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"Is that everything?" The tall man put down his glass of firewhisky.

"I think so. Tomorrow at noon?" His companion took a sip of pumpkin daiquiri.

"Yes, yes, I've put it in the calendar," the deep voice reassured her. "Good job on the plan of action, by the way."

She nodded, hoping the top auror wouldn't see the red hue that had crept up her cheeks.


"Hurry up," Hestia complained, pulling her friend down the street. For the past week, Tonks had been distant and withdrawn, a shadow of her usual lively self. Hestia had tried to follow the Dealing with Victims protocol and talk the problem through, but after all her Walkie Typie messages had been answered with "Yes", "No", and "Whatever", she had decided it was time to act. She had a carefully revised plan, she had Kingsley's blessing and really, it was now or never.

"Don't we have to turn right now?" Tonks asked in a monotone voice.

"Oh! Yes." Hestia adjusted their course.

"You're really rubbish at this," Tonks muttered, but she looked like she was trying not to smile.

Just before the mansion came into view, Hestia pulled out her wand and tapped Tonks' head, then her own, watching as her friend faded into nothingness.

When they reached the front steps, Hestia flopped down.

"What happens now then?" Tonks asked impatiently.

"We wait for the milkman," Hestia said, twirling her wand around her fingers like a baton.

"Mad-Eye'd have your butt if he ever saw you do that."

"Lucky he's not here then, isn't it?"

"Whatever. What about the milkman?"

"Well, I've been spying on Mrs. Mellory for the past week. The milkman comes every Thursday at 12."


"Meaning she needs to open the door to fetch the bottles."

Tonks nodded. "Good work."


Hestia mentally ticked off Save the Muggles Phase 1, Subsection A: Get into Mrs. Mellory's house unnoticed. It was time for Subsection B.

"Odorignis!" she whispered, and the smell of flames rose through the living room, slowly escaping to the rest of the house. The original plan had been to make a small, controlled fire, but after Kingsley had pointed out the problems with that, Hestia had found a new, nifty spell in an old spellbook.

"Evacuate the house, evacuate the house!" she shouted and, sure enough, Mrs. Mellory came running out of the kitchen, followed by Twitch who was wrapped in a towel and looked like he'd just come out of the shower. Hestia muttered a warming spell, then raced towards the attic. There was work to be done.