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Chapter 1

"Everyone, be prepared to leave shortly. We need to go after him. We can't let Sasuke kill him." Kakashi ordered everyone around him.

As much as he hated the new Hokage, he was still the leader of Konoha. He could not be killed, especially at the hands of Uchiha Sasuke, his former student. He already felt like a failure as his Sensei. He had no idea how to save him from himself if he became an international criminal.


Everyone agreed to the order. Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato each decided to take care of one task while Naruto, Kakashi and Hikari would go after the Rogue Ninja. But they all stopped when they noticed Hikari was silent for too long and wasn't moving from her place.

"Hikari, what is it? You feeling bad?" Naruto asked.

"No." She strongly said.

Everyone could get the feeling that she wasn't answering Naruto's question. She was voicing her disagreement ... about saving the Hokage, the leader and protector of Konoha. Kakashi walked slowly to his adopted daughter and looked her in the eye in confusion.

"What do you mean 'no'?"

"I'm not stopping Sasuke-nii-san from killing him. I am not saving the man who ruined my life ... I am done protecting the Village who destroyed my father's life and mine." She declared hatefully, and left everyone with lots of questions.

19 years ago

Laughter was heard all around the Village. Konohagakure was always known to be a lively village. But appearances could change in a matter of seconds. That was exactly the problem. While peace was something everyone wanted, no one could assure that it would last long. No one had that power.

Life is born ... Life dies ... Life is a battle ... What is the true meaning of life?

Uchiha Itachi, the son of Fugaku and Mikoto, was walking silently, minding his own business. Everyone was murmuring around him, trying not to grab the attention of the Uchiha Genius. Not a lot of people could become Chunin at the age of 11. Barely being 12, there were already talks about him being promoted to Jonin or ANBU.

While he was known as the Uchiha Genius or Prodigy, that was the last thing he felt about himself. Itachi considered himself no genius, prodigy or exceptional. In fact, he felt like he had a lot of things to learn. Besides, none of that mattered. He was a Shinobi of Konoha, doing his best to honor the lives and peace in the Village.

He was on his way back home. The Head of the Uchiha Clan, also known as his father, suggested his son to join the ANBU. He wanted an inside man to infiltrate the enemy and be the spy. Since the Kyuubi's attack on the village almost 2 years ago, things were not looking well for the Uchiha. Everyone in the Village hated them and misunderstood them for being the ones responsible for the attack, not aware that they helped save their lives.

So the Uchiha Clan was moved away from the center. There was always a tension every time the name 'Uchiha' was said out loud, which did not make things easy for them. Things were looking worse and worse everyday. The Uchiha members were even thinking about starting a coup d'etat to let their voices be heard. But as angry and violated as Fugaku was, he rejected those ideas for now.

First, they needed information, which is where Itachi came in. Fugaku suggested his elder son, Itachi, and the only person he truly trusted to the Council and let him become an ANBU member to assassinate people and also, to keep a close eye on the Elders as well as the Hokage. Itachi wasn't even asked how he felt about this because it simply didn't matter.

And he was alright with doing whatever right or wrong thing to do to keep the Village and its people safe. That's what it meant to be a true Shinobi, one who was willing to sacrifice anything he had to complete his mission and protect their village.

"Are you listening to me?" A voice asked.

Itachi blinked and looked around to see where the voice came from. The kind and female voice shattered his thoughts and focus in a second. He took a moment to think about where he was and what he was doing. The memories were coming back as he thought deeper.

He had a day off, for once, and he had no idea how to spend his free time. Shisui wasn't available to train with him and Sasuke was out of options. That's when he bumped into his only other friend, Uchiha Izumi.

The kind girl who was in the same Clan as he was. The one who saved him from the bullies when he was in the Academy, the one who hated conflict and wanted peace as much as he wanted, and the one who ... liked him.

He had no idea how to spend his free time, but if he had to be with someone, Izumi would be his first choice if Shisui or Sasuke couldn't. She was his only other friend who he felt comfortable around, for whatever reason. He enjoyed spending time with her. He may not have liked him the way she did, but he still liked him.

The only reason why he didn't let himself feel that way is because he wanted to stay focused on his responsibilities and missions. He had no time for romance. Besides, being with him would only endanger her, which is the last thing he wanted.

"Right ... You should watch where you're going, you know," Itachi finally said as he caught Izumi just as she was about to trip.

"Uh huh." She replied with a hint in her voice, trying not to blush that he held her in his arms to protect her.

Itachi smiled slightly as he released the hold on her body and helped her stand up properly.

"Thank you." Izumi almost whispered as she looked down, blushing slightly.

Before he could answer, they were interrupted by a gossiping and hateful murmur around them.


"Does she really think she can spend time with the future Head of the Uchiha Clan when she's not even a true Uchiha?"

"Get away from Itachi-kun, you little ...!"

