"Okay, my turn." Chief Hiccup from the game Dragon Racers told his girlfriend, Ice Queen Elsa from the game Princess Anna of Arendelle in Game Central Station.

"Sure, but can you make it a little more changing?" Elsa asked of him.

"Okay. I spy with my little eye...someone dark. Evil. And gets his power from darkness." Hiccup says, causing Elsa to laugh.

"Seriously?" Elsa asks with a laugh. "Come on, Hiccup. Obviously, it's Darth Vader."

"What? How's that obvious?" Hiccup asks.

"Name one other thing in this whole arcade wears all black, is evil, and gets his power from darkness." Elsa dares him.

"I can name several." Hiccup replied. "Pitch Black, Dormammu, and Kylo Ren. Boom!" He cheered while leaning back on the bench while taking a bite out of a taco.

"Okay, you've got me there." Elsa admits before looking over to her boyfriend with a happy look. "But was it Vader?"

"Yeah..." Hiccup admits with a smile and a sigh.

"Okay. Riddle me this: do you or do you not think that Mando shaves?" Elsa asks, gesturing over to the Mandalorian who was currently talking with Genie and Jack Frost with Grogu floating in his little box.

"What? How can I tell that? The dude says he always wears that helmet." Hiccup stated as he took another bite of his taco.

"Exactly my point." Elsa stated. "If he were to always wear that helmet, don't you think any of that hair would start to show up somewhere? Facial hair, regular hair, even his body hair."

Hiccup looks closely at Mando and realizes she's right as he can't see any hair anywhere. "You're right. There's not an ounce of hair anywhere on him."

"I rest my case." Elsa smirked while taking a bite of her burger from the Snuggly Duckling.

"That's crazy!" Hiccup admits before getting an idea. "Hey, you wanna go sneak into Rogue Squadrons?"

"Don't they have a virus?" Elsa asks after she swallowed her burger with a brow raised.

"Nah, I'm sure it's fixed by now." Hiccup shrugged.

The two of them went to Rogue Squadrons, which is basically a game where you play as members of the Rebellion or Empire and get to dogfight in the chosen ships or even race across the stars in those said ships.

"Woo-hoo!" Elsa cheered from inside a Tie Fighter as Hiccup did a loop around her inside of a X-Wing.

"Try and keep up!" Hiccup dared her as he flew off past her.

"Oh, no you don't!" Elsa declared as she used the Tie's boost and they both flew right past a meteorite which had a warning on the opposite side of it.

'Warning : infected area. Keep out!'

The two of them kept flying in their ships when they suddenly flew right into the area and they were caught inside the virus infected area and were flown from their ships as they glitched around them.

"Hiccup...I don't think they fixed the game." Elsa stated.

"Uh...yeah, I think you're right." Hiccup agreed. "Hey, Mando? Luke? Leia? Han!? Hanny boy! Chewie!?"

After some time, someone did come around, and they spent the last of the night in the Monsters University football field just watching outside the screen, as they had a perfect view of the outside and the stars.

"Have you ever noticed that we're basically ones and zeroes floating around this place like tiny specks?" Hiccup wonders.

"Huh. I never thought of it like that." Elsa confesses.

"I mean, do you ever wonder how big the world is compared to what we can see?" Hiccup asks. "Imagine how much bigger the world must be compared to the arcade."

"Well, I guess it'd be amazing to see the world, but it is as it is." Elsa shrugged and looked over to Hiccup who's smiling at the sky, questioning how she became to lucky.

For 30 years, she had no friends, no real relationship with her family, and she just happen to run into Hiccup as she was trying to change herself and all she really needed was somebody who loved her for her.

"Hey...Hiccup?" Elsa called his attention, causing Hiccup to face her.

"Yeah?" Hiccup asks.

Elsa almost completely forgot what she was going to say when she stared into his eyes and noticed that it's almost time for the arcade to open.

"Uh oh, we gotta go." Elsa warned Hiccup as she stood up and Hiccup quickly followed as they exited Monsters University and they made it to Game Central Station.

"Wait, Elsa." Hiccup called her as she faced him. "What were you going to say?"

Elsa smiles assuring him it's nothing. "It's not important, we can talk more tonight." She promised as she gave him a peck on the cheek and went back to her game.

Elsa arrived at Princess Anna of Arendelle and got off the cart and strolled through town and is even greeted by a few people casually when she ran into Anna.

"Oh, hey Elsa! How was your night with Hiccup?" Anna asks casually as they have a few minutes before anyone actually comes into the Arcade.

"It was great." Elsa said with a smile. "We hung out, went around the arcade, kinda got stuck in Rogue Squadrons but luckily Chewie got us out in the Falcon."

"Did you ask him yet?" Anna asks, waiting for the answer.

Elsa groans s she smacked herself in the face. "I tried to ask him, but every time that I get around to it, I just freeze."

Anna then sadly smiles at her sisters nervousness and pats her back in comfort. "I think I know how to help." Elsa looks at her, waiting for an explanation. "Just wait for me after tonight." She tells Elsa before racing off towards the castle and Elsa hears the quarter alert go off and decides to wait for tonight.

That night, Anna brought Elsa to this weekly meeting with all of the other princesses all around the arcade where they get together and talk about their issues.

They meet almost exactly like Elsa and her villains group in Bad-Con, but instead of a door inside of Monsters, Inc, this group meets inside the castle of Atlantis in the game Lost Empire. They were just getting around to their troubles and the current issue comes from Merida from the game Be Braver.

"I gie ma mammy a cake, she turned in tae a big bear and my auld yin tried tae dae her in. If that's no a pure mess, I don't know whit is!" Merida stated as she leaned back in her seat, causing Elsa, who was across the room, to look around in confusion, no idea what she just said.

"What did she just say?" Elsa whispers to Anna, no idea what to say to what she just heard.

"We don't know." Anna assured her.

"We can't understand her." Princess Leia replied.

"She's from the other developers." Giselle from Enchanted Lands added on.

"Oh." Elsa sees.

"Well, thanks for that, Merida. And this week, we have a new member with us who's not a regular." The lead Princess who put this together, which is named Princess Kida from Lost Empire says, looking towards Elsa. "That being Ice Queen Elsa. Give her a warm welcome. Elsa, what brings you here?"

Elsa looks towards Anna who gives her a smile of encouragement. Sighing in defeat, Elsa turned to the others. "Well, I'm in a relationship with someone, and we've currently been going out for six years, and I'm trying to maybe move to the next level."

"Ooh, boy troubles." Crystal from the game Inhumane comments. "Been there with my ex-husband, Pietro."

"That doesn't exactly sound helpful." Belle from Beauty and the Beast game states to Crystal. "But that sounds great, so what's the problem, Elsa?"

"It's just every time I'm around him, I end up tripping over myself." Elsa admitted blushing at the confusion. "It's like I just get lost in his eyes."

"Aww!" Ariel cooed at the blushing princess. "That's so sweet!"

"Come on, you can't let fear rule your life." Princess Fiona from Shrek stated in her current human form. "If you're ready for the next step, I'd say go for it."

"Yeah, she's right!" Anna stated as she grabbed her sisters arm and shook it. "Just get out there and tell him what you want to say."

Elsa looked around and sees them all giving smiles of support. "Ugh, you all make it sound easy."

"And hey, if he breaks your heart, we could always get him back." Medusa of Marvel Combat offers and showing off some of her power with her hair.

Elsa smiles with a roll of her eyes at that statement before racing out of the game to find Hiccup.