking, the thin material wouldn't be much protection against his firm hands.

"Mad-Eye, I know you're trying to scare me," the pretty young witch complained.

"Enough!" he barked, and for a moment, his trainee went silent.

"I'm your commanding officer, and as such, I expect all orders to be obeyed exactly. And right now, you are going to take this spanking without complaint."

The auror took advantage of her stunned silence to begin his admonishment, cracking his hand down across her butt cheeks again and again.

He was a man of efficiency, and Mad-Eye's hand had made its way thrice around the witch's bottom when she started talking again.

"You don't need to spank me."

"Clearly, I do," he replied, not slowing his rhythm.

The witch made no retort. It was amazing what a good spanking could do to some people, they were only a few minutes in and Tonks had already mellowed, submitting to his authority. She had a good composure, too, he noted with pride. He'd had a good number of lasses over his knee who had kicked and fought, all while screaming the entire Ministry down.

"Always said Hogwarts shouldn't have banned corporal punishment," he commented, and Tonks groaned. If there was one thing the wizarding school should've taught his future aurors, it was how to stick to a simple deadline.

He spanked on, slowly heightening the intensity of his strokes. He sensed it was time, time for The Talk.

"Why are you getting this spanking?" he asked the age-old question.

Tonks paused, and for a moment he wondered if he'd have to deal with more cheek, but then she answered reluctantly. "I didn't turn the stupid reports in."

"Manners," he admonished, and landed some hard strokes on her thighs. "Those reports aren't stupid."

"What's the point of them then?" the trainee auror challenged.

That was it. "Those reports," he barked, accentuating his words with smacks, "serve plenty of reasons."

The witch tossed back and forth, trying to avoid the smacks.

"Do you remember a few years ago, when Lucius Malfoy was sentenced to Azkaban for possession of dark artifacts?"

The witch shook her head.

"Really?" he asked. "It was all over the Daily Prophet."

"No way! Lucius Malfoy?" the witch turned around, her expression curious.

"Well, it should've been," he admitted. "We had an airtight case, but Malfoy sued for incorrect procedure and won. Can you guess why?"

"He bribed Fudge," he witch replied, rolling her eyes.

"Funny," he told her, smacking her thighs again. "The Auror department is universally respected and Malfoy's case would've been thrown out had we had all our files in order. Can you guess where this is headed?"

The witch groaned again.

"Go on," he smacked her thigh.

"Someone didn't file the proper paperwork?" Tonks guessed.

"That's it," Moody answered, and went back to his spanking.

"THAT," he slapped his hand down hard, "is why we file reports. THAT is why we hand them in on time. THAT is why we complete all our assigned tasks, no matter how boring they may seem."

"Oww!" Tonks wailed.

"From now on" (SMACK) "you will file" (SMACK) "all" (SMACK) "your reports" (SMACK) "correctly" (SMACK) "and hand them" (SMACK) "ON TIME!" He finished with a flurry of smacks, targeted at the girl's sitspots.

"I'm sorry!" Tonks wailed. "Really sorry." Finally, he was getting through to her.

Almost done now. Just a final wave to make sure his mentee learned her lesson.


"Ow ow owwww," Tonks wailed, tossing and turned to her butt out of the line of fire. As expected, Mad-Eye Moody spanked hard. She'd really had enough to learn her lesson by now. She sighed. He'd been right about the reports. She'd have done the stupid things if she'd known they were important...she really should've done them. She'd been lucky they hadn't had a Malfoy case, or she'd have screwed the whole department...and she was so lucky to be here.

"I'm sorry, Mad-Eye," she whispered. "Should've done the reports." This time, her apology was genuine.

Her mentor seemed to sense that, and he lowered his hand and finally, after what felt like hours, her butt could breathe.

She'd expected Moody to lay her down and go back to his business, but instead he stayed there, his hand reaching out to rub circles into her back.

"I'm sorry," she said again.

"That's all right," he told her. "I know you've learned your lesson now."

They stayed in silence for a while. Tonks' cheeks were aching, but somehow, it felt fair. She'd missed so many reports, she deserved some sort of comeuppance.

Finally, her mentor lifted her up and handed her wand back.

"Enough cuddling. You're going to sit down and write that report. I want it on my desk in an hour."