"Itachi-sama, you must know better than to waste your time with this girl."

"You're a disgrace to our Clan, girl!"

Izumi looked down with unshed tears in her eyes. She wished she could say that she had gotten used to all this hate for her, but the truth is, she could never understand why people treated her the way they did.

Yes, she wasn't a 'true Uchiha' because her mother married someone outside her clan. But when she lost her father on the night of the Kyuubi attack, the loss was too much that she awakened her Sharingan, which was way before Itachi's time. She may have lacked the Chakra control and strength to master her gift, but she didn't let that stop her.

She fainted from time to time when she overused it, but she was mastering other abilities, like Taijutsu. She may even be better than Itachi in that skill. And she was smart and skilled enough to have graduated from the Academy sooner than others, even if it was only a year.

Itachi held back his frustration and just looked around with a black expression on his face, which was normal for him. But looks could be deceiving, especially now because Itachi was so angry. He didn't understand why everyone, Uchiha or otherwise, hated her. Could he have something to do with that? Was he the reason why she was treated like this?

"Wanna take a break? I know a tea shop with delicious sweets. Why don't we stop by there?" Izumi cheerfully said, trying to ignore the hate talks around them.

Itachi just nodded and followed her. He knew she was ignoring them, so he didn't say anything to press the issue. She had the strength and emotional control to not say anything to the stupid people who assaulted her with their words. He admired her for that. She may not have the physical strength and Chakra control to hold the Sharingan activated long enough, but she was mentally strong enough to do anything.

That was truly a great thing to have.

Itachi wasn't worried about what people would think seeing them together like this. He was taking a walk with a friend. There was nothing else to it. Besides, the further away from the Uchiha they went, the better for her. So they went to the center of Konoha to sit in the tea shop she mentioned.

"Two, please." Izumi politely asked as they sat down in the shop.

"Coming!" A voice called out.

Itachi inwardly frowned as he heard that voice. It was very familiar. He knew that voice from somewhere, and he knew exactly who it belonged to. A girl holding a tray of tea came closer. She stopped when she saw who the order belonged to.

"Well, if it isn't Itachi!" She happily stated.

"Shinko-san." Itachi said as he smiled.

Inari Shinko was one of his teammates in his Genin team, Team 2. She looked to be around 16 years old. The team was dissolved when their other teammate, Tenma, died, which caused Shinko to quit as she didn't want to go through something like that again. But it was good to see her.

"Been ages, hmm? I'm working here now." Shinko said to the hidden confusion behind Itachi's eyes.

"So it seems."

Izumi just stood by hesitantly and watched Itachi as he spoke so familiarly with the older Shinko. She had the feeling that they were something like comrades or teammates, but she wasn't sure how exactly they knew each other.

"So? Your girlfriend?" Shinko asked, her eyes shining in excitement as she set two cups of tea down on the bench.

She already knew that it wasn't the case. Uchiha Itachi was too much of a simple and macho boy to ever think about girls. She knew that much when she spent only a few months with him as his teammate. But it was fun to tease both of them.

"Friend." Itachi corrected her.

"Oh! I bet she's all disappointed now!" She teased highly-pitched as she turned to Izumi.

She was a cute girl with beautiful brown hair and the Uchiha onyx eyes, who also seemed to be kind and caring. Izumi coughed as she jumped up in surprise. The older girl laughed, and turned her eyes back to Itachi. He made it seem like a small thing, but Shinko could see very slight blushing on his cheeks.

She smiled to herself to see that side of Itachi. She knew exactly what to say to mess with them.

"Well, you should one day get one. I'm enjoying the pleasure of having someone by my side for the rest of my life."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Izumi finally found her voice to ask.

"Yep. And he's the one, you know? I want him to be my husband and the father of my children, if I decide to have any in the future. I don't really care about him being from another village and all."

"He's not from Konoha?" Itachi asked.

"No, he's a Kiri Shinobi. Don't ask me the name, I'm not telling you. I'm just saying it's hard to be with someone, even if we're from the same village. But we'll make it work 'cause we love each other." She stated.

Itachi and Izumi were both surprised to hear that. It was hard enough to be with a Ninja from an unfriendly village, like Kirigakure, but Shinko just let it go like it was nothing. Could love really give you the power to ignore the pain and work through the problems? Itachi didn't know.

"Who knows? Maybe one day, my future son will fall for your future daughter, and we'll become one big happy family." Shinko seriously teased to lighten up the mood

Itachi looked like he was about to choke on his own life. The environment suddenly became so ... awkward! He was doing his best to hide his blush, but he was doing a very poor job of it. He hadn't even given a thought about marriage or parenthood, and Shinko was already marrying her might-future son to his might-future daughter?!

Izumi looked completely out of it, too. As much as she loved Itachi, she did her best to hide those feelings because she knew he wasn't interested in that. But the thought of him being married to someone and having a child with her ... It pained her heart.

"But I doubt you Uchiha know how to smile. You never look happy." She mused to herself.

"Shinko-san!" Izumi yelped to stop her.

"Oh! I didn't mean to offend you, Itachi's friend. You're clearly different from the average grumpy Uchiha members you're surrounded with."

"Her name is Izumi." Itachi told Shinko.

"It's nice to meet any friend of Itachi, Izumi, since he doesn't have any. But I'm sure you know that. Anyway, I'm Inari Shinko, a former Genin who used to be in the same team as the Uchiha Prodigy." Shinko smiled.

"It's nice to meet you, too, Shinko-san." Izumi smiled as she shook her hand.

Shinko smiled back, but turned around to Itachi, who suddenly became non-existent with the lady's talking.

"I heard you became a Chunin. Nice one." Shinko commented.


"I knew I did the right thing by quitting the Ninja. There was all that with Tenma dying ... But I would say half the reason why I quit was because of you." She added with a hint in her voice, trying not to break down at the mention of their deceased friend.

Itachi blinked in surprise as his full attention was now on Shinko. Being a Ninja was the greatest honor he could imagine anyone would ever dream of. He didn't want or understand that he took place in the reason Shinko quitting one. But he was also glad. One less Ninja meant one less fight.

Did he really have the power to stop the fighting and make the peace last long?

"Me?" He finally asked.

Shinko smiled as she hugged the tray she had brought the tea on to her chest.

"Seeing a genius like you up close, I saw the limits of my own talents so clearly, I hated it. And then, I got sad, y'know? Started wondering if I should really keep at it and all. So the very next day, I went and quit it." She explained, laughing to make sure he didn't feel guilty or embarrassed about what she just told him.

"Inari-chan!" A voice shouted from the kitchen.

"Alright, then. Can't be lazing around here. Let me know when you're about to leave. I wanna see you off." Shinko said as she left the two Uchiha alone.

"You really are amazing, huh, Itachi-kun? I don't have the kind of talent that would make anyone just give up on being a ninja." Izumi murmured as she looked down.

"But haven't you already graduated from the Academy?" He asked.

"That doesn't count as talent, you know," She noted sadly. It was only one year. It didn't seem like a big deal to her.

Itachi didn't say anything and just nodded. He wasn't one to talk or comfort people when they were sad, so he had no idea how to respond to the situation.

"I wanna ask you something." He suddenly said.

Izumi blinked slightly in surprise. Itachi wasn't the kind of person to start a talk or ask a question. What was he curious about that he wanted to ask it? She lifted her head up and turned to face him.

"Why do you want to be a Ninja?"

"What?" He completely caught her off guard.

"Being a Ninja means actual battle, which means you'll have to deal with so many awful, terrible things all the time. A girl like you shouldn't have to go through that." He tried to ask as politely he could without sounding rude.

He was genuinely concerned about her. Izumi was a strong girl, but she also valued life, like he did. He imagined that she would have a hard time ending it and killing people. He wasn't sure if he wanted to watch her go through that.

"I mean ... my dad was a Ninja, and my mom's an Uchiha, so ..." She mumbled, but Itachi interrupted her.

"Is that the only reason?"

Izumi sighed as she looked down. It was the first time he had seen her struggle like this. Did he ask about a sore subject?

"It's not just that," Izumi replied, almost a declaration.

Itachi blinked as he caught a glimpse of anger in the onyx eyes beneath her long lashes. He didn't know what it meant. He felt like she was angry, but it was she was mad at herself, not him. But why?

"Walking down the same path as the person you like ... Maybe I shouldn't want that." She mumbled quietly, tears in her eyes.

Before Itachi could ask what she meant by that, Izumi firmly stood up. She turned to him with a smile on her face while her eyes were soaked in tears.

"See you later." And she left.

Itachi was left surprised. He kept staring at where Izumi was just a second ago. He didn't mean to make her cry. He was just curious about something. He didn't know why, but seeing her tears made him feel something. It was like someone was grabbing his heart and putting pressure on it.

But why? What was that feeling?

"What's this? Made your girl cry?" Shinko teased, having come to stand behind him at some point.

Itachi numbly turned back to his former teammate. He was so lost in his own thoughts and feelings that he didn't even realize Shinko was standing there.

"If you can hide your aura that well, maybe you should become a Ninja again?" He stated, trying to ignore her comment.

"No, thanks!" She shouted in response.

Itachi didn't say anything and just left the shop. What was that feeling he just felt? Why did it hurt him to see her in pain? Just who was Uchiha Izumi to him?

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- Hai: Yes, sir

- Sensei: Teacher (master)

- Konohagakure / Konoha: Hidden Leaf Village

- Kirigakure: Hidden Mist Village

- Kiri Shinobi: Mist Shinobi / Ninja

- Kyuubi: the Nine-tailed Beast (Fox)